the darkest night (accepting new players)

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    Searching for players of any skill level. Plot below as well as a link to the sign up thread and more information. Please feel free to ask any questions here.

    The air hangs stagnant, scented with fear and damp stone. The sun will not rise over the city today as it has not risen for the past month since the last earthquake that collapsed the mouth of the cave. Men and women work to pull boulders from the wreckage, attempting to carve an escape to the light, but many citizens have sent their hopes off with the others who went into the tunnels. All order was crushed in the cave-in, along with the city's Lord. If the people do survive, it will be a very different place.

    Order is tentatively maintained by the Conservatory Council, made up of members who had power before the quake. Their aim is to keep the populace in check and distribute stores as evenly as possible.

    Of course, others have seen the opportunity this great tragedy has given them. The balance of order and peace has been disrupted. A bit more pressure and it may be toppled completely. These are the crime lords and the ambitious slumdogs who recognize now is the very time to convince the people that there can be a better society, one free of hierarchy and oppression.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.