The Darkest Of Days

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Welcome and please enjoy your stay at the ever so popular Smythe Hotel, well popular in its' time. Now the hotel has been abandoned, nobody stays the night there anymore. But thanks to some kids the boards on the windows have been loosened, making it oh so easy to sneak on inside for a private tour. I'd suggest taking the stairs since it seems that all the elevators are no longer working, no power equals walking. Of course there is one elevator where the doors are slightly ajar, just begging for some poor soul to slip on inside and press a button. Where this machine comes from nobody knows, all that's for certain is it takes you from your point in time to some alternate dimension. A place filled with demons and memories from the past. Keep in mind that you aren't the only person taking this crazy trip, there are others who have also gotten onto this elevator in hopes of getting something that they never really will get. Follow these rules and you'll get out safely:

1. Decapitate or stab through the heart to kill the demons.
2. Killing all demons on one floor will reopen the elevator to take you to the next floor.
3. Make it through all 13 floors to get back to your actual time.
4. Trust no one, not even yourself.
5. Don't listen to the voices and ignore the shadows.
6. Stay alive.

Jayce stood in the lobby of an abandoned hotel that, in its prime, had once been a grand establishment. Where things use to be gold and white, beautiful and big, were now brown and rusty pieces of the past. This wasn't his first visit to this ruin of a hotel, infact this is where he lived. As a young kid he would sneak in with his friends and pretend to have adventures, they would explore the whole hotel. The constant running up and down the stairs provided nice exercise so their mothers never asked where they went just as long as they came home tired and calm. But Jayce's parents had died in a horrible accident when he was only thirteen, leaving him with no family to go to. So he went to the place he knew best, and everybody just assumed that he had gotten himself killed to be with his parents. Eight years later and he had a steady job, but the pay he got only went towards food. His home was this hotel and it accepted him in it's own way.

With a sigh Jayce picked up a crowbar and made his way to the elevator, he wanted to see if he could take apart the control panel. There was only one elevator that was open, it didn't work, but the doors were halfway open which was enough for a man his size to slip through. So he slid inside the small compartment and looked around, the whole place didn't have a speck of rust or dirt in it. It was as if the ruin outside of it's doors couldn't come in and take over. He ran his hand over the buttons on the control panel, pressing the number six button. There was a jolt and the doors slammed closed, almost too fast to be apart of an actual elevator. Before Jayce could register what was happening he was on his way up to what he thought would be the sixth floor, but the machine seemed to stop before even making it to the first floor. The doors slid open slowly, making the fact that they closed so fast even more weird.

Unsurely he took a step out of the elevator and read the list of rules that appeared to be written in blood on the wall across from where he stood. (Jayce though mainly known as Joshua)
Mimma was running for her life, breathing heavily, those loose wild mutts wouldn't stop at all and they were really fast. Mimma ran as fast as she could and turning around corners trying to hide from those hounds that took no word of stopping. Mimma felt she was trapped as she looked around and then back at the hounds, in front was an old building, Mimma didn't think at all and rushed in slamming the doors shut behind her, she dragged a chair and placed it in front of the door. She stood there for a moment, the hounds growled as they tried to scratch and break in but then initially gave up and Mimma sighed. She was exhausted as she sat down right on the spot catching her breathe, after a few minutes she looked around the old building, it appeared to be an old hotel, 'must have been grand once' Mimma thought as she got up. She looked up the stairs and spoke, "Hello?" but no reply she looked over at the elevators, none of them were working except one. It was cracked open and Mimma opened a little bit more jut to fit in, before stepping in Mimma looked around her surroundings something told her not to step in and instead to flee but her curiosity was killing her and so she stepped in. She was amazed at how this elevator was so neat and clean as she was observing the panel of buttons one of the buttons got presses unwillingly. "No, no, stop!" Mimma cried out to it but the doors slam shut and before she knew it the elevator was already moving. She gasped out of fear, she turned around to look at her face in the shiny mirror, her face was all dirty with dirt she rubbed the dirt away and jut then the elevator doors opened. She wanted to run out but tripped and accidentally on someone already in front of her. "Owwww." She rubbed her head, "Geez that hurt so bad." she landed on her rear end and she felt pain in her hip bones too.

