The Cursed Ones

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  1. "I wish you would just keep quiet when I'm doing business with others." Shea's hand twitched as he spoke to seemingly himself. However, he was addressing the demon in his head.

    That's no fun, human. I like to play with your kind. So easily scared.

    "If you left us alone for just two minutes, I could get food so I can, I don't know, stay alive? If I die, you die."

    Hmph, was all that came from the demon in his head. Shea sighed, fixing the top hat on his head. He was traveling through a large city, where thankfully, the majority of the population ignored him and his crazy ramblings. It was harsh trade-backs with Aehs, the archdemon that possessed half of his body, but Shea couldn't really stop him from talking. In fact, the more Shea ignored him, the more Aehs chattered about how weak humans were.

    For once, he was staying quiet as Shea weaved through the crowd, feigning a limp with the cane at his side. He often faked a crippled limb to justify him drinking alcohol or finding something to soothe his fabricated pain, which dulled Aehs's thoughts and opinions about... everything.

    Aehs was completely aware of Shea's attempts to get rid of him, as well as truly rid the demon from his body. They'd been battling for control of Shea's soul ever since Aehs had first showed up almost a year ago. They'd come to a tentative agreement: once a week, Aehs could roam for a day, killing and sating his lust for blood and power. In exchange, he wouldn't try to completely take over Shea.

    Sometimes it worked, sometime it didn't.

    In that moment, Shea was only trying to get away from the crowds so he could have some sort of peace. He limped his way through the people, doing his best to avoid physical contact with anyone. If provoked by deigning to brush a human, Aehs would be more likely to attempt to show himself and kill someone.

    Next time, human, try to find a better location. These humans are stupid and incompetent.

    "You think every human is stupid," Shea muttered, lowering his head to keep his eyes away from the crowd. The poor young man limped into a gap between two large buildings, temporarily escaping the crowd. The cool shade allowed him to breathe and calm the burning thoughts, courtesy of the demon.

    Yes, you in particular. You could allow me to do what I wish, and we could be rid of these ones entirely.

    "No, because everyone else around here is carrying a burden, and some of them just might be stronger than you."

    You doubt me, pitiful sack of flesh. I am the strongest, and I will take over.

    "Yeah...," Shea breathed, rolling his eyes as he leaned against the wall, "you do that." The growl in his head made him wince, but there were people glancing, and he kept his gaze lowered. The last thing he needed was to provoke Aehs, which happened no matter what he did. It was only a matter of time. On top of that, he only had two days before his agreed time with the demon, the entire day where Aehs was unleashed upon the world to slay and sate his lust for blood and death.

    Shea could only hope he was far away when that time came.
  2. There were too many people. That was the first thing Zenei thought of as she weaved through the town. Thankfully she didn't have to actually walk in her physical form. Her body seemed to melt into another's shadow, twisting it around so their shadow looked like her own. The shadow danced along the streets, leaping from one person's to the other until she appeared out of a stall filled with fruit and baked goods. She dusted off her green dress and hummed a tune to herself as she watched people carry on with their lives.

    People walked around without a care. Not seeming to care wether they had twenty years left on their life or twenty seconds. Everyone had a form of timer. But only she knew how much she actually had left. It made her sick. Zenei shook her head before grabbing a bag and filling it with different fruits as well as bread and cheeses. She dipped into the shadow of the stall before anyone could stop her. The vendor cursed angrily but he had no way of knowing where she had gone. Her shadow dancing among other's.

    "A girl's gotta eat." She mumbled to herself as she appeared out of the shadows in an alley way. The headache was approaching from using the magic, causing her to stumble a moment before shaking her head and looking at the ground. There were two pairs of feet. Zenei really needed to work on focusing if there was someone else around before she popped out of the shadows. Her black eyes lifted up until they reached the face of a man and his hat. "Sorry... Uhm, I thought this place was unoccupied." The bag of food was tucked behind her back as she spoke, a pitiful attempt at hiding it.
  3. I sense something.

    Warnings from Aehs weren't particularly common, and it piqued Shea's interest. He looked up and around, but he didn't see anyone. "What are you talking about? There's no one--"

    Be quiet, human. The words were so vehement that Shea closed his mouth. He continued to glance around until he noticed a corner of the building's shadow shift and morph into something else. It took the form of a person, a girl, to be exact. She didn't seem to notice him until she glanced up, shamefully hiding the bag of stolen food behind her back. Aehs growled in his thoughts, and Shea couldn't stop the flash of crimson that scattered across his eyes. "It's fine."

    It is not fine, Aehs snapped. Whatever cursed this girl in front of him, it was something the archdemon was not pleased with.

