The Cursed Zodiac Members (Fruits Basket)

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  1. We've all heard of the Chinese Zodiac. Some of us were born the Year of the Monkey, and some the Year of the Sheep, and some the Year of the Boar. Admittedly, we probably share traits with our destined animal. But the Sohma family, ever since the beginning of time, delves much deeper than that. Born two months premature is the first sign of their Curse. The second is, when hugged by the opposite sex as an infant, they turn into one of the Chinese Zodiac animals. And lastly, as they grow older, everyone around them either grows fiercely protective of them or abandons them. Another thing-- their extreme loyalty to the God of the Zodiac. Members of the Zodiac Curse have struggled, will struggle, and are struggling to survive in the cold world they are being thrashed in suddenly. To keep the curse a secret, they have been hidden and either have been sent to a same-sex school as their own or tutored at home. But now, the God has decided to have them attend a co-ed school; normal school. That is where their lives will be changed, by the kind-hearted, the mean-hearted, the cold-hearted people around them. They just have to be careful of crashing into members of the opposite sex. There shall be no transforming in front of people. Otherwise, their little taste of normal will be ripped away from them, and they will be confined to their old lives. And the children left at the co-ed school will be left wondering what was wrong with the Sohma family and why they were so mysterious.


    So, that was my intro! I think I did a pretty good job. Especially with that emotional music. c: This is, obviously, based off the anime "Fruits Basket". I would like to play it off as if the original story never happened and that we're just marching to our own drum. I would appreciate an intermediate writing style please, and that we all remain loyal and civil. c:

    Before you click on this Slot List, read this:

    If two people or more want a certain Zodiac member position, they will both have to present me their character and I will choose. I will choose a character not based on if one is better than the other or my particular preferences. I will choose based on their contribution to the plot and the way they would balance out with other characters. Also, you don't have to play a Zodiac member, though it is advised. You can also play a normal human attending the co-ed school who profoundly affects a Zodiac member's life.

    The Cursed Ones Positions (open)
    The God - The one whom Zodiac members are fiercely loyal to and cannot escape no matter how hard they try. Often sickly and destined to die at a young age. (Reserved by XxRikaxX)

    The Rat - A blessed position to hold, the Rat is worshiped for it's cunning and wit. A problem-solver and a hard-worker. Closest to the God. (Reserved by XxRikaxX)

    The Ox - Gentle, peace-loving, but contains a bad temper. Seen as having a "split personality" when angered. Independent, level-headed, and strong. (Open)

    The Tiger - Strong, independent, noble, aggressive, and courageous. Somewhat selfish and short-tempered, but charismatic and loved. (1. Avower)

    The Rabbit - Simple, affectionate, creative, talented and ambitious. Very peaceful and easily stressed in certain situations. People-pleaser and clear-sighted. (1. RareSecret)

    The Dragon - Powerful, gifted, full of vitality, possesses outstanding leadership quality, and quick-tempered. Has the ability to erase memories in case one finds out the secret of the Zodiac. Second closest to God. (1. DacksonFlux)

    The Snake - Intellectual, quick-witted, passionate, and sometimes feared. Somewhat deceptive, but good-natured deep down. Melodramatic. (1. KayThePilotChapter)

    The Horse - Loves life, a "go-getter", charming, smart, popular. Charismatic and the "crowd-pleaser". Very trustworthy. Moody.(Open)

    The Goat/Sheep - Strong and possessing fortitude. Confident, persevering, protective of the weak. Nurturing, generous, and non-judgemental. Hard-worker. (Open)

    The Monkey - Intelligent with a sense of humor. Original thinker, practical, carries out plans, imaginative, curious, attentive, observant, and an introvert. Friendly and open, but requires space. (Open)

    The Rooster - Conscientious, bold, self-centered, sensitive, and attentive to friends. Confident and ambitious, kind-hearted and generous, opinionated. (Open)

    The Dog - Loyal, trusted, compassionate, a protector, and always ready to give aid. Empathetic, though a bit manipulative. Rarely gives burst of violence or anger. Quick to forgive. Defensive of family and friends. (1. Kaz)

    The Boar - Courageous, independent, quick-tempered, do not like to compromise, a loner. Kind-hearted and loving deep down. Will only keep a few, valuable friends in life. (Open)

    Well, that's it. You may be wondering why we don't have a cat yet such as in the story. If we did, the story would center around the cat and the cat alone, and I want this to be about everyone. c: I hope that's okay. Anyway, show interest! ^^​
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  2. I'll take dog and tiger! C:
  3. I call rabbit in honor of Momiji.
  4. Gotcha!

    @Avower I'm sorry, but I'd prefer you play one Zodiac member. .w. But if you wanted to play two characters, you can also play a normal human!
  5. Can I PM you about roles later? I seem to be very indecisive XD I found a picture to use but dunno which role to choose from!
  6. Sure thing! c:
  7. You forgot cow :3 but if you put if you don't put it up im fine with the rat
  8. Uh, an Ox is a cow. And I'm already playing a Rat.
  9. Sign me up for Dragon!

    Anywho, interested!
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  10. I'll take the dog~
  11. Okay! I'll sign you both down!
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  12. I'll take tiger don't forget!:)
  13. Haven't forgotten! c: I've written you all down!
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  14. Pssst,youspelledmynamewrong.

    So, do we go ahead and put a character profile together, or wait for a sign-ups thread? o.o
  15. Oh, I'm so sorry, I'll change it right away! ;m;

    Wait for the sign-up threads please! I just need a teensy bit more people!
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  16. Can I reserve the Snake? It's been my nickname since Sixth Grade.... And I love reptiles!
  17. Of course! <3
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  18. Thank you! *Hisssssss*
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  19. May I request the Rooster?
  20. May I reserve the Ox?
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