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  1. From the vast tundras of Skyrim to the beauty of Valenwood lies a country in the heart of Tamriel, Cyrodil. Mainly home to the Imperials but also has open doors to every race known to this thriving country: Nords, High Elves, Dark Elves, Bretons, Argonians, Khajit, Orcs, Redguard and Wood Elves. But in this well populated center of the country there is a family, a dark family, the members calling themselves Dark Brothers and Dark Sisters. And their origin is as old as Tamriel itself. Yes there are other sancturies, or bases if you may, all throught this great land but they all abide by these Five Tenets:

    Tenet 1: Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

    Tenet 2: Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

    Tenet 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

    Tenet 4: Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

    Tenet 5: Never kill a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis.

    [This is taking place in the sanctuary in Bravil before the Oblivion crisis, original and TES characters are valid even Lucien Lachance (Yay!) So come on and join the fun of being a child of Sithis!]

    [Also there is a OOC up called The Dark Brotherhood OOC so enjoy!]
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  2. Gabriella slides down the well right behind the abandoned house in Bravil. Funny how no one was has really paid much attention to this place, she begins to think as her feet hit the stone floor. The place is dark than night and chills to the bone, a perfect sanctuary. She hears a slight grunt from one of the Dark Guardians who roam the place, he goes up to her face and performs an action kind of like a dog sniffing an unfamiliar person. After a few seconds her emits a higher, happier sounding grunt then trudges off resuming his rounds.

    She breathes in the familiar scent of home and then a horse, whispery voice rings in her ears saying "Welcome home." A wide smile forms behind her cowl as she reaches for the latern that is always hanging in the well. She lights it and walks in lighting each torch in every room until the place is flooded with light. Kind of ironic of the Dark Brotherhood but how else was she going to take care of her business as a speaker?
    I love you so much right now}

    The Khajiit carefully made his way towards the house in Bravil, where the mysterious hooded man had directed him to go after he had murdered some old man in some Inn a ways from Bravil. It was dark out, making it easier for Fa'Cahis to go to the house while remaining unseen.

    The details surrounding Fa'Cahis' introduction to the Dark Brotherhood were a little fuzzy, even to him. Fa'Cahis remembers sitting alone one night in a bar, as he usually did during the night, keeping to himself as usual, when some drunken stranger--a Nord, probably--approached Fa'Cahis. The Nord started to provoke him, calling him names and insulting his heritage, when Fa'Cahis had had enough. He was tired, and wasn't bothering anyone when the man had the audacity to come up to him and confront him. The Khajiit calmly stood up and thrusted a dagger right into the poor intoxicated fellow's heart. The man fell to the ground, lifeless. Fa'Cahis had never done anything like that before, murdering someone just because they were annoying him. But it felt good. It was enthralling to take someone's life away from them like that, to stare into their eyes as he watched them fade away into nothingness.

    The others at the bar stared at him in horror, but none dared to challenge him. He simply nodded to the partender, paid for his drink, and walked out of the bar, wiping the blood off of his rusty dagger. While he was searching for a place to stay that night, he heard an odd voice in his head: We know. Fa'Cahis didn't think much of it.

    He passed out at a nearby hotel, then awoke to a hooded man telling him he slept soundly for a murderer. Fa'Cahis, not remembering his actions at the bar, was confused as to how this man had got into his room. Lucien Lachance then told him about the Dark Brotherhood, what they did, what they were about, and their god Sithis. It piqued Fa'Cahis' interest, and he decided he'd take on the first contract, to murder an old man--Rufio was his name. Fa'Cahis did that no problem, finding the man asleep in his bed and killing him on the spot, without a second thought. Then Lachance directed him to the house in Bravil where he could find another quest waiting for him.

    Fa'Cahis was now at the door inside the house. It was illuminating a beautiful crimson color. "What is the color of the night?" whispered a voice.

    The Khajiit answered without hesitation, remembering clearly what Lachance had told him. "Sanguine, my brother." The door opened and he walked into the sanctuary for the first time.
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  4. Gabriella traced her finger along a map of Cyrodiil tacked on her private chamber wall, holding a book in the other as she made mental notes of where her recent contacts were located, for The Dark Brotherhood didn't waste such time in writing down sensitive information. She then sighed partially in defeat, and the other in exhaustion.

    "Ugh, dear Unholy Matron, how am I going to complete the Dead Father's wishes with no Brothers or Sisters?" She said out loud for there was none to hear her words for a recent cleansing of the sanctuary was the reason for that. Why is it that there has been more treachery afoot then usual?

