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Do you want this to become a full rp?

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  1. This is for all the players in The Dark Brotherhood (The Elders Scrolls Series) jump in roleplay. Also it is a place for questions, comments, and concerns.

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  2. I'll put in a worthwhile post sometime this morning hopefully.

    Touch keyboards are rough for RP...
  3. No rush! Also I loved your post, the n'wah part especially! Ah, how I love Morrowind. And plus I have to make a post because I fell asleep. XD
  4. Stuffed carrot? Sounds delicious! Now you are making me hungry!
  5. I haven't played oblivion in years except to get the last achievement a few weeks ago (duke of mania) with a level 1 naked altmer.
    Got it in a few hours too, no weapons or magic, just punching my way to it. Gate guardian was a wimp.
  6. Well look at you go! Mr. Badass over here. Who would of thought a streaker would be a great fighter?
  7. I need to play through Oblivion again I am tempted just to play through the DB quest line.
  8. It was a rushed run. Really shows off the flawed leveling system.

    And I might just do the same, got the GotY edition on steam sale and set up some mods.

    Feels way waaaaay floatier in movement than Skyrim that's for sure.
  9. Yeah, I would always have these constant glitches that I would auto run or attack just by standing there but I thank the gods for Nexus because I definitely fixed a lot of my issues.
  10. Well my Skyrim has about 80 mods going...

    Woo another 10 hours of modding..
  11. Well damn what all are you putting on there?
  12. So modding for the hell of it?
  13. Replying at a red light. Not too descriptive.

    Probably leveling changes, graphical overhauls.

    My skyrim is built purely for immersion and difficulty.

    And its worth it.

    Show Spoiler

  14. That it is, Skyrim was way too causal for my tastes.
  15. Question, are you Lachance's silencer?
  16. Remind me. What's a Silencer?

    Also, wonder if anyone will call him out on his bullshit. Named after an immortal dunmer sorcerer.. He's ballsy.
  17. A secretly employed assistant/assassin to a speaker.

    Yeah I was about to but Gabriella has only been in Vvardenfell for a short time.
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