The Dark House

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  1. On the corner of the street sits a house. Many think the house is haunted. But one girl disagrees, even though the missing people and blood is suspicious. Rumor even says an alligator has been seen on the ground. But determined to prove she was not scared, one girl says she'll spend two whole days in the 'Dark House'. That's the name the neighborhood has given this haunted house. She's all packed and ready, everyone in the neighborhood is anxious to see if she can be different. Because no one has ever made it out alive, and their bodies have never been found...

    Areiz glanced back at her foster parents. They tried to hide the smirks on their face, but she didn't care. She adjusted her backpack and looked up the path ahead where The Dark House stood. The jeers from the other kids just rolled right off her. "See you in two days!" She said calmly to the neighborhood before starting up the stone path, her icy blue eyes glued to the front door, her black hair framing her dark tan face like a photo. Her black backpack almost looked like it was connected to her black all-weather jacket and her black jeans, but was a stark contrast to her snow-white shirt. Her face was emotionless and she reached the door. She extended a soft hand and knocked, the sound echoing loudly around the house as she opened the door. "Hello?" She called, her voice soft like a summer breeze, but her tone showed she was tired. Closing the door behind her, the flashlight in her hand illuminating the room, Areiz stepped forward to explore the room. "I'm just visiting for two days, then I'll be gone. They think you're mean and scary, but I think you aren't. I think you just need some company." She said, seemingly talking to the house itself, but the message was directed to whatever might be in the house itself.
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    "You lazy shit."

    The gator looked over at him, then rolled onto his back. Edgar sighed, shoving the reptile off the bed. It hit the floor, hissed at him, then waddled under the bed. Edgar really had no idea how Bubba climbed up the stairs to his room, he was such a spoiled fatty. He picked up and put on the tank top Bubba had been sleeping on. It was about as torn up as he was. The cool cloth was a welcome feeling on his burning chest, a feeling all to connected to Edgar's own self loathing. "At least you doesn't shed..." He gave a small chuckle. Of course, the gator didn't reply. Edgar just smiled and hiked up his jeans. They still pooled around his bare feet, but it was better then nothing.
    Edgar happened to know the sounds of his house like the back of his hand, which was illustrated when he perked up out of his natural slouch at the sound of a sound from the lower levels. "Hey, ya hear that?" Bubba poked his snout out from under the bed. "Sounded like the door, eh boy?" Well, the day was looking to be a fun one already. He walked out his room, almost tiptoeing out to the stairs. He stayed at the top of them, though. He used the start of the railing to keep himself from toppling down the stairs, trying to catch whatever the person was saying. Bubba had crawled out and came up beside his friend. Edgar leaned down and patted his head. "So, it was the door..." He smiled, but he was quite unsure what he wanted to do at this point.
    He was worried if he came down now, they'd be scared off. I mean, common, he wouldn't blame them. A strawy, scar covered man greeting you in a 'haunted' house would spook most, one would think. It didn't help that Bubba had been caught out side a few times. God only knows why the SWAT haven't raided the place yet, but Edgar knew not to question his good fortune. He crept down the stairs, not able to hold back a laugh at the thought of just who this person was talking to.
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    Areiz walked a little further in the house, looking around at the various furniture. She paused in front of a small candle, running her hand over the side, which had cool wax ripples. "Is anyone home?" she called out after pulling her attention from the candle. She took her pack off her back and pulled out a few matches, lighting the candle. "I won't hurt you, promise." She said, still looking around.
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    Well, now was as good of a time as any, right?
    "Well, since you promised…"

