The Curse of the Wounded King

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  1. The Wounded King


    Forty years have passed since Ranthos conquered the known lands. He was the last king of men, wise beyond his years, ambitious beyond his limits. With an army unnumbered he marched across Deluvian, and forged the greatest empire ever known.

    Legend speaks of the sacred items he carried on his crusade - artefacts which turned the course of battles and the fortunes of kingdoms. They were called the Wounds, five in all, and it is said King Ranthos earned them upon his journey through valiant trials, cunning tricks and divine pacts. With the Five Wounds no living creature could stand in his way.

    And it is said that he reached the end of the world, walking on as his army fell to exhaustion, and that he alone made it where none have ventured - to the shores of the Hollow Sea.

    And what befell him there was madness, absolute and irretrievable. Some say that bearing the Five Wounds was too great for any mortal, or that the spirits he confided in tore his mind apart. Still others say it was the Hollow Sea itself which sucked out his very soul.


    With his sanity in tatters, King Ranthos ran wild through his own kingdom, eluding his generals and governors. What steered his course it will never be known, but in every land he had conquered, from heartland to desert, from mountain to forest, he was sighted - a hermit in rags, a fool on horseback, a vagrant in the streets. As madness consumed him he cast away each of his artefacts, dropping the Five Wounds, passing them away, burying them.

    And then, before a thousand witnesses, Ranthos was seen in the streets of Argeria, naked and screaming at the skies, before he crumpled into dust.

    The Wounded King was no more.

    His bloodline died with him, in the space of forty days. His wife, his heirs, his cousins and kin - each met with separate tragedies. Deluvian was sorrowed and the Age of the Crown came to an end.


    Now, forty years have passed and the lands are carved between the generals, vassals and opportunists who once served the king. It is as if the Empire never was.

    But some still remember... some still recall the Legend of the Wounded King... and the Five Weapons that brought the world to its knees. Some still work, in the ceaseless dark, to follow the tracks of Mad Ranthos and study the sagas of his deeds. Some still believe. Some still hope.

    And one... in the foothills of Argeria... has been given a clue to follow and travels now with a band of adventurers to find the first of the Weapons.


    THE FIVE WOUNDS (open)

    <table align=center><tr><td>[​IMG]<td>
    The Mask of Velgovis

    Said to enhance the powers of deception, stealth and trickery. It has blades around the eye-slits that pierce the skin when placed on the face. Once placed, it takes a form that reflects the wearer's soul. When wearing the mask you are blind and deaf to what is behind you. With continued use its removal will risk tearing the skin from your face.
    The Vambrace of Larn

    A wrist sheath said to glow with elemental runes. It pierces the wrist once secured, fusing with the veins. When taught the proper gestures of the fingers, a wielder can channel one of the four elements into whatever shape the hand desires. The faster the casting, the more exhausting the effects. With continued use its removal will risk heavy blood loss.
    The Sword of Haladayne

    Reputed as the holiest of all swords, forged in celestial light. This is the sword of the rightful king, divinely sharp and unbreakable. All darkness is put to flight, all evil is vanquished, all men are subjugated in its sight. The hilt is thorned, meaning severe pain to grip it. The pain will increase tenfold if ever the sword is wielded against the innocent or undeserving. With continued use its removal will risk infection of the blood.
    The Hand of Iaisen

    A velvet glove that gives the initial sensation of burning to any who wear it. The glove is said to be enchanted, and any who are touched by it will fall under the charms of the wearer. This will range from subservience to obsessive love. The glove, however, makes the body frail, prone to disease, cold and exhaustion. With continued use its removal will risk corrosion of the hand.
    The Cloak of Tunridge

    Said to offer total protection against all weapons, weather and elements. The cloak is fastened by a brooch that pierces the throat, so the wearer cannot utter a single sound from his lungs. If one can pull the robe open then the wearer can be slain, so protection depends on the wearer keeping the robe shut tight. With continued use its removal will risk permanent respiratory damage. </table>