[About Mimma:stands, 5'4 in height, age 18, origin Korean-Japanese.


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Jayce staggered forward a bit and then whirled around to face the girl who had bumped into him, crowbar held tightly in his hands. "What the hell?!" His voice was filled with anger but fear, he didn't know what the hell was going on. Before the girl had rammed into him he had had a chance to look around. For some reason all the windows were boarded up, no sunlight was making its way into the first floor which was unusal since he had remember going through the whole floor just to let sunlight in. And the over head lights were on, flickering an off orange color that made the shadows in the hall way bounce here and there. ~The power hasn't been on since the day this place was closed down...~ He had thought to himself. ~When did they turn it back on?~ And if all of that was strange enough there was a noise, a horrible scratching noise that gave him a pounding headache. At first he had thought it was coming from the left but now that it was growing louder he figured it was coming from every direction.

Now he looked down at the girl, who he guessed had also come from the elevator. "Tell me your name and why you're here." He lowered the crowbar so he didn't scare her but kept up a cool glare in her direction. "Well, Kid?"

Mimma who had bumped so hard crawled backwards when she saw the guy with a crowbar, "Whaaaa, easy there. M-m-m- my name is Mima and I was being chased by wild mutts I had no where else to go.....and I'm not a kid." She got up finally as she stuttered first and spoke rather fast at the end. She saw the blood written wall and gasped and looked around, the place was sealed tight and she too could hear a horrible voice. She started stepping back wards only to bump a closed door for the elevator, she pressed the button repeatedly but no answer. "Come on, come on. Why won't it work? Oh I'll just take the stair case." She spoke and she looked around but there were no stair case and she gasped one again. "We're trapped!!!" She exclaimed, "What do we do now?!?!" She asked the guy panicking. She finally noticed the blood written writing were rules, rules that made the hair on her back rise, she didn't want to believe it at all but it seemed so real, she had the urge to blab out everything on her mind but she tried to compose herself wondering if there were any demons they would here her.

[Note: when she'll get the katana it will be like this ]
Jayce let out a frustrated sigh, he didn't handle women who were panicking very well, in fact they seemed to just make him even more upset. But just this once he took a deep breath and tried to center himself, like his friend Rita at work told him to do whenever he felt like shutting her up, and stopped glaring at Mimma. "I'm Jayce..." He said, trying to get her to calm down by focusing on just him. "I know we're trapped, but the rules seem easy enough to follow." Unsurely he put a hand on her shoulder, hoping that contact would make her feel less freaked out. "First we'll take a look around and see if we can't find a way out..." He looked back at the rules quickly before returning his gaze to her. "And if push comes to shove I'll fight for the both of us. Unless you can handle whatever demons these rules are talking about?" He hoped to high heaven that she could but wasn't going to force her into anything. "Well?"

Mimma listened carefully at the boy who was glaring at her, she shut herself up seeing she made him mad and fiddled with her fingers out of anxiety. What ever he spoke got Mimma even more nervous, he sounded like some demon hunter, when he was done she simply nodded like as if she was a good girl. "By the way, whats your name?" Mimma asked her voice slightly as if trembling from nervousness. She decided to stick close to this guy if she didn't want to be sushi by the demons.
Jayce gave her a funny look then threw his head back and laughed loudly. The laugh seemed to echo around them and for a split second the scratching noise stopped, but as soon as his laugh ended it started back up. "Like I said before," He gave her a wide grin, completely amused since she didn't seem to be panicking as much anymore. "It's Jayce." His smile vanished though as an over head light some distance down the right side of the hallway flashed out. "I think that's our cue to get a move on. Let me handle the monsters until we can find you a weapon." He placed a hand on her shoulder and gently pushed her down the left side of the hallway. "Or would you perfer not to fight?"

