The Curse of Val'hemra

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  1. Basically, I am addicted to Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunately, my "friends" do not feel the same way nor could they RP to save their life. I had an idea for a world recently that i've been aching to try out but I haven't been able to. Then I saw that there was a "D&D" tag here so I thought "Well why the hell not?".

    This won't be like the usual D&D with the turn taking thing, because that would take forever on a forum and it would also be unrealistic and tedious. Therefore, anyone may make any action whenever they feel like it. Of course, they can only do one action in a single post and it requires a dice roll to assure it works, but i'm going to try and let people do as they like. Conversations between characters are the only thing in which a dice roll will not be needed, and whispered ones between 2 characters are recommended that they are done in a PM.

    The Worldspace:
    - A quiet, peaceful and prosperous land filled with a limitless variation of races, jobs and cultures. People never fight here, preferring to settle their differences with a simple game of cards, or more likely, a courtroom situation. There isn't even a strict currency. Often communities are small enough for people to accept payment in "favours". Something along the lines of "If I give you this tool you need, then you get me some bread next time you go to the market." or even just, "you owe me one."

    Of course, there are the occasional large trading cities, so naturally there is a token of value, referred to simply as "gold, silver and bronze." This system of money is considered an upgrade of the favour system as it allows people to trade even when they know they probably wont see each other again to ask for fulfilment of the favour.

    Quem'bel - The capital of Val'hemra. It rests on a flood plain of the great river Noxe that runs through Val'hemra, and it's towers rise up so far into the sky that on cold days they seem to disappear completely above the cloud layer.

    The land around Quem'bel stretches for endless miles in every direction and is covered by a great mass of fields, meadows, forests and hillscapes.

    Aera - Aera is a utopian vale hidden deep in the northern mountains. Few people have seen it and returned to tell the tale. Most people assume they just stayed there. The only thing people have heard of it is what travelling merchants tell, which usually consist of dragons, faeries, and any number of other creatures no one would ever have thought existed. But then again, these rumours have probably been embellished somewhat over time.

    The main races:

    There are 3 denominations of the elf race that are generally accepted as civilisations.

    The first of the elves are the High Elves. These elves are the height of culture and specialise in great magical masterpieces. Their cities are usually found in the sky, and their architecture and spells all require around 3 people to cast to effect. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that in combat they are useless, it means that it takes 3 or 4 of them to cut out 200,000 tonnes of rock and lift it into the air. I know, pathetic right? High elves are graceful swordfighters, in fact, every high elf regardless of class must study swordplay in school.

    The second of the elves are the Wood Elves. These elves remained true to nature even when technology was placed before them. Their cities are usually found deep in the heartlands of forests and sometimes it takes a trained eye just to notice them in the first place. They specialise in archery, stealth and surprise, and like high elves, all must at least attempt to master the bow. Their magic usually focuses on bending nature to their will.

    The last of the elves are the Dark Elves. These elves are considered corrupt and twisted, due to their darkened skin and unnerving voices. The fact that they make their homes in volcano craters probably doesn't help this image much. In reality, dark elves can be just as nice as you or me, but they tend to become political advisers and as everyone knows, no one likes a politician. They specialise in stealth also, however their magic leans more towards use of fire.

    Humans are the main population of Val'hemra. They get literally everywhere, and many of the older races view them as vermin in this section of their nature. The humans can diversify amazingly well which is why they populate so effectively, and you can never be surprised to find one anywhere except in the darkest of crypts. Humans can become adept in any weapon or magical style, but they never master their chosen path simply because that art isn't set in their blood.

    Dwarves are the most robust of the races. They build great strongholds in the mountains and they treasure gold above all else. A rich dwarf (not an uncommon sight) will usually have gilded armour and weapons. Dwarves specialise in axe-wielding and shield use, and they are often the "tank" of the adventurer party. They make great merchants.

    Of course, there are many more races than these, and many more sub-races, such as Faetouched Elves and Snow elves, to name 2, but I don't have time to go into all the details and in the end, if you want to come up with another race i'm fine with it as long as it isn't absurd.

    As with all my worlds, Magic is a key theme and without it the world would probably not ever exist. This time around, it's going to be like a life force in it's own right.

    Magic is the name given to the part of Gaia that can be channelled. There is no end to what it can be channelled into, provided you have the willpower for it. Every time a mage wants to cast a spell, they are effectively asking Mother Earth if they can borrow some of her power for this task. Sometimes, if the user intends to heal someone's wounds for example, the magic will flow easily because she revels in kindness. If the act were to be destructive however, especially towards those who have not done anything wrong, a far greater willpower will be needed to overcome Gaia's own strength. The magical energy takes the form of whatever the wielder wants it to be. It is not possible to rapid-fire off loads of projectiles because in that instance the wielder is probably thinking of slicing the target into tiny pieces, which means that the magic will actually become blades of energy that will literally slice the target into tiny pieces. Magic takes a long time to master because of this. The user needs to be able to focus on what they want to do exactly. Pedants seem to be very good at it.

    The Rules:
    Naturally, there are some rules that must be followed in order for people to have a good time.

