The curse of the Insipid Lilly.

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    A city once full of life; now found itself gripped by a frigid yet daunting sense of fear. Deep within the twist and turns that comprise it's streets. Lurked a foul and insidious baneful evil; whose wings had become unfurled. Swallowing even the brightest of lights and blanketing the heavens in an ethereal sheet of metaphysical gloom. Even now; as Kirk wandered the labyrinth of a city. He could feel it's harrowing gaze barreling on him. Its subliminal song tugging at his very fibers. This was the curse of being so in tuned with the spiritual aspects of our world.

    "Fuck this shit..." He whispered to himself before kindling a cigarette, a bitterness coursing through his spine. Putting away his lighter as he traversed the brick roads littered with both garbage and sin; leaving a trail of cancerous fragrance in his wake. Prostitutes and drugs were everywhere, as well as a sense of corruption which stemmed not from solely a single entity. Rather the hearts of many. He found it ironic that despite being tasked with slaughtering all sorts of manner of beast. He was forbidden to destroy the greatest demon of them all. That being the corrupt and decaying hearts of men.

    Like water under a bridge he would cast aside such idle thoughts. And instead focused on his primary objective. Despite the monstrosities cautious and reclusive nature. It still managed to leave traces of its existence. Some as bold as the mangled corpses of its victims. Some as subtle as a single thread of energy; which still resonated and reverberated with the signature of its power. Even now as a group of spectators congregated around a single corpse. Both out of fear and curiosity toward the confrontation and conflict they desired to observe, from a safe distance. Such was the way of man.

    Kirk would listen to their idle bantering as he continued to enjoy the calming affect of his cigarette. Shrugging his shoulders seeing how no real information could be gathered here. And instead of wasting anymore time he would venture onward through the dimly lit streets. Making his way toward the best source of information in his line of work. That being the drunks...and so to the bar he went. Grasping the knob of brass firmly before pushing the door open. The creak of the door was overshadowed by the sheer volume of incoherent chatter and flirtatious comments being tossed around the room.

    With grace he would weave between the crowd. Dropping his cigarette on the scratched wooden floor before igniting yet another. Resting at the bars counter as his fingers drummed against the already worn wood. "Bartender..." Kirk would call out to him. The man waving him off as he flirted with a customer. This naturally settled badly with Kirk. "I am a Platinum eyed witch. Here to slay your little infestation problem. If anyone has information do share. Less it claim another me it will feed tonight!" Kirk bellowed; deafening the normal clamor. Causing an unnatural and eerie silence to settle.

    The people were in shock; platinum eyed witches were considered abominations. Mutants birthed through vile sorcery and god knows what sort of fornication. Most considered them to be demons themselves. Unworthy of life. This fear, disgust and curiosity plastered itself on the local populace faces. As they whispered amongst each other. "If any of you care to assist me in ending this blight in a timely manner. Thus removing my need for being within your walls then I advice you speak now. Whether it be intelligence or a sword arm. I am sure at least one of you beautiful ladies and scholars possess enough courage to stand up for your own?"
  2. Mason Jones was sitting in the bar flirting with one of the ladies who offered him a good time later on that night, he knew she wanted a fully commited relationship from the way she was dicussing their conversation and he knew he wasn't that guy. He had been through so much he didn't want to drag her along with him. He told her he'd call her and he saw the smile plastered on her face as she left the bar. The smell of liqour filled the room and he walked to the bar stools and sat down awating a drink.

    He looked over to see the bartender was engaging in a female who was obvoulsy drunk and didn't have any clue what was going on. He leaned over the cunter and grabed a beer and popped the cap off bringing the bottle to his lips he guzzled down a few gulps before resting the bottle down. When the door opened he expected to see a few drunks stumble in or some ladies wander in looking for some man to seduce into giving money, but it wasn't instead it was a man. He watched as the man sat down trying to get the bartenders attention and then he spoke.

    When he said he was a platinum eyed witch he looked at the man in schok as much as everyone else did. He had only ran into two in his entire life and the first time he did a mob of people were trying to kill him, chasing him away and throwing things at him. He was young then and didn't know what was going on, the second time he saw a dead one, half buried behind and old house with a piece of paper on it saying " abomination". As the man spoke he wasn't scared instead he stood up and looked directly at the man " i have enough courage".

    He knew he'd be and abomination just like he was for siding with him but it didn't matter to him he wanted to be diffrent form the rest and he always was. The people wispered more and he rested his hands in his pockets looking from the man and then at all the people that were staring with schoked and angered faces.
  3. Ada was posted up against the wall enjoying the hot burn of whiskey on the back of her throat when the hunky blond with the big mouth trundled in. She was no regular at the bar or even in the town. She had been moving around so long, the name of her first town was just a fuzzy sound in the back of her mind. This city was just another in a long list of debauched metropolis to lay writhing at her feet.

