The Dark, The Bright, and The Lovely

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  1. Alright! Welcome to my lovely thread, and I hope to appeal to some of you guys' interest. Let's see... I guess first I can set a few favorites of mine during roleplays. ;D

    +Fluff, fluff, and more fluff. I love cute situations and bonding moments between characters. However, I'm not a big fan of cliche events, if that makes sense. Usually I will try to create new cute situations during roleplays to keep things interesting, so long as my partner goes along and adds more to it.
    +R.O.M.A.N.C.E. For sure, being a hopeless romantic, romance is my main alley. I feel most comfortable with MxF and MxM pairings, so I'll most likely just stick with those.
    +I love when my partner adds to the plot and helps thicken it. Nobody likes doing the work by themselves, so it's refreshing to have someone add random twists that even surprise me. :D
    +For character sheets and that of the like, I do prefer real life pictures to anime, and I'll mainly do character sheets based on if my partner does them. If they don't, I do like to have a picture reference for my partner to use. ^-^
    +Often times, I'm used to color text for dialogue with my character, but this also depends on my partner. I mold to who I'm roleplaying with, since it often dials down most problems and such. X3

    A few no-gos for me in roleplays ._.

    -Smut. I don't feel very comfortable writing detailed descriptions of sexual scenes and that of the like. I'm totally okay with kissing and such like that, and I can get descriptive with it, but the dirty stuff just isn't for me. Sorry. >.<
    -One-liners. I'm pretty sure most people on here don't like replying with one-liners, but I thought that I'd just go ahead and add it anyway. I'm very flexible with replies, so depending on my partner, I can type between 2-3 paragraphs, to 5-6.

    Well, now that those are out of the way, I'll put a few pairings below that have piqued my interest. X3 Regarding gender for the pairings, I don't really mind playing the male or female. I'm perfectly fine playing both, despite being a girl myself. I don't think it should matter if you're creating a story. So. With that being said, here they are!! (the pairings with a * are the ones I may have plot ideas for, and please feel free to pm me ideas if you have some of your own! I may want to try it out ^-^) ANY of these pairings can be either MxF or MxM, so don't be afraid to throw in some ideas, don't let the *s intimidate you! XD

  2. I just happened to be checking the 1x1 searches, and I'd love to do DesignerxModel or DetectivexDetective with you!
  3. @TragicTrees

    That's awesome!! Feel free to PM me, and we can talk more in-depth there! :DD
  4. Hello! :) I'm interested in VampirexWerewolf and DemonxHuman. If you would like to start one of those with me send me a pm :)
  5. I'd love to try out a detectivexdetective roleplay with you. However, I mainly roleplay as female so if you're not up for that then that's fine! ^ u ^
  6. Hello if you're still looking I think we would enjoy roleplaying one of these plots;

    I have ideas for all 3 but I'd love to brainstorm something with you about any one of those.
  7. @ChaoticNeutral That's totally fine with me, I definitely don't mind playing the male!! Go ahead and send me a PM and we can discuss it more! :D

    @kryptonicangel Sounds awesome! XD Shoot me a PM and I'd love to hear your ideas and brainstorm! :3
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