The Daedalus Project

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    Premise: A society of inventors and innovators have formed a brain pool to advance the science of physics and mechanics. Unfortunately, their work is not looked upon very favorably by the church, so they must work in secret, constantly on guard against interloping spies. However, not all testing can keep its secrets, and those who would stop them are getting ever closer to succeeding.

    Plot: An inventor and his apprentice are attempting to solve the mystery of flight, focusing on the mechanics of bird flight. They must collect the materials, assemble the machines, and test their invention in a race against time, before the inventor is due to appear before the church elders.

  2. Name: Bartolomeo di Rossi
    Age: 45

    Personality: Bartolomeo is a quiet, but demanding figure with a sense of humor that is surprisingly gentle. He's a deep thinker, and is as big on the written word as he is small on spoken word. He abhors unnatural violence, especially human violence. On the whole he has quite a dim view of the human race, which is why he keeps his eyes pretty much on nature and on the skies. It is in this way that he hopes to help redeem his own kind.

    History: Bartolomeo grew up in a very comfortable home, his father being a minor lord, which afforded his family enough money to be comfortable and educate their children, as well as the freedom to do pretty much as they pleased, not overly controlled by the Court or the Church. Although the house was physically comfortable, the life inside it was anything but. His father was a drunkard, abusive and cruel. His mother was harsh and unloving, and no one living under them felt safe. He watched his sister shipped off to the convent at the mere rumor that she was having relations with a servant. Meanwhile, he watched his mother waste away from a maddening disease she caught from one of her own illicit trysts. When his parents did finally pass away, he all but tore down the old structure of the home and refitted it to a house of learning and study. Young men were allowed to come and learn as much as they desired, and it was in this way that he eventually took on his apprentice, Adalfieri.
  3. Name: Adalfieri De Luca

    Age: 23


    Persona: A curious young man who tends to like to get his hands on whatever project he can get his hands onto, which also seems to get him into trouble a lot of times. Though, from this curiosity, he has found his mentor, Bartolomeo di Rossi, and is planning on making something big for the world once they start with their project.

    History: Adalfieri has always been a boy with big dreams. Dreams that many people would say were crazy and someone like him would never be able to achieve. He was expected to follow in his father's footsteps to become a shoemaker, but Adalfieri has made a goal that he hopes will set him off from all others. Seeing as this is usually not accepted in his society, he has kept this a secret, and has become an apprentice with a man who also has big dreams. Adalfieri hopes to be remembered as something more than just a young man.
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