The Dark Era: Virus

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  1. It was the year 2015 – Barack Obama had been in his 3rd year of presidency in his second term running, - November of 2010 a new research document had been signed for a project named KIO-12- A new Chemical(PestiRem) used on Meats for production, It was a Experimental drug made to combat Mad cow disease, Along with any disease that the meat contained while being processed. It began being lab tested in 2010 along with a new OBESITY combating chemical(Lipocyte) placed in the meat to help the OBESITY rate go down in the united states by helping the body retain less fat for people with excessive amounts of Body fat, Those without weren’t affected, when digesting food Both drugs had passed required tests to be put out into the public. A law was passed By Obama; UOA2015 -United Obesity Act of 2015 – Stated all Fast food Restaurants were REQUIERED by law to Serve in their meat the Drug called Lypocyte- To combat Obesity. Both drugs were not meant to be mixed. When both chemicals Mixed into the meat it created a new Virus that would later become a Pandemic.

    As the First Mc Donalds Opened with the new chemical added to the meat that Same November In New york City, 43 people ate that day before the Mc Donalds closed. All 43 reported symptoms.

    A huge outbreak began – The victims beginning with high Fevers, Loss of hearing, Loss of eye sight and Vomiting. At the End of the Day all 43 Where dead. Within minutes One by one rising up int heir hospital beds beginning to Bite and scratch Other people, Craving flesh. A national State of Emergency was issued, Bombs where dropped on cities to eradicate the virus before it spread, With no result. it was too late, The Virus had spread to Billions of people in all states, Countries, and continents of the world through bites, bodily fluid ingestion, and scratches. The CDC put out an emergency broadcast on the radio for 6 months before all power and communication went out. It is presumed that the CDC is no longer active, and all process for finding the cure have ceased. There are still Plenty of weapons in the USA alone to last for years, But you have to find them – and if your lucky, you already had one.

    Pictures of the City -
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    Present day -

    No one knows how many survivors are out there, There are rumors of a City -no one knows where- With a safe haven for people, away from Infection and death. It is February 15th, 2016, No Major electricity to any of the big cities. But electricity still Exists, Through Solar panels and Solar powered Generators on some businesses, houses,stores, places, Depends on where you look. Cities have been over run by wild animals and greenery and Zombies. The walking dead don't seem to be attracted to animals, so the animals roam freely in the cities, houses, and forests. There are plenty of fire arms. The rivers, Oceans and big bodies of water are all infected. The only way to drink the water is to filter it by boiling it and running it through a filter. There are trucks and places where water is still available in bottles, food on the shelves of stores in some cases, If they haven't already been raided. All anyone can say at this point is – Survive. Survive long enough to find a safe haven from infection, Or survive long enough to die of old age in the new world people call “The Black Era”

    (If you guys have any ideas on how to make it better or change it up a bit then we can.)

    The way i wanted to do character sheets is this -- This is my example -- and it is also the character i will be using.

    (this is copied and pasted from a document i have saved-- I do that for all my characters)

    Name: Zane (No last name – After the outbreak he dropped it)

    Weapons: S&W model 500 Revolver with scope and silencer, .500 Magnums, Carbon-Fiber Parang Machete, ( ) (

    Clothing: In the pic. White shirt, Leather jacket with Leather gloves, White Gause underneath, black loose fit army pants with a few pockets. And some Black chucks. A Shoulder strap

    Picture: (you would post a pic in here if you have a general picture of what he/she looks like-- It oculd be any image from the internet of any anime or real person)

