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  1. The world 377 a.k.a Cyprus,is a world filled with super human ability's,some blessed with the power,some stumble onto it,and even some want it so badly that they become one themselves,This world is full of people making good choice's and some just make bad choices,Cyprus is filled with people that are good and bad,some just wait in the night to become a vigilante's,The choice is your's to pick your own Destiny

    ((Please use the sign up section for OOC and entrances))

    choose which area you would like to start off at:
    city.jpg Eternal City

    city of ashes.jpg City Of Ashes

    remenants.jpg Remnants
    forest.jpg Haven Shadow
    city 2.jpg Ventropolis
    city 3.jpg Celestia
    city 4.jpg Capital Justice
  2. starting: Eternal City

    "that better be what I think it is" The familiar sleep deprived voice of Jock, her best friend and favourite Hanky panky partner to date, broke the silence of her small but functional kitchen, located in the outskirts of Eternal City. "Mint Tea with a dash of strawberry milk" she laughed as she dumped the tea leaves into the small compost bin beside her. Her and Jock friendship dated back years, she knew him as well as she knew the back of her hand. "Prim my dear have I mentioned..." she didn't need to hear the rest of his sentence to know what he was about to say, he said it every time she made him tea. "That I am the...." she couldn't finished her sentence before the familiar feeling started to swell with in her 5 foot body. Shoving Jock out the doorway she darted into the fluro coloured living room and into the small cupboard located under the stairwell and as if on cue her body started to convulsed violently. Lights pulsed and danced in front of her eyes and letters and numbers whizzed by and started to form a name, time location.

    Cobble Lane, Eternal city.

    As some came back around all she could process was jocks loud words, hey were like hot needles piercing her brain, causing a hardcore headache to make itself presence.
    "Shut up, i am fine" she moaned as she pushed her stiffened body up against the old wooden door. It had been 2 months since her last reaping, normally they were spaced out between 4-5 months, depending on how much she over worked herself. She was no stranger to death, she killed to live, but it was never the people who were close to her. They were always names that she didn't know and always ended up as washed up humans or ability holders who were to far in debt that the loan shark made a deal with the devil to see them dead, it was never her friends till now. "Prim Van Vault open this door now young lady or else" Jocks concerned voice made her flinch, if she didn't kill and collect or life force would slowly fade away and she be the one dead. "I am coming out" she gave him a few moments to move himself away from the door before she slowly made her way out., she couldn't make eye contact with him, how could see, she was about to kill her best and only friend just so she could live. "Its me isn't it" His words sliced her heart into, she could never lie to jock, nodding her head she pushed past him and headed back into the kitchen where so continued to make his last cup of tea ever. "Prim I know how this works, I seen you do it. I know you ever asked for this ability. I know you have to kill to live and i rather you live them sill old me." she couldn't help but to burst into tears as she collapsed onto the ground sobbing, At her first she viewed her ability as the Keeper of souls or the Grim as a good thing, killing of the old and making room for the next generation but now she didn't know what to think. "I am sorry" she continue to sob over and over again as jock cradled her in his arms. "It always fun to go out with a bang" he whispered against her own neck as his own tears rolled down his checks. Not moving from his hold she reached into her pocket, pulling out a small amulet in the shape of a scythe she chanted a chant she wished didn't have to do before pressing it against his still warm skin. "I promise this wont hurt" she muttered as screams of terrors began.

    Pushing the dead weight that used to be jock of her body she could feel his should give her new life. "Thank you" closed his eyes, not wanting to look at the eyes that once looked at herself with such pleasure and passion. Dusting off her worn out jeans and making sure she left no evidence behind she stepped over the body of her friend and made a hasty exit on the busy streets of Cobble lane, she had a life and people that trusted her and needed her. She learnt long ago she couldn't control her lust for immortality or even murder she could only tame it. She might be selfish for doing such a thing but ,This world is full of people making good choice's and some are just born bad for that is the world of Cyprus.
  3. Starting at : Eternal City

