The Dark Prince.

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*Winter Air*

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The sun had just arisen on the north part of the tower, waking with it the King, King Julius who had

Reigned for 20 years ... He had to admit, he was growing tired.

All the dramatics, the people, some who hate you for no reason, some who over love you like they have known you forever.

He was a good king, A fair one most would say.. But his kindness was often taken as a weakness and because of that,

Crime rates rose among the Romanian people as a whole

His Army had grown lazy, and even though he had no enemies as far as he was concerned,

If someone did want to strike him, at this point it would be fairly easy.

If they knew how lazy everyone had gotten.

The doors to the throne opened swiftly as he emerged

He sat lazily on the throne, his head resting on his hand, supported by his elbow which rested on the chair's handle

"And to what do I owe this visit peasant?" He said nonchalantly as a common man walked in.

"Sir.." He said bowing in the presence of the king

"Your Chief of Soldiers.. ordered for my brother to be hanged this evening!" The peasant said

Desperately. The king looked at one of his soldiers who shrugged.

"The crime?" He Said, sighing

The peasant got on his knees in a begging motion. "Your greatness, he stole fruit!"

The king looked at his soldier "Send for Ethan"

Ethan sat peacefully in his study, today was nothing more but another day of executions. It was part of the power he held over these people, the power he earned from the King who was too much of fool who danced to his tune. It's been good long centuries since his exile from England, after being found of being a vampire, her was threatened to be executed unless he fled the country. It had been hard, tough years. Living in different places so that people won't find out his immortality. He was highly feared, the damned, the vampire.

But he wasn't only running and hiding.

He was on a quest to seek power, to seek vengeance to the people who had damned him. Here it was, Romania. The king, blind and foolish bought his deception and every part it bestowed. He was too easy. The years and lifetimes he spent refining himself, exapanding the darkness in his heart, and fueled his anger slowly but surely. Day by day, he thirst for blood and for power. He wanted to prove to these foolish humans what he could do, what fear he could bring, and the kingdom he could project.

He was so close now.

He was the King's right hand man, he had power. More than he ever wished. Even though he was just a right hand man, he managed to make the king his little puppet, and he was the puppeteer, directing him on what to do --- the foolish bastard followed too. It was all too easy. He got what he wanted in discretion, disguise, and deception. Even food was easier now, he fed on dead prisoner he executed. He would have his men bring it to places, and he would return to them at dusk and feast.

Foolish humans.

He smirked, closing the book he read as he drank into his morning tea. Human food was disgusting, but he grew to accustom it's taste for civility. His stomach though, only tolerated tea. So tea was all he had. The tea tasted like dirt on his tongue, bland and plain. He swallowed it quietly, enduring the taste --- if he didn't want to get found out, he'd have to tolerate the food. He looked to the window, where his curtains shut away the vicious sunlight. But bits of it bled through his dark curtains, he didn't mind though. The myth of melting in the sunlight was never true, but he often received a slight burning on his skin, a sensation and nothing more, other than that he was fine.

As soon as his door creaked open, he averted his gaze towards a firm faced soldier who presented himself in front of him -- bowing respectfully and firmly. He acted like a stiff robot, as if a machinery that the king sent to entertain him. "Earl Ethan." The soldier said sharply, bowing in front of him. Asided from being a right hand man, he earned the rank to be an Earl over a small terrain in consent of the king. It gave him status and more power. "The King send for you."

"What is it, your Highness wants?" Ethan inquired with curiosity, why would the King ask for him at this hour? He never did. It knocked his thoughts for a moment, before paying his attention back to the soldier in front of him.

"A peasant is in his mercy, Earl."

Ethan fell silent. It must be about those executions, they usually beg at his feet for mercy -- but this time they decided to approach the king. Foolish humans, the King was his puppet. He holds the cards in this game. "Alright." He said, rising from his seat with grace. He avoided to smirk at the foolishness of this, it was certainly time wasting but he had to play his part. He cleared his throat, fixing his tie as he walked towards his door with the soldier following behind him like a lost dog, he found it annoying but he took his thought off it. Time wasting, it was.