    "Yes, it is fine."

    No. Leave this place. Now. This awful female human is--

    "She's nothing," Shea snapped, though it was only to himself on the outside. Realizing he'd spoken aloud, he looked to the girl and glanced down at the ground. "I - Sorry. I'm sure you're not nothing. But... I should probably go. My... head doesn't agree with you."

    Well, if that wasn't awkward, he didn't know what was.
  4. "You said it is fine already." Zenei said as she gave Shea a strange look, but her back straightened up a bit as he stated she was nothing. "Excuse me?"

    Now this man was arguing with himself, what was wrong with his head? Zenei shook her head as he finally seemed to be finished. "You know, it's rather odd that you are speaking to yourself. But... Maybe you aren't?" The shadows twisted around her and seemed to suck her in until she was gone from sight, but her voice cotninued to ring around the area. "So? Where are they?" Her torso appeared out of a wall behind him and vanished once more before she stepped out of the shadows next to him. "Odd... I don't see anyone... Maybe you are just crazy?"

    "I apologize. I am blabbering on..." An apple was pulled from the bag and held out to the man. If he took it he would have no reason to rat her out-- like they could catch her anyways. "I haven't spoken to someone in a long time, and crazy or not, it gives me something to do until I move on for my search."
  5. "I'm not crazy," Shea snapped. Irritation always ran rampant in his mind when Aehs was using his voice. He had to admit that if the demon wasn't so annoying, he could probably be persuasive. But, as it was, Aehs was quick to boast and brag about superiority, which wasn't the way to go about the world domination he so desired. Of course, Shea wasn't going to tell him any of this. There were a few sections of his mind still his own, and he was determined to keep it that way.

    Keep your damn mouth shut, human. Walk away.

    Shea felt his leg twitch as Aehs pressed his aura around the human. He took one step forward and instead of keeping up the pace, he swiped the fruit from the girl in front of him. He jammed his teeth into the hard skin of the fruit, doing something to keep his mind occupied and deny Aehs the power he craved. He looked over the girl again, trying to see her as Shea and not the archdemon. She had dark hair and equally dark eyes, and there was a slightness to her that wasn't unpleasant to look at. However, he had the feeling that she harbored a secret, much like himself. Shadow surrounded them, and it seemed like she called it to her without really trying.

    She had mentioned a search, and it was enough to get what little attention he could give her. "What are you searching for?"
  6. Zenei smiled as he took the apple, slipping her hands behind her back and rocking on her heels as she watched him. He was fighting with something. She could see his slight hesitation before he grabbed the apple and he seemed to be agitated. What had he meant by his head not liking her? She snapped out of her thoughts when he asked his question, stepping a bit closer and speaking in a hushed voice.

    "A way to get rid of the curse. I've been traveling for years now trying to find it. But..." Zenei trailed off a moment and sighed, shaking her head as she fished out some grapes, popping one in her mouth for a moment before speaking up again. "I'm on a timelimit. I only have five years left to conplete my search." Another grape was popped into the girl's mouth before she looked more carefully at Shea. "Maybe you know something? Any kind of information will do! I've been stuck in the stupid town for a month already and I am getting nowhere."
  7. Aehs released another growl in his head, and Shea wished self-inflicted pain was socially acceptable, for he would have punched himself in the head. He did his best to ignore the demon again, taking another harsh bite of the fruit. A way to release Aehs from inside of him? It sounded too good to be true. He had always dreamed of getting rid of the demon ever since Aehs had entered his body, but now, he didn't know if it would have repercussions. Aehs made him physically stronger and more dangerous, and his body had grown used to having such a foreign life inside.

    Still, he wanted to grab at that small piece of hope and run with it. "No, I don't know anything, but I know somewhere that might."

    No, we are not going back to Nab--

    "Nabar, yes," he said to both Zenei and Aehs even though the girl hadn't gotten even a sliver of a second to answer. The demon didn't retreat, but he grew silent. Well, as silent as a snarling creature like him could. "They have a library. They're open there about their curses too. This town isn't." People were scared of what would happen to them if they discovered a way to get rid of the curses. Even the rulers had them, but most monarchs and nobles were chosen by their benevolent and beneficial curses, as uncommon as they were. People like Shea were just the unlucky ones.

    "What's your name? I'm Shea." He didn't stick his hand out, and he wanted to tell her why, but not yet.

    "I'm Shea," Aehs mocked in his head. If you die in Nabar, I won't care.

