The Darkness in the Void

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  1. :: Diary of Lylith von Black ::
    The Little Black Book

    The book is stained on the outside of its black, soft, leather cover by almost anything you can imagine... It's worn, scarred, and even torn on the edges where it looks like a drawer was closed on it... But, even through all the age, and wear, you can see the scroll work on the spine, and where the brass used to hold the corners... Where the gold was inlayed on the cover, but was worn, scratched, and rubbed off by years and years of use...
    It was an old diary. Given to Lylith when she was younger... Since then, she'd learned to keep a good record of her life, but only recently had she refurbished it with new sheets of crisp white paper replacing her old life, of boys, schooling, and dreams, and replacing them with reality... The old ones were removed and burned, but this was a new story... A new story for a new time, but she could never have known that this new chapter, might just signal the last chapter of her life...

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page One

    My first day in Tyral Castle in a word... HORRID... Not only did I discover that the English are NOT at ALL as advanced as we were led to believe, but they even seem to cook in the same pots that they piss in. Not only that, but our caravan was ransacked by thieving ruffians along the highway... We were held in the rain for nearly half an hour while they rummaged through my bags of hosiery and maquillage! MY father never would have stood for this... I'll write to him as soon as we reach civilization once more...
    Thankfully, the suitors are proper and offered to replace my lost items. I kindly accepted, and am currently sitting by a warm fire, awaiting the call for supper. I do hope the nobles do not press for me decision on a suitor... On the way in I saw nothing but old men, and scrawny boys. I would sooner court a horse! Regardless, they'll hear nothing from me until I am comfortable and satisfied, and that will be a hard trick in this ugly stone monster they call a castle...
    I suppose I should ready myself for the nights feast... At least I should present myself as a Lady of refinement. One must set standards, correct?

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Two

    Today was hot, dreary, and utterly frustrating... My chauffeur guided me through the nearby town and I examined the silken wares and selected a few imports to have a new dress made. The guards that were with us couldn't stop staring as I perused the shops and so the local constabulary threatened to have them decommissioned if they kept up their demeaning act... That ceased their sinful stares for the most part, I suppose?
    I did manage to find a dress that I admire in this twisted backwards country... The woman that created it agreed to make one like it for me, from the silks I selected earlier this day... Surprisingly she said she could have it ready by tomorrow... I'm not sure how that would be possible, but I will wait and see if she holds true to her word... I'll have my father hire, and afford anything, to a person that can craft a full gown in a single day.

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Three

    The ball was simply torture... There are no suitors in this silly country that can match the luxury and refinement of home. Father insisted I allow them a chance, but I cannot take it anymore... I must return home, and ask father to consider other suitors. At least then I may have a chance of finding one wealthy, handsome, and influential man to whom I would be proud to bear children... But not here...
    One good thing... The woman came through, and provided the dress before midday even. She came to my chambers and finished the final adjustments before supper, and I actually enjoyed her company. I dismissed my maidens in favor of the older woman... She even prepared my hair for me, cutting it and designing it to match the new gown. I couldn't imagine leaving here without my new friend... Odd thing though, she wouldn't give me her name tonight, insisting that it was of no importance. She left with what was left of the cuttings from my hair, and I have not heard from her since...

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Day Four

    We left Tyral Castle this morning... Fog was still on the hills as we departed. My caravan, now escorted by armed guards, seems only louder and slower... I do hope the miles fly by, as I wish to see my hope once again.
    This afternoon, the fog seems to follow us with every footstep we take. The men speak of a curse, but I doubt it... These backward fools know nothing of progressive culture. They only know what they see... And eyes can deceive.
    It is almost evening, and I feel the weight of the mist now... The oppressive wet seems to invade my very being. I can't help but drift off to sleep from weariness every now and again, and when I wake, I feel as if I'm being watched...

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Day Five

    It seems I fell asleep after all... We reached the docks and will be boarding soon. The mist has left us, replaced by blinding sunlight. I'm not sure which I prefer...
    I noticed a mark on my shoulder this morning... A scab already... It must have come from a pin, or from the hair cut the woman gave me the night before last. I hadn't felt it before, but regardless, there is nothing to be done now. I will be alright...
    The boat is just as ugly and terrible as I remember it...

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Day six

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Day Seven

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Day Eight


    ... is happening to me?!?!

    They're all...

    ... dead... !!

    :: Lyliths Diary ::
    Page Day Nine

    The sun burns my skin. Silver metal is like acid against my flesh, and food holds no appeal to me... My hunger is for blood. What monster am I? What have I become? ...

    :: End ::

    The pages, saturated with salt and blood, stick together from then on. The stains, rendering all written history unreadable, and lost to all but memory.