    Jess pulled her jacket closer to herself as she walked down the crowded street. She kept her eyes to the ground not wanting to call any attention seeing as she wasn't in her best mood. She pushed through the crowds muttering apologies as she made her way to the small apartment complex that she had lived in for a couple of years now. The old gates creeked obnoxiously as she pushed past them. She made her way up the stairs to the top floor and walked all the way down the hall. She stopped at a wall and looked over her shoulder nervously making sure no one was watching her. When she saw the coast was clear she quickly turned around and waved her hand against the wall. The shadows moved apart revealing a door that hadn't been there before. She let out a small sigh and opened the door, closing it behind her. The shadows immediately stuck back to the door making it appear as just a wall again. The small meow of a cat made her smile as she walked into the living room and seeing her small grey cat Ash lounging on the couch. She smiled and plopped down on the couch and Ash curled up in her lap purring slightly. She sighed and rested her head against the wall reflecting upon her day. The good thing was no one had seen her use the power. To her it was a big bounty just stamped on her forehead. She relaxed into the torn up couch, Ash nuzzling in her lap. She laughed and scratched between his ears, "I'm glad I have you Ash" she said quietly.
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  4. Foxtrot watched the forest from on top of the tree,he watched animals and human walk through the woods,he had his two silver tomahawks in his hands,he his ear twitches at a sound of a snapped branch, he looks across, seeing a man in a green outfit with spear,the man was determinate to find him,he wasn't scared, "i found him" the man says,he hears even more noises and jumps off the tree,and starts running on his hands and feet, the man runs after foxtrot and five others join him, all of the sudden he stops running and stands up and facing the three, their were two with harpoon guns,two with swords,and one with a tranquilizer,they aim it at him,and he takes out his tomahawks,he jumps in the air and one of the guys shoot the harpoon shooting in the ground,the man starts shooting the tranquilizer at him when hes in the air,he dodges it and stabs the tree with one of the tomahawks and pulls his arm back and holds the handle tight of the second tomahawk and forces his arm that the hatchet goes straight to the man with the tranquilizer going around and wrapping his feet, and making him fall off his feet knocking him out,the chain comes back and the tomahawks a whole again, he jumps off the tree with the tomahawks in his hand and slashes the other harpoon gun and tackling the man knocking him out also, the two men with swords run after him and foxtrot goes to his hands and knees ready to attack,he grows his claws and jumps at the two ripping their stomach,the guy with the spear grabs the tranquilizer and shoots foxtrot in the neck,he then passes out
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  5. Starting at: Ventropolis

    The midday traffic was busy as always, even down here by the waterline. Despite Ventropolis being such a populated city, Christophe Lebeaux found the air so fresh from up on the rooftop he had managed to climb up on. On top of a residential building near the coast was where Chris liked to spend his free time. He felt like he could just lie there for hours looking up into the sky or across the waters, wondering what might be beyond what his eyes could see.

    " Always the dreamer" his mother often said to him. Unable to stifle a chuckle, he sat up to enjoy the view for a last few seconds. Luckily for him each second felt like longer when he relaxed, allowing his mind to work in it's natural speed. His dark green eyes scanned the horizon one last time before clapping his hands together, rising to his feet.

    " Well, enough rest for now. I've got work to do! " He said to himself, readjusting his shirt. It was coloured a bright orange with a large, black "M" across it's back. Christophe pulled the hood up over his head, hiding his black and green hair from sight before wrapping a plain black bandana over his lower face.

    Once like this, he was no longer known as Christophe Lebeaux. He was Momentum, an up-and-coming hero who had just emerged last year. The work that Momentum had performed had already drawn some media attention his way, nothing major as of yet though. He had helped stop a couple of robberies and assaults across town, but at first no one had been able to see who the blur of orange was due to his incredible speed.

    " But first, I need a snack! " And with these words, he ran towards the edge of the rooftop, pushing off the edge and throwing himself across the gap over to the next roof. Many would see such a leap as suicidal, but Momentum did this on a regular basis, jumping from roof to roof in order to quickly maneuver.
    After having landed, he dropped down to the streets below, sliding down a nearby streetlamp. This little act attracted the eyes of many nearby civilians who wondered just who such a foolhardy person might be. " I'm fine! No need to worry! " Christophe said loudly, his arms outstretched as if proving his point.

    " Always such a show-off, Momentum. " A familiar voice behind him said. Upon turning around to see who had adressed him, a smile crept across his face as he saw his youngest sister, Clemence. Even at 15 years old, she was the most mature of his siblings, always helping her older brothers and sister out of trouble. She was also amongst the smartest of the four. She had figured out that Momentum was her own brother withing three months. Chris was happy that she had agreed to keep this a secret from the rest of the family though, in return that he tells her everything that happens in the city.

    " Well, I like giving people a show, missy. " He said in a cheerfull and bombastic voice. " But duty calls, I fear. Stay safe, miss! " And with these words, Momentum took off, leaving only a trail of discarded newspapers and other light debris floating in the air as he passed them.

    He hoped that today would bring something interesting to the table. It had been too long since he had a good challenge.
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  6. he then woke up,he was handcuffed to a pull,he tries to cut the chain with the claws but the metal is to strong
    "it's impossible for you to cut titanium you know" foxtrot looks up and see's a man coming toward him, he had a green crown and spikes coming from his pants and shirt,he knelled at foxtrot "Not a talker huh? well that's okay" the man smiles and strikes a powerful punch banging his head on the pole,he looked angry,the man grabbed foxtrots cheeks and smiled,foxtrot opens his mouth and rips his index finger right off, "Ah" the man yells and grabs his hand in pain ,and shows foxtrot his hand,the finger slowly comes back,But how? "think your the only one with abilities huh,well now your wrong,unchain him!" [BCOLOR=#000000]two men walk to foxtrot and unchain him, he bursts out and tackles him, his nails digging into the mans shoulders,the man throws him across the room and stands on his feet,he slowly turns into a polar bear,Foxtrot was shocked,someone like him! foxtrot runs at him as the bear stands on his feet and grabs him by his shoulder and throws him at the green thrown making him dizzy,he turns back to human and whispers in his ear,"All hair King Jamar" foxtrot passes out on the ground [/BCOLOR]
  7. Duanzia
    Formerly April Frei
    The City of Ashes