He had a king to meet, he must make haste.
The King waited impatiently

This really was none of his business and normally he wouldn't even take cases.. he sent them straight to

Ethan. Somehow this man had persuaded the guards. As soon as Ethan Appeared the king gestured towards the man

"Ethan.. This man claims you are sending his brother to death.. over.. Fruit?" King Julius asked and stated at the same time

One Eye brow raised

"You know I normally dont get into these types of things.. but in my eyes that does seem a little ridiculous.."

He went on.. "To be Honest I dont Have time for this foolishness.. now it will always be your decison.. however to win

respect from these people you have to give a little..Just a bit" He smirked...

The king was a strong enforcer of the law, but he had to admit that did sound a little ridiculous.

"Also.. Remember that we have a ball tonight.. around dusk.. my daughter is comming home from a private school.."

He smiled brightly, he missed his daughter dearly...

Forgetting all about the peasant who looked at them both desperately "Ah yes.. anyways.. about this man.."

He said looking at the peasant "Why kill him? is that really a valid reason?"
Too easy. Ethan coulnd't believe that this peasant was wasting his time --- an incredible amount of time he could've spent thinking about the food supply he was going to have tonight. Blood of sinners, he was a sinner, they were all sinner alike. The blood he killed, the blood he drank and the blood that flowed in his veins are all one and the same, damned. He stopped in his tracks, placing his feet down the exquisite red carpet that was pinned below the King's majestic throne, rolling down towards the steps and across the room towards the door, making a pathway connecting the guests to the King as soon as they entered.

He allowed his eyes to feast on the peasant, he tried not to laugh at how stupid the man looked. Tear-drenched eyes, sticky sweat pouring down his face, and his low-life clothing fashion that offended the elegance of the fashion everyone paraded. Peasants were annoying at times, but they had their value --- occasionally. "Win respect? It's earned." he said, giving the peasant a cold glare before turning to the King, talking in a stoic manner. His speech filled the room with a cold and tense aura, his words created fear "Your Highness, these people are taking advantage of your kindness. Crimes, everywhere. Forgive one, forgive many. The law is the law. They will not learn if they are not punished, there will be anarchy and your authority will be ignored, if you choose to give this man consent to have his brother. In my crime should be tolerated, petty or not."

His mind went to the King for a moment, he had a daughter? How had he not know of this? Of all the years he served the King, not a word was mentioned about a daughter. No pictures, no anything. Nothing even from the chatty maids that talk about as they cleaned the palace and the gardens. So he had a daughter, it stretched to his concern --- if she is smarter than her foolish father, he will have problems. A ball tonight was prepared, but he never knew it was for her, a ball for his daughter and he was summoned to join, he had to take this oppurtunity. If he wants sucess, he needs to know everyone on field.

He dug his pockets for his pocket watch, slanting a glance down his hand to look at the bronze coloured timepiece that sat on his pale palm. Tonight was not too long from now, it was three in the afternoon. Just a few hours till dusk reaches the skies, a few hours till another player joins his game. He pocketed his watch quietly, wrapping the cold time piece around his fist inside his pockets "What is your say, Your Highness? It's your kingdom after all, I am just a man who works with you."

Despite his civility, he knew the answer all too well.
The king sighed... ""Ethan.."

Before he could answer another soldier took a step forward. "You Highness.. I must agree.. to have this man

hung sounds about right... If you keep letting people run over you.. I fear, there shall be no Kingdom to be ran..

And your an excellent king your majesty.. I want to serve under you for many years to come.. "

The guards name was David, and he honored Ethans way of thinking.. In some ways He was Ethan's right hand

spying on people for Ethan and everything else of the sort, Though he had no idea of Ethan's Intentions for the castle,

He Did Ethans bidding none the less. The king Looked at the peasant.. then at the two men, Ethan and David.

He rubbed his chin in deep thought.. "As you wish," He said waving his hand, and In a swift gesture, the man was taken away

By the guards.. begging as he was dragged out.

The king Looked at his maids "Go prepare me a bath.. I want to be ready for my daughters arrival." He smiled.