    The magic level in this roleplay is Game of Thrones equivalent. Any magic that does exist is rare, treated with supersitition, and often explained away as illusion or coincidence. There are no fantasy races, unless permitted by the GMs, and all equipment is standard (except the Five Wounds, of course.)
  2. Character Name: Tristan Faulkner

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Animal trainer

    Age: 26

    General Appearance: Black hair, untidy and clumsily hewn. Wears traditional Westerner clothing, which consists of lightweight robes and a sash to indicate his tribal origins. Carries a stolen shortsword.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To rescue the enslaved villagers of Elswich, who he abandoned.

    General Personality: He seems ill-tempered and impatient. In reality, this is frustration from a life of having jobs beneath his abilities. He once longed to study with the sages, but his father forced him to follow in his footsteps. He is desperate to break from routine.

    General History: Tristan's father was a Westerner from the hill tribes who took particular interest in the ravens of Elswich Valley. As such, he married a heartlander and settled there for the rest of his days. Before his death, he instructed his son Tristan to follow his profession and become the bestiary master of Elswich village. Tristan longed for something more, but honoured his father's wishes. He trained the local farm hounds, tended to the pets of rich travellers, and, most importantly, relayed the messages of the ravens between cities to the north and south of the valley. As such, he became a point of contact for the Caldane Order, a lesser known priesthood who had arrived in the area to (as they claimed) dig for the bones of the saints. For two months Tristan relayed the messages of the priests who visited Elswich and befriended one of the monks in particular. Tristan was thus present when the priests were attacked by marauders and their dig site razed. The monk he had befriended fled to the bestiary and, even as he lay dying, passed Tristan a message, which Tristan himself then fled with as those same marauders ransacked the village. He took the blade of one of the attackers - a sword that proves they were no idle barbarians, but assassins armed with Western steel.

    Now, with the message in his hand, he leads a band of adventurers to follow the trail of the Caldane Order to the first of the Five Weapons.
  3. Name:
    Juliet Monil




    Mother- Miyon, healthy relationship
    Father- Mikael, doesn't know
    Brother- Kyle, dead from suicide

    Physical Appearance:
    Build- Muscular/Average, longer legs, short torso
    Hair Color- Natural Brown, currently blonde
    Hair length and Style- waist length hair, worn in pigtails while in costume, worn straight and untied when not performing
    Eye Color- Green
    Skin Color- Light Tan

    Scars/Marks- Small nick on cheek, birthmark right under right breast, burn marks on upper leg
    Preferred Clothing- Shorts and corsets; when in costume ribbons are tied to arms and legs; shoes must have soft soles; wears colorful socks and jewelry


    A doormat who likes to please everyone. Well meaning but sometimes takes jokes too far. Stubborn and sometimes whiny, she tends to be upset when she is forced to do other people’s bidding, but she still wants to please. Is honest to a point, but will lie to protect herself or others. Very loyal to any friends she comes across and boyfriends. She wishes she could find a good friend at the moment, but she’s too overworked to meet new people. She loves to be romantic and expresses her love for her partner often however, she is terrified of being too overbearing sometimes. She in turn loves to have affection and be shown romance. She’s intelligent, but does not seem it because of her disorganization and laziness. Her lack of motivation drives those around her insane. Loves being a contortionist, because she loves attention.
    Brief History:
    She became a contortionist after her mother could not pay for food after becoming disabled in a fire. Eventually she was able to bend her spine completely in half, further than the contortionist of a traveling troupe. Juliet received an offer to join Risqué when she turned 18. Since she was the only one able to work in her family, a group of women agreed to take care of her mother as long as she sent money back. While traveling with the group, she caught the eye of a knife thrower, who taught her basic fighting stances with a variety of knives. She keeps throwing knives strapped to her hip at all times and a dagger across her back whenever she is not performing. This vigilance paid off when Risqué was attacked; the men killed most of the entertainers and led others to a village to work as slaves. Juliet escaped capture when the knife thrower threw his body unto a blade, shielding hers. Juliet now lives in a secluded woods, worrying over her mother.