    Table Rock: 2016

    The town lies lonely, nestled deep in Canadian snow and lives apart from the rest of civilization, connected only by train and copper wire... The people of the city live oblivious to the massive bustling world around them, and pay no heed to its troubles. This small town, unbeknownst to the citizenry, is also the home of a small family of vampires...

    The families wrote a pact long ago while occupying Germanic territories, after their discovery led to a veritable blood bath and near extermination... They determined that, short of taking over the world, their best chance of survival was to retain their secret and stay hidden... Any breach of security would be met with death, swift and sure, by the head of each family, according to the blood pact... It was signed by every 1st generation left alive after the Germanic Purge. After the purge, each family went their separate ways... Some to the remote islands near South America... Some left for America, and some moved only slightly, favoring the cold of Prussia or the coast of France.

    One family in particular relocated to an icy mountain estate in the depths of Canada, and their arrival was graciously welcomed, as their move began the circulation of money that had been long stagnant... Like blood that sits in the veins too long, it grew thick in the wrong places... Soon though, the small town of Table Rock began to flourish, and within the year people began to move into new homes on the outskirts of the small town... Within two years it became the center of alpine skiing retreats for a 200 mile radius, and great parties were seen more and more often, generally hosted by the wealthy new family from Europe...


    When you begin your journey, you have the option of taking a sire immediately, or starting as a human with the ability to be turned into a vampire at a later date.

    If you want someone in particular to sire you, you can communicate with them OOC'ly and organize the event...

    To turn a human, it has to be a mental decision, conscious or not... Simply biting or feeding on a human cannot change them.

    Your generation is the generation where your vampire was sired. Those who are immediate childer of 1st Gens are 2nd Gens, immediate childer of 2nd Gens are 3rd Gens and so on...

    1st Generation vampires are generally strongest, and tend to be more classical vampires in appearance.

    2nd Generation vampires only slightly vary from 1st gens, but tend to be weaker.
    2nd Gens share the supernatural condition with 1st Gens, with only a slight reduction in every aspect...

    3rd - 4th Generation vampires slowly and gradually show fewer signs of their vampiric nature, and do not suffer from contact with silver, or light...

    4th - 8th Generation vampires are not affected at all by sunlight, or silver, and in fact are more human than vampire. This makes them more and more vulnerable to physical harm from weapons, though they still will not show signs of aging, as they are still un-dead and immortal.

    Every vampire chooses a path when they return from the dead. The choice is usually made subconsciously, often determined by their personality, interests, or aspirations.

    Path of Shadows

    Shadows can become fearsome assassins, invaluable spies, or just stay alive longer by not being seen. The major drawback to walking the path of shadows is that your physical body is able to take less damage than most other vampires.

    Path of the Mystic

    Vampires traveling this path will find themselves gaining many supernatural talents. Summon gusts of great wind, inflict illnesses on your enemies, and more...

    Path of the Telepath

    Speak over great distances and control your enemies’ minds... A skilled telepath can even connect to the net without a computer! Unfortunately, with a stronger mind, comes a weaker body, and vampires with this skill set generally aren't as strong as the rest...

    Path of the Allurist

    This path is for the vampire seeking to manipulate, to seduce, and to charm their way to the top. A great path for leaders, and the vain. Beware though, they attract more attention than perhaps they might want.

    Path of the Killer

    Picking the killer’s path will give you increasingly powerful talents which will make you faster, stronger and more resistant to damage. The only drawback for this powerful path is that most other skills are out of the grasp of these simple minded brutes... They also require more and more sustenance the stronger they are, making discovery a greater possibility...


    An important element for the vampire community... The families wrote a pact long ago while occupying Germanic territories, after their discovery led to a veritable blood bath and near extermination... They determined short of taking over the world, their best chance of survival was to retain their secret, and stay hidden from the world and remain the things of horror stories and fairy tales... Any breach of security would be met with death, swift and sure, by the head of each family... It was signed by every 1st generation left alive after the Germanic Purge.
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  2. I am totally interested in this!
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  3. If you like we can PM and set you up with a character... Mmmh... Feel like being a 1st gen? =D
  4. That'd be nice- what are their physical characteristics?
  5. Think classic vampire, rather than Twilight... As the generations progress though, they DO take on more Twilighty characteristics, without the sparkling. The weakest 8th gen would be only slightly stronger, faster, and smarter than a normal human.

    A 1st generation, however, would be the equivalent of a god to humans. Nothing short of a nuclear blast, a bath in silver, or sunlight would kill them... They will be pale, thin, blood red eyes, long, ever present fangs, as well as wings if they choose to bear them... Most portray a regal presence becoming of their age and power. Their skills or powers would be enhanced and unrivaled...