    And, just like all the others, it had an infestation.

    She wasn't surprised on impressed by the man's outburst. She raised an eyebrow and gave him a bit of a disbelieving look. He must have really wanted a drink.

    With a bit of a shimmy and a shake of her dark hair over her shoulders, Ada yanked her dufflebag up over her shoulder and stepped forward.

    "If it's monster hunting we're doing," she said in slow draw, startling the men sitting at the table in front of her who hadn't realized she was behind them, "sign me up."
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    Events had transpired all too familiarly for Kirk. Only a few from the populace would rise to the call. While the rest which thought themselves as men and women coward from the chance to defend their home. Such was regrettably the way of society. Even now as a man and a woman declared their willingness to help stem off the infection which had claimed their abode as it's own. The people would whisper amongst each other bewildered by the fact that any would so openly align themselves with such a mutant. Their condescending words failed to influence Kirk. He wasn't childish enough to allow their thoughts to arouse or evoke any negative reaction.

    He found it odd that the lowliest of blacksmiths and even prostitutes could be tolerated by society. Yet a platinum eyed witch was at best stomached. Though most seemed far too eager to regurgitate their primitive bigotry. Void of emotion Kirk's eyes would gallop from the man to the woman. Admiring their volition to volunteer to fight an unknown enemy. In his eyes this was a hopeful sign. Much like a string their bravery would resonate within the hearts of the locals much like a chord. As finally a drunk would step from the crowd; quivering out of premature fear and assumptions regarding Kirk's kind.

    "Umm..." The man would attempt to gather some strength while trying to avoid soiling himself in public. Or so it would seem in Kirk's own subjective opinion. "The first couple of attacks occurred near the old cathedral." Though this wasn't the epiphany Kirk desired; however it would more then suffice for the time being. "Thank you...And much thanks toward you two for lending your strength. My name is Kirk; One of the few male Platinum witches. You humble me with your willingness to answer the call." His words honeyed and elegantly posed. Yet littered with a blunt sense of sincerity. A complete contrast when compared to the typical perception regarding his kind.

    "If you have any unfinished business please conclude it before we venture out into these vicious streets. We have some time to waste; though I of course advice haste." A simple recommendation. Kirk would move toward an empty booth as he removed his pack. Opening it as he placed several vials on the scratched wooden table. Each of it's contents served a different purpose. Some of which would later on prove vital if his deduction regarding the identity of the beast rang true. Casually he would nest on an empty chair as he began to sharpen both his blades. The hoarse whisper of steel meeting friction against a stone would only be disturbed by the occasional crackling of wood from the roaring fire. Or the idle conversations which one by one had begun to thicken amongst the patrons.

    Patiently he would wait for these two as well as any others who had a change of heart to approach him. Readying both his weaponry and mind for the battle to come. "Nočni zore, kot spomladi pomirjena spi. Dan odmori, kot zimskih zbledi. Lahko naš lov prinesel slavo v jutranjem soncu." He prayed aloud; in his native tongue. The translation most likely would elude most understanding.
  5. Mason was stunned to see a female stand up and offer her assistance tword the man not that he was sexist or anything but he haden't pictured it in his mind. He looked around the room and more of the people began to talk probablly about killing them or how they were a discrace for wanting to help the man. He reached out and took a chug og his beer that he had on the counter and then looked at the man known as Kirk, He stood from the stool he was sitting on and rested his hand on the mans shoulder breifly. " i wont let you down"

    When he spoke saying they had few time to do any last things he thought about the women, He knew he wouldn't see her again and that wasn;t of concern, the only thing he thought about was the supplies he might need on their way, He didn't want to just walk into a fight or join and not have the necessary supplies needed. And the last thing he wanted was to be a burden to someone, He made his way over to the booth and watched as he took out his items and his eyes gazed at every one of them as if amazed by them. He adjusted his shirt and then leaned against the wall waiting for further instructions on what was going on,
  6. Ada shifted the weight of her dufflebag on her shoulder. She never carried more than she could handle, but always made sure that she was never caught without what she needed. Her pistols hung heavy and reassuring on her hips. They were well oiled and ready for action. She'd eaten and slept. The whiskey only served to add an edge to her perceptions. Moving forward through the groups of men and women gathered in the tavern, Ada sighed and dropper her bag beside Kirk.

    "The name's Ada," she said with a nod, slumping into the booth. "And, I'm ready whenever you are."

