The Dark Matter Children

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  1. (Ok Here we go.)

    It all started when The Big Smylee corporation discovered the element now known as Dark Matter, and began human experiments. Of course they didn't begin that way. When they first discovered it; leaking from the ground in a warehouse in Wales. They had no idea what they were dealing with. It wasn't radioactive. It didn't affect them when they touched it. The Corp couldn't figure out what it was. They dubbed it with the name Dark Matter. They first started out with animals and blood samples; most were fatal. They realized; through these tests that Dark Matter could add new elements to the host subject. Changing it, mutating it. Turning it into something new. But in the end killing almost anything it was injected into. The few creatures that survived developed...abilities. Ranging from control of electronics to control of electricity. From telekinesis to teleportation. But eventually they all died. The Corporation then decided to begin trying to stabilizing the element they knew so little about. Some speculated about the element saying it was of alien origin, or that it was from another dimension. None really knew. It had a dark liquid appearance. It seemed to suck all the light from the room.

    Once they were able to stabilize a compound whose main component was Dark Matter, they began to use humans. They used anyone they could get their hands on. From the rich to the homeless. Hoping and praying to find people strong enough to survive the transfusion of dark matter into their DNA.

    Eventually they succeeded creating the first Dark Matter Child. Months passed and soon they had over 20 Dark Matter Children, of varying ages, race and gender. So many had died in the process, Hundreds of people killed. Men, women and children. Sons, mothers, fathers and daughters slaughtered all so the Big Smylee Corporation could have a small army of Super-humans. They began testing the DMC Seeing what abilities would be developed. Many they tortured trying to force the power to activate. Once it did the Dark Matter Children were sent into testing. They were never allowed contact with anyone but the scientists. They had no knowledge of the other DMC within the corp. The tests were painful. they invaded the minds and bodies of the DMC driving some of them insane. Some died. And many more were made. It went like this for a few years the Corp becoming more and more clever about the way to collect subjects.

    But soon the DMC Began to fight back, many of them had been taken from their families, their homes. Torn from the lives they had live and the people they had loved. Their memories lost; though some of them remember snatches of their past lives, They must fight to escape the facility. None of them know what lies beyond their little rooms, what to expect. Perhaps they will meet others like them, who will fight with them. Or will they meet DMC working for the Big Smylee corp. Only time will tell.....


    OOC: Ok so here we go. You will fill out this CS and submit it here I Wish to do it this way as it is easier for me. There is a finite number of Characters and will edit this when there are no more left. You will begin the Rp in your room (Cell) within the Corporation. The objective is to escape, find others, then flee from the corporation. We will be returning to battle later for now we must escape. If you want to work for the Corp. You are called a collector they watch the DMC and help prevent escape. So here's the Character sheet. I will post mine in the next post.







    Personality (Optional):


    Accepted Characters:

    Sheridan Elise.
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  2. Name: Aiden Zorander

    Age: 21

    Race: White

    Appearance: Mid-length Black hair, Hazel eyes, Sharp features and a seemingly permanent scowl etched on his face. Skinny.

    Power: Abyss walking. Creates a portal of pure darkness that opens to the place he calls the Abyss. Within the Abyss there are creatures that have come to know Aiden. and will help him in battle. But his cell and the Corp. Is defending against him being able to escape from there with his powers. He must find another way out.

    Bio:He was just a normal kid when he was taken from his home in the N.E area of Philadelphia. He went to school in the city and had a job at the local flower shop. He was scared to death when he Was snatched form the streets coming home from his friends late one rainy monday night. Since then he has been in the hands of the Big Smylee Corp and has vowed to return home and see his little brother again. He has almost no memory of his former life except that of his little brother Johnathan.

    Personality (Optional): Aiden is a quite type. preferring to spend most of his time reading books. He wishes nothing more than to be free of the Corp and return home. He practices with his power everyday even though he can't use it to escape, in hope of getting the chance to use it to help him leave this place.
  3. Name: Sheridan Elise

    Age: 19

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: Sheridan stands at about 5'6 and has dark brown hair that falls a few inches past her shoulders, and has even darker brown eyes. She is not a very intimidating looking person when calm, with a small build and a gentle look to her.

    Power: She has to be kept in a well lit area, as if she is able to come into contact with any shadows that are large enough to hide her, she can draw from them and store them, and she can then use the shadows whenever she pleases to make animals made of shadow, which stay very much alive as long as they are somewhere dark, though they can go into light if they're in direct contact with her.

