The Cursed Lands

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  1. I open my eyes for another hopeless day in my cage.
    "Why do these humans have to be here to watch me wake up everyday?" I mumble as I rub my eyes.
    " Here is your food 'Cursed One'!"
    The mayor throws food at me.
    "Thank you sir." I smile a cheerful smile but its only a fake.
    I look at the food I was given.
    A slice of watermelon, an ear of corn, and a bottle of water.
    I eat the food in silence and sigh.

    ( this may start out slowly. and a total of 5 or more people are needed to keep this going and 3 humans or more would be enough for this RP)
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  2. I open my wings as much as possible then close them again as soon as a little child looks at me.
    The child looks to be 12.
    "........" I only stare, saying nothing.
  3. the girl runs off.
  4. Zale had a water tank basically attached to his cage. He didn't know or never understood why he was here or why he was left. He just started to stir when he heard something get dropped in the water. It was possible small small fish they usually liked him to show off from time to time hunting not that he considered it real hunting. Zale stood and walked over toward the water side of the cage and jumped in soon after putting on a small show he returned up and looked to see who may had been moved near him or he even moved toward others he had been separated from some for a while after the accident. He spotted a girl he didn't remember seeing before or the name of. "Um hello?" he called after some conversation while the crowd seemed to had died down for a bit.
Thread Status:
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