    1: NO godmodding. But then again, this'll be pretty hard to do given ultimately I can decide what the outcome of your action is.

    2: NO cheating. If you roll a 6, hard luck your action probably failed. If you seem to be getting endless good luck then i'll probably make an unavoidable event that culls you down a bit.

    3: Try to keep mature themes out. Romance is fine but nothing adult-y, do all the bloodshed you want.

    4: I may end up giving control of events somewhat to you. I think I may already have done this actually.

    5: When you carry out an action, roll a 20 sided die. Take the result and add or remove the modifier from your CS. If the result is more than 12, the action succeeds. otherwise it fails. You may then go on to do another action but bear in mind if you go overboard then I will ask you to cut the last actions out because I had something planned. Also you may only do 2 actions before someone else who isnt me posts.

    The Character Sheet:

    Name: (i dont think a reminder is necessary here.)
    Age: (Include relative age IE an elf may be 200 years old and look 20)
    Race: (whatever you want. Will probably effect modifiers.)
    Personality: (If an action you do doesn't fit your personality then I'm going to be requiring an explanation.)
    Alignment: (will also affect IC actions. A lawful good person wouldn't kill a harmless peasant for example.) (choose from Lawful, neutral and chaotic) (also from Good, neutral or Evil)
    : (Picture preferred)
    Optional Biography: (Optional Biography is Optional.)

    Scores: (roll a 20 sided dice for each. You may re-roll a dice a total of 3 times and only if that dice doesn't fit your character, IE a muscular blademaster rolling a 3 for strength would allow you a reroll.)
    Constitution: (dictates the likelihood of you being able to ignore a wound.)
    Strength: (dictates how physically strong you are.)
    Dexterity: (dictates your agility, how fast you move, and how good you are at avoiding.)
    Intelligence: (dictates the power of your spells, also your ability to think things through.)
    Willpower: (dictates your mental strength. Higher willpower = higher "mana pool." among other things.)
    Charisma: (dictates how good you are at speaking to people. If it's particularly high, you may be able to befriend an angel even if you are chaotic evil.)
    Luck: (roll a 20 sided die and halve the result. Round up. You may spend one luck point to reroll a dice once in game.)

    Ruko threw 20-faced die for: Total: 18 $dice $dice
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  2. Colour me reserved.
  3. How's this look, Rai? :)

    Aedor Nomestar
    Age: 28
    Race: Snow Elf/Wood Elf Hybrid
    Personality: Kind but somewhat aloof, finds Southerners somewhat difficult to understand at times
    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Optional Biography:
    A frozen Elf warrior of the unforgiving Far-North, he is on a mission to capture a fugitive of his people and thereby prove himself worthy as a warrior of his clan, as passed down from his mother (Who has recently passed away). This is his rite to adulthood and warrior-status.
    He has a genetic disorder brought on by his mixed heritage (Hence his low Con); his mother was a Snow Elf and his father a Wood Elf – he doesn’t know that he is a hybrid.
    He finds the decadence and peacefulness of the South to be confusing but strangely alluring (His Woodland-blood is attracted to the South), but even with his distraction he has diligently tracked his quarry to the road to Quem'bel.

    Constitution: 9
    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 14
    Intelligence: 18
    Willpower: 10
    Charisma: 16
    Luck: 2
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  4. We ALL find southerners difficult to understand at times :P Accepted! Know that I intend to introduce a plot that everyone will partake in. It was going to start in Quem'bel, so you've unknowingly set your character up perfectly :D I expect I'll start the IC as soon as there's 3 characters. I'll start nagging Raimei too.
  5. Ooh, I like!

    I never done a D&D campaign beside the Baldur's Gate games but a start for everything, right?

    Do we roll the dices here for character creation or do we use a third party roller?

    Name: Morian Tza'vray
    Age: 237 year old, looks about 25
    Race: Dark Elf
    Personality: Practical to the extreme, Morian will only take action she believe are both profitable and advantageous to her goals. With a deeply unromantic mindset, she will lie and cheat to get to the appropriate ending she previously decided upon, and though she does not show it, holds familial ties in high regard. Loyal and steadfast to her superiors, she is however a rogue and a political creature at heart, and her actions will not always be morally sound.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Optional Biography: (Optional Biography is Optional.)

    Scores: (roll a 20 sided dice for each. You may re-roll a dice a total of 3 times and only if that dice doesn't fit your character, IE a muscular blademaster rolling a 3 for strength would allow you a reroll.)
    Constitution: 19
    Strength: 15
    Dexterity: 17
    Intelligence: 14
    Willpower: 13
    Charisma: 15
    Luck: 1
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  6. Oh wow such a bad constitution roll there. One hit and she's dead :P You can re-roll that if you want. Also you say she would lie and cheat to get the outcome she wants. That doesn't sound like she'd be lawful. Probably chaotic if anything. Change that and you're accepted. We'll begin either with 1 more player or when Raimei gets round to making her app. Ooh I just realised a party made entirely of females. Fun! You may use either for dice rolling however i'd prefer it if you used iwaku so I know you're not cheating.
  7. Ah, yeah, I will change it, thanks :).
    And yes, that roll was awful Dx!
  8. Yup you're accepted then. I only just realised that DnD and MTG are made by the same company -_- which would explain why there's a DnD character in MTG.
  9. Name: Engir Felmar (Nickname: En)