The maids nodded and picked up their dresses beginning to walk when the king waved them back "Draw Ethan one as well.. though I hardly think

He needs sprucing.. Hes always been quite the charmer" The Maids blushed fiercely, any woman did in the presence of Ethan.. Village girls and the Royals alike

"Not for my daughter of course.. but there will be plenty to choose from at the ball my devilishly good looking man" He chuckled getting up from his thrown and patting

Ethan on the back " If I didnt know any better, I would say you were my own son" He continued before retrieting to his chambers.

David turned to Ethan with a smirk as soon as the king was out of site. "I cant wait for tonight.. do you know how many women will be there? This is a huge event.."
Incredibly time wasting.

In the end, he won against that worthless peasant. In this Kingdom, he controlled the king and his men with his words. It was vile and stealthy, he managed to make the Kingdom run to what he wished it to be, without sitting on the throne. It was convenient, stress free and perfect. He just needed to speak up whenever he wanted a change to the King's ways of running his Kingdom --- which is fairly many, but he attacked every single one, one by one. To avoid suspicion.

He felt a small push occur in his back, as the King appeared beside him telling him that there will be many women in the ball, calling him 'devilishly handsome' before heading away to his bath, where the maids with wild blushes on their faces followed the elderly man as they stole glances at Ethan, giggling. David too, was excited at the fact there will be many women in this ball. Women, women were distractions. Something he does not think of as necessity to one's life, but the creature that he is was bound to attract them. Good looking he was, aside from the pale skin, he had exquisite bronze-blonde coloured locks growing out of his scalp, which he preferred to let be since it looked better like so instead when he tries to groom it like the men in this country. His eyes were a clear light blue, like the shade of the sky but a slight lighter, which made his pupils stand out more making look more cunning and mysterious. His face a broad, with sharp masculine features -- he looked like he was carved by a artist. He looked perfect, he was perfect --- the price of his curse.

(This is ETHAN)

"Bath, Earl?" A maid acknowleged, making him step out of his thoughts to respond. He looked at the maid for a moment, seeing that she was blushing as well, redness tinted her white cheeks while her eyes tried to look away from his. Typical, he was used to this. However, it was amusing to watch everytime. Always. Getting women for him was effortless, it was blessed to him, but he never found mating an obligation. So he never mated, and he doubt he would.

"Ah, yes."
The ball had come quicker than everyone expected but it was beautiful none the less

There were dancers and fire spitters .. it looked more like a masquerade ball than anything.. but it was only to entertain the king until the princess arrived

julius had a seated Ethan next to him, as if he has a throne as well.. he looked at Ethan boredly "everyone is enjoying themselves but me"

He sighed "My daughter is late.. I should have her horsemen hanged right?" He smirked at julius jokingly

"Don't answer that.. I know how brutal you can be"
Ethan opened his mouth to answer his question, if it were his decision -- he would punish those horsemen. Being late for things was never an option in his book, he liked everything perfect and on time. But for now he decided to lay low, he didn't know how this princess acted, thought, and what not. He had to build up his first impression, for this was an additional person to control and in this world he had learned that first impressions are everything.

Instead of blurting out his brutal ideals, he gave the king a soft smile. He looked almost harmless and soft, it was different than the usual expressions he gave and it was surprising to see, since it lifted his heavy and serious aura for a moment "Your daughter is woman, Your Highness." he told the elder man beside him, in a cold but yet soft manner. It was hard to describe, it was smooth and subtle tone. "Women, in my knowledge -- especially the special ones, are always the ones who are late. They like to look their best."

With that he turned, feasting his eyes to the ballroom that spread out in front of them, peasants, nobles, and such alike scattered around the huge space like tiny drops of rain dancing around in circles with smiles and laughter embarked on their faces. There were women who dressed in exquisite dresses, tailor-made, shawls, and admired their features well. The peasants had more of a simple garb, they were plain coloured dresses, trimmed, ruffled and sorts in common places but not as beautiful as the ones from others. The nobles paraded their dark black tailcoats, with dark ties and ribbons with cream white dress shirts, ruffled neckpieces, vests, and all sorts that came in vastly different colours.

The small orchestra sat on the northwest of the room, equippe with shiny musical equipments and uniformed wear. A relaxed, but serious expression were carved on each of their faces as they showed of their art in making music, with their conductor waving his stick with pride as he led his orchestra to play beautiful tunes.

