The Darkness In The Mirror

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  1. The Kingdom used to be a beautiful, serene place. But now, after the king and queen passed away in an unfortunate accident, It had been slipping slowly into the shadows. Hunger and poverty was spreading through the cities since the Princess took the throne. It was because of her selfish actions and orders this had happened. However, there's one chance that will present itself, that will give her a chance to see the error of her ways and fix it. It has come to this point, and now her choices are not only affecting her kingdom, but another world as well.​
    A world, commonly known, as Wonderland.​
    Name: Damon Sohma​
    Occupation: Butler of the Princess's castle, and her main servant​
    Age: 22​
    Brief Bio: Damon has served the princess since she was a child, and takes care of her day after day. ​
    Despite her selfish actions and all out weird personality, he cares for her deeply.​
    Oddly, through the years, he hasn't seemed to change much. Genetics? Or is it more than that?​
    Damon Sohma, personal butler to the Princess Alice, stands in the castles large kitchen, carefully arranging a breakfast on a silver platter before putting the lid over it. Pulling out a silver pocket watch, he checks it with a small smile before turning beginning his daily route to the Princess's courters. It was time to rouse the girl from her sleeping state, and remind her of the days activities. ​
    He stops outside the large door to her room, holding the silver platter in one hand as he raises the other knocking on the door softly, "Your highness, it's morning." He opens the ornately engraved door, stepping into the darkened room, maroon eyes shining a bit in the dim. Damon sets the platter down carefully to the side, moving over to the thick velvet curtains covering the giant windows into her room, pulling them open with a swish.​
  2. "Oh dear." Alice said, waking in a stir. "I was having such a splendid dream. And you say it's already time to wake? Why, I could've sworn I was to be eating dinner. Oh, but you say it is morning. Why did you bring my breakfast so early? I have yet to think of 5 impossible things." Alice sat up with sigh, a sad longing look on her face.

    Accepting the breakfast, a feeling of content over the contents, she began to think. Between bites she spoke to her loyal Butler. "I can only come up with 4 impossible things this morning. This is so very unhealthy. You must help me before I finish. Then, tomorrow I'll help you think of impossible things if you can't find another." She finished with a smile, hoping the Butler would be of some help with the small matter.

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  3. The tall elegantly build man stands beside her bed with his normal constant smile, "Of course, your highness. Perhaps, a talking cat? Or have you respectfully thought up such things?" calmly cleaning up the dishes from the breakfast setting them to the side as he holds out his white gloved hand to help the princess out of bed to get dressed.
  4. Alice accepted his hand, using it more out of respect and status than support. "Oh that is quite peculiar. A talking cat. Though, not very original. I'm sure many have thought up of such things. Perhaps a cat whom not only talks, but can disappear in the wind and has purple stripes? Oh that would be a sight to see. A smile would always be on the cats face. And when it vanishes, its smile goes away last, leaving its happiness behind for whomever.

    Alice lifted up her arms, waiting for the Butler to take off her night gown. Looking at the mirror behind Damon, an interesting thought popped into her head. "Damon, I guess I didn't really need your help. I was thinking that beyond the looking glass there is another world, right? One which we can't enter. But what if the other me is protecting me, blocking my path? She talks to me from time to time. Though I ask about her place she never tells me. The books there are quite peculiar, written backwards. Did you know that Damon?"
  5. "Quite an interesting idea, your highness." as he helps her out of the bed carefully, black hair shining a bit in the morning light. "Such a thing would indeed be a sight to see."

    He lifts the nightgown, pulling it off the princess with ease and folding it slightly setting it to the side, listening to the girls stories with a faint hidden smile, "I don't believe I did, your highness. What does a place such as that look like?" indulging her interests as he pulls out some clothes for her, laying them out before beginning to assist her in dressing.
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  6. Alice allowed the butler to continue dressing her, enjoying the conversation at hand. "Oh how I wish I knew. It would be ever so lovely. Filled with tiger lily's that talk to the roses. Soldiers playing chess, the land a battlefield. I was just thining, maybe if I persuade the other me, I could go visit the other world. Through the looking glass. But how should I go about doing such a thing?" She asked the butler, loking at him with longing eyes.
  7. He smiles a bit as he ties the back of her dress, "I suppose it would be up to the people in that world, your highness. Perhaps they'll invite you one day," he stands up after tying the sash behind her, and bowing slightly a hand to his chest, "There is a council convening today in the meeting room, your highness. You should hurry so as not to be late."
  8. Alice let out a big sigh of sadness. She didn't like being a princess. It was ever so tiring, and she was so young to carry on responsibilities. "You are dismissed." She said to Damon, giving a wave of dismissal. "Make sure the guest are comfortable and well taken care of. I trust you will handle any other matters."

    Once the butler left, Alice walked to the mirror. "Oh other me, why do you block me so?" She asked, waiting for an answer. "I just wish to see your world. I wonder what it would be like. Through the looking glass. It seems ever so lovely, with wonderful books and creatures unknown."

    "Because I do not wish for you to be here." Her reflection answered. Alice let out another sigh, not surprised by the response. "But if you wish, I'll allow you to come in for a day. But remember, a day here is longer than your day. Are you ok with that?"

    Alice smile spread wide, the first smile since her parents pasted away. "Oh how wonderful!" She exclaimed. Out of excitement, she pressed her hand against the mirror. Instead of being solid, it had the feel of a liquid. Pushing through, she moved the mirror aside like a curtain and walked into the mysterious world.
  9. Damon bows, "As you wish your highness." The butler turns and leaves, as she's commanded.

    Immediately as she steps through, she feels the ground slip away from her feet and she falls through the air, down down through the cool air, as odd trinkets and things float in the air around her.