    Bio: Zane was part of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group(Also known as the NSWDG), Better known as the SEAL Team Six(ST6) He was part of the United States secretive counter-terrorist and special missions Unit (SMUs). During a mission in Afghanistan there was a huge shoot out between opposing forces, killing 4 of his team mates in front of him, One of whom was his older brother – Charles. As he returned home he was diagnosed with (PTSD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After a few months of mandatory meetings with his Spychiatrist he was cleared for work. Wrong move. Once returning to the field he was on a classified mission to retrieve special schematics for weapon development from a hostile camp in Afghanistan. Upon arriving in the country of Afghanistan him and his 3 man team infiltrated the compound to retried said schematics receiving a warm welcome from the Afghan forces. He had been in a situation were he wasn't in his right mind, all the pressure and violence over the years of the course of his career were too much. After the death of his brother he was left with a mental Devastation only he knew. Once put into a situation, wrongfully diagnosed by a sphyciatrist, he snapped. In his mind what he saw were all Insurgents, people who needed to be eradicated. He ran from the facility in a dazed of confusion, The blood of his team and the enemy on his hands and clothes. He reached a town where he murdered innocent children and their families. The only thing that stopped him was running out of bullets and the Afghan took him under custody. They shipped him back to the united states after leaving him for 3 months in a hole with little food and water, battling for his sanity. Once arriving at the states he was stripped of his rights and proffession, to be tossed in one of the worst prisons in the United states of America; ADX florence Facility, In Florence, Colorado where he spent the rest of his time until the outbreak.

    He was raised in Sacramento California, He was raised mostly by his mother because his father was a military man who was rarely seen. He had 3 siblings, 2 brothers and one sister. Him and his brother Charles had joined special forces together after being recruited specifically for their over achieving in military conduct and specialties. His other brother James was a in-and-out career criminal. He was the bad seed of the family, But he was loved none the less. His sister Myra studied to become a doctor, she was only 21 when the virus hit. His family didn't survive. Upon escaping from the bathroom suage system of a now, zombie infested, colorado jail he traveled on whatever he could find fighting off the growing infection towards his destroyed home, in Sacramento California. When he reached his home he found his Mother and father shot, dead, but it was apparent that they were already infect. Someone had already taken care of the job. There were no traces of his Sister Myra and Brother James. At this point he had gathered supplies and raided his secret compartment under the floorboards, Grabbing his S&W revolver and his Carbon-fiber Machete. He packed up a few things and said his goodbyes to his parents and wrote out a note, Leaving it on the door as he exited; 'If you return, you know where to find me!'Being in the family of an army man they always had emergency plans for this type of situations. He knew that if his sister and brother were still alive, they would know where to go. Fort Benning Georgia. In Fort Benning Georgia there was a Military base were his father had ordered to go in case of a National Catastrophy. There were military men and security at that point where Military families could go for protection. That was were he was heading, hoping that they were safe, or just alive if anything else.

    Personality: Quit, reserved, Batling his own demons. Patient, Sneaky and very alert. He never opens up about anything, Unless he gets close to someone. Depends.

    Nationality: Native American and Caucasian.

    Residency: Was in Jail in Colorado. But Family Lived in California. He is in California, with plans to head towards Georgia

    Gear: Everest Deluxe Large Camo Army Military Backpack. In It he carried a bottle of Tequila Half empty, 2 army knives, a packet of raisings, 2 cans of Vienna sausages, 2 bottles of water, a loaf of bread, a compass, a road map, a watch, a pair of army boots, A home maid shank from prison made with a melted plastic cup and a sharpened metal Nail (He only kept it for keep sakes), a crumpled worn out picture of his family – with his father dressed as a military man , 2 pack of cigarrettes, a bottle of lighter fluid, a box of 100 matches, And 4 boxes of 24 .500 magnum bullets.

    Relationship/Family: James (Brother 27)- Location Unknown to him, Myra(sister 21)- Location Unknown to him, Charles (Brother 25)- Diseased-KIA, Winston(Father 52) – Infected and shot, Marrianne(Mother 46)-Infected shot. No girlfriend.

    Thank you guys for reading. If you have anny concerns and additions to this let me know i would gladly love to talk about it and brain storm!
  2. Sounds good to me, but how is this gunna be organized? Do you have a plan?