He looked back to the King, who had boredom etched on his aged and wrinkled face -- the entertainers did not satsify him, he wanted his daughter to arrive and anxiety filled his voice when he spoke to Ethan about it. This daughter, meant a lot to him. Ethan took that as a cue, to be careful around this woman once she arrives...

For she could ruin everything he built.
Just a few moments later 2 servants opened the doors from the east wing of the giant room and was quiet

For all knew who was expected from the east wing. Hushed whispers filled the room as the clinks of high heels rushed across the hall

Shortly after, a nun appeared looking rather flushed, but she bowed to the king who was now upright in his chair nonetheless

" Your Highness... a thousand sorries to you and your guests for how late we are... our horsemen took the wrong turn on a 2 way path so we

had to turn around..." The nun looked around the room at the impatient guests "Anyways... she is here now.. Anna? She said softly and a few moments past, until

a young woman walked into the room slowly and modestly, her hands in front of her cupped together and her head down slightly, She curtsied gracefully and everyone bowed in her presence

Though they couldn't shake the awe'd expressions on their faces.. The girl looked like the pinnacle of purity itself. Her long white dress flowed beneath her..

Nothing like the colorfulness of everyone else.. Her skin a creamy smooth lighter shade, resembling the purest of milks.. which contrasted with her blushing cheeks

and pink lips.. Her long hair pinned up elegantly, she finally rose her hazel- honeyed eyes to meet her fathers. "Father" She smiled brightly, which seemed to fill the castle

with an unfamiliar hope it didnt need. A light that should be reserved only for the darkest of times.


Everyone stood watching as she slowly made her way to her father, the nun escorted her. The people were frozen, as if it was an unwritten law that when Anna moves, time doesn't.

The stopped a few feet behind her as she stood in front of her father now. King Julius slowly made his way down off the throne and took his daughters hand. "My love... you have returned at last" He said pulling her in for a long overdue hug, a hug that said it had been a while. Anna smiled at this and hugged her father back softly.

King Julius took a step back to examine her daughter. "You shaped her into the purest of things.. You must stay I must thank you properly" He said to the nun who was looking up at Ethan, A cold stare.

Ahh yes. She knew. She was too holy not to, but to say something that might get her killed considering this was his right hand she backed down looking back at the king and his daughter. "Reunification is a beautiful thing. I must go now.. Anna.. write me" She said kissing the girls cheek softly. The nun grabbed her cross which hung around her neck as she stared at Ethan backing up, then walking swiftly out of the castle.

The king hadn't noticed, he was focused only on his daughter . Still looking at her he smiled gesturing towards the crowd. "Now that Anna has returned.. let the festivities begin!"

Guests cheered and began as they were as Julius led his daughter up the few steps to the throne "Ethan.. this is my daughter Anna, Anna.. this is my chief of soldiers, also the man keeping Romania well known and feared" He smiled at the boy. Anna curtsied softly "Nice to meet you"
That's right nun, silence yourself. You surely knew how to save yourself, or I might've had you shot and your holy blood disposed. Ethan smirked darkly at the nun who slowly departed the ballroom. Only nuns and priests would know what he was in a glance, the rest would be trapped by the illusion of his face. But those religious, full of holiness sorts of beings -- always saw through his illusions. But what they are to do? They are mere peasants, and again he held the cards in this game --- he still wins. Their words, worthless. He saw fear glint across the nun's eyes as she saw him, but of course she kept it to herself, she knew what he could do and very well too.

He'll give the nun a chance, because she did not defy.

His eyes travelled towards the King's daughter, Anna. He allowed himself to swallow what he could take with a glance, there was no doubt that she was beautiful, a very very beautiful maiden. Young, fresh, pure and innocent. This girl must come from an elite religious school, with her mannerisms and all, a place that he could not enter without hearing the whispers of angels echoing in his head, annoying him, and making him want to leave their holy sanctuary. She looked proper too, for the way she curtsied before him was undeniably graceful.

Now he knew why the King protected her, even from him -- as a suitor. Not like he was interested doing so.