    She smiled warmly at Kirk. He certainly was a strange man. He seemed more than ready to throw his differences into the townspeople's faces. She wasn't sure how long he had been traveling or how often he put on a show as he had done previously, but she assumed he must either be very naive or very strong to do so. Ada had found that, personally, if you set yourself apart as different and shoved it under everyone's nose that it would come back to bite you. At least, it would in the world that they lived in today.

    Reaching out, Ada tilted one of the glass vials back to better catch the thin light cast in the bar. It seemed to glow under her fingertips.

    "Do you know what we'll be facing tonight, Kirk?" Ada asked distractedly.
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    The male seemed content on upholding an almost mysterious aura. While this female; who introduced herself as Ada proved to be more sociable. At least that's what he gathered from first impressions. Much like Kirk she seemed to be always ready. Or at least readied enough to handle whatever trails may await her. How she was mortal and finite like himself. So even she couldn't always be properly prepared. As she spoke Kirk would remain ever vigil, tending to his gear as he nearly finished preparing for the battle to come. Despite seeming engulfed in his work; Kirk was aware of each and every word and syllable which parted from her lips. And would reply in a timely fashion.

    "Many things elude me regarding the beast. It's level of maturity; whether or not it is alone and who conjured it into our realm. The last of which I find the most disturbing." Kirk replied before sheathed his blades. Gently grabbing the vial from her hand; allowing for a brief moment of physical contact. His hand resting on her own as frantically he shifted his eyes so they barreled and peered into her own. "Be careful..." A simple warning would be uttered before he took the fluid. Placing it as well as all the others into various slots custom tailored for his strange leather armor. The hide seemed alien when compared to most indigenous creatures.

    "Sir...Please join us. I am sure you to thirst for some answers much like Ada here. And perhaps I can sedate some of your inquires." Once more his words seemed elegantly posed. With a wave of the hand he would signify the importance of his company. "Not moments ago you asked what manner of beast it is we hunt? I can assure you that it is highly unlikely any of you faced anything like it's species before. They are known as a void walker. A tall bipedal monstrosity which devours dreams as an infant and works it's way toward the soul before reaching adolescence. At which point they feast on the flesh of whatever crosses their path since they are finally able to manifest itself in our plane in a corporeal shell." Kirk paused to put on his pack. Sitting once more after doing so. Adjusting the various silver throwing knives which adorned his armor.

    "They have a rather morbid habit of skinning the fairer victims of the same sex. Wearing their face as a mask to guise their grotesque appearance. You see they envy our esthetically pleasing skin. Normally they enter into our realm on accident. But the extent of growth seems to hint rather bluntly toward direct intervention. someone evoked it into our world for a reason. The beast itself is still an adolescence will be difficult but nothing we can't handle..." Kirk replied; avoiding entirely the likely hood of success if it has fully matured.

    "May I ask you a simple question Ada...Why align yourself with a monster such as I? Surely you are not ignorant of our lore? Children twisted by vile sorcery; whose flesh is fused with demons and whom souls are fornicated with the wild spirits of old?" With this being said Kirk would succumb to silence. Longing for a reply. Assuming of course she'd even humor him with a response.
  8. Mason watched Kirk and Ada chat about the stange breast that were entering thier relm. He stood from the wall and and walked out the bar for a moment reaching the back of the bar he grabbed a black bag from were it was hidden. He wasn't the one to place such items were they were since many drunks stumled their way in the back and usually caused trouble. He walked back to the front of the bar entrance and looked back down the street as thr darkness almost made it seem pitch black ecept for the moon.

    He walked back into the bar with his black bag on his back , he made his way throught the groups of people and made his way back to the booth were the two were at. Setting his bag down he took a seat in the booth near the outside were he was most comfortable with as and shifted his gaze tword a particular person in the room. He looked back at the two listening to what they were saying. His eyes roamed over the table and then he focued it somewhere else. " so how do you kill the beast?" He wasn't the guy to talk much instead he rather observe and then talk.
  9. Ada relaxed back into the ripped and damaged lining of the booth as Kirk explained what kind of creature he (and soon she and the other man) would be hunting. To her, it sounded like an alp. At least, the description of a child-like creature that ate dreams and caused nightmares sounded like it. But, she had never heard of an alp that grew to eat human flesh and consume souls. But, then she doubted that either of the men would recognize the name alp. She was far from the country where she had learned of such a creature.

    The woman tried her best to keep her eyes off the other man. He seemed skittish and that made her worried. He was reticent when it came to approaching Kirk and herself, had gone out the back door and come in the front (bad luck, bad luck), and didn't seem interested in taking part in their conversation. Maybe he was regretting joining up. Ada fought the tug of a smirk at the corner of her mouth. It wouldn't be the first time. And, she supposed she couldn't blame the man for being skittish.