    On a barren hill overlooking the desolate City of Ashes sits a strange young woman. This youth is nothing short of extraordinary, in manners that few to none would believe. As her lush raven locks flutter in the wind, she breathes in a indistinguishable, ugly, almost burnt scent. A small, emotionless smile curls her ruby red lips as she opens her eyes, revealing a site that would send at least one shudder through the bravest of the brave. One iris shines crystalline blue, and the other an iridescent magenta.

    Duanzia, as April had long since taken to calling herself, never had a need of an alter ego or those pointless superhero costumes everyone's used to hearing about. No matter what, her eyes and temper would give her away, so why even try? Life had been so much easier, after all, once she faced that truth and ran away a few years back. Ever since then, she's been nomadic, sometimes appearing here, other times there, never in the same place for very long. Occasionally she would sweep in for vengeance -- whether acceptable or not -- on someone who had either done her wrong or irritated her in some way. And the ways in which that feat is possible are infinite.

    Glancing at her watch, Duanzia rises to her feet and looks over the expanse impatiently. Dressed in all black leather -- muscle shirt, long pants, boots and jacket -- she blends nicely against the colorless landscapes with it's various shades of black, gray, and white. But she hasn't the time to find pleasure in those little things; she's too busy waiting for a potential partner. A by partner, she means client. Infamous for working alone, Duanzia would never dream of becoming someone's partner. Allowing people on both sides of the hero-villain head-bash to hire her, however, benefits her, and that's what's important. As is though, her potential client is late, and her anger grows steadily. They'd better show up soon, or they'd regret ever contacting her...
  8. The key to the apartment turned slowly, a loud -click- indicating that Christophe could enter. He locked the door behind him as he stepped into his downtown apartment. Being the son of wealthy parents had it's benefits, Chris was able to stay in a fancy apartment on his own. The decorations in his home were minimalistic as he didn't want to accidentally stumble onto something and fall over when he left in a hurry (which was often the case). Not a second after he had taken off his shoes, something heavy tackled the back of his legs, making him fall to the floor, pulling several of his jackets down with him as he clinged for something to catch himself on. " Oof! What the hel- " Christophe was interupted by the tongue of his pet dog, Ling, travelling across his face. " Well aren't you glad to see me back in one piece. " He wiped his face and got to his feet again, scratching Ling behind the ear. Her breed had always been illusive to Chris, having picked her up as a puppy when he found her injured in an alley. But she wasn't a puppy anymore, not at all. Her head now reached slightly above his waist, her coat of shiny fur coloured black with orange spots dotted around.

    Ling's large, golden eyes looked up at Christophe in a way that he knew all too well. " Hungry, are you? Good thing I managed to pick up some sallad on the way hom-" A bark interupted him, shortly followed by a whine. She might not look it, but this dog was amongst the smartest breeds Chris had ever come across. " Heh, alright alright, you win. As usual. I'll prepare some proper food for you. " Ling barked again, this time wagging her tail happily and followed Chris towards the kitchen.

    The kitchen, like the rest of the apartment, only had the essentials: A stove, an oven, a large fridge stuffed into the corner. Christophe opened the cupboard where he kept the food for Ling, and as he went to fill the bowl, his phone rang.

    " Hello? Alright, I'll be right there! "

    Christophe pulled up his hood and wrapped his mask around his mouth. Momentum had been called.
  9. foxtrot slowly wakes up in the cell,he opens his eyes and stands up,he falls to his knees,barely able to get up after the fight with Jamar,He finally stands up and walks to the cell door,he holds onto the bars and tries looking out of it,it's a bunch of sand and man other cells,And a huge barred roof,the cell door starts to open and he backs away,once it opens he walks out slowly,the light hits his eyes and he covers it with his hand,then loud cheering comes from all around,as their are men in green chanting three words, "Lets it out,let it out!" he realizes that his weapons is gone,but then hears the sound of the cell door opening across from him,his face blank as something enters from it

    the thing enters the arena,it looks like a mutated bear on two legs, it roars and foxtrot goes in a ready stance to attack it,he runs on his arms and legs and the bear runs after him too, he jumps in the air but the bear swings his arm swatting foxtrot at the wall,he falls to the ground and blood runs down his bottom lip,the bear begins to run at him again,as foxtrot is on his hands and knees,he looks up at the bear about to ram him against the wall,once the bear is a foot away from him,foxtrot jumps in the air and the bear runs into the wall and it gets knocked out

    foxtrot stands up and looks around at the shocked crowd above him,an announcement going off saying "The winner of round one goes to Foxtrot!"
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