    Edgar stepped off the final stair and walking out into the main floor. He glanced up at Bubba, who had no intent on coming down those stairs, then down at the floor. He was not good at eye contact. He knitted his fingers together, holding them to his chest.
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    Areiz turned to face the person who spoke. She glanced him over before speaking. "Hi. I'm Areiz. You live here right? I'm just here to prove the people around here nothing is to be feared." She said with a small smile. She wasn't scared, she almost never was. "What's your name?"
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    Edgar glanced up at her and nodded. "Yes, I do." He took a moment to pull on the back of his shirt, feeling rather uncomfortable at the fact he was wearing a tank top. His scars were not a public display. If he had thought of that before hand, he would have changed before he came down. Edgar tucked his arms behind his back the best he could in an attempt to cover himself. "Edgar. Uh. Edgar Wilken."
    He was quite for a good moment before he spoke again.
    "You are aware you are in an owned house, yes?" Edgar looked up at her, staring dead into her face. "I could, if I felt threatened, legally shoot you."
  7. Areiz nodded. "Yes, and yes, but two things. One, do I look threatening? Two, that doesn't really scare me." She said, setting her bag down an still smiling. "It's nice to meet you Edgar." Her voice was calm and serene.
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  8. Edgar gave the girl an utterly bewilder look, then just shook his head.
    "She doesn't get it." He stated, directed to the stairs. He shrugged, stepping over her stuff and walking to the other side of the room. "Why is my house a bloody attraction to you kids?" He walked into the kitchen and started to poke around int he fridge. "I mean, if I just strolled into you of one of your friend's fucking houses, tell me, just how would that turn out?" He came back with a large piece of Tupperware in his hands. "I'm not a baby sitter, and I sure ain't a fucking tourist trap."
  9. Areiz didn't move, she just listened. "There is a difference between the others and I. And if you just strolled into my house I wouldn't mind. My friends however, they would be a little worried. They didn't grow up like I did." She kept speaking to him even though he had left the room for a moment. "Nothing scares me and nothing will. I am here to prove there is nothing wrong with you, because you are a perfectly normal human who deserves a chance to be treated like one." She said. Her smile had disappeared and was replaced with a slightly more serious face. "I don't mean to intrude on your house, and I am sorry." She said, lowering her head a little. "But I had no other choice to prove to them that you were perfectly safe. They all want to burn this house." The last part was said in almost a whisper. She watched the front door, almost as if she was half-expected it to burst into flames. "And, I couldn't let that happen to anyone."
  10. Edgar chuckled, popping open the Tupperware. "Nothing wrong with me." He set down the container and it's, very questionable, contents down in front of the stairs and almost immediately Bubba slid his butt down the stairs, forcing his snout into the tiny thing. "Fear is something all should have." He stated, sticking on the last step of the stairs. "Fear keeps people safe, it keeps people from doing stupid things." He patted his buddy's head as he chomped away. Edgar laughed, once again looking at Areiz. "Let them burn it."
  11. Areiz gave him a confused look. "Fear causes people to make irrational decisions because they panic. And where will you go if they burn the house?" She asked, crossing her arms. She ignored the ring of her cell phone, the ID saying 'Foster Mom'. "Have you met anyone in the town?"
  12. "You say panic like it's a bad thing." Edgar brought his knees up to his chest, so he could rest his arms on them. "'Where would I go'? No where. Fire is a cleanser, and god knows I need to be cleansed... " He sighed and and picked up the now empty piece of Tupperware, placing it on Bubba's back. "Kitchen. " And with that the gator dragged itself, and the dish, to the kitchen. Edgar put his head down on his arms. "No. If you can't already tell, human beings are revolting to me."
  13. Areiz shrugged. "Okay." She gave up trying to explain or prove her point, and instead, turned the topic to the alligator. "What's his name?"
  14. Edgar was going to answer her, to tell her his name was Bubba, but he didn't. Instead he shot to his feet like his pants had caught fire. "Now listen here you shit!" He snapped, his voice cracking noticeably. "What part of 'human beings are revolting to me' would make you dare think I want to sit here, in a house I've tried to hint that you are not welcome in, and idly chat with you?!" He flung his head back, tugging at his overgrown nest of hair. "What's wrong with you? Did you ever look past your drive to 'prove eveyone wrong' that maybe, you know, they were fucking right?!" Edgar's hands dropped back to his sides and he straightened himself back out. "You have to be, by far, the stupidest thing to ever walk though my door."
  15. Areiz shrugged again. "That doesn't bother me. I don't care what you say, but I'm not going back to the people out there who would rather seen me strung up on a flagpole inside out." She said before shaking her head, and picking up her pack. "I'm sorry I came here, and I'm sorry that I met you. And I know they aren't right." She said, her eyes blazed as she put her flashlight up, the room darkening slightly as she thought which way to go. I'm stuck...He's in front of me, blocking the door, and the gator is blocking the back entrance.. A loud gunshot rang from outside the house and Areiz winced slightly. She knew who was outside, and what they wanted.
  16. "Finely! You fuckin-" Edgar froze up at the sound of the gun shot, seemingly just barely able to look over his should to the door. If there was one thing that came close to his dislike of people, it was his dislike of guns. He slowly turned back to look at Areiz. "W-What the hell? Who did you bring here?!"
  17. Immediately her hands went up. "I didn't bring anyone. I told you, they're after whoever they think is haunting this house. Don't say I didn't warn you." she said. She heard her phone ring again, but this time she picked up. "Hello? Yes, I'm fine. No, I'm not hurt, in danger, or dead....." A voice could be heard crying on the other end. "Shut up, I know you're lying. Goodbye Amey." she hung up, shoving the phone back in her pocket. The sound of footsteps walked away and Areiz let out a small sigh. "That was my foster parents. They want to get me out of here so they can claim I'm their 'little hero' and earn thousands of dollars on interviews." she said rubbing the back of her neck with her eyes closed. "I should leave before they try and murder you. They are idiots, as I knew." She stepped towards the door, adjusting her pack on her shoulder. "Sorry."
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