He rose from his seat quietly, feeling the eyes of the crowd following his every move. Now that their attention was on the princess, and the princess' attention was on him, attention was given to him also. He ascended down the leveled steps, standing before him and gave a graceful bow of respect. His bronze-blonde locks swaying as his threw down during his bow, tilting his head up lightly for a few degress to look the princess at the eyes -- giving her one of his charming smiles "It is an honour, Your Highness. Your father has been very kind to me."

Charm. Charm was the way to go.
Anna blushed.. he was indeed a work of art

Much Like herself...

For a second it seemed they retained eye contact longer than necessary, until she smiled looking away finally

"Glad to hear" She said as she took her seat on his left hand side. The king sat in between them, a big smile on his face

"Now I feel complete.. even with your mother gone.. I feel I have what I need" He said smiling at his right hand

and his left hand.

Anna tried to focus on her father and on the ball, but it was hard.. something about The young man

on the other side of her father was alluring..

"A lovely party father"

She tried to distract herself with talking to her father, who was drinking now, satisfied with everything

"Ah, lovely it is.. especially with you here I cant believe your finally. home.. almost 17.. almost time to give you away to a man"

He said rolling his eyes.

Anna laughed, covering her mouth and glancing in her fathers direction.

"For now I focus solely on studies" She lied... she was a teenager now.

her mind was on what any other young maidens mind was on at this age.

Ah, he's got her. Perfect. Pre-first impression was a sucess, now his only problem was to retain this image for the rest of the night -- after that, eveverything will be easy again.

But before that, he had noticed that he hadn't eaten a thing from the food displayed on the long table. It was filled with various gourmet masterpieces that the kitchen chef had created with artistic effort. There was roasted chicken, golden and juicy, garnished with spices and herbs. Along with different variations of fruit pies, and meat pies alike. Brown, crispy pie crusts with the aroma of boiled fruit and baked meat oozing out from each platter. There were dozens, and maybe hundreds more to choose from but it did not strike his appetite -- he fed on his daily dose of blood today, he was satisfied and not hungry enough to attack anyone in the room. But of course eating was a necessity, especially for someone who pretend to be human, him.

His eyes spotted the wine bottles on the far end of the food-covered table, maybe he could use some -- after all, drinks was all the human food that his stomach was able to tolerate, other than that, a meal would make him throw it all up.

He rose from his seat smoothly, descending down the stairs and made his way through the crowd with ease --his eyes darted towards the wine bottle that sat on the surface. He walked so gracefully, that he looked like he was floating in the air. His magnificent, mysterious aura surrounded him and dazed the people he passed by, making them look his way even though they danced.

He poured himself a glass of red slowly, filling the crystal goblet halfway with the substance gathering inside it's orb-like structure. He gave it a slow sip, cautious. As soon as the wine washed through his tongue, he tasted a bitter, bland taste -- just like every drink he consumed, it all tasted the same, because it was human food. Human food was disgusting, he fed on blood for so long that he forgot how food tasted like.

"You dance, Earl?" a voice spoke beside him, he turned to see a brown haired Viscountess appear on his side. She wore a white formal ballgown, abundant with layers, ruffles, a soft tone of black for a corset and a low-neck trim that exposed a generous amount of chest, but trimmed just above her breasts. She held a soft smile, her eyes shy but thoughtful and her cheeks slightly flushed.

Ethan looked at his wine glass, then at the Visscountess "Not tonight madame, but enjoy yourself some other company." he said, returning her a small courtsie of a nod. The Viscountess frowned slightly at the rejection, but kept her grace high -- she was a Viscountess after all, embarassment always takes down pride. With that she departed slowly, disappearing into the dancing crowd and left him with his wine.

Ethan sighed, women were distractions. So if it were only necessary would he allow their company, other than that he kept a distance. That's why human men were weak, because of them.
King Julius was well over his limit in the amount of wine he had consumed.

Not messy drunk, but not in his right mind. Slowly loosing it with each swig.

He looked at his daughter and then at the crowd. He stood and cleared his throat

and even with the loudness charades going on the king was noticed

as if they kept his every movement in the back of their minds

and all was quiet

"You all have been wonderful guests... Peasant and noble alike.