    Let me know what you think... I'm looking to add a twist of romance to the RP, so if you know anyone who would be interested, let me know!
  6. Ah... So they're those classic vampires. The white skin, red eyes... Humm... Well, I'm not a huge fan of classic vampires. Maybe the first generation isn't something I'm cut out for. How about the second generation? Would they be a bit more, ah, humanoid-looking? Like no red eyes, more fair than pale skin, or would they meet the same criteria of a classic vampire except with some Twilight attributes like gold eyes, or something along those lines?
  7. Actually, that's more like 3rd - 5th... You'll have the human like attributes with maximum potency... Kind of a sweet spot in the generation chain.

    Now, were you looking to be changed, or were you looking to create a long standing member of a family?
  8. I want to do both, but first, a long standing member of the family. (:
  9. Hehe okay ^.^ You can PM me what you want, and I'll let you know what I imagined in the RP... I'll give you my ideas, and you can give me yours... <3
  10. Oooh, I'm personally a fan of the pale/red eyes deal. Perhaps a 1st gen for moi?
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  11. Haha you seem to have the personality xD Sounds like a plan to me! PM me with your CS!
  12. Exactly what I was thinking :P
    My apologies for wanting to keep an air of refinery around strangers.
    *Totally just showing off now*
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  13. xD I enjoy it... Please, continue! ;p
  14. What do we write down for the character sheet? Personally, I'd like to develop the personality and if possible, the history, unless I could get some help with that (i.e. loss of lover, scandal,etc.)
  15. Write down the essentials, and leave the rest for speculation until launch...

    I'll be writing out more info on the RP itself, and we'll all get going together! No writer left behind! =D
  16. Okay. Do you mean stuff like path, generation, age, name, appearance, etc.?

    Are the vampires one huge family with the same last name? Where are they descended from? Like what country, island, state, etc.?
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  17. They'll all be somewhat related geographically, but no, they won't all be blood related. Mine will have the last name Von Black, and D'Ath or something similar... Docs character is similar, but also of a different family name... Your Romanian character looks perfect, fitting the geographic boundaries perfectly =3

    Also, if anyone DOES want to have blood ties, all you have to do is communicate beforehand with a new writer and let them know it's okay to use your characters last name... Then they can be a direct descendant, and you can be a cute wittle vampire family! =D <3 <3 <3
  18. Oh, thank you! <3
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  19. I like your new avatar by the way =3

    It looks really nice ^.^
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  20. [​IMG]

    {td}Lylith von Black{/td}
    {td}316 (Born 1698){/td}
    Bio: Lylith was born in 1698 to House Hochadel, or upper nobility, von Altenburg. Through a series of events, she was raised by a neighboring Nobility, von Black... The reason for this decision is unknown even to Lylith, who was never told of her true heritage. In actuality, the von Black family took Lylith as their own intending to raise her to marry their own newborn son when they each came of age, though neither family expected tragedy to befall the von Black family, depraving them of their only son, and natural heir.

    Lylith was raised as a Lady, preparing to take over the von Black estate in her own time. As she grew in beauty, her families estate grew, and grew, eventually exceeding her natural families power and influence... Her father pressed her to seek a husband, but she resisted and put off the decision year after year... Eventually, she was forced on a fateful journey to which she would not return... At least not as the same woman...

    She endured a small festival hosted by nobles from England for nearly a week only to depart with no wedding band, and no desire to meet any more suitors... Unfortunately, tragedy befell the young Lady before she could return safely home, and she became on of the first vampires to feed in Europe proper...

    She eventually made her way home after ending countless lives due to her insatiable thirst... Towns fell before her as she unknowingly wandered homewards. After years and years, she managed to traverse the distance between England and Isenberg, and arrived at her fathers castle, a stranger in her own home... She was at once sent away, as she did not appear to be the young princess that left so long ago, believed to be dead... But at a glance her father recognized her and she was welcomed home...

    Weeks later, her entire family was found dead in their beds, as well as half of the night guard and some lower nobility... Most fled the castle, some stayed for a while and perished as Lylith drowned her misery away with blood. As the people fled, the countryside grew savage, but the animals remained scarce for fear of the violent bloody mistress of the land...

    A hundred years passed and only tales of the corpses littering the empty castle whispered across the land...

    Eventually, someone bought the land, and began renovations, claiming the castle as their own as well as the surrounding land... A lovely young Countess, and her young husband moved in and began clearing up the surrounding area as best they could... Servants and farmers also moved in along with livestock, and the castle burst into life once more.

    The young Countess hid away during the day, writing, painting, and tending to the duties of her station, and only visited her estate grounds at night... Her husband preferred to remain by her side, and as such remained inside primarily throughout the day. One day, to the Countess despair, he left, disappearing into the countryside in a fright so sudden the estate guard nearly missed him as he fled on horseback...

    Lylith tends to business, keeping track of the Houses and Dynasties of vampires across the world, watching from the tower of Castle Albrecht

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