Mimma arched a brow when he laughed out loud and then said hi nae was Jayce. In his laughter's voice the scratching noise had vanished but then it was there again and Mimma gasped, there was a light down the hallway some where and she baked away slightly as Jayce looked about and then turned to her, as he pushed her gently Mimma reacted instantly, the hallway was dark with a small light flickering. "No way I'm going down there !" She exclaimed her panic attack returning but just then Mimma could have sworn she felt a pair of feet move, more like something walking or moving quickly. Mimma who seemed only moments ago clumsy as she panicked turned real quite, she was now scared to death and as a helpless gesture she held on to Jayce's arm. She was trembling all over and she stayed close, she was only minutes away to cracking under the situations pressure into tears. Mimma had a clumsy habit of blabbing and panicking and talking out of the blue for unnecessary terms but if she was dead quite it meant something was wrong, either she was deeply hurt, worried, was thinking seriously or scared to death and right now she was definitely scared to death.
Jayce felt Mimma cling onto him in probably what had to be fear. He bit his bottom lip in thought, a habit of his ever since he was little, and then rubbed the girl's shoulder. "No worries, Kid." He also had a tendency to call people younger then him, even by a little, kid. "We aren't going down the hallway with the broken light." Another small nudge in the opposite direction to get her moving, still being gentle though. "See." He lowered his head so his mouth was right by her ear, his voice a soft whisper. "Nothing but light this way so let's get a move on." A small sigh passed from his lips and he hoped this closeness would put her into action and not just lock her up even more. ~Why are people so difficult in these type of situations?~ He wondered to himself in thought. When he was a kid he had been chased by all forms of 'nightmares', from dogs to angry policemen, so the thought of a "demon" chasing after him really didn't affect him much. Infact it made him want to get a move on even more, but this young woman just didn't have the same mind frame as him.
Mimma felt assured when Jayce spoke to her in a calm voice and with a slight nudge she let go of his arm and finally moved but she turned to him and spoke, "You lead the way." her voice was suddenly soft and shaky, Mimma kep't looking around, she felt her mind was playing tricks on her now for she heard weird voices like something breathing and then the feeling of things moving around you. She was right behind Jayce and bit her bottom lip in anxiety.
"Okay then." Jayce took the lead and walked slowly down the hallway, becoming aware of new noises. Instead of stratching there seemed to be voices, but they didn't sound normal. The noises brought on the feeling of things moving around a person, the still flickering lights only helped to enhance this feeling. He looked back at Mimma to ask her if she too was feeling this way when he caught sight of actual movement from behind her. "Watch out!" He pushed the girl out of the way just as some monkey like thing sprung at her, he swung his crowbar and nailed the thing right in the gut. It bounced off his weapon and hit the wall opposite from them with a thud. ~What did those rules say again?~ He searched his mind frantically for the answer. ~Head or heart?~ The demonic little thing lay in what appeared to be a lifeless way on the ground at their feet. Jayce angled his crowbar just right and slammed it down into the things chest, the area just above where its' heart should be. He watched as black smoke curled from and around the things body, engulfing it in darkness. When the mist like thing blew away the body of the demon was gone. "Are you okay?" He turned to face Mimma with a worried look.
(Feel free to introduce demon thingys whenever you want. Take this story in any direction that you think I can work with. Also you can mention seeing flashes of what appear to be people. There are others that both of us can control in this rp, just to help the story move along.)
Mimma gasped as the monkey demon sprung out of nowhere on Jayce, he managed to get him killed. Mimma looked to her side and there was a horrible growling noise, she looked over to see a demonic hound which reminded her of the previous hounds she ran away from. Mimma looked left and right and ran, the hound ran after not looking over at Jayce since Mimma was the source of movement. Mimma ran for her life and didn't seem to know where exactly she was headed, she turned left and right in the hallway and finally hid in a small store room filled with brooms and other dusty equipments. Mimma's thought ran to Jayce, she abandoned him, would he be okay, was he already dead, all her thoughts came to a halt when she heard the breathing of the horrible monster. She tried to hold her breath but it didn't work and so she covered her mouth and waited till the creature walked out on her.