Tommorow after duties, I will take my daughter riding threw the city

which his inevitably become unfamiliar to her, so I expect everyone to be on their best behavior

To make sure thats enforced, Earl Ethan will travel with her.

Worried glances filled the room at the sound of his name. Anna noticed glancing over at him then the crowd

"I dont have to tell you who he is.. he is moving up however and soon I will give him more jurisdiction

He will be a lord over the kingdom and you will address him as so, hes done a lot for our kingdom

So give him respect..or he will take it" The king laughed but the joke was all too true.

People gave nervous smiles instead.

"Thats besides the point, I am retiring to my quarters.. the party may go on another hour or so, and I bid you all goodnight"

As he said this they all bowed and curtsied him. When he was out of sight, the party resumed.

Anna couldn't help but wonder what had just happened... why the mood of the party had changed so quickly.

She had to admit it had been a long night.. and after eating a little... she would retire for the night as well

She stood up and suddenly everyone stopped, thinking she was next in line for a speech

She giggled at this "as you were" She said softly walking down the steps to where the feast lay

A chef on sight, began to prepare her plate immidiatley

"So.." Anna stopped near Ethan, though her eyes were in front of her as she wasted for her plate.

"Your A Highly respected man"
Even though Ethan's heart never beated for centuries, he felt a stir build up his chest. It wasn't because of Anna, but because of the sound that he would be receiving more power in the future, a consent to act more with less consent and more free will. He was ascending, he was rising, he was becoming powerful. It was more than victory, his thin lips twitched slightly, he was on the verge of conjuring a very colourful and hearty laugh. But he stopped himself, and instead he shot some wine into his lips -- swallowing the disgusting substance to stop himself.

He had to keep his decency, he was noble after all.

The price? He had to take the princess on a quick tour. It was nothing of too much, but it was the least he could do in celebration of the good news. It wasn't so much of big deal, he just had to make this woman familiar with her kingdom, seeing how and what had it become -- what he had created. It's going to be a simple and harmless trip, and hopefully -- he won't encounted any nuisances tomorrow.

He felt a figure stand beside him, and it was none other than Anna. From this angle, she really did look pure, young and innocent. There was nothing in her eyes that looked like that she went under any pain, any war, or saw any blood. Unlike him, whose eyes told a long and subtle story -- but handsome all the same. "But of course." he replied casually, outstretching the hand that held the wine glass in acknowledgment "A respect that was earned."

Through fear.

"So, how does the princess like the ball?"
Anna smiled now turning towards him

He was handsome.. his voice told her he was warm and inviting

but the way the guests responded to his visiting the kingdom with her tommorow was another story

she decided to disregard it for now. She had no reason to judge this man.

"Its beautiful" She said looking around at the man things and forms of entertainment and dances going on

"So how long have you lived here with my father?" She asked him curiously as the chef handed her her salad

She scanned the room once, noticing the women glancing at Ethan from the corners of their eyes

even as some of them danced with their husbands

As soon as the princess made eye contact with them however, her soft eyes forming some what of a glare,

they went on about their business

"Walk with me" She smiled gesturing towards a near vacant hallway

Breaking fathers rules already..

Great Anna

she thought to herself.. but she didnt stress

This after all seemed to be fathers Confidant
"That's good to know." Ethan said, nodding as he looked about the room behind him and admired the exquisite decoration once more. It was marvelous at second glance, especially in this angle. The King was certainly not chea when it comes to parties -- when was he even ever cheap? Ethan gave an innocent and thoughtful face "I've been hearing about this ball being prepared, the King was undescribably busy about it but I didn't gave a thought what it was for... It was for you after all."

After a few moments, he continued on "I have worked with your father for 7 years, since I was sixteen." He lied smoothly, he never aged, though he fooled people about it. They never seemed to notice that he really was and always 24 years old. That's how he always was, but the people were fooled. They always were.