    The only reason she's on this quest is to help Tristan. She had used his raven to send money to her mother while he trained animals with the troupe. She does not care to know much about the story behind the objects.

  4. Character Name: Arlette Rastrol

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Apothecary

    Age: 24

    General Appearance:
    Arlette (open)

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    If the whispers are true, the weapons can place its holder in a position of enormous power. In that vein, Arlette wishes to obtain these weapons to bring about change. She desires a renaissance of thought, a spreading of knowledge, and a unity with which that can be achieved.

    General Personality:
    Inquisitive and sharp, she's always got her eye on something and she'd take apart nearly anything to try to figure out how it works. This is what she likes about her tinctures and medicines, they're composed of herbs with impressive properties that can be used to fix maladies. She's a little on the dreamy side of the spectrum, despite liking to talk, and will often show little regard for personal space if that personal space happens to include something of interest.

    General History:
    When Arlette was a child, her parents were well aware that they had a child of strong temper, and she was often punished for the misdeeds she committed as well as those her siblings blamed on her. She was always at work with chores and caring for the livestock her parents raised, as a result of this blame. Her parents placed little stock on her education, insisting that she learn to repair tools and items of use on the farm. This only served to heighten her curiosity for how things worked, however, and she pursued her education on her own.

    When she came of a certain age, Arlette's parents had every intention of trying to marry her off to a man of slightly higher standing than themselves, whom they had plied by over exaggerating the beauty of their daughter and significantly downplaying her willful nature. Entirely opposed to this idea, Arlette left her quaint home in the night and has never since returned.

    Making her life in the city was difficult at first, but her natural curiosity served her well. She quickly apprenticed herself to the town apothecary and had worked beneath his tutelage until just recently, when the old man passed away. Now she runs it, and has inherited some of the man's customers. She also is ever willing to try to create new medicines for new ailments, even for animals, so she gained new clients in the form of farmers and falconers looking to improve the health of an ailing animal.
  5. [B]
    [COLOR=#afeeee]Name[/COLOR]: Kendrick Lynn

    The_swordsman_by_thedarkestseason.jpg [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]
    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Gender:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B] Male
    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Job/Role:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B] Fugitive of the Northern Province

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Age:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B] 24

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]General Appearance:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B] Long, thin, and straight black hair, hanging just above his shoulders in length. Two dark green eyes set above a somewhat pointed jaw characterize the most of his distinguishable features. His appearance is (now) often dusty, as he spends much of his time cautious of authority figures and in hiding. His attire is a long dark cloak that secures on his left pauldron, and a standard assortment of dark leather gear, including swordbelt. Carried on his person is a flamberge, one of the true possessions he has left.

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Current Goal/Purpose:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B] Evade the reaches of the northern province, eventually to return and extract a price on the General in charge.

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]General Personality:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B] Considered somewhat of a relaxed son under a militant family, his father had been a low ranking constable within the capital of the northern province, causing little ruckus among the city's inhabitants while operating often under the orders of his father. Since 'the incident' (see General History), his attitude has shown little of the care-free side of his manor, opting to withdraw into a highly silent and observational state, for his own survival. The status as a fugitive has left him somewhat... disgruntled.

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]General History:[/B][/COLOR][B][B][B]The upbringing of Kendrick had been normal for someone of a slightly higher station, given training in the martial practices of law keeping, combat, and occasionally ruminate on and administer justice. This daily life had changed, however, one day when Kendrick arrived to find his mother grieving on the steps of their home, his father accused of treason against the governing General of the northern province, a portly yet dangerous man with a strong sense of paranoia. The trial had been completely unjust, as Kendrick watched over the course of two weeks in what he assumed had been an attempt to portrait a deep investigation. At the sentencing of his father, his mother bereft with grief had stormed the platform on which they were moments away from beheading his dad. Too late for any intervention, his fathers rolling head had landed at his mothers feet, just as an arrow made its mark in the left of her stomach. The guards, retaliating for the interruption of their notion of justice had begun an inquiry into Kendrick's well being, which the young man was sure was an attempt to finish off the bloodline. After a quick retreat from the courtyard, Kendrick had retrieved the necessary provisions and much of his family's wealth from the house, fleeing immediately from the city in a departing fishing boat that would head south to the disputed boundaries of the Greyback Lake.[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
  6. Character Name: Marrow