    "You never care."
  8. Zenei's eyes grew wide as Shea spoke. He knew of a place, that was wonderful! A flash of deep purple ran over her eyes before going back to black, the shadows around them seeming to twist like snakes around the alley way in a form of protest. "Nabar? I haven't gone there yet. Well, atleast it's better than this plaace with curses. I get looked at like a monster for, well..." She lifted a hand to just below her eyes. "You know. People don't like looking at them I suppose."
    Her hand lowered and eyes darted to his hand that remained at his side. She tilted her head a bit but she decided it was probably a cultural thing. So instead Zenei gave a nod and spoke up once more. "I'm Zenei, a pleasure to meet y-" Her mouth snapped shut when he spoke a final time, her nose scrunching a bit. He was certainly a rude fellow, wasn't he? Shaking it off she stepped away from him and guestured to the road. "Well, lead the way, Shea."
  9. Shea knew he was giving her the wrong impression. Eventually, she would just end her travels with him and go off and find some other person who knew where to look up curses and how to remove them. Even as Zenei stepped away to the side, Shea held up a hand. "Hold on. I have to take care of something." He turned around (as if it was going to help), and he began to argue with himself. "I don't care what you say. We're going and that's that."

    No. Nabar is full of petty humans and inferior demons.

    "That doesn't matter. I don't care what you think at all! This is my chance to be rid of you."

    We will see about that, Shea Devereux.

    Shea knew things were going to worsen as Aehs growled. The demon grew eloquent when he angered. On top of strong, bloodthirsty, nearly invincible, and above all, merciless. Shea held his head with one hand as he glanced back at Zenei. "Dammit... Follow me, but... Stay away." With that, he took off in a dead run, launching himself over wooden fences and garbage barriers. He left the town in a rush, darting into the sanctuary that was the half-chopped down forest near the road. Once in a suitable spot, he stopped and panted. "No, stop. It's not time for that!"

    "You made it that time," Aehs's voice spilled from his voice, and Shea shook his head rapidly. However, his voice was gone, and all that came from his throat was a guttural growl. His skin darkened until it was so dark it sucked the sunlight from the alcove. Shea ripped his hat from his head, the article of clothing spinning off into the trees. His hands grew long and curved into claws. Shadows swirled around every part of his body and his hair disappeared under a sea of black. He roared, and it was a harsh and deep sound, one that tore across the leaves. It was followed up by a sinister and humorless chuckle as Shea changed into the one thing he despised: his other half.

    Aehs spun around, wild and crimson eyes searching the wood for something with flowing blood. He was still donned in Shea's clothes, something he remedied by throwing the clothes off. He didn't really have a body, but what steps he left were black and dead.
  10. Zenei blinked at him, having no idea what to do as he argued with himself. "What on earth..." She mumbled to herself as she listened to his conversation. This was certainly an interesting character, but how dangerous could he be? She's been traveling for years now. She had seen her fair share of crazies and fights. Everything would be fine, right?

    Follow but stay? Zenei stood frozen for a moment, trying to figure that out in her mind, but he was already running so she figured she'd follow. "H-hey! Wait up!" She bolted after him, leaping over fences and other obsticals, sometimes just using the shadows to go right through things and get closer to Shea. They were out of the town now and she was out of breath. Shea had gotten farther ahead but began to shift as she walked closer to him. Soon it was something else, not that man she had just met earlier.

    "Hey! Put your clothes back on, it's not de...cent..." She stopped as she looked at the dying ground in his footsteps. Maybe speaking up wasn't such a great idea.
  11. Zenei was too close, and both demon and human knew it. Aehs whipped back around, a curling and fanged grin plastered on his shadowy face.

    "Well, hello there, female child," he said, a silky growl in his tone. "You are causing me trouble. It makes you a naughty child." He took a step toward her, the grass wilting at what could be considered the demon's feet. He was certainly otherworldly: a body comprised of darkness and shadow, bright eyes the color of blood and hands that curved into claws. He wasn't pretty to look at, but most people couldn't look away from the horror.

    "Do you know what I do to naughty children?" he asked, though the answer came too quickly. "I strip the flesh from their bones and feast on their heart. I bathe your pitiful dirt in their blood and relish the screams of the frightened and dying."

    His gaze, which had been tilted toward the sky like he was reveling in a memory, glared back at her. The grin grew larger, stretching across the demon's face farther than it was physically possible for a human. "Run, child. It makes killing you slowly all the better."
  12. Zenei held her ground for the most part, though she was completely terrified. Sure, she had seen her fait share of fights and odd curses, but this one was something else. Her memory snapped back to what she called 'the other world'. So many creatures were down there, things of nightmares. But they couldn't hurt her... This one however could, and he had every intention of doing so. Before she could think anymore she ran through the forest, past the chopped down trees and into the brush and untouched land.