    She then just shrugged her shoulders and put the thought at bay. She knew Lucien would soon deliver and he always delivered the best because he did find her. She was not one to boast but one had to admit the talent she possessed was the reasoning for her advancing in the ranks so quickly.

    Suddenly she was shaken away from her thoughts because her ears started to pick up the glorious sound of the black door. Oh please tell me I have not went mad! she thought as she closed the book shut, setting it on the table. Her legs started to gracefully carry her to the door, to the sound of promising footsteps, by the moment the started gaining momentum then a sullen thought crossed her mind and she stared to slow. It maybe is just Lucien being the bearer of bad news. But her optimistic side still had a bit of spirit left and that carried her to the entryway, eager to see and hopeful it wasn't the latter.
  5. [​IMG]
    With a loud gasp, Muup woke up and with a massive headache, vision blurry and the taste of blood in his mouth and clogged in his nose, As he struggled a bit he came to realize he was upside down, hands bound behind his back and feet tied up from a post. After his breathing slowed finally catching his breath his vision returned and he found himself amongst many other bodies that were hung relatively the same way, only most with the head hacked clean off, the floor was caked in blood, as well as many old and used weapons laying along the walls.

    Muup took a deep breath and closed his eyes, re-focusing himself, 'By Sithis Muup, what kind of mess is this now?' He thought to himself as he took a final look around, he could hear people talking outside the barred entrance to this massacred room. He must have landed in the execution chambers deep within the Imperial Prisons. Looking around he noticed only three or four other men tied up like he was, each a different race and color, though that didn't matter. As for now he needed to figure out step one, which was getting on his feet.
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  6. Fa'Cahis walked into the room and to his surprise it was empty. Silently, he looked around, his big catlike eyes scanning the area, his ears twitching, trying to hear something. He heard nothing.

    His first reaction that this was a trick. He shook his head. That hooded bastard had set him up! Fa'Cahis was sure Lachance would pay for this. He tensed, putting his hand on his dagger as he heard someone approach him. Perhaps he had been lured here just to be killed. No, Fa'Cahis wouldn't fall that easily. He wouldn't allow himself to be beaten by a man in a silly robe.

    He was greated by another figure in the same outfit as Lachance's. He watched her warily, his hand away from his dagger, posing no threat, but able to pull it out at moment's notice. He stood up straighter and said in his gravelly voice, "Ehh, I'm here for the Dark Brotherhood?" There was a questioning tone in his voice, still not quite believing this was an actual legimate organization. "I was told to come here by Lucien Lachance."
  7. "Ahh." she says with a knowing grin, pulling back her hood, her light brown hair spilling across her shoulders the length almost past the middle of her back.

    She finally walks out of the shadow of a nearby torch and now one is able to she her face clearly. The first attracting feature is her eyes, big and icy blue, and seem to be as cold as the hands of Sithis. Her skin at first seems to be a pale white but on closer inspection you see that it is in fact a light gray due to her father being a Imperial and her mother a Dunmer. But despite the coldness in her face her pearly white smile offered warmth and welcoming.


    "Yes, welcome Dark Brother, I can sense the Dread Father with you." As she spoke she held her hands in front of her, one on top of the other, sort of like a nun.

    "I trust you are famished from your journey and you are buzzing with questions and I would be happy to provide help with both if you do me the honor of following me." As she finished she directed her hand to the hallway directly behind her.
  8. Fa'Cahis was still not believing this to be real. But the girl spoke with, what he thought to be, sincerity. Her face was kind, which seemed weird, seeing as she belonged to a group that specialized in killing people. He still remained on edge, ready to slice the woman's neck if she, or another enemy lurking somewhere in the shadows, made any wrong move.

    He followed her into the hallway, looking around for any other people. He saw no one. The only thing he could hear were the footsteps of himself and the woman walking in front of him. Was it really just Lachance and her who were members of the Dark Brotherhood? Fa'Cahis was about ready to leave, thinking he was wasting his time here with the girl. He figured he'd humor her a little more by playing along with her silly little game, then saying he had the wrong house, and meant to visit a friend or something. He was a quick thinker, he could find his way out somehow.
  9. As she walks, the apprentice in tow, a skeever walks about her feet squeaking as if ask about the newcomer. She gives him a tiny nod and drops a piece of cheese and the creature devours it gratefully. The torches crackling are the only other sound besides their harmonizing steps. As they walk closer she can smell the bread and the meat pies that she knew one of the members must of made before their departure.

