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  1. The world 377 a.k.a Cyprus,is a world filled with super human ability's,some blessed with the power,some stumble onto it,and even some want it so badly that they become one themselves,This world is full of people making good choice's and some just make bad choices,Cyprus is filled with people that are good and bad,some just wait in the night to become a vigilante's,The choice is your's to pick your own Destiny

    Use the description for entrance:

    Superhero identity:
    Real Full Name:
    Appearance: (Description Or Picture)
  2. Superhero identity: Shadow
    Real Full Name: Jess Daniella Rose
    Age: 17
    Powers: Able to bend the darkness to her will.
    Personality: Jess is normally very distant to people and keeps to herself. She likes to think of herself as a lone wolf but sometimes she opens up to people if she trusts them.
    Strengths: The Darkness, doing things by herself
    Weaknesses: The light, being social, and working with others
    Appearance: Jess is 5'7 with a very thin build. She has mid-shoulder length dark brown hair hair and light forest green eyes. She has a small thin scar starting from her shoulder curling down to her wrist.
    Bio: Ever since she was a girl she was distant from everyone. She moved out of the house when she was 16 and lived in solitude ever since. She acquired her power at birth and has always kept it a secret not liking to use it around people.
  3. Superhero identity: Grimm
    Real Full Name:Prim Vault
    Age: 21
    Powers: Reaper. Classically known as the grim reaper, ability to collect souls.
    Personality: Always stressed but also finds time for a little humour. While always bright and bubbly towards the people around her she keeps her true nature chained and locked inside her. Sometimes her Bubbly façade slips and reveals a short tempered and foul mouthed women who has no time for nonsense.
    Strengths : Full moon, Black magic, Scythe, Sinners, Dark emotions.
    Weaknesses: No moon, Healers, White magic, Pure silver.

    Bio: Born and raised in upper class new York. Prim never wanted nothing more to be accepted by her parents and family. Both her parents were high regarded miracle healers in the modern day medical fields.Once they had learnt she didn't inherit the family Abilities and instead her grandmothers ability as a Reaper they seemed to forget her very existence. Two years later her little brother Jason was born, he showed signs early on that he indeed inherit the family ability to heal and was soon the centre of attention in the tabloids and magazine. She couldn't hate her little brother for having everything that she wanted, he was to innocent. Leaving the family's estate at the age 15 she found herself living the streets of new York fending for herself. By the time she reached 18 she had learnt to control her deadly ability and was one of the most feared street walkers on her side of New York. Just having celebrated her 21st birthday, she feels like it is her job to watch over the newbies and young ones who call the street there home. Now running a small successful hippy store she couldn't be more happier till things started to turn sour.

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  5. Superhero Identity: Foxtrot
    Name:Tyson Martinez
    Powers:Foxtrot has extra, Durability, Stamina, and strength, He can with stand more pain than the average human and can jump high, he sometimes can tur into a fox or sometimes gets some of the themes of a fox (Ex. Sharp claws, Fangs, Orange fur, and eyes turn orange) when he has the claws he can climb more faster

    Strengths:Durability,Stamina,Strength,transformation,jump high

    Personality:Tyson mostly keeps his emotions inside, happiness, fear, sadness, but can’t hold in his rage, from everything he’s been through, I wouldn't be surprised,
    Weaknesses: Teleporters,Guns,No forest,People that can fly,cant fly

    Bio: Tyson was in a foster home for a while,the last memory of his parents was when his mom bring him to the house,he told him that whatever happens in life you can’t run for it, just face it.
    He met his best friend their named Porter, porter was really smart and they always got into trouble, when he was 13,a women adopted him named Afia, and had to say goodbye to porter, he was really upset for a while, the women was a part of a tribe, A spiritual tribe to be exact, he learned allot there, He met the women’s son Babajide (He called him Baba) and they became good friends, he met the rest of the tribe, Afia’s husband was head of the tribe, his name Abu and he became a father figure, he showed the both of them how to use a bow, and hunt with it, there was a spirit night every week, they did different dance rituals and songs, they family unit slept In different houses, they were small and the top was straw, and the houses were brown wood, there were a tribe council that decides bringing new members in and other things, whenthe council thinks your ready, you would find your spirit animal, a couple years later, they found that Baba and Tyson were ready at age 16,they would sleep and the next day have the symbol of the animal on their chest, Tyson got one of the rarest one of them all, the Fox, from the couple years he got sharp Razor sharp teeth, his eyes flickered orange allot of times, but couldn’t find the way to transform into a fox, while baba got the grizzlybear, He found out easily how to transform into it easily, the two were out in the woods looking for prey, Tyson ran after it, he was getting slow as the deer got faster, he starts running on his feet and hands and starts becoming a fox, he reaches the deer and tackles it, Baba came to see him as a fox and was impressed, Tyson turned back to human and as happy for himself, he hears yelling and smoke coming from the villaige, they reach the inside and see’s that buildings were on fire,he sees a shadowy figure and blinks and he’s gone, Baba and Tyson ran through and found The mother, under a heavy piece of wood, she told them that the man killed the father and to leave her, Tyson told him they’re not leaving here, she told them to go and they ran from the village, The two later split up, on his own, he made the two wood tomahawks and a costume representing the fox.
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  7. Superhero Identity

