The Dark Hunt

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  1. So, I had another idea I would like to try with a fancy and eager partner. An idea about a hunter, but no regular hunter, for this character is a hunter who hunts monsters, fights curses and solves problems that are rare to come by. I thought the hunter could be trying to slay some beasts, be it animal or human (Witch, ghosts, hags, etc) and in his hunt, he finds that one of those monsters is specially young, looks inoffensive or maybe some other reason that drives him to spare the life of that monster. Then they would travel together, live some adventures, some drama, and slay some kind of super grim evil that is rising in the far lands.

    It would be awesome if I could find someone who really enjoys the concept of the idea and would not let the RP die. Someone who could create content and add more into the RP, situations, plot twists, monsters... Try to avoid Vampires / Werewolves, I think those two are too typical.
  2. Who is playing the hunter and who is playing the monster?
  3. I would be playing the hunter.
  4. Oh awesome ok, so type of monster are you looking for? And how strong?
  5. Nothing in particular... As long as it looks human-like, (a witch, gorgon, a anthro creature, etc) I'm okay with it. And as for how powerful... Well, that's also up to you, but I had in mind someone at the same level as the hunter or less.
  6. Ok well, so I would like to post with a vengeful ghost how is that?
  7. Hmmmm... Would this ghost have a phisical form?
  8. When you character first encounters the ghost she won't have a physical form, she will also look hideously decayed as well. But touch with a living person will cause her to regenerate her physical form. It is agony for the ghost because is it a reverse process of decay. She isn't even aware of this, and after some time she will begin to decay again and will need touch to stay that way. She is also anchored to her place of death. So she has to be set free for her to leave. Is this ok?
  9. *pops up* Are you still looking? :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.