The Dark Queen and her Dark Knight(Female needed!)

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    The land of Terrail is a land of peace, ruled by King Edward Siam III, his great Royal Army the best of the best. Lead by his loyal knight, Rascale Varren, his kingdom has prospered and won many wars. He has brought peace to all nations, made many alliances, and his kingdom grew and grew. Nothing will disrupt the peace, and there is no force that can stop the king, or his mighty army.

    Or so we thought...

    Deep in the forbidden lands, a darkness has awaken, a darkness the likes of which has never been seen before. An ancient and powerful being has come forth from her slumber, the very air around her filled with the terror of her might, holding power that could easily crush an entire army within minutes. This darkness is spreading, planning to devour all the nations, and make the lands her own. However, such a job can not be done alone, and she has her eyes set on one person.

    Rascale Varren

    The Dark Knight, #000000 Name: Rascale(Ras-cael) Varren
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Short and spikey black hair with deep deep blue eyes. He has a faint and thin black beard growing along his jawline and chin while the rest is just a stubble.
    Body built: Muscular and lean, showing great strength but also flexibility and agiliance. He was trained to fight so has all the natural killer instincts and the need for survival
    History: Once a knight that served under his king, the commander of the royal army and defender of the kingdom. He kept the land safe from all evil and won many wars, which is why it wasn't a surprise when certain eyes fell upon him, and he became a target to be used to disrupt the peace that he worked so hard to achieve.

    Please excuse such a small summary and bio, I wanted to keep things short and to the point since this is only a partner request, and more info and answers can be given through PM. I'm in need of a femal character to play as the Dark Queen.

    The Dark Queen: She is in your complete and utter control. You can decide her looks, her personality, everything.

    What to expect:
    1. This is a slavexmaster rp, my character being the slave and the Dark Queen being the master. As such I do expect there to be sexual advances and the like, so if you aren't into that kind of stuff, then this rp isn't for you. However the rp isn't involved entirely around that, for as the plot suggests, there will also be plenty of fighting and hostile takeover.

    2. I expect long posts, at least three paragraphs long, and the grammer must be good. I do not do one liners, otherwise I'll stop the rp entirely.

    3. Anything goes. Please be creative and you can rp other characters to help move the rp along. Help come up with twists and the like, please don't make me do all the work.

    4. This is a long term rp and I expect you to be active. Please do not just put one post every other day, I'm looking for someone who can post often unless I am given a valid reason otherwise. But please try to at least put in a few posts in every day unless you have things going on that prevent you from doing so or that you might be gone for a while. If any of this happens, then please let me know before hand.

    5. I intend for this to be a PM rp due to very mature content that might not be good for the public eye.

    1. Proper grammer and 3+ paragraphs
    2. No male masters. This isn't a gay rp, I'm looking for a queen, not a king
    3. Must be active daily. I will accept waiting for a few days if I have to but I don't want that to become a habit
    4. If you have any questions or are interested, please PM me! ^_^ This thread probably made me sound a little strict and serious, but I promise I'm not like that at all! If you're interested at all or want to know more, anything at all, then please don't be afraid to message me! I'll be happy to help you out and hope that you're interested!
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  2. Name: Lillian Baggard
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Long, firey red hair with cloudy blue eyes and a soft, milky white face.
    Body type: Slim with curves, her body is strong and flexible. Able to climb and hunt with grace.
    History: Grew up in a filthy pesant village with her mom and dad, until they died from a bandit attack. Ever since she grew up stealing from the streets to survive and became the best archer, hunter and thief of all her village.

  3. I'm sorry, this thread is closed now, I'm afraid I have already found someone else for this rp
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