    Real Full Name
    April Jacklyn Frei


    Duanzia has various powers, depending on her current light of being. No matter what, her abilities include mental abilities, including though transfer, minor mind reading, etc. In her Light state, she can heal and calm. In her Dark state, she can awaken the dead to a zombie-like state and torture by mind.

    (I know she seems kind of stacked, but most of these are highly, highly limited.)

    Duanzia seems quiet and shy, but she has an incredibly hot temper. Insult her once, watch out. You have awakened her dark side and she craves your eternal torture. On the other hand, if you treat her with kindness, and most importantly respect and honor, she will be the most loyal friend you could ever imagine. Which side will come out when she meets you? Duanzia is feared by all, heroes and villains alike. She prefers to work alone, due to her double-status as hero and villain, but will occasionally work alongside another hero or villain.

    Duanzia's strengths are mostly mental-oriented. She can read minds, as long as the person is in view. She can thought transfer from up to 15 miles away (as she gets older, the number increases). She can move things with her mind, but weight must be taken into consideration. She can also control minds, as long as her victim is in view. Her healing only works when she likes the person, but she can calm anyone. She must be in the presence of the dead to reawaken them, and torture by mind follows basic thought-transfer rules. She is also extremely intelligent.

    Excessive use of her powers weakens Duanzia. She cannot control when she comes to terms with either side. Often times, torture by mind is torturous to her as well. She has an inability to come to terms with the potential powers of others. She leads herself in a sense of impenetrability and often misses opportunities for this reason.

    Normally, April has long, luscious black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has an oddly mature feminine form. Whenever she comes in full contact with her Dark side, her eyes turn magenta. Whenever she comes in full contact with her Light side, her hair turns blond. She is 5' 6", and 106 pounds.


    Duanzia's parents Larry and Barbar have no idea of her skills. They don't even know she goes by Duanzia, for her real name is April. Duanzia fashioned herself a new name when her powers began to shine through. Her friends know her adopted name, but not the significance of it. In school, Duanzia is considered freakish, as odd things tend to occur in her presence. Duanzia has almost been expelled numerous times, but they could never prove her guilt. She graduated from school at fourteen, extremely intelligent.

    Duanzia seems quiet and shy, but she has an incredibly hot temper. Insult her once, watch out. You have awakened her dark side and she craves your eternal torture. On the other hand, if you treat her with kindness, and most importantly respect and honor, she will be the most loyal friend you could ever imagine. Which side will come out when she meets you?
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  11. Superhero identity: Momentum

    Real Full Name: Christophe Lebeaux

    Age: 21

    Powers: Christophe posses super speed, though this is as much a blessing as it is a curse to him. He may be able to move at blinding speeds, but this is his natural state of being after his powers manifested. His powers need to be actively supressed in order for him to percieve the world in normal speed instead of slow-motion. A task that takes it's toll on his body. As a side effect of this state of super speed, his metabolism also works in a hyperactive state, making it so that he needs to eat and drink something hearty every two hours.

    Personality: Christophe is rather careless in his behaviour sometimes, not always realising when he's in over his head. He always tries to see things from a positive point of view however, often cracking jokes to either lighten the mood or to simply annoy his opponents. Despite his relative good looks he seems to have problems talking to girls, stuttering and making a fool out of himself almost immediately.

    Strengths: When not supressing his powers the world seems to move slightly slower to Christophe, giving him some extra time to react to danger or survey an area. He is also a skilled martial artist, incorporating his superhuman speed into his fighting. The increased metabolism makes it so that his body heals injuries faster than the normal person. (Though a broken bone still takes a few weeks to heal properly.)
    Christophe is also very acrobatic, having climbed trees and onto rooftops from a young age. He soon furthered this by starting to practice some freerunning in his spare time.

