The Dark Town of Ravenswood

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  1. What if the scary kids were the popular ones? What if they ran the town secretly?

    In a small town called Ravenswood. There are serious secrets in this town and the Highschool had the biggest secrets of all. What if the misfits were rhe popular and feard kids and they had a secret society. The society was one of magic and death.

    The head of the society is Zoey and Damon. They are brother and sister and both very datk and dangerous man and woman, will you be the next to be killed by them? Join them? With them? Or betray them? Or even figure out what they are.

    Zoey and Her brother Damon sat outside the school in the graveyard. It was the first day back and both were smoking waiting on there friends. The rain came down from the sky and they just seemed to revel in it. Damon and Zoey gave each other that knowing look. They smirked and exhaled smoke."dark sons and daughters will be meeting later today at free period."zoey said quietly. Damon nods and shook his head."to little time after school works wwe have a lot to discuss."He said to his sister.

    (Want even amount of male and students, some with them and some outside looking in)
  2. Ven flicked her cigarette and looked up towards the darkened clouds rolling in with a grin, wisps of smoke escaping between her lips as she stared. It was going to rain, today was going to be a good day. Her gaze fell back to earth, and her cigarette was returned to its usual positioning just to the right side of the center of her mouth, between crimson painted lips. She passed by the school and headed towards the graveyard where she knew Zoey and Daman would be waiting.

    The rain began to pour down as the small, snow white hand reached for the old iron gate, which screeched as it was pulled open, and again as it was shut. Dark makeup surrounded the wandering icy eyes of the girl as they searched for her friends, who weren't too difficult to find. Her hands removed the cigarette and offered a half wave before taking a last drag and flicking it to the sidewalk beyond the gate.
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    Zoey looked up and nods to her friend."Well hello Ven have an eventful summer." She asked her friend. Her and her brother stood as they put the cigarettes out. They heard the bell and smirked, the Dark sons and Daughters all had the same classes."Get what I asked for?" Zoey said to her and held out her hand for the bagn she pulled out a vile with a datk liquid in it. Zoey smiled "perfect" she put it away and walked with her friend and Brother into the school. As they walked in students scattered and avoided eye contact. They made there way to first period English.
  4. "You know I did" she replied with a devious grin. Her ears perked when the bell rang signifying first period. Ven dug her hand into her pocket and gently placed a dark, velvety bag into her friend's hand, watching as she like pulled the vile from it. Ven returned the smile and bowed as if to say "you're welcome".

    She rose up and followed along next to the siblings into the long main hallway of the school, smirking at the students who cowered and turned away, winking at Zoey knowingly.
  5. Zoey thanked her friend and smirked as they walked through the halls. She smirked at her best friend, they gave each other knowing looks. They got into the classroom and sat at the back. The dark sons and daughters messed about, when the teacher walked in Zoey smirked and passed the note to ven. Ven was her right hand she trusted her with every little secret. She had passed her a note saying they needed to expand this year.

    She laughed as the teacher told them to settle. She kicked the guys chair infront of her. She gave him a look and he sut up instantly. She leaned back in her seat and waited for the teacher to start. The teacher's were even freaked out on them.

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    My character.

    Amelia Sarion stumbled into the class room, panting heavily as she came through the door.

    The teacher looked at her with a puzzled expression

    "Your late?!"

    "I'm sorry, I'm new and didn't know exactly where my classroom was"
    Amelia pushed a strand of hair from in front of her sea

    "Im...Amelia Sarion...."

    "Take a Seat now Sarion..."
    the teacher spoke dryly.

    She looked around the class room as all the eyes of the students stared back. Some snickered and other whispered amongst themself.

    She spoted a seat toward the back for the class room and quickly sat there. She sighed as she pulled a note book from her bag and looked up as the teacher began to call out names for roll call.
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    Another devious smirk came across the girl's face as her eyes scanned over the note, a nod of agreement was turned in Zoey's direction as they heard the teacher entered the room, followed shortly by what was obviously a new student. She laughed at the look the boy in front of Zoey shot her a look for kicking his chair until he realized who it was. When she shot a look back, he instantly quieted down and turned back around with his head down.