    He kept darting his eyes toward a group of women on the other side of the room. Ada couldn't help but to think he was probably wishing he had stayed with his whores.

    Covering her smile up behind a cough, Ada responded to Kirk's question as best she could. "You don't seem very beastly to me," she said, biting off a laugh at the end. It would probably be inappropriate to laugh at the idea of the serious man in front of her being compared to a beast. "I find that believing rumors and following superstitions can lead to a sheltered life. The color of one's eyes is something rather small to base an opinion on, if you were to ask me," she said with a smile.
  10. Mason caught Ada looking at him and he looked back at her for a moment. He knew they probubally thought strange of him and he couldn't blame them but they seemed focued on eachother for the most part. HIs body shifted slightly in the seat as he tapped his hand on the table lightly listening to the sounds he made. It wasn't that he had second guesses. He knew ecactlly what he was doing when he agreed to join and he had no problems.

    His eyes darted from everyone trying to get a good idea of the two people. he knew for a fact that Ada was the outspoken one and he could tell that from the first time she spoke. Kirk was a difficult man and he knew he'd never come to understand. All he knew was he wanted to fight the beast like creatures and help his world none the least. Closing his eyes for a breif moment he looked back over at the groups were he spotted and old friend of his who was partly drunk. He leaned his head back and looked out the window of the bar.
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    How do you kill a void walker he asked? What an odd question...then again he couldn't blame the man for his ignorance. and so he wouldn't hold it against him. Sadly there was no great mystery here. "The void walker now has a corporeal shell, it is composed of flesh and bones. And like all fleshly critters you need only stab it enough times and it will go down. Of course this is a feat easier said then done. However there is no great mystery here." He hoped this would resolve and appease his inquiry. If not; then it would simply have to suffice.

    Kirk was ready for the hunt; however he would address Ada before making it apparent that they needed to part from these walls. "Behind every rumor; there is a glimmer of truth. I assure you, though the tales may be exaggerations. They are not completely founded on foolishness. Still thank you for such kind and genuine words." As soon as his words reached Ada's ears. Kirk would rise from his perched position. His gaze drifting from the fair lady to that of the reclusive and troubled man. Who will either prove an anchor weighing them down; or a valued assets pending how he handles himself in battle.

    "It is time we depart." Kirk proclaimed as his attention galloped back over to Ada. That cold stern gaze of his barreling down on her. Something about them seemed unnatural though what would undoubtedly elude her powers of observations for the moment. With this being said Kirk would once more weave gracefully between the populace as they continued to engage in their fruitless acts of self intoxication and idle flirting. A few eyes would follow his stride as he made his approach toward the exit. Closing the distance at a moderate yet smooth pacing. It seemed as if those Patrons which took note of his departure were relieved. Yet once more it bothered Kirk not. He had more pressing matters on his mind.

    Patiently Kirk would wait outside, leaning against a worn brick wall. "We need to head to the abandon cathedral. Does anyone know the way?" Kirk admitted his ignorance of the local terrain. Seeing how he hailed from a providence far from these borders. If worse came to worse he could use his powers to find the way; however he wished to conserve as much energy as possible. For something about the void walker and it's rapid growth disturbed the rugged platinum eyed witch.
  12. Ada watched Kirk's back as he left, still considering what he had said. She wondered if he was trying to warn her off of getting too close, or just trying to be honest about the peculiarities of his abilities and origins. Either way, she didn't want to focus too much energy on it. Not right before a hunt.

    Following Kirk, Ada stood up, grabbed her duffle bag and slung it over her shoulder. If anyone gave her a passing look as she left the bar, she didn't take any notice.

    The cool night air ghosted across her face and exposed flesh. Ada sighed in relief as she left the stuffy atmosphere of the bar behind.

    She could feel adrenaline rushing through her veins in anticipation of their hunt. She understood why Kirk would lead slowly, but she was more than ready to go and release some of her energy all over the face of the beast that had been gorging itself on humans.

    At Kirk's question about the cathedral, Ada could only shrug.

    "I saw a church toward the north end of the town when I first came here," she said. "But, I've only been here a few days. I'm not very familiar with the town's layout."
  13. Mason reached under the table and grabbed his bag and standing up after them. He pulled his bag over his shoulder and headed out the door looking at everyon one last time before walking out the door. Alot was going on in his mind and trying to sort it all out at once wasn't seeming to help at all. He watched Kirk and Ada and then at the sky. He didn't want to ask anymore questions for they might think low of him and he didn't want to say to little or they think cautious of him which they already were. He knew first impressions were key and he probubally gave off the wrong impression already. He gave out a sigh and followed them.