    Bio: Before she was taken by Big Smylee Corp Sheridan belonged to a rather wealthy family. As stereotypes go, hers fit the one for rich people, she rarely saw her parents and was mainly raised by nannies. She was an only child as well, so she was being 'groomed' to take over the fortune when her parents passed, and she hated it. She often wished she wasn't rich, as it was hard to find actual friends since everyone either wanted in on her wealth, or were intimidated by it. She has very few memories left, mainly ones of her sitting alone in her oversized room reading or laying with her stuffed animals, as she'd always loved to do even as she grew older.

    Personality (Optional): Sheridan is a rather happy person when she's comfortable with someone, she loves to laugh and make jokes. However when the scientists are around she is a very angry and sarcastic person, glaring and making snide remarks constantly. Though when talking to someone new, because of how she's never really been able to do much socializing, Sheridan is horrible at it, and tends to be rather shy until she gets used to the person.
  4. Aiden paced his room. Walking back and forth, occasionally A.W to cover the distance. He had been planning this day for weeks. He would wait until they came to give him his lunch. They came at the same time everyday. Opening the small hatch in the door and sliding the tray onto the small shelf on the inside of the door. It was then he would act. He had finally perfected his A.W to transport other small objects. He would wait till they opened the hatch and then he would A.W the keys to him and wait. He waited, pacing impatiently.
  5. Sheridan just sat by her door, her head back against the wall as her feet tapped impatiently. She was hungry, extremely so, and time was passing so slowly until lunch. It was just another day to her, she knew not of the plan of the person in the room next to hers so she was just extremely bored, and irritated with the scientists, as always. "There better be something edible for lunch today." She mumbled to herself.
  6. At last Aiden heard the sound sound of footsteps outside. He stopped his pacing and moved against the wall directly opposite the door. The hatch made its telltale moan as it slid open. "Lunch time!" The collector called from beyond the door. "Meatloaf Supreme and carrots on the side." "Ugh" Aiden thought. "Meatloaf" He waited until the tray was slipped onto the little table attached to the door the focused his eyes on his goal. There!, he could see the keys dangling from the belt of the collector. Aiden focused his mind on the keys imagining the darkness surrounding them. The hatch began to close. "Come on!" He whispered frantically. Just before the little door closed the keys vanished into a dark void, reappearing on the tray inside his room with a small clink. "Yes!" He shouted as he snatched up the keys forgetting for a second that the Collector was still outside. "Hey! What's going on in there?" He said. "Nothing, Just can't get enough of this meatloaf" Aiden responded quickly. "Yea, well, keep it down." The collector said as he moved on to the next room. Now all Aiden had to do was wait til the collector was done handing out lunch and he could begin phase 2. He smiled smugly and began eating his lunch.
  7. "Oh for god's sake. Meatloaf? Really?" Sheridan asked as she snatched her food once they got to her door. "Couldn't even be bothered to give us different food than the dogs?" She asked snidely. She actually rather liked meatloaf to tell the truth, but they didn't have to know that. "Oh shut up and eat it." The man said before shutting the slit in the door and heading on to the next room. Sheridan just sat back down in the middle of her room and dug into her food, ignoring the carrots as she found she did not like how they made them at all, and personally preferred uncooked carrots. She began contemplating ways to annoy the scientists, as she did every day. What could she do to really get under their skin today? She supposed she could let out screams at random times and when they investigated act like she hadn't been doing anything, but she guessed that would annoy the other people here than it would the scientists. Maybe when they brought her dinner by and stuck it in she could spit at them through the slot. Hm, she decided to just do whatever came to mind whenever she next got the chance.
  8. Aiden Finished his meal quickly wishing he had more. He was a skinny man but could eat a lot. As he picked at the carrots wishing they were cooked less he contemplated phase 2 of his plans. What was he going to do after he got out of is room. He only knew the way to the testing room. And his powers were extremely limited outside of his room and the test area. He could only move a couple feet in the hall ways. His limit was almost half a mile as of yet. The Corporation had put him through many tests and his power had grown. At first he had been afraid of the dark place he called the Abyss; and of the creatures inside. But after a time he came to like the creatures and became friends with them. He couldn't stay too long in the Abyss he learned that the hard way. If he stayed to long he would begin to change and it would be harder to come back. The black mark on his back had become a permanent reminder of that. He picked up his tray and threw it at the door. It flew towards the door, but as it got about a foot away a dark void appeared in front of it. It vanished. Aiden smiled and walked to the door. He placed his ear to the door and listened intently. He heard the collector close the fourth and final door in his area and walk away. He had about 45 minutes before he returned for the tray. He slid open his hatch and stuck his hand through feeling for the key hole. "Gotcha." He whispered quietly. Aiden pulled him arm back and grabbed the keys. He looked at the keys and found the one labeled with his door number and stuck his hand back into the hatch. He felt again for the keyhole and stuck the key in. He twisted it sharply and heard the lock click. He beamed.