A moment of silence occured as he watched Anna eat her salad, human food is never appealing anymore. But he just kept his silence, he was 'human' in their eyes. Only in their eyes. Suddenly, Anna got up and invited him for a walk -- he raised a brow, what was this? What kind of things does this young woman had in mind? But he had to say, she was quite bold and brief. He couldn't refuse, he had to build up his reputation with her. Ethan nodded firmly "It would be my pleasure." He said nodding, walking beside her and offered his arm for her to take.
Anna had never been bold enough to ask any man to walk with her...

Normally it was them who asked not with their mouths, but with their eyes to walk

with them.. to be with them..knowing not to approach her in such a way

She smiled and took his hand gratefully as they walked out

Into the garden, if someone would have told you this was the garden of Eden you couldn't believed them

it was simply beautiful, even now at night, with the only thing shining upon it was the moon

"7 years is a long time.. I was sent to my private school just before you came" She looked up at him smiling

"After my mother was no longer available.. My father felt he couldn't raise me.. a man by himself

let alone a king.. " She said while admiring the flowers in the maze which had entangled them.

"This use to be my favorite place to hide from everything... as a child.. your imagination comes to life in places.. like these

Dont you agree?" She continued as she gazed up at him

He was indeed beautiful.. even the coldness of his hands.. the paleness of his skin..

His eyes were alluring.. even though their hands were intertwined she looked away from them

If she didnt know any better, shed think they might hypnotize one.
"Well...." Ethan said, placing his other hand on top of hers. Gazing into her eyes, not noticing how deeply he seemed to be looking at hers when to him it was just a simple gaze but as a vampire, it intensifies everything he does. Her hand was warm against his cold skin, it was soft, smooth and something to caress. If he were hungry right now, it would be like charming his food --- but he was not. For him this was only a duty, and holding her hand was courtesy. Oblivious to his knowing, that the woman was slowly captured by his his charms "You certainly grew into a fine woman, madame. Even without a father, which was admirable."

He looked to he garden, it was grand, beautifully-landscaped land. Flowers grew nicely, and came out in vibrant colours. There were roses, tulips, blue bells, and such. There were many kinds of plants, some of which he doesn't know what it would be or could be. It was beautiful, especially at night. "Indeed it is, this garden is like... A beautiful other world you can escape to, I can see why you can say that. Truly admirable."
When he placed his other hand on hers a blush grew fiercely over her cheeks

Even when he complimented her etiquette

What amazed her is that he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was charming her...

Making her feel some type of way.

"And you seem very charming yourself" She smiled gazing into his eyes

Only because his caught hers as he spoke.. she felt glued.

Ethan looked about her face, she was blushing madly, the redness covered half of her face and stood out from her light complexion. Even the moonlight, who proved to not be much of light made her blushing obvious. There it sank into him that she was probably charmed, and he realized that the woman was close into gaining some sort of liking to him. Maybe she already did, she was easier than he thought. He couldn't blame her, she was innocent like a child, raised in a catholic school... What did she know about deception?

"People say that a lot, however I am not sure how does that sum up. I don't think I'm a charming man---"

"Earl?" the Head Maid interrupted as she appeared by the garden's doorway. She was a plump, elderly woman who wore small, circle metal-framed glasses. Her cheeks were slightly sagged with age, and plump like her figure. She was a stern-looking woman, and with her dry, stringy, salt and pepper hair that was tied into a simple bun -- completed that aura; he could see a faint blush erupt on her face at the sight of him. Everyone, even the elderly blushed whenever they were around him. She cleared her throat quietly "It is time for the princess to retire to her chambers."

"Ah, yes." Ethan said quietly, gently releasing Anna's hand and dug it into the pockets of his trousers. He looked at Anna in the eyes, reconnecting the killer eye contact before giving her a respectful bow "It's been an honour to be in your company, Your Highness." he said, his voice sounded like velvet flowing out from his lips. His tone was cool and fluid, charming as his words "To-morrow I shall meet you by the carriages after noon, then we shall proceed on schedule as assigned." he said as he stood straight up, nodding towards the maid and allowed her to take Anna to her room to rest.

The maid obeyed without a word, slowly tugging Anna with her while Ethan looked away from both of them to admire the gardens. It was going to be a long day tomorrow, a tour for the princess. The kingdom was vast and enormous, it would reach dusk before they returned to the castle. Ethan was up for it though, after all --- his power was growing.
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