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Barbarian

    Age: 23

    General Appearance: Shaggy blond hair, usually tied back with a crude leather strip to keep it out of his dark brown eyes; rough, weathered skin, and a variety of scars, from thin pale ones barely noticeable any longer criss-crossing his arms and back, to a lingering burn mark on his left cheek, and a long, but thankfully shallow scar on the back of his right thigh. He wears typical clothing for a barbarian--a ragged tunic of animal skin, furs, leather boots, and an iron breastplate; he carries a steel shortsword slung across his back, as well as an iron dagger in a sheathe at his left hip.
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Kill people. He likes things nice and simple like that.

    General Personality: Vitriolic and aggressive. He's the kind of person who hits things first and asks questions later; the only thing he seems to really like is fighting.

    General History: One of the barbarians who attacked the village of Elswich. His mum was a barbarian, his pa was a barbarian, they all like to kill and pillage, it's a cultural thing. Not really much more to his life than that.

    Attached Files:

  7. tumblr_m28typ6eV91rty7tao1_500.jpg

    Character name: Askari Ferox

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Rogue

    Age: 18

    Current goal/purpose: Train to become a skilled fighter with both melee and ranged weapons.

    General appearance: Askari is 5' 5" in height, has pale skin, green eyes, and curly red hair that stops at her waist. She wears breeches, knee high boots, a plain tunic, and a jacket that's length stops at her knees. The jacket has two pockets, a hood, a button down front, and cuffs that cover Scar's hands half-way. All articles of clothing are solid black. Sheathed beneath her jacked are two daggers, and slung over her shoulder she has a black and silver quiver, her bow and arrows inside.

    General Personality: Introverted and driven. On an average day Scar will usually be social, but prefers to have time by herself and will hold back from participating in conversation if she feels that she has nothing to contribute. When she is stressed she avoids people and conversation all together and instead devotes her time focusing on a particular skill or subject, usually weapon skills. She makes an effort to appear friendly enough, but is naturally suspicious, defensive, and hesitant with new people and those she deems untrustworthy.

    General history: Scar was raised in an upper-class family with strict parents. They taught her and her older brother that women should always submit to men and only do 'feminine' things, and as a result Scar was restricted in what she could do and learn. As she grew older her parents became harsh with her, scolding and physically punishing her often. Scar soon began to go out at night to have time to herself, eventually finding herself yearning to learn combat at the age of nine. One day, her father invited Kendrick's parents over for dinner. Afterwards she and shared her thoughts with him on learning to fight, and soon began learning how to use daggers and shoot an arrow with him as her teacher. She trained with him as often as she could until the day he had to run, and afterwards did her best to improve in his absence. Years later when she saw that a man was going on a search for one of the Five Weapons, she gathered her things and went to him, eagerly asking to join him and his group on their quest, hoping to learn more about combat and re-connect with her old friend on the journey.
  8. Name: Daleon ‘Brill’ Turoc
    Age: 28
    Job/Role: Soldier/Mercenary
    Personality: Outwardly, Brill presents himself as a man with little to lose. He’s a curious soul, well spoken, and almost hellbent on finding ways to make otherwise dark situations seem brighter. He tells jokes, sings songs, and has avidly engaged conversations with whomever will entertain him, much to the chagrin of his temporary comrades. Despite his attitude, Brill is a solitary figure with few friends and contacts. His appearance suggests violence and even ill intent, but he truly seems to be less fearsome than he looks.

