The Dark Stuff

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  1. I've really been craving the heart-throbbing, angsty, dark love type stuff that has betrayal, psychotic behavior, and maybe some mutilation. I don't know where it came from, but I just REALLY wanted it.

    Some ideas that might come in handy in the planning stage:

    • Zombie Romance between a human and a zombie. Not really a zombie apocalypse, but where zombies live in human civilization and they feed on "substitutes" for human flesh. This probably makes a lot more sense if you've seen Dylan Dog. .__.
    • Vampire Romance. Can be HumanxVampire. VampirexVampire. And maybe even HumanxHuman where we incorporate a vampire somewhere in there. Not really sure about the last one, but if you can make something of it, then feel free to!
    • Two mental patients who fall in love. This, I imagine, would be a more down to Earth RP with a LOT of angst and some psychotic behavior.

    That's all the ideas I have for now, unfortunately, but if you guys have any other ideas, we can discuss them.

    As a side note: For these RPs I imagine there to be a lot of sexual activity. However, I don't want sex for the sake of smutty, hot and heavy, horny moments. This sex would be more of a mental and emotional escape from reality for the characters. For the Zombie and Vampire, it could possibly be them wanting to feel human, if only for a few seconds. Also, I am NOT interesting in sappy, cheesy love stories where it's love at first sight, because that wouldn't fit the RPs at all. What I was imagining was the characters will probably meet in some run down bar or club and end up having sex and sometime later the love and deep emotions will come, but some fluffy, kiddy stuff isn't going to fly here. So, it would also be best if the characters in these RPs were older than 21.

    But yeah, let me know if you're interested and PM me so that we can talk.
  2. like the idea
  3. Great! PM me so that we can flesh this stuff out! >=D