    Her sharp gaze shot to the front of the room as the new student spoke, and followed the girl as she chose a seat that was right next to her. It was as though a crippled rabbit waltsed in front of a hungry wolf. Ven turned back around to her friend, a twinkle of excitement shone in her eye. "Oh yeah.. she's new alright.."
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    Zoey watched the new girl with hungry eye's. Her eye's never showed it though, she was a hard woman to read. She smirked at her friend and flashed ger one of her devious smiles. "Mmm smells good and definitely new." She said. She looked over at her brother and he smirked. He cracked his knuckles and leaned back in his chair all eyes went to the new gir."Fresh is good." He said. He heard his name and turned his head."Here." He said in a deep husky voice."Here." Zoey said after him her voice high and musical. She wrote on her paper and looked at the teacher as he started the lesson for the day. Zoey slouched down and wrote in her small print.

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  9. Amelia glanced over at the students next to her. The shot her several looks that almost made her skin crawl.

    Was it because of their aura or their terrifing good looks.

    She felt embarrassed by the other students looks, but nothing compared to the way these students toward the back of the class made her feel.

    As the teacher continued with the lesson, Amelia doodled, she drew them. And added names above there head.

    The bell rung and the teacher dismissed class.

    "...excuse me...Zoey, right?" She smiled to the girl.

    "Where's the music room at...?"
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    Tom Lawson wasn't new to the area. Just very, very late. He'd woke up late, missed the bus because he was late, and arrived to school late. So first class he'd let go. Next class was Music. He edged his way upstairs, not saying a word, not making eye contact. That's the way he went along in life: keeping quiet, not letting people find anything to pick on him about. Billy-no-mates everywhere he went. He was okay with that, spending his time reading or revising. His parents encouraged this: for him to expand his knowledge, and not let other people affect him. Of course, people did affect him. They were a constant reminder that being who you were could be a deadly mistake; his sister was murdered, he was born a year later, and sure it wasn't a coincidence. He was the constant reminder really, simply a replacement. He shook his head to tell himself he was wrong. He rushed to music, Perhaps the teachers got more fed up than the kids.
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    Zoey stood as the Bell rang. She stretched her arms and smirked at her friend ven. She was about to say something to her when the new girl asked her a question. The entirety of the Dark sons and Daughters looked at the new girl. She just out right addressed One of the most dangerous people in the school.

    Zoey turned her dark gaze to the new Girl."Name is Zoey," she said her lips in a grimace. No one just out right talked to her like that, not even new students normally they were to scared of her. She walked over looming over the girl."Aye. I know where it is, but what..." she was interrupted by the Teacher." her about today zoe...Mrs, Mortelle." He said stuttering and not looking her in the eye. Zoey let out a small hiss and stepped back."Fine, she said watching the teacher. She would kill him later. She was sure he was aware of that and trembled. She looked at Ven and spoke in an ancient language."We kill him during next hour and hang him for all to see." She spoke a hiss in her voice deadly as can be. She turned to the girl switching to English."Come on keep up, we do not slow down for you. We will be waiting after your music class to take you to your next class." Zoey said. She had Ven stay and guard the door till she got back. She walked through the halls and made sure the bew girl kept up."Here you are have a nice class, see you after" Zoey said and watched the girl walk in and behind her the quite kid tom. She walked back to the classroom and nods to her friend. Her brother stood watch as his sister went in with Ven to kill the teacher. She stepped in, and wagged her fingers."You displease us Warren. We told you how it be." She said."I know I am sorry I was covering for you, being the teacher please don't hurt me." He begged trembling and fell to his knees. Zoey looked at Ven a dark smirk on her face."Will be quick I promise." Zoey said


    The bell for second period to be over rang. Damon and Zoey waited outside the room. She invited Ven to come with her. She waited on the new girl to walk out."next class." Zoey asked her.
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  12. "I'm....Ame" She barley mumbled as Zoey started out of the class. Everything was so quick, but she couldn't help but pick up a Strange sensation from the girl. A cold electric feeling, something that Amelia could feel just from being near Zoey.

    On top of that, the language she spoke amongst her friends was sharp, quick, she couldn't tell what part of the world it was from. This girl and her friends were definitely different. She smiled to herself as she followed quickly behind them.

    "Thank you again, Zoey....I appreciate it" She couldn't help but smile, obviously oblivious to the students avoid them and almost cowering as the group moved through the hallway.

    She stepped into the class as the group didn't lose its pace, leaving her to her next class.


    Amelia took a seat, there were many open, but the classroom seemed devided into cliques, all but for one pale blue eyed boy.

