The Dark Apocalypse

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  1. ((This roleplay is for xxDarkest_Assassinxx and I, thesecretgirl445))

    Eyes flashing open, and her head pounding Alyssa slowy sat up and looked around. Confused and scared she saw that she was in a tunnel. Standing up she walked out of the little tunnel and saw that she was in a sewer tunnel. "How did i get here?" Alyssa thought. "Whats going on?". She couldn't help but go back to the little tunnel and cry. She didn't remember anything about herself or what was going on. Feeling alone and terrifed she stayed in the dark and cried out "Someone help me!" Hugging her knees she began to cry again.
  2. Jasik ran through the hospital hallways with his friend Vladimir. They had to get away from that creature following them. It's bladed arms were swinging franticly as it sprinted after them. Jasik and Vlad began to move at a speed that no human could ever reach. This was normal for them because jasik and Vladimir were both vampires
  3. Still curled up and crying, Alyssa began to hear noises above her. Looking up she wonder what was going on. Her memory was still gone from what happened and who she is. Not knowing a thing she began to feel more and more scared and terrifed.
  4. Jasik and Vlad jumped from a 3rd story window. They both landed safely but heard the creature hit the ground with a sickening thud. Vlad turned around and saw the mess that the creature had made. ”lets get out of here” said jasik as he begun to walk
  5. Another loud noise. Wondering if someone was up above her Alyssa decided to get up and go look. But she had one problem. How would she get out? Crawling out of the little tunnel she stubbled down the large sewage tunnel only got about a few feet before she saw two figures dropping down. She ran back to her safe spot feeling foolish that she was this afraid.
  6. Jasik heard a loud screech then felt something smash into him. He looked up and saw a large flying creature over them. ”Come on, let's go!” Yelled Vladimir as he helped jasik to his feet and began to run. Jasik could hear the creature flying over them. ”Over here!” Said jasik and pointed to a hole in the ground that lead to a tunnel system. Jasik jumped down the hole as the creature hit the ground above him
  7. Peeking out she saw to figures in the distance. They seemed to be talking to one another. As they moved forward where she was hiding in the shadows she saw that the figures were two males walking along. She continued to watch as soon as they got closer it seemed that one had noticed her. Alyssa had paniced and when back deeper into the dark. She hoped that she wouldn't be seen. But it turns out she was and one of the men came walking toward her.
  8. Jasik sniffed the air and cold make out the scent of human blood over the stench of the sewers. What was anyone doing down here? He looked into the darkness and began to see in a tinted purple. He could see someone looking at them from further into the tunnel then disappear.
  9. As the man contiued to watch her and come toward her she wanted to run. But one problem. She had no where to go. Alyssa didnt know what to do. The tears started to come again. She began to yell at herself to stop and to stop being such a baby. She wanted and needed to be brave. But she couldn't do it. She was to weak. She just stayed backed up against the wall curled up.
  10. As jasik got closer to the figure, his eyes returned to normal. He saw that it was a girl huddled against the wall. ”Hello” he said in a soft tone. ”We won't hurt you”
  11. Looking up from her knee's she stayed quiet for a few more moments. Then she finally spoke asking "Who--who are you?"
  12. ”My name is jasik, this is Vladimir” said jasik as he pointed to Vlad. ”Why are you in a sewer?” He asked
  13. "I...I don't...know.." Alyssa to replied to Jasik. She put her head back down in her knee. She felt so helpless. She didn't know why she wwas here. Or anything. What happened to her? How and when will she get her memory back...these were very good questions
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