    Weaknesses: He relies on his speed and agility very much, leaving his actual physical strength somewhat lacking. Chris also needs to eat a full meal every couple of hours in order to not become malnourished, making longer missions become much more difficult for him to last in.
    In order for him to percieve the world in normal speed, he needs to dampen his own powers to the point where he no longer has the ability to move super fast. This has also proven to be quite a toll for his body, as he is basically slowing his entire metabolism down with it.

    Appearance: Christophe moves with casual, if rather brisk, steps. He stands at 6' 1", his black hair cut just short enough for his fringe to reach just above his eyes. That is if he ever let his hair fall down. It is most often styled into a spikey hairstyle, strands of hair pointing in every direction and an inch of bright green adorning the tips of his hair.
    He weighs in at roughly 195 pounds, his body showing signs of his martial arts background, though he is not overly muscular despite this.
    Momentum is often seen sporting a orange hoodie with a bold "M" on the back. A simple black bandana pulled over his nose and mouth to obscure his face to others.

    Bio: Born into a rich family, Christophe enjoyed a rather easy childhood. He was the oldest of four, having two younger sisters and a younger brother. As a child he rarely ever got into trouble other for when he decided to make his brother follow him up onto the roof of the house. Christophe always loved the feeling of climbing and the freedom that it brought to not be confined to simply walking the streets. His father is a very skilled lawyer and his mother is a small time celebrity with her band " Polyrhythmic". The Lebeaux kids never did see much of their mother as she was often touring around the country, only coming home between tours and over the holidays. Raised mostly by their father, all four of the children had aspects of becoming lawyers just like their dad.

    However, once Christophe's powers started manifesting, he quickly changed his mind. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to save lives like the heroes he had grown up adoring! It would be a long road as he soon found out. The first year of his powers seemed to move at an increasingly slow rate, each day becoming longer and longer, and people started moving slower.
    One day when Chris and his siblings were out in town, they were suddenly attacked by a group of masked individuals who had seen the children's expensive clothing and decided to make an easy bit of money. As the men brandished knives and pistols, the four prepared for the worst. All of a sudden though, the men were on the ground and above them stood a man wearing an orange hoodie with the letter "M" on the back. He introduced himself as Momentum and it turned out that he, like Chris, had the power to move at high speeds. He also percieved the world the same way that the young Christohe did and told him how to deal with it. Just as their saviour was about to leave them, one of the muggers awoke. " WATCH OUT! " Christophe yelled, but his scream was drowned out by the sound of a gunshot piercing Momentum's chest. Before his newest hero even reached the ground, the gunman was knocked out by a kick from Chris, who swore that he'd never fail like he had done this day. And in honour of his fallen saviour he adopted the moniker of Momentum.

    Because a hero is not a single person. It is an ideal that resides within all. Christophe now understood this, and has since dedicated his life to fighting crime where he finds it.
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  13. Hey, if anyone who joins wants to have their hero or villain be the one who contacted Duanzia, go right ahead.
    If not, I'll either fit in an NPC or have him never show up. :P
  14. Superhero identity: Lady Nova
    Real Full Name: Malia Sofia Nova
    Age: 23
    Powers: Learning the complete history of an object by touching it. This includes where it's been, who it belonged to, etc. But some objects are harder to read than others.
    Personality: Soft-spoken, intelligent, loves books, compassionate and empathetic, dreams of becoming a counselor
    Strengths: Her visions are rather vivid. When touching an object she can see everything as if she had witnessed it with her own two eyes
    Weaknesses: Very old objects like ancient artifacts and the like have very long histories. Reading artifacts, cursed objects, or supernatural/paranormal objects is dangerous as her visions might become overwhelming and uncontrollable. When she's reading an object she is momentarily oblivious to the real world as her brain must focus on her visions. When reading dangerous objects, it is possible for her to end up in a coma.
    Malia Nova.jpg
    Bio: Malia was born in a small town. She learned of her power when she was only 9 years old. At this time she found out that her parents had known about her abilities since the day she was born, but refused to tell her about them as they were hoping that it would not be true. They wanted their daughter to be a normal child with a normal life, but they were also afraid of her power. They feared she would learn things that were better left alone and end up getting herself hurt, so when she learned of her power, they ordered her to leave unless she could find a way to rid herself of her power. Malia wasn't about to give up her power right after she discovered it, so she moved out and away from her parents and started her work there.
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