    She smiled lightly and sat next to him. He seemed almost new like her, separate, someone looking into the. Class just like her.
  13. Tom noticed there was someone next to him. This was either a good thing or a bad thing. Knowing his luck, it was most likely to be bad. He glanced at her cautiously for a few moments, before he decided she was new. Which was good. Until he realised she'd been hanging out with Zoey and co. (as he called them) which was never really good. That girl and her brother gave him the freaks. He allowed a small smile to spread across his face, before the teacher began talking and he began to listen hard to what was being said.
  14. Wilfred watched the music class close to one of the aforementioned cliques which was compounded of people he didn't really know, but who wouldn't disturb him and served to make it difficult for Amelia to notice him observing her. In this sense, the notes he was pretending to be writing also helped.
    Earlier, he had understood the death sentence delivered through ancient hebrew and was, therefore, aware of what was going to or had already happened. What would that new student have to do with them? What do they want from her? He needed more information about the "dark sons and daughters" before more people fall prey to this vicious gang.
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  15. Amelia balanced the pencil between two fingers as she slunk down into the uncomfortable desk chair. The first music class was extremely boring. She did nothing more than doodle and play with her pencils while the teacher mention the criteria for the class.

    She let out a sigh as the bell rang. Finally. Break. She stood up and collected her things and began to head out of the class room. She made her way through the stream of students toward the door. She hoped the group from her previous class was waiting to escort her to PE.

    She stood right outside the door, searching the crowd of students for the familiar few. She clutched her books and felt like she stood out like a sore thumb.
  16. Tom was glad when the bell rang, already ready to leave, rushing out, pushing past someone, mumbling a quick sorry. He made his way towards his locker, stuffed in his things from his bag, and made his way to the next class of Geography. The class was easy, mostly marking out maps and watching documentaries. Or at least, that's what it was like last year.
  17. Zoey made her way to the girl as the bell rang. She smirked and nods to her "come on." Zoey said. She walked along the halls. Student's moved the hell out of her way. She sighed as she had seen a crowd had gathered. She moved her way through the girl behind her. She pretended to have a horrified look on her face as she saw the English teacher strung up his stomach sliced open and head on a pike. She was smirking inside, her eye's danced with laughter."we have class to get to." She mumbled and kept walking."Gym, here you go see you for lunch." She nods to the girl and walked away her shoulders shaking with laughter.

    Damon met up with his sister and smirked."well done bit morbid, free period. Grave yard?" He asked her. She shrugged why not. She walked with him amd sat on a head stone. She lit a cigarette, zoey was still laughing her head off about the dead teacher. She wondered where Ven had gotten off to.

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  18. Amelia shook in panic as she looked up at the newly deceased teacher. She trembled and began to breath faster. Was this really happening.

    The students around her seemed just as terrified as she did. She couldn't help but look dead into the teachers eyes, they were wide with fear, eyes that looked directly into their killer.

    "Who-What could have done this" She felt the tears begun to we'll up in her eyes. She looked ahead and noticed Zoey walked right past the destruction with little reaction. At least nit the same reaction she noticed from the other student.

    She quickly caught up with her as she arrived in front of the gym. Just as she did in the music room she continued on leaving her to her next class.

    Amelia watched as Zoey walked on, that same electric feeling surrounding her, but this time thicker. She stood outside of the classroom feeling faint. What kinda school was this. The way her escort continued on, would make you think this happened regularly.

    She leaned Against the outside of the classroom looking toward the crowD that was buzzing with sick excitement.
  19. The crowd around Warren's corpse was getting bigger, so Wilfred found the now quiet courtyard to be an opportune place for making a call, which he made to Warren's brother. He introduced himself as "the Warren's pupil that was teaching Assembly to him a few days ago" and told George about the death of his brother. After an expression of condolences from Wilfred, the student asked George if he could visit him.

    "I'm sorry to disturb you in your moments of grief, but it's an urgency. The peril that ended your brother's life still threatens other innocent lives. " Wilfred manages to get George curious, and after two or three minutes, consent to his visit by being vague in an affected manner.

    After finishing the call, Wilfred approached the crowd, which he perceived to be, apart from the apathetic and from the tiny minority of people feeling demonstrably unconfortabe, oddly entertained by the chit-chat that resulted from the situation. The fact that Amelia was part of the minority certainly wasn't fitting the expectations her accompaniment left in the mind of the student.
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