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  1. "I think you know what I mean." Harmony mumble.
  2. "You say that, but he sulks even when I'm not around," Astorath said before picking up Melody and watching.

    Lucius rolled his eyes. "I think I should go."
  3. It's a new general chat.
  4. Is that what we're calling ourselves, The FreeMasons

    That's...actually pretty clever
  5. I will reply to Adam tomorrow if nothing else dramatic happens. (Which is possible given my hours)
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Alright, almost finished with my post. I accidentally interrupted myself with a flashback.

    Is this a bit too much of controlling Robin?
  8. *Reading the Resident Evil Wiki for info for my Halloween Party character*

    I thought it was a Post Office.
  9. Yura collapsed and panted after she finished masturbating, however when she felt someone climb into her bed she growled, before falling silent and blushing when she saw who it was. She couldn't find the words to say to Layla, the girl was naked, and had clearly watched. Yet she was then cuddling and snuggling into her, slowly Yura wrapped her arms around Layla and brought the covers over them. She had even more to think about when Layla mumbled that she was looking forward to their heat times, did Layla have a crush on her? Surely not...though the more that she thought about it the more she seemed to mentally fight herself...did she have a crush on Layla?

    They took another bath in the morning, then went to eat. For the first time in a while though Yura wasn't glaring at or competing with Zeria. Instead she was blushing a dark red color, Layla was constantly bumping into her, touching her, or offering her food, Yura would then typically playfully do the same back. "Wow, you broke it off with an element that you were strong against just to get with one that your weak against. You really are submissive." Zeria laughed, clearly attempting to get a rise from Yura. The only response however was Yura moving Layla onto her lap so she could feed or bed fed by the girl easier.
    What was kinda cute though was Maria saw this and blushed before starting to try the same things on Alexstrasza, causing the older woman to blush and stutter.
  10. "So do I, I just want you to understand that."
  11. Lyrical

    Drake Scarlet (open)

    Drake grew up, having to hide his Faunus heritage. Right in the heart of the White Hands seat of power. Seeing the kind of stuff that went down, had a sobering effect. So in choosing his song, I figured on one based on his surroundings.

    Katarina Nero (open)

    Katarina was easier. Considering her personality is the same as her original conception, based on a trust in the innate goodness of folks and a protective spirit? I wanted a happy song, lol.


    Drake Scarlet (open)

    This one surprised me, lol. Normally, I usually go for epic style music. Especially considering the origin, but this time? I went for his neighborhood. Middle class life, caught between the ritz and glamour of SAURON corp. sector and Goblin Town street swing.
    That and now I got the headcanon that he's a Jazz and Blues aficionado with a talent for music.

    Katarina Neo (open)

    Totally not foreshadowing, nope. :|


  12. I feel like crap and don't know why.

    Not sick, just... Like crap.
  13. I'll read but probably not post until tonight