    She looks back at the Khajiit, her feet not missing a step. "Oh don't mind the skeever he is just one of the guardians, also as I trust you have concluded, the halls are empty. Well most of them are out on contracts." She chuckles softly as her eyes read him. "The Dark Brotherhood is always called upon for new throats to slit."

    "Oh." She stops rather suddenly and turns a full 360 to face him. "Please forgive my manners, I forgot to ask your name. I am Gabriella Galel."
  10. [​IMG]
    Muup was suddenly started by one of the men who were hanging simular to him who randomly started screaming and writhing around like an idiot, it wasn't long before the guard came rushing in, sword glaring and as he approached the man, was slugged in the jaw, sending his helpless body waving back and forth. That did indeed shut him up, it almost made Muup laugh considering how funny it actually looked for someone to punch a swinging body like that, but he didn't let it out just yet. This did however give him a plan, as the guard came in, Muup noticed that he left the door open, and with that guard swinging around that sword, getting down from here would be a piece of cake.

    "Pardon me, Renrrij. But I've got an appointment with your beloved in nearly an hour, i'd surely be sad to dissapoint." Muup said with a dark smug grin on his face. The guard's eyes peered through his helmet, and as he stomped over to Muup, reared his fist back and swung harshly with his fist. Muup twisted his body and whirled around the fist, and headbutted the guard, which, at the time seemed like a fine idea, but the feeling of hard steel against ones forehead is an act worth a second thought. But Muup hadn't the time for that, The soldier recoiled backwards a bit, before getting enraged and drawing his blade, Perfect....

    Pushing up on the rope with his left foot and pulling down with his right, he was able to lift himself high enough to dodge a sideways swipe from the guard that would have normally sliced his head clean off, instead, due to his agile movements the sword cleft the bindings on his hands, setting his hands free. Feeling his shoulders pop, and crack from the release of pressure, Muup swung his back fore-ward extending his claws and grabbing onto the guard's neck, popping his helmet clean off. The weight of Muup's body drug the guard down onto his knees as the two of them struggled for a moment to survive, the guard got a good slug on Muup's cheek but it wasn't enough to keep him from finishing this struggle.

    After a moment's passing the guard fell limp and Muup let go of his neck, his claws unsinking from the man's skin and blood pouring out onto the floor, as well as now covering his hands. Reaching down for the guard's sword, Muup grabbed the hilt and with a twist he sliced the rope holding him upside down and he crashed painfully onto the floor below. Untieing his feet he stretched out for moment and sat with his legs crossed and put his hands in his lap. "Well, I suppose that's one way to get to your feet." He laughed softly to himself as he felt his blood returning back to its proper places instead of filling in his head, now the headache he had felt before was starting to cease, thank Sithis for that.
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  11. Fa'Cahis walked down the hallway with the woman, stopping and watching with interest at the skeever as it ran up to them. He tilted his head curiously. He had never seen one of the creatures act so tame before. As far as he was concerned, the only good skeevers were dead ones.

    "Oh, so there are more people here?" Fa'Cahis mused, mainly to himself, but the words came out louder than expected. He blinked multiple times, realizing what he said sounded rather harsh. "I mean, forgive me, but it's rather empty here. It's not what I was expecting, to tell you the least," he chuckled, starting to feel more at ease with the situation.

    He nodded his head down as Gabriella introduced herself. "Fa'Cahis is my name."
  12. "Well hello Fa'Cahis, I am your speaker and Lucien is a speaker as well, but don't you worry about that title just yet. First, let me get you fed and show your sleeping quarters." She spoke very much like a housewife hosting a house warming party.

    A few moments pass and then they end up at two great oak double doors and with a bit of force she pushes them open. As the doors move inward the room it reveals is a well lit half dining and half lodging room. On the right side, the lodging side, is nine single person beds each one with a medium sized chest at the foot. In the middle on the far wall is a fireplace complete with a cooking spit, a few pots and kettles and baskets of vegatables, grains, and fruit. On the left there are a few round wooden dining tables chairs circling each one. The table closest to them is the one that has meat pies, fresh bread, and what looks like a pie still warm. In the corner next to the table are a few barrels of mead and wine with goblets and tankards clustered around.

    Gabriella holds out her hands in a presenting fashion. "This is your living quarters, yes it may be a bit simple but for a Dark Brother or Dark Sister this should be luxury."