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Jayce watched as Mimma took off running down one of the halls, at first not seeing her source of fear. Then he heard the growling which was soon followed by a big hound passing by him and chasing after the girl. He swore under his breath, this woman was beginning to be a real problem for him. But hey people did whatever they first thought of when in a panicking situation, obviously this girl wasn't the type to take the calm approach in life. With another frustrated sigh Jayce took after the two, crowbar held at the ready. He saw the demonic mutt move left and then right in the hallway until he stopped outside what appeared to be a cleaning supply closet. "Perfect hiding place." He muttered, causing the demon to turn, snarling, his way.
The dog pounced at him but Jayce already had the crowbar ready and poised so that it landed mouth first on the tip of the crowbar, cutting all the way through it's nasty looking head with rotting flesh and other gross thing(lol). Again the black swirling smoke appeared, encassing the monster within it's depths and taking it away to God only knew where. He didn't care as long as it was gone. He looked around the hallway to make sure that no more demons were lurking about and tapped lightly on the door to which Mimma was behind. "You okay in there, Kid? I killed the mutt for you."
Mimma looked up and saw Jayce this guy was seriously going to get the best of her, if he kept saving her life like that. Mimma took a deep breathe and looked at Jayce. "Jayce thank you I really owe you and I'm sorry if I seem a nuisance to you." She spoke slightly frowning and looking down, she could see it on his face how he seemed annoyed by her. "Just to let you be at ease I ask one last favor, get me a weapon so I can defend myself by my own and you won't have to bother yourself for me." She was looking him in the eye now and sounded very serious. It took a lot for her to compose herself so quickly like that.
Jayce blinked a few times, not quite grasping what she had just said. "Get me a weapon." That right there was just a shock to his system. The girl wanted to actually help him fight? Risk her own life when she could just hide behind him? Maybe she wasn't as bad as he had first thought. If there was one thing Jayce liked it was when a person proved him wrong. He seemed to always be right about people but with this girl he wasn't so sure anymore. This realization made him grin at her and let out a soft chuckle. "Okay, Kid." He adjusted the crow bar that was in his hand and looked around the hallway for signs of a possible attack. "We'll search every room, hopefully we can find something that'll suit you."

(Bound to be a katana somewhere in this hotel. XD)
Mimma was scowling at him calling her a kid for the almost third time, "Yeah if we stay alive that is by that time." She mumbled under her breath at his comment to look around every room and find a weapon. "Don't call me kid!!" she snapped at him before cautiously looking around every room. She found a room which was jammed and she tried to budge it but it wouldn't open. She tried not to appear as if she needed his help but the door just wouldn't open and she peeked in through the small window made in the door and she could see a few things in there she could use to defend herself. "So how do we get off this place again?" She asked still budging at the door with full force.
Jayce chuckled and shook his head when Mimma snapped at him, nobody liked to be called a kid but it was just something he said. ~I could always call her Shorty...~ He thought to himself and laughed. Then he noticed how she was having trouble with a door. She tried to make it look she didn't need his help but he knew she did with all her shoving. But her, not like he needed to help her right? Obviously she had things under control... There was movement to his right and he tried not to stiffen. Being rigid meant you more open to attacks, he remained calm and got his crowbar ready. Mimma asked a question and he switched his attention back to her. "We have to kill all the demons on this floor before we go to the next." His mind flashed back to the wall with the blood written rules on it. "Thirteen floors..." His face scrunched up and he looked around. "I've lived in this hotel most of my life and there isn't a thirteenth floor."

'Great all demons' Mimma thought to herself, "Well 13 is an unlucky number." she stated when the door opened all of a sudden and she fell with a thud and just before her eyes lay a dusty old katana. Mimma looked at it and wondered perfect, it was so dusty you could barely see anything on it. "Hey look what I found cool huh." she picked it up and smiled but just then saw a shadow behind Jayce move quickly and she panicked and held on to the sword tightly. "I think there's something behind you." she whispered, walking slowly as to not make much noise.
(How many monsters per floor? And I want this to be like a mini video game so we need a boss monster. Any ideas on what form it should take? So far fist floor contains monkeys and dogs.)