    She had to get this thing as far from the town as she could. So this was who Shea was talking to. The part of his 'head' that didn't like her. This is why he took interest and offered to help. So he could probably rid of the creature, but obviously the creature had other things in mind. Now came time for the big question; if she fought this thing, would it hurt the man trapped inside? If he even was still there.

    Her thoughts on the whole matter ended with the trees as she soon found herself in an open field. Zenei was not in a good position. "Oh please work..." She mumbled to herself before turning back around and facing Aehs. Breathing had become difficult with all of the running, she really had no other choice. She took off into a short sprint, right for the demon, but suddenly disappeared, his shadow shifting and changing into her silhouette. "Where is Shea?" Came Zenei's voice from within the shadow.
  13. "Run, human, run! I will catch you!"

    The words echoed around the forest, bouncing off the leaves, like they themselves were lethal weapons trained on Zenei's running form. Aehs followed her, but he goes much slower. He knew it didn't matter what his pace was. He was going to catch her no matter what. With only smoldering, dead footprints to show which way he was going, Aehs kept up on her trail. He could smell her fear, and it made him chuckle. He would kill her and devour whatever was inside her. Aehs knew the Curses made him stronger with each one that he pulled from a dead body.

    The scorching footprints led to an open field, and Aehs saw Zenei had stopped. "Well, that was weak, child. You've put up almost no fight at all," he chided her like a father scolding his daughter. However, she had turned to face him, and the shadowy head tilted. She was planning something, and since there was no way she was powerful enough to stop him, she had an ability he did not know of. So he stood, intimidating and unmoving, while she leaped and then vanished, coming up in the form of his own slight shadow.

    She asked about Shea and Aehs barked a mirthless laugh. "You want to know where my pitiful host of a human is? He's inside me."
  14. "Must be pretty cramped in there."
    The shadow of Zenei couldn't help but give a little chuckle, shifting about so one could just barely make out that she had crossed her arms. "Well first, you have some serious anger issues. Just look at what you have done to this lovely ground! So let me guess, Shea wants you out of him, and you don't want that... I understand where you are coming from. The only reason I've made it this far is because the one in charge of my life finds it amusing. He's winning so far anyways." Zenei's shadow waved her hand as if waving away the subject. "No matter. Maybe you're just scared. That he will actually win in leave you. Then you can't hide in his body. Too scared to have your own?"

    Zenei really hoped her talking would work and she could somehow reason with this monster. "Maybe we'll find a way to not only release the curse, but release you? Get you your own body. Then you won't be trapped in this 'pitiful host', hm?" The shadow began to shift a bit, she couldn't stay in his shadow forever, it was taking all of her energy. "So what do you say? We could help release you and you could go about killing more than a naughty child."
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  15. The crimson orbs turned into slits as Aehs glared at her. She was a type of shadow demon, one that he might have beat into submission if he was in his own realm. He was still stronger, but the human world messed with his strength, bringing him down to a different level. "I am not frightened, human. You do not understand how this works. I would not expect you to. Your small mind can hardly comprehend my power, unlike the one who gave you your power. I see your life is shortened. Only five years left, you said? A pity for you. Not for me, of course. I can end your life much sooner than that."

    Aehs twisted in a floating circle around her, leaving a trail of black, shadowy smoke behind him. "You have a demon's power, but you are not one. Where is the one who rules your life span?" He seemed genuinely curious as to the whereabouts of Zenei's demon, but the reason soon became clear.

    "You may be weaker than I, shadow demon, but I intend to rule this world, and you could join me. The power to dominate humans as you see fit is tempting, no?" The face curved into a malicious smirk, hate exuding from him. It was clear he despised humans above all else.
  16. Zenei's shadow trembled a bit as she struggled to stay within. Her head was starting to spin and she felt exhausted. She closed her eyes a moment before looking down from the shadow shape that let her see into the human world. She was floating in the air, surrounded by a thick red sky, with black dead earth far beneith her feet. Small creatures with wings had flown around her and she did her best to ignore them until they started latching to her legs with their long boney fingers.

    They seemed to look almost like children, except their faces were nothing but a giant eye with long lower jaws hanging down to reveal sharp teeth. Their black bodies held the human shape but attached to their backs were wings like bats. They continued to cling to her legs and she felt like she would fall to the ground at any moment. All she had to do was reach into the window above her and she would appear from the shadow. But then Zenei would have to face a demon much stronger than the little bratty bats clinging to her legs.