    Inwardly, Brill is a despairing character. Cast out of his family, dishonor weighing heavily on him, he seeks endlessly something that he has since lost hope exists. Should he find the Wounds, returning even one to his father, he will be accepted back into the home again. But long years of killing for gold and searching in vain has left the former noble with dwindling hope. Taken to drinking and gambling with his coin, he has little to him, and little left to lose.

    Appearance: View attachment 14308 He wears a riding cloak and half-plate armor, long sword and shield strapped to his back...a wineskin at his belt at all times, a flask, another flask and a crossbow with quiver of bolts. His body bears the scars of his trade. He keeps his hair short, assuming the scars and cut will disguise him from recognition, but after some seven years of exile, only few would know his face now.

    History: Daleon was born second son of Lord Baylon Turoc, a skilled strategist and fearsome warrior. Baylon and his family had carved out the Southern portion of the Old Kingdom and renamed it Lomar. It was a bloody campaign, but Lomar stands second to none as the largest of the ‘kingdoms’ carved from the territory of the once united land. Baylon served in the king’s army as a trusted general and after he was gone, has since attempted to realize the King’s dream and unite the entirety of the land under one crown again. His kingdom is considered at war with the others who will not swear fealty, and several spies have seen execution in the last five years. Baylon trains his men, calls himself King, and his sons the Four Princes.

    Daleon was trained as a soldier, instructed in the art of warfare and strategy. Like his other brothers, he was expected to excel and given command of men as early as the age of sixteen. His father expected much of the excitable Daleon, who proved only that he was not fit to be a commander. Despite his flaws, his father allowed him to flaunt his power in the kingdom, arrogant and hot-headed. What he couldn’t earn, he took, what he couldn’t take, he avenged. His older brother Arturus, attempted to council his younger brother, but too little avail.

    When Daleon was twenty one and at the height of his arrogance, he struck down a woman who would not sleep with him. He had not intended it to be a killing blow, but her neck was broken by the force. Thereafter, it was discovered the woman was a priestess, and with child, a graver insult could not be given to the gods. When word returned to Daleon’s father, the third brother, a manipulative and intelligent man, Avous, convinced the general-king that to risk the displeasure of the gods was to risk his conquest. While he advised death to appease the lives taken, Baylon instead banished Daleaon from the kingdom. He would be killed, should he return to his home, and was stripped of his name. Before Daleon was ridden out of the kingdom, his father admitted he would allow his son to rejoin the family should he return with the Wounds.

    Since, Daleon has worked as a mercenary, seeking out rumors of the Wounds to no avail. He finds himself in Argeria, now, a sometimes drunk and bad gambler. So far, no job has presented itself, nor mention of the Wounds.
  9. Character Name: Desmond Thistletounge

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Warrior, Bard, Writer, Traveler, and Flower picker

    Age: 25

    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose: His purpose currently is to find the weapons and what ever treasures and rewards these weapons may hold...

    General Personality: Desmond is a quiet soul who doesn't really say much. When he is asked a question he either answers it with silence or shakes his head because he thinks it may not be worth his time. Many call him "not worth interest" or boring. Truly no one knows his intentions, because within this quiet soul is an artist who wants to spread his musical talents by playing the flute. Sadly, not many people want to listen to him.

