The Dark Invasion of the Multiverse. (Interfandom RP)

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  1. The Dark Invasion of the Multiverse. (Inter fandom RP)

    They called it the Ultimate plague. A single organism with the capacity to destroy universes. It sought only to conquer, enslave and destroy all beings. This force did not stop spreading at a Nations borders, it did not stop at a planets atmosphere. It spread through the vacuum of space and the space time continuum. A sight never witnessed in the many millennia that the universe existed. It consumed worlds, systems, galaxies, even other dimensions. The expansion of the darkness was known at every corner of the multiverse. The weight and stress this being put on the space time continuum caused the infinite dimensions in existence to collide. Empires and planets found themselves intertwined. This would undoubtedly cause the death and destruction of many worlds as they fought their new inter dimensional neighbors, but they did not fight. They did not waste resources on each other, they did not point swords or guns at each other. They united in the single greatest movement ever seen. Foes dissolved their differences and allies stood stronger still. All of creation united under one banner, against the darkness! This new alliance was called the InterDimensional Alliance of Creation, or IAC for short. Together they pushed back. The battles were bloody, the heroism and courage displayed was exemplary. But it was all in vain. The darkness was too powerful and overwhelming. It forced the IAC onto the defensive in the last galaxy, The Milky Way. The darkness has halted for now at the edge of the galaxy. Stopped by the a massive energy barrier, erected by timelords who sacrificed themselves to achieve protection of what's left. We may only do our best to defend this space.

    In the meantime an elite association of warriors known as "The Protectors" fights beyond the shield. These exceptional heroes are tasked with the incredibly dangerous mission of venturing into the regions of space controlled by the darkness. Their mission is to investigate, study and of course fight the darkness. May their mission(s) bring an end to the Ultimate plague.

    Their base of operations is a massive mobile carrier called "Forward Unto Victory".

    This is designed to be an interfandom role-play. Which means you could see the UNSC fighting alongside space marines on the planet of Alderon. I prefer OC characters.

    I am the GM. I will decide on enemy encounters and control important NPCs such as the ships captain.
    Iwaku rules apply
    No anime. You may use this to describe your character appearance but there will be no anime physics or things of the sort.

    No god modding. No one is invincible.

    If you intend to make a major plot turn, twist or development, run it by me first in a PM or the OOC. I will most likely accept the change but I ask you to run it by me first so I can make sure you're not derailing the current story.

    No excessive one lining.

    Character skeleton

    Multiverse: if any

    Occupation: Scientist, Warrior, Pilot, etc.
    Subclass: biologist, chemist, sniper, sword fighter, fighter pilot.
    Weapons: can be from any universe. Only two.
    Equipment: only 4
    Starship: must be small-ish. Nothing bigger than a bomber or dropship.

    You would be starting out as a new recruit. Arriving via a small transport to the main hanger onboard the Forward Unto Victory. There my character will greet you. From there the plot is undecided and goes whichever way you want it to.

    Accepted characters
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  2. Name: Leeroy Jenkins
    Multiverse: Halo
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (minus the microphone, he also usually wears his armor)
    Occupation: Fighter
    Subclass: Sniper
    Weapons: MSR, Battle Rifle
    Equipment: Watch, Backpack, helmet, chestpeice
    Starship: Starfighter
    Other: Starting out fighting the Covenant, he always managed to survive the impossible. To charging a wraith, to having his arm cleaved off. Although, Leeroy wasn't invincible, and after barely surviving some really bad injuries, left the marines. Joining a small transport company, he was the guy who protected the ships. When the darkness struck though, he decided to help fight it.
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  3. @Soluna Please include a picture of his freighter. Add more detail to his appearance aswell.
  4. @Soluna Partially my fault because I didn't explain very well. The ship must be small, Like a fighter, dropship or bomber.
  5. @Soluna
    Ok that's good. Accepted.
  6. Question, would you allow a Xenomorph who has gained a sentience beyond hive mind to join?
  7. Name: Specimen 21 "21"
    Multiverse: Alien Universe
    Species: Xenomorph Warrior
    Gender: Unknown Assumed Male
    Appearance: [My Profile Pic]

    Occupation: Warrior
    Subclass: Reconnaissance and Hunter-Killer
    Weapons: Biological advantages. {Teeth, Claws, etc.}
    Equipment: Implanted cybernetic chip for communication. Skull reinforced with metal implants. Voice translator allows for communication with non-xenomorphs. Light, flexible armor all along body.
    Starship: Has none, rides inside other starships thanks to ability to fit in extremely small spaces.
    Other: Not connected to hive-mind, completely self-aware.
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    I like it, Accepted. Though I'm not sure if this is gonna happen. I would try a banner but I can't make or edit things worth shit.
  9. Name: Ezekiel Stevens
    Species: Human (Genetically altered)
    Gender: male

    Occupation: Warrior
    Subclass: sword fighter elite
    Weapons: Adamantium katana, Battle rifle, Twin pistols
    Equipment: Exo suit that enhances human abilities to titanfall standards but is light like the exo equipment like in CoD Advanced warfare.
    Other: Zeke grew up as an orphan where at a young age he joined a special military program. They genetically altered his body to turn him into a super solider. equipping him with exo equipment that helped him excel on the battlefield. Though he is a good pilot and a great shot, Zeke is a master with a sword. Using his new altered genetics and exo equipment his blade is just as formidable s any gunman could be.
  10. My character.

    Name: Axton Sharp
    Species: Human
    Gender: M
    Appearance: caucasian, muscular build, 6'0 tall. Short brown hair, green eyes. His armor:

    Occupation: Warrior
    Subclass: Assault
    Weapons: M739 SAW and a B3 Wingman pistol.
    Equipment: datapad, plasma cutters, life form scanner and a data knife.
    Other: He is a hardened fighter. He has survived 8 major battles against the darkness, a number no other Protector has seen. Unfortunately the Protectors are low on man power. Who better to train the new recruits than him?

    Also, this is the first RP I've GM-ed. If I'm doing something wrong or stupid tell me.