The Curse of the Cruses (The Beginning)

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  1. *Caution: May contain blood, guts, and many deaths...*
    Everybody has a secret... Especially the Cruse family... their curse goes wayyy back. This is the story on how this curse came to be...
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Jason Lee Curse (before last name change)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Looks: (look at pic below!)
    -Summer of 1765-
    'Finally!' Jason thought, 'finally I can start a new!' Jason has just recently changed his last name, from Curse to Cruse. His old name was becoming too known, so he changed it and moved. Jason stopped his black horse and looked around the town. It was certainly quiet, he thought. He shrugged the thought away, 'no matter,' he thought, ' I have a party in which I must attend to." he looked at the horse, only able to see him because of the moonlight. Been living in this town for already a week and he has been invited to a ball. "Ha!" he whipped the horse and the horse speed off. He was at the mansion in less than half and hour. He hopped off his horse, tied him up and knocked on the mansion door.
    ((Author's Note: I only have ONE rule... NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND!))

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  2. -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Miya Hurtle
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Miya looked out from her bedroom balcony at the guest that arrived to another one of her mother's lavish parties. She hated it. She knew her mother would try and set her up with one of her approved bachelors. Miya was sick of it and locked her doors refusing to come out. She noticed a young man ride up on a horse and she raised an eye brow. He seemed to have a danger to him that intrigued her.
  3. Miya's brother, Richard opened the door and grinned at his new friend, "Ah Jason! What a pleasure to see you."
    Jason smiled and walked in, "Like wise." he looked at him then looked around the room. Richard's and Miya's mother yelled, "Richard! Get your sister! She still has not come down!"
    Richard groaned then looked at Jason, "Give me a moment." he ran up the long stairs and yelled, "Miya! Mother says come down here this instant!"
    Jason arched an eyebrow.
  4. Miya rolled her eyes and stepped into the rest of her dress. He didn't think he mother would make that much of a scene about it. Miya came out of her room accidentally meeting eyes with the very man she was intrigued by. She quickly broke contact and turned to her brother and stuck her tongue out at him before going to her mother's room to get her corset tightened. She softly knocked on her mother's door. Thirty minutes. Just thirty minute interacting with her mother's guest and she would be back in her room out of sight and out of mind.
  5. Jason set his bright blue eyes on her... he thought she was absolutely beautiful! He smiled slightly and walked up the stairs. Richard rolled his eyes at his sister and walked down the stairs. Jason chuckled, crossed his arms and leaned his back against the wall. Miya's mother opened the door and smiled, "Oh hello love! Come in and I shall tighten your corset!"
  6. "Gladly." she said sarcastically. Miya took off her overdress and grabbed the window ceil waiting to get her mother's foot on her back and he insides packed tightly together. Thirty minutes. She repeated in her mind.
  7. She tightened the corset and smiled as she did it, "So my dear, have you met Jason Cruse yet? He is a handsome young man."
  8. "Mother...Let's not start this cycle again. I have bigger plans than to setting down and pop out children." she said as he lungs were compacted, "It's tight enough." she coughed.
  9. She frowned a bit then stepped back, "I just worry dear." Suddenly there was a knock on the door and she turned her head at the door.
  10. Miya quickly put on her dress and tied it up. She sat at her mother's vanity and put light blush out and painted her lips with a little red. She didn't like to cake on make up, especially when she'd only be wearing it for thirty minutes.
  11. Her mother simply shook her head and opened the door. It was Jason. he bowed slightly at her mother, "Hello Lady Hurtle. Wonderful night isn't it?"
    She smiled, "It certainly is."
    Jason smiled kindly, "Is Miya in here?"
    She smiled, "Yes she is." she turned her head away from him, "Miya!"
  12. Miya sighed and went to the door. Her face softened when her eyes met his, "Hello, You must be Jason. Nice to finally meet you." she curtsied. She looked over at her mother then stepped out closing the door for a little privacy.
  13. He smiled and bowed slightly, "Yes I am. It is nice to finally meet you. You brother has told me so much about you. But I never expected you to be so stunningly beautiful." he took her hand and raised it to his lips.
  14. A natural blush crossed her pale cheeks, "You're too kind. I only hope that my brother didn't tell you too much." she joked as she smiled.
  15. He smiled and straighten up his back then chuckled, suddenly music began to play down the stairs. He turned his head to the direction in which the music was playing then looked back at Miya. He held out his hand for her, "Will you take this dance with me?"
  16. Miya smiled, "I'd be honored." she said accepting his hand and following him to the dance floor. She was quite the dancer though she didn't dance with just any man. She wasn't exactly sure why but she was smitten with him.
  17. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, looking deep into her eyes. They danced slowly with the music. Though he hasn't known her long, he felt as if they were meant to be together... forever. 'I shall ask her hand in marriage' he thought. He smiled, "My, I cannot get over how beautiful you are."
  18. ((Btw I am going to put up a CS for Richard :P))
    Name: Richard Matthews Hurtle
    Gender: Male

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  19. ((I want to join, and I'd like to know something: this rp takes time in 1765, and now, where does it take place?))

    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Stephen Goswick.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Stephen had his stare fixated on his father, his eyebrows meeting together in a frown. Said man was sitting across the carriage, looking out the window.

    -Once we're there, you'll show around your pretty face, have smart conversations with your fellow men and kiss all the ladies' hands, then you'll show your prodigous skills to the guests, and when everybody is charmed by the young heir of the Goswick family, I'll do the negotiations and political talking. Understood?

    The young man let out a loud sigh. He felt the carriage stopping, and rushed to open the door before his father blurted out more orders and instructions.

    -Understood father. See you at the ball.

    He grabbed his violin's case and headed to the mansion, wondering if he would have the chance to look around the gigantic house.

    As soon as he came in, he heard the musicians already started, and felt that familiar rush in his heart. His mind went blank with desire to play along, and followed the sound ignoring the other people there. When the musicians finished their song, one of them recognised Stephen, and requested him to honour them playing the violin. Stephen grabbed the violin from his case, gave the guests a sincere smile, and began a frenetic waltz.
  20. She blushed, "You're not so bad looking yourself." she complimented. She couldn't break away from his gaze. The thirty minute she said planed to say at the party disappeared with his gaze. She knew how happy her mother must've been watching the two of them, together like two newly weds.
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