The Dark Matter Subjects

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  1. Chance awoke to a typhoon of a noise. "Again? These pricks never give up on gettin' to kick my ass!" He hopped out of his bed, pushing his sheets off of it by mistake. "Damn it!" Yelling quickly, he slipped over a mere sock on the ground, finding himself facedown on his apartment floor. As he shouted more profanities, he worked his way to his bathroom where he rushed to clothe himself. Throwing on a pair of black pants, sneakers, and a plain t-shirt, he hurried to his living room, not even bothering to tie his shoes. He was worried because he knew that the sound was a gunshot or worse. Reaching into a nearby cabinet, Chance threw on a leather belt and some straps, placing several knives on his person. "Stupid bastards have fucked with me one too many times." In a rage, he smashed down his own door with a kick, moving outside to investigate.
  2. Aiden walked along the streets when he heard a couple gun shots. "What the hell?!?!?!" he said loudly and looked around. Everyone around him fled. There to the left in the window he could see the flash of a muzzle. He stared at the house as he watched the front door get kicked in. A man with flaming orange eyes ran out. Aiden stood up and yelled "STOP!"
  3. Fane had only escaped recently thanks to months of planning and training without anyone in the facility knowing. Once he had gotten out he first sought his family but quickly decided they would not accept some test subject with psychic powers, they certainly didn't like it those years ago when he first revealed his abilities.

    Fane had settled down on the outskirts of a town in a cabin he built using his powers, and used his powers to trap animals and kill them for food. After some more training he was able to control the energy he was granted and found that creating energy shields was easiest. Fane used the shields to set up protective fields around him that warned him of any movement within a 50 foot radius. Once he learned all this he decided to go to the town. He often walks into the town at night to explore and help anyone on the streets. Tonight he was strolling down a sidewalk when he heard screaming coming from a couple blocks away. He ran towards the commotion hoping he could help anyone that might be in trouble.
  4. Chance drew two of his blades with his deft hands, hurling both in the direction of a single, armor clad gunman. One impaled his enemy's bulletproof vest, proving entirely ineffective. The other, however, decimated him, bringing about his brutal end with stab to his throat. Shortly after his first kill, Chance hopped over the railing beside the stairway, landing on the top of a dumpster before rolling onto his feet from it. A trio of gunmen opened fire on Chance's position as Aiden and Fane came onto the scene.
    Using the dumpster as a cover, Chance was realizing an opportunity for escape had risen. From the open alley, he sprinted to the roaring crowds, attemtping to flee the scene as he was barely nicked by a bullet. "Ah hell!" He cried out in anguish, hating even the slightest of pains.
  5. Damnit I shouldn't get involved Aiden thought as the man tried to flee and was hit. "Stay down!" Aiden shouted over the gunfire. He took off his sunglasses revealing his Sharingan. "I'll take the two on the right." he said and started weaving hand signs. Tiger,Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Bird, Tiger. He thought as he wove them "Lightning Style: Lightning Cage Jutsu!" Aiden said and clapped his his hands together. Lightning formed around his hands and shot forward encasing the two gunman in a white cage.
  6. Chance turned, hearing the orders being barked. In confusion, he instead dropped to the ground, avoiding the the shooter's spray of death as he climbed back into a standing position. "Gah!" He yelled, looking around, puzzled. "What are you talking about!?" Moments after this, he ducked back behind a trashcan, surviving merely by luck alone. "One of you is on my side?" Chance asked as he peaked his head up for a split second just to crouch again as he was nearly hit. Hearing it zoom by, he yelled once more. "Damn it!"
  7. Fane came just as Aiden trapped two gunmen and seeing the third still out and shooting he created an energy shield that stopped the bullets. The energy to stop them made his vision swim and he ran towards Aiden and Chance.

    "What's going on here?!" He asked the two not taking his eyes off the gunmen and keeping the shield up. He panted heavily from the strain of the shield and tried to find an escape route for everyone.
  8. Aiden turned toward the new comer. "Who the fuck are you?!?!" he shouted. He turned toward the third. "You know what? Guns are dangerous children shouldn't play with them!" He said calmly. He took a step forward his Sharingan began to spin as he moved faster than the eye could see. He spun and aimed a roun dhouse at the gun knocking it from the mans hands. He grabbed the man by the shirt and looked right into his eyes "Tsykunomi!" he said in a deadly whisper. The man went rigid; he was caught in genjutsu; an illusion. The man screamed and slumped to the ground. Aiden turned to the other two "Someone wanna tell me what the hell is going on here?!?"
  9. "Ask one of these dead guys that started shooting at me!" Chance leaped from his safezone, tripping over his own sneaker's laces clumsily. "Damn it!" With a tumble, a dive, then a roll, the bumbling Chance was darting far from the scene. Man I fucked up! How could this day get any worse?