    She saunters over to the table with the food placed on it. "You are welcome to eat or drink anything you like. We do stalk and kill our pray, we must not eat them. We are not animals." She says with a hearty chuckle as she sets herself down in a chair.
  13. Fa'Cahis whistled in approval as he walked around the room, looking at the beds, the tables, and the food. "Wow," he said, walking over to the table. "Simple? No, no, this is nice. Much nicer than what I'm used to."

    Fa'Cahis didn't have much of a home. He was more of a bandit, roaming from place to place instead of remaining in one place for the majority of his life. Sometimes he wondered what it'd be like to have a stable place that he could always rely on to take him in. Sure, he was apart of the Thieve's Guild, but they didn't have much to offer along the lines of living spaces. And he wasn't too keen on spending time in the Waterfront district. The people there were too much like himself. He found it unsettling.

    He strolled over to the table nearest him, bending down and taking a whiff of the steaming pie that was on the table. He sighed, "Mmm, this smells amazing." He took a piece of bread off of the plate next to the pie and brought it up to his nose, sniffing to see if it had anything extra a piece of bread wouldn't usually have--like poison, for example. When it passed his examination, he shoved the piece into his mouth, chewing it several times before swallowing it down. He patted his stomach, grinning.

    He pivoted on his foot, now facing Gabriella. He held out his hands and asked, "Well, what is it you require of me?"
  14. "Well dear Brother that is only to fufill the wishes of Sithis and the Night Mother." She walks briskly over to the next table to retrieve a well read, leatherbound maroon volume with a represtation of Sithis on the front.

    "This book contains the Five Tenets, the rules by which the Dark Brotherhood live by, about Sithis and the Night Mother, and each position in the Dark Brotherhood, like a speaker for example. Now I will briefly tell you the positions so you have further understanding how our contracts work and what is expected of each member. The governing body of the Dark Brotherhood is called the Black Hand; it is composed of five members: four Speakers and a Listener.
    The Listener telepathically listens and receives commands from the Night Mother, and then the Listener relays the commands to the four Speakers. The Speakers then issue the commands and initiate the contracts to be completed by the Brotherhoods' assassins. Each Speaker also has their own personal assistants called Silencers. Silencers can be deployed to complete contracts and eliminate any target or targets that they see fit. The Silencers qualifies as members of the Black Hand, but their existence is unbeknownst to the rest of the Dark Brotherhood.
    " After she finishes she takes a deep breath and waits for any more questions that her new apprentice might have.
  15. Fa'Cahis watched as she went over to get the book, turning his head as she picked it up and began to read it aloud.

    He pulled out a chair and sat down, staring at the ground. He picked the wall opposite as his focus point while he listened to her words. He sat forwart slightly, with one hand on his knee and the other hand on his chin, supporting his head. He would nod occasionally, and sometimes mumble in confirmation. While it may not have looked like he was paying attention, he was actually listening quite intently, taking in every word with his keen cat ears. They twitched on his head as she spoke.

    "Sounds good," he said after she closed the book. He held up a single finger, "I only have one question: When do I start killing people?"
  16. She a grim smile spread across her face, almost a mirror to Lucien's. It took everything to stop her from jumping from the giddiness that was bubbling inside her for the fact that she has found yet another eager assassin to deliever the will of their Lord and Father.

    "Oh my dear Dark Brother, whenever you are good and ready. I do in fact have a few contracts lined up but as a family we do care for your well being, so rest and replenish as you may. Also you may find it was to explore the sanctuary, we have two training rooms in the entryway and my chambers which I am in most of the time for the lining up of new contracts." When she finished she motioned him to a vacant bed and pointed to the locked chest and in the other hand she held out a key for it.

    "In there you will find your new armor, a dagger, a wooden bow and several iron arrows, and a selection of health potions and poisons. And if you ever need anything come and find me."
  17. c3fb01a7-da07-447f-9fe6-756b2ef18559.jpg Abraxas walked down the street every gaurd terrified at the mountain walking in their direction. The nord standing taller than most walked to the checkpoint with a smirk under his mask he listened carefully. "Six" he thought "two drunk and one busy" they are outmatched by far and he held his position right out the end of the shadows and stared the gaurd in the eye and once he blinked he was gone, the gaurd looked back and forth not knowing what was happening. Maybe he was just sleepy? Then a voice came above him "you will have your eternal rest soon weary one” he looked up and then he saw the creature tried to speak as a noose went around is neck and pulled pulled him up.

    " well now that is done where in the netherrealm is this hideout I was told about?"

