The Dark Room



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Try to get out.
I dare you. :D <3

only about 5 or so people have found the REAL ending. ._. Not the error one.

I did this at my Alternate Realities Gaming club xD We tried like every option. T ^T We think..
I'm trying again..
It made me laugh so hard.
Especially the first 'touch wall' reply.

I came to that place where dorithy or what her name is comes to xD hahaha I WON, I think xD I came out of the dark room at least xD
. . . What?
If you got the ERROR one, where he turns on the light and stands up and such,
supposedly, that isn't the REAL ending.~
Or so we talked about at club.
I didn't get the error one, I got the one where I was outside and the guy weren't there xD I became dorothy from the wizard of Oz xD
This game was harder, I got stuck after I had opened the box -_-' No idea what to do now o.O
Red-sans... WHAT? What steps did you take exactly? :D I wanna do it.

YAYYY -clicks link from Vay.-
I don't remember but the last step I took before getting there was lump my feets together three times, then I got out.

Yay Finally I got out of the first room in that second game xD hahah but now I'm in another dark room xD Gosh this game is hard xD
What's it about? Video guy looks scary.
Lol when I read this I though we were takling about the amnesia mod XD
Witness the True Dark Room >:3

I am stuck with writing numbers T-T I want to get to the next room DAMN IT Why aren't there some kind of clue to what number it is? xb
OF COURSE you would link PewDiePie, Ninja-sans. OF COURSE.
who wouldn't like him? He is a awesome swedish person xD