The Darkest Hour

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  1. We were standing at the doorstep of the haunted house. As the Grandfather clock struck 11:00. The three of us crept through the cobwebs and dust as we looked for the not-so legendary monster that the class of 48' believed was terrorizing the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Lightning struck the top of the mansion… or at least we thought it was lightning…
  2. Jordyn was an alien. It wasn't something special, it simply was. She had the ability to switch into human form if she so desired. She loved being in her human form, because she felt like she belonged. Her human self had long brown hair, that was wavy at the tips. She had big brown eyes that sparkled in the sun. She was skinny, but well defined. She wore jeans and a green tshirt. She hated being an alien. She constantly begged the commander of her ship to zap her with the laser that had the power to make her human. Forever. Now, she was sneaking out. The commander didn't like it when she was human. She said that it would be bad to become friends with humans, when they would just be frying their brains. Jordyn crept across the roof of the old Hefferman mansion. She knew this place well. She had been here a million times. This was where she came to be by herself. But this time, there were other people here. She hoped no one had notice the flash of light that came when the UFO had landed. It was risky business, stealig the commanders ship. She sat on the rood, and opened the hatch. As far as she knew no one had seen her. For now.