The Dancer Expands! She Holds An Airbrush!

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  1. Greetings Everyone! I am your local Gypsy here on Iwaku and if you don't know me yet; you're about to! I started out as a Manipulation Artist in the Writing & Art Museum called "Gypsy's Dancing Signatures and Avatars" Now I am expanding a bit. Please do not confuse these two things to be the same as instead of doing Photo Manipulations, these are going to be airbrushing and painting which was not the main focus in the Graphic Shop. Recently I have just opened up a Deviant Art and I am showcasing pretty much everything there. Since I just created an account earlier this morning, it's still slightly empty. Want to know me a bit personally? I have it on my DA but if you are not interested in heading over there I will Paste my Biography over to a Spoili for you.

    {td}Dear Readers,
    I actually do a little bit of everything but on DA, my focus will be Digital Art with some Literature. I see a lot of my friends doing stuff on DA so I thought I would give it a shot. My stuff will contain a lot of Photo Manipulation or Re-Mastering where I take a photo and make it a whole new picture. You may notice I have two names and Heather is not a middle name. I originally came from Hungary and my birth name is Zsofika. After a lot of family trouble my Father who was the American gained custody of me and I was sent to America that is where he gave me a new name; Heather. It is a lot of drama so I won't get into it but how you address me is up to you.
    On top of a lot of travelling, I am also very sick. I have a lot of heart problems that has been affecting me and as of recent I am suffering more than I have ever done so before. My heart slowly beats, causes me to pass out periodically and just completely stops. On top of all of this I have a hip fracture from a bad car accident in December 2013. Because of this I cannot live alone or be alone anywhere which is a tad annoying but now I have gone into bad times. Things have gotten to the point I can not do a real job which means I am making very little money. I can't find anyone to live with me or a place to stay so I am not alone and I am struggling to pay for heart medications/treatment. As much as I hate to do this; I am looking to at lease make some money through donations since I hate asking for money I probably won't be asking for a lot or anything at all on the pictures. That was a little bit about me. I am a very open person and have NO problems at all answering any questions someone may have. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Bio, now let's take a look at some of the art! [​IMG]

    PayPal Donation:{/td}

    There are two different things I am going to be doing here in the Character Portrait Studios:

    • Re-Mastering Previous Photos or Character Fittings
      • Ever tried Internet Searching for a photo but couldn't find one that fits your character? What I do when remastering a previous photo is actually change it to fit your character description. The photo has blonde hair but you want black? Done! Someone a psychic and you want that "aura"? Done!
    • Characters From Scratch
      • I secretly been doing digital airbrushing and painting. I will admit I am no master but I do think my blending is kick a**. My poses are slightly limited though.

    Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Keep reading to figure out how to get started!

    "Oh no it costs to get something done? :SadFace:" Don't be thrown off by this, Honestly! I won't be asking for much if anything at all.

    Character Fittings
    When it comes to doing a previous photo in minor areas then it is completely
    If you are asking for a complete color change from head to toe; $1 + Any Donations. That is right only $1 US Dollar then any donations you wish to add to it. Painless you see!

    Characters From Scratch
    Depending on what you want will result on the time needed. Characters from scratch cost
    $5 + Any Donations.
    Of course these are more expensive since I am doing them from scratch. Please keep in mind if you don't like the art style, don't waste my time getting one then turn around and saying you do not like it THEN asking for your money back. All work would have a signature on the bottom but I won't make it big and obnoxious.

    I really hope I don't have to go through a painful refund due to drama. If there is a case where you want your money back you will get the main price back plus an optional 60% of donations back. Some of the money is kept due to the time I used for doing the art in the first place. Sorry... Life is a bi*** then we die.

    So you are ready to get something done are you? There are two different applications to fill out depending on if you want some Re-Mastering done or a Character From Scratch!


    Form Of Communication:
    /How would you like to communicate back and forth?/
    The Original Photo: /Please put in a spoiler!/
    The Original Artist or Location of the Photo: /It is only right to give credit to the original artist. If you don't know the original artist then let me know where you found it./
    WNTBD: /"What Needs To Be Done?" Please be specific! I need what colors you want what, what needs to be added and everything else to help make your photo matching to your character description./
    Character Description: /Already have the description of your character? Let me know so I can get a better feel for things. This is optional./

    Additional Commentary:

    Characters From Scratch
    Form of Communication:
    The Idea:
    /What is it that you are looking for in the picture? Please be descriptive!/
    Example Photo: /If you have a photo(s) you like but isn't what you want and you don't want it to be Re-Mastered, put it in a Spoiler. This is optional but does help out a lot./
    Backgrounds: /If you want to put your character in a simple background if it doesn't take up the whole pallet, let me know. These must be simple backgrounds though and not complex like in a big city with building all around./

    Additional Commentary:

    I will answer any questions or concerns you may have through a PM. I will NOT answer them through the thread unless it was more about the application or confusion on something. :)

    NOTICE: I have the right to reject any application at any given time before payment has been received without a cause. If for some reason I am unable to finish the project AFTER payment was
    received, I will provide a full refund plus any unfinished work or a free project next time. Payments are received in the middle of the finished art. If for some reason you take the art before paying, you will loose access to it as I can keep track of my art easily.

    Help Me Expand My Gallery!

    I am willing to do three free requests + Any Donations to help fill up my gallery. These are a first come, first serve basis. BUT I do have the right to reject any without having to provide a cause.

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