    He looked up into the stars and calculated thus heading to the hidden entrance by crossing roofs and walls. When he reached a dark door he stopped and the door spoke to him "what is the color night?" Shocked that the door spoke to him he replies cooly. "Sanguine, my brother" the door opened and he slipped through the crack walked slowly.
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  18. Fa'Cahis thanked her as he took the key from his hands. He headed over to the empty bed, sitting on the bed for a few moments to determine its comfort. Yes, this was very nice. Much better than a bedroll or a cheap hotel bed.

    He stood up and went to the foot of the bed, bending down and eagerly putting the key into the chest. He turned the key and the top opened with a satisfying pop. He pushed the top up and took out the armor and dagger, leaving the bow and arrows behind. Fa'Cahis wasn't much for long-distance combat. He liked to get up close and personal when fighting.

    He held the dagger, flipping it over in his hands, examining the fine point on the edge. He pulled out the dagger he had on him. The poor thing was rusty and old. It hardly aided Fa'Cahis anymore. He decided now was a better time than ever for an upgrade. He tossed the old dagger into the chest and sheathed his new one, patting it for good measure.

    He got out the armor which quickly replaced his usual leather armor. It made him feel quicker, stronger, deadlier. He pocketed a couple of heath potions as well, for good measure.

    Fa'Cahis was starting to see this whole ordeal as a rebirth, today he was a new Khajiit. No longer a lowlife bandit anymore, no, today begam his quest to become an assassin, a ruthless hitman--or hitkhajiit, to be more accurate.

    When he was satisfied with his attire, he approached Gabriella. "I think I'm ready now. " He clasped his hands, rubbing them together and grinning slyly, "Who's my first victim?"
  19. [​IMG]
    Bellian Willowwood escape to Cyrodiil to get away for the constant war going on in Valenwood. She thought she could live out in nature ,and not have to did with anyone. She only go to the Imperial City to trade fur and meat with store in the city. Everything was fine for a while until one night she was awake by a loud thud. The closer it got the louder it became.She grab her bow and got herself ready for whatever was coming her way. " I hope it is a bear. I would eat good for a good while." She thought to herself. She could see a large light head in her direction. She heard voice coming from light calling out " Come here elf !!! All we want is your head!!!" They been searching for her for a week now. She chuckled "All I have to do is get past them I'll be fine" She could also start to heard barking coming from them. "Damn they brought a dog with them this time this is going to be difficult." She made her way towards them with bow. She hid herself in shadows when she got close enough to them. A few were wearing full armor like they were ready for war. She sneak pass quite a few of them without any problem. Until run a young man with his dog. She hired arrow into his throat. Before he could call out for the others. He released the leash that was on the dog. Be friend the dog and sent it on it way.

    She made it onto the man-made road and walk into she could not walk no more. She find a tree laid under it and fell a sleep. When she awake again a man in a hood stood in font of her. He said "You sleep rather soundly for a murderer... That's good; you'll need a clear conscience for what I'm about to propose."Surprise by what he said. She said " Are you here for my head too and if so you are not getting it with a fight." The man shook his head and gave her a note. Her got big eye seeing the black hand print on the note. She look back up at the hood man. " So you are with the Dark Brotherhood ." He said "Yes I am we would like you to join us , but first we want you to kill a other for us." "Who it is." "An old fool who need to sleep forever. He told Bellian where to find the old and that he would find her when the deed is done.She know that the Dark Brotherhood was a powerful and not good for you health to make them mad. "OK I will do it ."

    Kill the old was easy. All she had to do is sneaky into his room in the inn while he was a sleep and cut his throat. Then she went back to her room in the inn to get some sleep. When she awoke she find the the man in the hood next to her bed. He said "
    Welcome, to the family. My name is Lucien Lachance" He gave her a map where the Dark Brotherhood Headquarters was ,and a note with the password on it . Without saying another word he just left.

    Bellian stand in front of the abandoned house in Bravil. She went inside the house and walk down the stairs. she came upon a door with a skull on it Dark Brotherhood symbol on it.

    The door ask her "
    What is the color of night?"
    She said in a clam voice "Sanguine, my brother"
    Welcome home" The door open up.
    Bellian walk through door frame and said "Hello is anyone here."
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  20. Surprised to not be attacked upon entry he lowered his shield slowly walking in the place was lit well hurting his eyes.

    "This place feels empty"

    He thought to himself until he heard the voice of a male khajiit so he presses himself against the wall.