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  1. Between the first few images of Idris Elba as Roland, and information about how the movie is going to pan out, along with the updated cast, my excitement has waned to half of what it was at the beginning. Rumors had started that the movie would take place in the middle of the story. Fortunately, it seems that King himself was insistent that the film start with the famous first line of The Gunslinger, with Roland in pursuit of the Man in Black.

    I'm curious though about how far into the middle of the story they're talking about. So far there's no listing for Eddie, or Susannah. There are rumors that Aaron Paul has been considered to play Eddie, and has even asked King himself to throw in a good word for him. (Please let this happen! I'd love him as Eddie!) Jake has been cast though, which was pretty much unavoidable considering that he plays a role in every single book. But there has been absolutely no word on who they're considering for Susannah at all, and considering what a huge role she plays in the series, that's a bit troubling.

    I'm hoping that they're talking about the movie starting in the middle of The Gunslinger, and not in the middle of the series all together. I do have to admit though, I'm loving Idris as Roland. I don't care what the haters say, he looks pretty good in the role, even from the brief pictures they've shown. I am excited to see McConaghey as the Man in Black, and a bit curious about the chick playing Susan Delgado. It seems that they're not going to stick with King's description for her either since she was a blonde in the book and the actress is brunette with a tan complexion. But that's okay with me.

    I just don't want them trying to jam the entire series in one book. That would be extremely depressing and it certainly wouldn't give the audience (Especially anyone new to the series) the full scope of the story.

    I know there's a few people who are interested in the book series, and are reluctant about the films, but what do you all think about it now with the information that's coming out? Personally, I'm still going to give it a chance. Not just because I've been waiting forever for this, but because I really am hoping that they'll do it some justice and not destroy it to try and make a quick buck.
  2. If they make too many changes, then there is still one thing I can think about that might help make it more enjoyable.

    I think of the way the last book ends. Roland has to start his journey all over again, and who knows how many times he has done this. So if there are too many changes, I can just think of it as Roland making the same journey, just not the exact way to books were written. It is a continuation of his story. I am a bit tired so I don't know if I wrote that explanation well at all, but oh well.
  3. Yeah, I get what you mean. I don't know though. They've steered from a good chunk already with who they cast as Roland. I don't mind that though. I will, however, be extremely pissed off if they cast a white woman to play Susannah. That will be it for me. =/
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