    Eventually, Chance found a bush large enough to comfortably hide a grown man. Seeing that he was "safe" and that it was a random house he was near, He hopped right in, using stealth as a means to manage his footwear better...
  10. "My name is Fane, I patrol this town at night, who might you be?" He said to Aiden after the gunman was dispatched. He looked for the other man that was hiding earlier but didn't see him anywhere. He decided to head back to his house once he found out who this stranger was with powers unlike any others.
  11. "I am Aiden." Aiden said camly.
  12. "Nice to meet you Aiden, do you live around here? If not you can follow me to my place if you want to help me figure out what just happened." Without waiting for a reply he turned back the way he came towards his cabin in he woods.
  13. Aiden raised his eyebrows and followed.
  14. Chance wandered from the concealment of the bush, walking along as if nothing had ever happened. They do not give. If I wait, they will probably have left my place. I'll give it an hour or so. Then, I will head on back so I can get my stuff. Then, I'll call up a taxi or a bus. Chance's thoughts dragged on, wasting ten minutes out of the hour he was preparing for. Glancing at his watch, his nerves caused him to feel as though he could jump out of his own skin.
  15. Fane had put a sensory shield as far as he could to locate the other person and sure enough he wasn't far off. Instead of leading Aiden to the cabin he took him straight to Chance. And as they approached he put a visible energy shield in front of Chance to stop him.

    "Don't be afraid we are allies in the sense that we don't know what's going on and would like to find out. Would you care to share this information?"
  16. Name: Alice Threshold

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Can manifest darkness and wield it at will.

    Appearance: She has silver hair that curls and brushes the tops of her shoulders and red eyes. Her normal height is 5'2". Her attire consists of ripped jeans, converse shoes and a black tank top that is finished with an over-sized black sweatshirt.

    History: She was living on the streets and was aware that she had some sort of ability. Though she tried to find out what they were, it never happened. One day she when she was resting in an alleyway she was taken. As they injected the Dark Matter into her, her powers began to show after a few days. Alice, after wondering what her ability was she realized that she could control the darkness at will. For this she began to call upon a black orb that she manifested. In a sense it was her companion and followed her, even when she didn't call for it.

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    Alice was once again living on the streets after her escape a month or two ago. They didn't put up much of a fight, which slightly displeased her. Her escape was far to easy, in her mind. They never put up a fight. They should have had more firearms and guards around the place. During her stay at the facility she learned how to control her powers more and it got easier and easier as she got accustomed to it. It was like she knew how to control her ability like she had it all her life, which she somewhat did. It was just buried within her.

    As she made her ways through the streets she saw her black orb floating next to her. Weird. She thought silently to herself. The orb that she manifested seemed to grow a mind of it's own, since it never disappeared when she commanded it to. Though, she didn't mind. It kept her company. Hearing pitter patter of feet she looked up finding herself surrounded by many armed gunman. Smiling she looked at them. "So, you've finally found me." Her voice was light and airy, but malice hidden behind it. "Alice Threshold, you are to be brought back to the facility." One of the gunman responded. Keeping her smile on her lips she opened them as they seemed to swirl with vengeance. "Over my dead body." And with that explosions could be heard.
  17. Chance was sitting on a park bench when they had arrived. He was expecting them, his senses picking them long before they came. "Are you two more looney than I am? The facility could have found you even easier than I have. They probably have snipers, other super queer-os like us runnin' around for them with similar powers! How do you know I am not your enemy for that matter? Fuck, at least when I am working alone, I know that it is only MY ass that is in trouble!" Chance ranted with daggers across his lap.
  18. "Queer-os? So there are others from that facility then? They had me in solitary for so long I never gave it a thought. I never wanted this but it doesn't matter now. I was also never found out here so I was never alert for any of this. You know working with more people can help just like earlier. There is no reason to be so irritated." Fane glanced at the daggers on Chance's lap and created an invisble energy shield around his body.

    After Fane said this, explosions were heard off in the distance and before anything was said he was off. He hoped nothing bad enough was going to happen. When Fane arrived he could not see much of anything and he kept the energy shield around himself just in case.
  19. Aiden snorted "Please don't insult me. You know as well as I do that there isn't anyone within a mile of here that means us harm." He rolled his eyes and sat down. "I'm Aiden." he said and held out his hand.
  20. Chance's brow rising with slight shock, he extended his hand for a firm shake. "Chance. How did you and your pal find me?" Chance asked as he pointed in the direction of the running Fane, ignoring the fighting occuring elsewhere. "Eh, he has a death wish, huh?" The black haired man scratched at his neck with a single finger, spacing out for a moment. "We, and by we, I most certainly mean you, and you alone, should probably go save him."