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  1. I'm not sure how media as far as old black and white era sitcoms goes, but with episodes of THE MUNSTERS, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and other such horribly funny pop culture goodies at my disposal, i was rather interested when i heard an old series from my mothers era ( which she dearly loved) called THE DARK SHADOWS is being re-made as a film, starrign.. you guessed it, JOHNNY DEPP as the quarky vampire balthazar.

    TIm Burton as for a long time been a necromancer of old ideas, bringing new life to concepts most people woudl have let die. And this time, the producer, with his actor and protege' Johnny depp, are going for the gold in a re-make of a classic sitcom featuring a vampire who, well.. as Depp said-taking a subtly dig at the ever popular TWILIGHT series- he's more than glad to Break the trend of 'vampries that look like underwear models."

    Let's face it friends, For the past few years, vampires have been portrayed as anything from viscious monsters, to suave sparkly, pathetic mutants of folklore, but here's a story that is oldert han the current 'vampire fad... adn lets hope the dark shadows can shed some light on a pop culture phenomenon, that won't soon be fading into the night.


    This is gonna be GOOD XD

    My friend is a huge Dark Shadows nerd, so he would tell me about the show in high school. And then two years ago, when the movie coming out tonight had started production, he was all OMGOMGOMGOMG GUESS WHAT and being the biggest Johnny Depp fan evar, I was just as excited. :3

    And tonight, I am going to the midnight showing. > w< <3
    I really, truly believe Johnny has done well representing the original Barnabas Collins. From what I have seen so far, that is. c:
    I hope/know it is going to be just wonderful. ^^!!

    O ^O
    BREAK THE TREND. -fist up in da air-

  3. Tenchi is getting $50 this Friday and is going to the movies. I shall take a partner with! :D
  4. This will hopefully be Tim Burton doing a film he's actually put some thought into ('Edward Scissorhands', 'The Nightmare Before Christmas') rather than Tim Burton on autopilot and thinking his quirky gothic aesthetic is enough to make a movie worthwhile ('Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' and the abomination that was the latest Alice movie).

    Seriously, Mister Burton, we all agree that your films are stylish and pretty. But a coherent fucking plot would be nice as well. >:[
  5. i love all the movies you just mentioned and even the shorts he did called the adventures of stain boy
    and his movie that is going to come out soon frankinweenie

    but me and my grandparents would watch that show with the munsters and the addams family. we love that it is comming out.
    but something i must say is if anyone but burton tries to do either of the two ((besides the already done addams familys that i love)) than they should be killed
  6. i am NOT a sell out, but grumpy, i whole-heartedly agree with you, movie's like BIG FISH stole my heart, but his latest ventures seem mroe like cries for attention and royalties. I hope this lives up tot eh hype, even my 60 year old MOTHER, who HATES fantasy shit is lookign forward to this! ^_^

    *rolls a D6*

    Come on tim, burton, show me the honey!!!
  7. yeah, but thats because your mother is old enough to have watched the TV show....and the main character is what she thinks ALL vampires are...per your words...
  8. The Alice movie could have been GREAT had they spent more time writing the script than doing all of those special effects. >< The plot they had going was interesting and different.... but yeah. Totally fell short. >:[

    Anyway, I am looking for to The Dark Shadows. 8D The Burton/Depp combo has always amused me. They make delightfully dark and quirky movies.
  9. Thank you for letting me know about this movie. Frankly, I am not a big movie-goer, and I only very rarely go to cinemas, but I will definitely get this on DVD when it comes out, because it looks hilarious.
  10. - w- Saw it at midnight, like I said.
    It was...
    it was good. It held to the show with it's style and puns, that is for sure. c:
    Johnny was great. So were the other actors. Specially the little boy. > w< so cute. damnit.
    Also, I spotted the cameo by the original Barnabas! :D <3

    I went for the movie.
    Left with s good feeling, mostly from the Johnny acting.
    Some was kind of unneeded, I thought. but, that is how movies are. - w- So. meh.
    The effects are killer. >:D I was all OOOOH AHHHHH with dem CGI skills.<3
    It was a fun family type movie, methinks. <3
  11. if i wanted to see this movie before, ow i want to see it even more! ^_^ sorry for the mis-tell before, i think i said his name was balthazar, instead of Barnabas.
  12. lol the character's name is Barnabas Collins hahaha...mmm Johnny depp
  13. This movie's out already? Wow I'm behind.