The Dark Matter Subjects

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  1. The Dark Matter Research Facility was placed in Nevada where Dark Matter was first found. (Dark matter is used to give you abilities and powers there isnt a limit to what you can have. I urge you to stray from normal powers. Get creative.) You escaped after monthes of planning and now your on the run. You aren't the first to escape and you wont be the last.

    (Character Sheets. Heres mine)

    Name: Aiden Hart

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Weilds The Ancient Occular Ability the Sharingan. Can also Manipulate his chakra. His weapon of choice is a bow and he is tained in martial arts (black belt)


    History: Was taken From his family at a young age. He was injected with Dark Matter in an attempt to awaken the Genes of The Uchiha clan From Fedual Japan. The attempt was Succesful.

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    no gmoding you may dodge but only so much no knowing someone is hiding before you see them no random knowledge of enemy plans.

    you control NPCs to an extent meaning only some of what they say when not pertaining directly to plot.

    What i say goes thats final. NO WHINING.

    and most importantly have fun
  2. Name: Fane Traynor

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Uses personal energy and willpower to make energy shields that can block most physical and "magical" attacks. Too much use and he could faint or even die. He will eventually figure out how to use that energy to attack and heal.

    Appearence: (No pitcure sorry) 6 feet tall with short black hair, tan skin, one green eye and one blue eye (due to the Dark Matter injection), with a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Nothing much separates him from average people.

    History: At the age of 15 he revealed to his friends and family that he had strange psychic powers like controling people's minds. His parents had over heard about a place they could send people to correct "flaws" they had developed. They contacted the place and Fane was soon abducted without anyone knowing until the next day. The Dark Matter Research Facility exposed Fane to some dark matter to first see how he reacted. His powers developed into random lights that would appear around him. The facility soon injected him with dark matter to jump start more powers, it worked right away but to the researchers dismay the energy Fane released and controled destroyed the room they were testing him in. They threw him into a stronger room that could contain the energy he had.

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  4. Name: Chance

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Can only detect the life force within an individual that possesses a power granted by the dark matter. Was granted blazing orange eyes through dark matter expirimentation.

    Appeareace: Stands 6 ft tall and weighs a slim 145 lb. Is dreadfully pale with long, black hair and orange eyes.

    History: The Dark Matter Research Facility abducted children at young ages so as to test their greatest scientific achievement. Chance is one of few survivors of early Dark Matter testing. A decade and a half of research led them to hire him out to different government agencies. His purpose was that of a mercenary. Chance was to seek the detruction of the superhumans for the sake of the compay's continuous research.

    Chance eventually turned on his contractors, seeking more answers concerning the Dark Matter and it's users by way of vicious manslaughter. Although Chance lacks any true ability beyond his "sixth sense", he compensates by having striking agility, dexterity, and recoursefulness. As of now, he is a wanted criminal all across the globe.

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  8. Name: Kogani Dokato "Kogan"

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Abilities: Due to the Infusion of Dark matter, the small percentage of Genetic code in him that wasn't human Awoke and quickly began to upgrade the rest of his genetic code, giving him the ability to cling to walls and ceilings and a precognitive sensory adaptation that allows him to sense Danger mere seconds before it happens. The Dark Matter infusion also bestowed him with manipulation of energy, manifesting as black bolts of light or arcs of black lightning.

    Appearance: He stands at about 5' 4" with jet black hair, shaggy and messy that reaches to just below his shoulders. His eyes are an unearthly shade of blue that tends appear as his eyes are glowing. His skin is a slight gold complexion, with scars from the testing. (No picture, apologies apologies all around) He's of Hawaiian, Cherokee, Japanese and Caucasian descent, 4/8 Japanese, 1/8 Caucasian, 2/8 Hawaiian and 1/8 Cherokee

    History: Unlike most who were abducted, his parents not able to care for a 4th child, gave him to the Facility, and in return were given reparations and a lump sum of funds to care for the children they already had. He was infused as a toddler and trained for combat, something he detested as he didn't like using his powers to hurt others. After learning a dark, almost evil technique that uses his energy to cause mindshattering pain that can end in death, a technique he calls "Reave" he used this and other techniques he learn to break out.

    After breaking out, his only hope to stay free was to live off the grid. No phone, no real home, no money no credit cards, not that he was old enough to acquire either. He started posing as the missing child of two drunks who were only happy that their "son" was back. Luckily for him they couldn't tell he wasn't their kid, being drunk or under the influence of something saw to that. After making his home there, he laid low, stayed away from school, instead spent a lot of time in the seedier parts of a small desert community, having to wear Darkened sunglasses to hide his less-than-natural eyes.
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  10. Name: Neoxera

    Age: 3 billion

    Gender: technically none, but is referred to as a male

    Abilities: He has an internal core that contains limitless energy. Unfortunately, since he has an endless supply of energy, expending too much could create instability of the planet and universe, henceforth he can only do certian things whenever he wants, ocassionally or rarely. Each ability requires certian amounts of energy. Normal energy: shapeshift, change colour (including invisibility), fly, control his own weight (very heavy or lighter than air), his speed and healing of himself and others. More energy: can manipulate gravity of other objects, electromagnetism (light, UV rays, x-rays), thermal energy, telekenisis, create force fields, locate things with an internal GPS and fire energy at foes in concentrated amounts. Extreme energy: instant teleportation (distance requires certian energy to do so, but not much variation on Earth itself), time travel (older/farther dates require more energy), mind reading, manipulate natural conditions (weather, techtonic plates, nature) and reanimation of the dead.

    Appearance: He is 7ft tall. His skin is completely silver-blue. He constantly emits a white glow. His eyes are chrome and have no pupils. Aside from having no genetailia, he appears as a normal human with normal facial features. He has no hair but has long pointy ears (like from the Jak and Daxter video games). He wears no clothes. He speaks with an echoy voice and refers to himself in pluarl form (we, our, us instead of I, mine and me), but others refer to him in singular.

    History: He was created of two dense objects merging together 3 billion years ago, trillions of light years away. One was a neutron star and the other was a black hole. The two travelled through a cloud of concentrated dark energy and gave the two objects consciousnesses. The Neurton star had the consciousness of Order and the Black Hole had the consciousness of Chaos. The two objects collided and merged to form one singularity of infinitley dence and infitley heavy matter, therefore making him indestructable. He also got two consciousnesses inhabiting the body, so then both Order and Chaos worked together. While floated endlessly through intergalactic space, he flew through a wormhole that sucked him in and teleported it to Earth's solar system 100 years ago. The wormhole changed the object's appearance to a humanoid figure, thanks to the description given off by radio waves sent by Earth, and many other properties. Its two most important changes are changing its matter to dark matter and having his infinite gravity into an self-perpetuating energy core that can expend limitless energy. The object collided in Nevada, America. He was knocked out, and therefore his energy expending became dormant.

    50 years later, scientists discovered, detained and experimented on him at the DMRF. From him, they discovered Dark Matter and began experimenting with him. He woke up, but one scientist told him he was his father. They gave him the name Neoxera and taught him about Earth's history, human history and about the modern world. He learned about his powers and his limits to using them. However, he began to fear that their experiments would lead to destructive purposes. He escaped to find those who have been affected and changed by the dark matter so he could help them, all while being tracked by their enforcers as well. He had no time to figure out the plans of the facility. All he knew is that they are after the supernaturals and he must find them to help them survive, for they are his only hope of stopping them.

    OOC: This is our first rp on here. If you wonder why we refer to ourselves in pluarl, refer to our biography on our profile. Our character corresponds similarly to our real self. We hope you enjoy him.