    General History:
    Desmond was born in a farming town not to far away from the city and not to far away from the sea, this town was called Moonshadow. In the summer it would be filled with many travelers who carried sacks full of grain and leather pouches full of gold. There weren't many luxuries within the town but Desmond made up for it by using his imagination and writing small poems.Desmond's family had a very peculiar job within Moonshadow, and that job was owning a small school house who taught children from grades 1 to 3. After they hit the forth grade they would either learn things from their parents, or if they had enough money, they would walk to the city to go to school there. Desmond on the other hand was always at the school house either helping with teaching the children or trying to learn things himself. So when class was going on he would be the kid who sits in the back reading his notes thoroughly or dabbing into the next chapters. The reason he was so quiet is because he was always in school. It wasn't that he was shy but the atmosphere that he surrounded himself in was the quiet. It almost seemed like he was benevolent at it even though it was a common skill. As time passed he grew older and found himself being lonely and ready to explore the world. So, on his 17th birthday he asked for the money he had given to his parents for saving and whatever else he may need for his travels. At first his parents were reluctant to give him his share of what he deserved but they came to realize that he was ready to go on his own. They gave him some money, a sword, his flute, and food. Desmond's journey had begun that day and he was excited about going out into the world, he had dreamed and imagined what it would be like out in the open world. All the mystery and wonder the clouded the world around him would finally be reveled. Too bad it wasn't what he thought it would be like. The first place he went was the large city that was outside Moonshadow. His experience wasn't great. As he stepped into the city his nostrils filled with smells of fish and liquor. He smiled at the city awaiting what greatness it may withhold. Desmond walked through the crowded streets, through the market place until he reached the slums. He tried to ask for help but was rather shy at this time. Often he would start a sentence then be pushed around, his cries weren't heard. After the seemingly endless pushes and pulls himself at a small shop. An old man sat on a small oak stool, he was carving a wooden toy with a rather large knife. The man smiled at him not saying a word and got up from his stool. This old man looked like he was in his mid 80's with a long shaggy beard and glasses. Desmond watched as the old man went over to his small desk and pulled out a map, the old man hobbled over to Desmond placing the map in his hand. The old man looked upon Desmond with kind eyes and a bright smile and nodded at Desmond and pushed him out the door. It was strange what this man had done, then Desmond looked upon the map and looked at the top right corner. He began to read the small writing on the map which said, "To those who need guidance " Quickly he put the map in his left pocket and walked to the main gates. From there he began many travels gaining things on his way, the best thing he got was his armor. Overtime he learned to fight and he did it well, soon he found in his travels the story of the Five Wounds. Desmond began to ponder what mystery and magic these weapons of power may hold. He thought about what this would have in store. Power, servants, a kingdom maybe. His eyes filled with greed and wonder as he thought of the endless possibilities that the weapons may hold. Then it was decided, he would head to the foothills of Argeria to start his adventure.
  10. Character Name: Xavier DeWayne

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Job/Role: Thieves Guild Member

    General Appearance: Dark, black hair which is comb tidily, but is usually messed up or ruined after he puts on and/or removes the hood of his cloak. He wears dark, black pants that are the color of the night sky, and has a belt adorned with many items. The left side of his belt is adorned with a steel dagger dipped within the venom of a cobra from the south western desert lands. On the right side of his belt is a longer and curved blade, obtained from a barbarian from the north western part of the lands to come and take over the lands. Adorned on his back are a quiver of arrows, and a bow which is around the quiver, seemingly hanging off.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To obtain the sword of the Wounded King, and later eliminate all other members of the band of adventurers.

    General Personality: He is a very sadistic and quiet man. Will usually lie to others around him for his own personal gain. He is a minimalist, meaning that he does not like to do a lot of work, but wants the job or task to come out with many results. But he can be trusted, for a price, or if he finds the goal or task that much important. 71789_thief2.jpg