    He grabbed the handle and pulled the door while pushing against it from his side. It slid open silently. He turned and closed the door behind him locking it again. He walked to the room next to his and opened the hatch in the door, peering inside....
  9. Sheridan was just laying back on her floor in the middle of her room, her legs crossed and her tray next to her on the floor since she'd finished her food already and she just tapped her hands on her stomach, making a little tune in her boredom. She was mumbling incoherently to herself, though really she was talking to herself, but she wasn't focusing enough for the words to actually be understandable, she was mainly having the two sided conversation with herself in her head, as she often did to entertain herself. She could hold a full conversation on her own for hours if she thought of a good topic.
  10. As Aiden peered into the little room he was momentarily blinded by the light inside. As his vision cleared he could make out the shape of a girl sitting against the wall. She seemed to be mumbling to herself. "uh, Hello?" he whispered quietly. "you ok?"
  11. She sat up very suddenly and looked at him with a glare before blinking. Wait, wasn't he the guy who lived in the room next to her? HOW IN ALL HELL DID HE GET OUT!? Sheridan scrambled to her feet and bolted over to the door. "How the hell did you get out of your room?!" She whispered wide eyed.
  12. Aiden stepped back startled. "Shhhhhhhhhh" he said. "keep it down." He gave her a sly smile and winked. "I have my ways." he said as he held up the keys. "Bet you want out huh?" he said as he stuck the key into the lock and opened the door. He gave a mock bow. "M'lady." He said with a stupid grin.
  13. She lunged forward and wrapped him in a hug as tightly as she could, her face bright red with a blush as she did her best to squeeze the life from him with her hug, it wasn't very effective of course, as she wasn't that strong. But still, she was obviously grateful .
  14. Aiden stood there frozen as the girl gave him a hug. He couldn't remember the last time he had gotten a hug. He hugged her back quickly with a small chuckle. "Ok, Ok" he said with a smile. and gently pushed her off him. He glanced at the clock on the wall of her bright room. 35 minutes before they would notice they were gone. "I'm Aiden. Aiden Zorander." He said as he looked up and down the empty white hallway.
  15. "Sheridan Elise, we need to get out of here." She said urgently before lighting up at seeing a large shadowed corner. Without even explaining she bolted over and stood in it, closing her eyes and taking a deep relaxing breath as she absorbed the shadows, feeling them course through her and store inside her body to be used later. She gave a little shiver and walked back over to him, her blush fading. "Alright, lets get out of this hell hole, now, before they come back."
  16. Aiden stared at the gir-Sheridan with his head tilted slightly to the side as she bolted to a shadow and stood there with her eyes closed. He chose not to question it as he took her by the hand. "Let's go!" He said and started running down the hall. He turned left then right as he ran. He pulled up short at the end of the third hallway. There around the corner at the far end of that hall lined with doors, was a man standing next to a door. he put his back to the wall panting slightly as he turned to the Sheridan. He put his finger to his lips and said "There is a guy at the end of this hall." he whispered. "You got any ideas?"
  17. She frowned and shook her head. "I can't do anything strong enough out here to hurt him, and I can't make anything big enough to either. And it's too bright... Afraid you're on your own for a plan." She whispered, shrugging and huffing. She hated how the halls seemed to suppress anything they could do, it made any kind of defiance exceedingly hard, though she guessed that was the point.
  18. He glanced around the hallway looking for a clock. He spotted one on the wall at the other side of the crossroad. He focused his thoughts and a oval void of darkness thin as paper appeared in front of him. He took a step forward into the darkness for only a second then back into the light reappearing on the otherside of the opening. he jogged closer to the clock to check the time. "Damnit only 25 minutes left." he thought. And jogged back Stepping once again into the darkness and appearing next to the girl. He was sweating with the effort of using his power to move himself even that short distance. "I have a plan." he said. "Give me your shoe."
  19. "My...shoe?" She asked in confusion before lifting her leg and taking it off, handing it to him. "Alright, but why?" She was obviously confused, but also fascinated by his power.
  20. He grabbed her shoe and tossed it into the air making sure it landed in the middle of the crosswalk. The collector started walking down the hall towards the shoe. As he drew closer he pushed Sheridan against the wall. As the collector reached for the shoe, Aiden reached into the dark void and gripped the tray he pulled it out quickly Smacking the collector in the face as hard as he could. as it connected it made a Sharp Thwack! and the Man collapsed. He tossed the tray aside and started down the hall.
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