The Dark I Know Well



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This lady's tone of voice was making his blood boil. Honestly, be was beginning to wish she would just leave, before he threw his claws at her. During her bickering, he sat up from the floor, standing at his full height whilst staring down at her with his blood red eyes. There were stains of crimson on his claws from a fairly recent kill. Those stains weren't even noticeable until he separated each digit on his hands, his tail flicking to and fro in an irritated manner.

The floor seemed to shake as he walked forward, standing on only his hind legs as he moved closer to her. Damian's head ducked so they were at eye level. Being so close, he could open his jaws and bite her head off if he wanted to. Actually, he was considering it, but... That would have been so wrong.

He was a selfish beast with a heart; not an evil demon with a black soul.

Surprisingly, there was more than hatred to be seen in his eyes. Sorrow; loneliness; apology; guilt. 'Wh-What am I doing!?' He suddenly felt bad for having scared her and yelled at her. Letting the monster in him consume him was what he feared happening for all this time. It looked like his fear became reality.

With a snarl, he backed away again and set one of his large hands over his face, his head hanging shamefully. "I can tell you... I will tell you, fair maiden... What you want to know. But in exchange, give me peace and quiet. No more arguing with me. Um... Please," he asked of her, agitated at how difficult it was to say anything polite. Women liked manners, right? With what little he remembered of positive mannerisms, he hoped for things to go... Smoother.

That been said, he fell back onto his fours and briskly walked past her. "Follow me," he mumbled. This story was better told in a particular room of the castle. If she didn't follow, well... He didn't give a damn anymore. Damian was fated to be alone the rest of his life. In the form of a beast.

It was about time he accepted that fate.