    General History: Xavier DeWayne was born into a mediocre and average family. In the South, they did not have many areas to plant or farm, for the land there did not have rich soil. But his family did own one of the few areas where they could plant and grow crops. It seemed to Xavier that he and his parents were not making enough money. Hell, they did not even have enough money to pay for more than five loaves of bread a day and three cups of water, just a little to sustain the small family. Seeing this, Xavier became angry, at the lack of money, and the lack of food, so he began to make daily trips into town, but not to look for a job, to steal. He would bump into elders on purpose, while reaching around them to steal their money bags. People in the shadows began to know of his trickery, and smiled to it. One night, after gathering his “rounds” a man shrouded in a dark cloak came to Xavier and rendered these words slowly “Would ya like to make money, kid?” And obviously his answer was going to be yes. The shrouded man led him to a cave on the outskirts of the city, and Xavier entered. The Guild master was a quiet man, and did not even give Xavier a glance, but handed him a note telling him to train with one of the members of the Guild, since it was obvious to him that this poor boy was joining. And so Xavier trained, slowly getting better than his masters. It took him many years to master the cliché weapons of the Guild, since he also still had to remember about his first life, the one with his mother and father in it. As they taught him to steal more and more, his family started to grow in their riches. Obviously they questioned him about this, but he smiled and simply told them he had a job and was helping them out. He kept his thief life a secret to his parents, and watched them happily, as they started to have good food for once. After being sent out on small tasks for the guild, he was finally trusted enough for a large one, at age 23. The Guild Master, now aged, sent him out to seek to seek the Blade of the Wounded King, only known from stories, but most seemed to believe it was true, including the Guild master. The Guild Master told him that he would rule over all of the lands with an iron fist, once he obtained the blade to slay all of his enemies. He then put on his cloak, hiding all of his weapons, except his quiver of arrows and his bow. He went home, simply telling his parents he had things to attend to, and would be back, but it was fine, they now had more than enough money to relax for a while, and also made sure his parents did not see his back while he departed. Although Xavier did not believe in the blade, he went out on the task anyways, with a grin on his face. If he found this item, which was highly unlikely, he would tear down all in his way, and rule over the lands himself. He planned to make himself the second wounded king, only using one of the foretold items, so he would not go insane.
    Name: Sable Dragulia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Big cat trainer (tiger, lion, etc)
    Current Goal: Sable craves power above all else. It's what drives Sable to move forward.
    Personality: Sable is a polite, soft-spoken intellectual. She rarely shows sign of alarm or distress and often has situations planned out. Whenever confronted, Sable is casual and uncaring. She's manipulative and very dangerous nature. Sable is willing to use everyone around her as pawns to achieve her means. She aspires to "stand on the heavens".
    History: Sable was born an orphan, and was tossed to different monasteries throughout her childhood. She always read about the Kings of old that would conquer nations. It became her mission to be like them. She ran away from the monastery, and found someone that would train her. A few years later, she killed her master as her final test. Now, she travels the world with her tiger.
  12. Okay, that's the signups closed. The IC can be found here.

    I'll be PMing you all a flashback that explains how our characters met. Please include this in your first posts. And if you think anything needs to be changed let me know.

    Let the glorious backstabbing for earth-shattering powers begin.
  13. Eternal, that passage I sent you was a flashback. It happened yesterday, before we arrived at the ruined village.

    Check Jack's post to see how he used it.

    Sorry if there was any confusion.

    Aw hell naw, Jack! You ain't playin' wit the corpses of mah dead homies! *prepares for pointless in-character scuffle*
  14. I know that, I was sorta giving my input.
  15. Okay....

    ...and you're hugging strangers and kissing their hands?

    What effect are you going for here? Are we supposed to assume that you're a weirdo?
  16. *talks to no one in particular while members of the party have obscure wordless 'conversations'*
  17. ...from the ground, Ultima? He was inside a house when he got up. XD You wouldn't have seen him til he came out.

    Anyways. Given that he has a head wound and is kinda badly outnumbered, I didn't anticipate much of a fight, but am I allowed to wound the tiger before everyone else catches up to them? Not fatally or anything.
  18. If you find a big stick you can hold him off until they get to him ;) but I expect him to be scared :P
  19. Also... it's quite self-explanatory why Tristan attacked Brill.... I dunno why everyone's so confused...

    But yeah... let's have the tiger bring Marrow down and shit.
  20. Scared, Tracker? XD He's a barbarian, I didn't think he'd get scared of a beast, I'm pretty sure he's had experience fighting wild animals before. (That's a reasonable assumption, right Asmo? Maybe not a tiger, but still.) And why would he need a stick? He's got a sword. o.OI'm typing this from my phone right now, I'll have to post a reply tomorrow.