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Personality: En tends to go with the flow, doing what interests him. He's a chatty, friendly and mischievous person and enjoys being stealthy and going undetected where possible. He is happy to help others when he can but also does what he wants, usually in order to entertain himself. He likes the thrill of adventure, often getting into trouble where trouble can be found. He is somewhat of a kleptomaniac and despite his affinity to the shadows, he will often boldly (or perhaps stupidly would be a better word to use) stumble head first into danger if he sees something that catches his eye. He loves having fun and tends to be rather energetic, getting bored easily.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Optional Biography:
    Growing up alone, En would like to find out more about his past, especially the fate of his family. Trained in the arts of thievery, he often goes on escapades with his friends in a small guild where the lonely and unfortunate stick together. Working as a bartender in his town during his spare time, he often hears of the stories and rumours of Val'hemra. Deciding to take fate into his own hands, and hearing of the adventures he may be able to face, En sets off on the road to Quem'bel, wondering where his destiny may take him.

    Constitution: 9
    Strength: 11
    Dexterity: 19
    Intelligence: 10
    Willpower: 9
    Charisma: 16
    Luck: 8
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  10. Name: Semidae Reteck

    Age: 132

    Race: Isweni (A race of my own making for this context - elaborated on in Bio.)

    Personality: Semidae is a very quiet character, she often prefers to observe than to speak, though she is more mute in calm situations than dangerous ones. She's one to shy away from conflict and use stealth instead of combat. If she can choose to flee instead of fight she will.
    Alignment: Neutral Neutral
    [​IMG] Minus the elf ears!

    Optional Biography: Isweni - The Isweni have lived in the frosty mountains of Erbakstein for as long as time has been recorded, they often reside in small tribes and, not unlike the Inuits of the Humans, they build their homes from snow and ice, other tribes sometimes use tepee-like tents which were more often than not hand woven and took years to make. Despite the fact that these tribes appear somewhat primitive, they are actually well formed societies, with an education system of tutors teaching the infants of the tribe, hunters and fishers bring in food and Elders making key decisions. As for biology, their skin tones are often ranging from white to slightly grey, their hair being fair brunette and occasionally blonde. They could possibly be mistaken for a human, if it weren't for the fact that they were often more spindly and tall, also that their ears ended in a slight downwards curve. Some exceptionally talented Isweni can use ice and frost magic, controlling the snow around them and producing ice, frost and snow from their fingertips. (Imagine a reduced form of Elsa's powers from Frozen.)

    Constitution: 8
    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 18
    Intelligence: 17
    Willpower: 12
    Charisma: 11
    Luck: 4
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  11. Dat luck score Necro. Accepted. You may increase your constitution by a couple of points if you want. I don't really want everyone dying willy nilly (lol willy). Tbh i'm really surprised by the amount of people here. This is 3 more people than I expected. I expected Raimei cos if she didn't then i'd probably rick-roll her until she did.
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  12. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised, isn't?

    I just noticed Morian will be a troll to hit now, shrugging off wounds and evading left an right xD
  13. Rolled again and got 9 for con *whew*

    I love my luck score xD
  14. Yup 19 constitution. "Oh nice axe you have there. Oh it's in my shoulder is it? Would you kindly ask before doing so next time?"
  15. Done ^-^

    Oh you XP
  16. OK, IC coming up any minute now. Anyone object to starting in the same tavern, called "Rest ye buttocks"? Oh and is it possible to organise an hour or so every so often when we're all online at the same time so we can make a lot of progress?
  17. Ready when you are, possibly 7-8 GMT?
  18. 8-9'd be better for me. Oh 2 things:

    First, heres the IC:

    Second: Does anyone object to me using a little humour every so often, such as when you go into a room of a dungeon with a big monster in it, a little thing pops up at the top of your vision saying "Boss fight: Demothra" or whatever?

    Third: There is a poster tacked to the wall of the tavern saying that 4 people need to report to a shop called "The Potion Nook" first thing tomorrow. Naturally those people are you.
  19. Humour is fine for me ^_^

    Just a question about rolling, will it be similar to normal d&d rolling or will it be more simplified??

  20. Depends what you mean by simplified. I dont think ive ever actually played proper DnD, I just come up with a story line and expect people to follow it :P. I'm thinking that in order to do an action you have to roll less than your current score in whatever that value is. For example, a man wanting to lift a dead horse would have to roll a d20. then if their result is equal to or lower than their strength score, they succeed. That way lowering and highering stats due to enchantments, wounds, etc. will still have an acceptable impact on the game without having to shuffle around dice modifiers. If you've ever read a Fighting Fantasy book, sort of like the luck rolls in that. If you haven't read a Fighting Fantasy book, I recommend doing so. Thoughts?
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