    The final question made her stop kicking her legs to try to get the lesser demons off of her. Aehs had no idea if her demon could hear or not. He was so far away he had no idea about this conversation most likely, she could work with this. "My life holder. He is interested in your plan, but he likes competition. If I can find a way to break the curse on myself he will still let me go. But as I do that if you find a way to free yourself he will help you take over this world." Zenei struggled to focus before finally kicking the lesser demons off of her and falling out of his shadow, appearing on the ground and blinking to try to get her vision back.

    "S-so what do you say? He will help you... But you have to let Shea and I find a way through this curse as well..." Zenei remained sitting on the ground, her head spinning so much she had to hold it in her hands.
  17. The crimson eyes narrowed again. Aehs could not trust humans, nor could he trust other demons. Subjugation wasn't likely, not at the moment. He had to weaken Zenei, because in doing so, the demon would be weaker as well. However, Zenei said that her demon had heard him and she was relaying his information. Because there was no way to verify this, Aehs gave a short nod of his shadowy head.

    He stalked forward, changing his black shape into something on four legs. It had a pair of wings crafted of dark tendrils, and when they flapped, the grass blew and dried up. Black ooze dripped from its muzzle and the eyes still burned with hate. It appeared much like a wolf though it was twisted and broken.

    "I promise nothing," he growled at Zenei, "because betrayal among demons is as common as greetings between humans. I cannot stop this pitiful one from going on a quest to rid himself of me, but he will not find what he's looking for. I will do as I wish, and your demon is free to do the same. This world will be mine." With that, he bounded away, back into the forest. This time, the footprints were clear and massive paws that gouged the earth as he leaped. The day wore on, but Shea's clothes still lay abandoned in the clearing.

    Some time after dusk, he wandered back, naked with his mouth and hands coated in blood, though whether it was from a human or animal, he couldn't say. He did his best to scrub the blood from his face, but they were still stained pink by the time he finished. With a sigh, he slipped his clothes back on, unsure of what had happened to Zenei.
  18. Zenei flinched when she was face to face with the broken looking wolf. She couldn't help but stare at the creature. So this was Shea's demon, he was fierce and filled with hate-- then again what demons weren't? She had to force an emotionless face as he spoke of betrayal, her insides swelling with pride. She had tricked a demon, maybe not perfectly, but tricked none the less

    Soon he was gone, leaving nothing but large footprints in the, now dead, ground. As soon as he was out of sight she gave a long sigh before giving a soft chuckle, it soon rising into a giggling fit. She had actually survived that! Zenei was sure she would be killed by that thing but she actually managed to keep her heart in her chest... Literally.

    She didn't know when that thing would be back, they had made a sort of deal, right? Long ebon locks sway around her head as she shakes it, getting to her feet feet and walking back towards where the clothes were. She waited for a while before growing bored-- and a bit cautious, climbing into a nearby tree and hiding in the brush.

    Shea was back, remnants of blood on him that Zenei could see even through the darkened field. But he was himself-- she hoped. Zenei's eyes quickly closed when she saw he was naked and waited for him to slip on his cloths before slipping into the shadows and appearing out of his. "Well, that was certainly interesting... You alright?"
  19. Shea nearly jumped out of his skin as she approached. She was so quiet, just like a shadow. Trying to hide the shock from his face, he looked around for his hat. Aehs had a habit of throwing the headwear around like it meant nothing, but Shea used the brim of the tall hat to hide his eyes. "I... No. Not really. I hate it when he does that. He really must not like you. Then again, he doesn't really like anyone." The snarl in his head confirmed that. Shea sighed, putting his coat back on and fixing the sleeves.

    "You didn't happen to see any water around, did you? I need to get this off of me," he said, waving his hands. He didn't know why the blood remained on his hands after Aehs released his hold on his body. All he knew was that he was now used to it from how often it happened.
  20. Zenei nodded, tilting her head a bit as she looked at his eyes as if trying to look into a window. "So... He can hear and see everything, can't he?" Their faces were close together now and as soon as Zenei realized it she backed away. "Sorry. There is a stream not far from here. A couple minutes to the..." She trailed off as she looked at the stars, at first it seemed like she had completely forgotten what she was doing until she pointed to a bright star. "West of here!"

    Zenei lowered her hand before turning into a different direction leaving in a slight jog. "I will meet you there. I have to go find something." With that she soon vanished in the tree lines. It didn't take her too long to find the hat in a bush and it looked fairly better after she brushed the dirt and twigs from it.

    A half hour or so passed before she was at the stream, clearing her throat a bit so Shea knew she was approaching. "Found your hat."
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