The Curse of Fate

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  1. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick... tock... The Clock continues on. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. The Clock continues to tick. Endlessly without mercy, the Clock continues to tick. The gears are smooth. The hands move swift. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick... tock... Was there a time when it stopped? The shifting of past. The turning of the present. The calling of the future. They continue forth undisturbed. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick... tock... How many times have I died? How many times have I killed? How many times have I loved? Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick... tock... Have my eyes become dried? Do my tears no longer come? Where have I lost my way? Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick... tock... That sound. The constant tick of that constant Clock. Why do you continue oh cursed thing? Time has certainly forsaken me. Leaving me raw. Poking and prodding with that costant tick and that constant tock.

    For I am lost in that void. That endless sensation. The continuance of things left broken. The same fate that I am entangled with. Entwined within its webs and weaves so deeply, to see no beginning nor end. Oh fate who locked me. Oh time who has eroded me.

    Now fate has pushed me forth once more. From the dark void and into the light. To repeat what I have done uncountable times before. Once again I will meet the one. Once again I shall feel them once more. For what other horrors can I commit than to do what I have done to the one I wish to see. For each moment is precious. For each second is bliss. But for each end is the same. There will be blood. There will be once again the void. For this is the curse I bear. This is the curse we bear. Forever locked in an eternal struggle. To capture what was lost. To lose what was most true. I tried to hate. I tried to change. But it was futile. The flow of fate was too strong. The erosion of time took my will. But once again... There is a chance. Perhaps a small chance. A chance for something to end. To break that tick and the tock. To cut the webs of fate.

    Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick... tock... the sound of that awful clock.

    The morning shadows danced across the bed like wonderful little figures. They danced to a tune known only to them. When the dance finished. Silent applause was given and the shadows flew away, letting in the morning light.

    He awoke without much rest. He dreamed of strange things of blackness consuming all. of clocks ticking endlessly. There was even a marionette dancing by strings from unknown masters. For a moment he believed he was that puppet, dancing to strange tunes, unable to control himself. This thought had a real possibility but he dismissed it immediately as he looked out into the deep sky. The vastness of the world seemed so small to him. As if no matter how large, he would still continue to walk the same roads, not knowing about the countless mysteries beyond. He shuddered at the thought. He shook away the strange melancholy of his morning daze. It was another day. Perhaps a life changing one. He had often sought change but his motivation was always hidden beneath something greater.

    He arose from his bed, sweat gliding down from his frame. He wondered if he was sweating from the heat or perhaps it was caused by his vivid dreams. He chuckled to no particular amusement. There is too much thinking and not enough doing. He got dressed, pulling on a nearby shirt which was most likely clean enough. When he finished doing his morning preparations, he sat down to a his breakfast. The taste was nostalgic. It included memories of childhood but also ones of long distant lives. With his breakfast finished, he left his house, feeling something guiding him like a gentle hand pushing against his back, giving nudges of direction. He felt entirely content and satisfied. Henry walked on, not entirely sure where he was going.
  2. "I just know there's something...more."

    Once, there was something more. Life, in everything. The star's, the plants. Everything moved, played, breathed, brought the light that was needed in one's life. Light. Beeming through even the darkest of caverns. Snaking its way into the void that hid away so far below the water. The one thing that brought comfort, when it seemed there was none. Comfort? Something so serene, and calming. A necessity to....normalty. Was it all gone now? Life draining away by the second, the sand's of time fading with the ever present winds. Gone? The light fading away with the setting sun. Bringing the shadow of a gohst that spread across, and engulfed every valley, forest, river. Engulfed life, sucking it into the darkness. Away, with the light. The comfort of it all, the serenity it once brought. This was it, an endless void that seemed all to familiar.

    Was life so strange in that way? Was everything trapped in a cycle? Light, dark, light, dark. Nothing, everything. Repeating in endless ways. Bright, dim, gone. Faded away till the new day would come. But it seemed, it was gone. The world was so dark, empty, and ever shifting in the hands of fate. An empty, meaningless fate. More like a cruel child, toying with the life of one who doesn't deserve the torment, anguish. Bringing joy to those who cause such pain.

    Suppose that's what this endless-ness was? Joy, a point of happiness. A time to smile and rejoyce. Something must have gone terribly right, because strangely enough, in the endless void, this never ending darkness, there was something else. Something more, lurking just behind closed eyes, and empty hearts. Fighting harder than ever, to break in and....and, create something more. Bring light back into the soul, so life could make a new home inside the empty shell of a body that floated, lonely, in the void.

    Then there would be no reason to fear, or cry. To get angry, or lash out at each echoing voice, that only seemed to scream louder than the one before. Until the darkness sucked it up as well, and it faded into the nothing it once was. No reason to feel so alone. That was as good a reason as any, to fight back against the current that sucked life away. To wake up to an the beauty of light, and life.

    Bolting upright, a soft relief was whispered into the crack of light that peeked through soft shaded curtains, a smile as bright as the sun breaking through as she yonked open the curtains. Bathing in the sudden warmth, and new life that greeted her. Eagerly soaking it up as she begain the steady race to ready herself for the unknown. The dream of never ending darkness was gone now. Engulfed by the light it once tried so hard to destroy. Sucked into the void of life that got to everyone before they could even think to fight it off, and fate? Maybe that child wasn't so cruel after all, it was only a dream after all right? One that was rare, but nothing unnatural in her constant changes. No, the day brought something new and adventurous each morning, and only death could keep her from hunting it down.

    In the mirror, like each morning after such a strange dream, she had to stop and examin herself. Pulling at cheeks, up, down, stretch. All attached, but the skin felt strange, new. Hair, brushed, combed, shiney. Just another new feature, a sign that she was still growing? And the final test in her routine, "Mila." It was her voice, her name, and her smiling face that greeted the name. A formality to herself, good morning world. With a jump and a skip, she was down the stairs. Munching on a lightly buttered piece of toast, jacket rushing in the wind as she forced it around her shoulders, and again, light. It was a new day, and a new adventure she was headed on. Her only hope, it gave her a rush of something, more.

    .:I got really bad writters block >.> sorry :.
  3. Henry walked on. He often took long walks to no particular direction. There was no destination in mind, only the soft footsteps against the ground. The world seem like such a large expanse to him. The wind blew in cooling waves. The buildings around him did not seem like barriers. They were like trees in a forest, teeming with life. He almost felt as if he knew them to be quite different. There would be less glass in the windows. Less brick and more wood. There would be the view of nature at every step. But now the busy streets are filled with the bustling sounds of cars, people and distant sounds of life. He remarked on the calmness of the birds as they perched on rooftops. Their eyes seemingly endless and urging. "But urging what", Henry considered.

    He suddenly realized he was in the middle of a park. The smell of nature was still clouded. Parks seemed so strange to Henry. They are pieces of nature, yet they are bound and contained, unable to venture forth and grow to it's desire. They will never surpass the boundaries that was imposed upon it. He felt a strange feeling build within himself. Why am I in this park? I usually avoid parks. They seem... strange to me. A reminder of something. Henry could not understand the emotions swirling within himself. He had to do something. Something he did not want to do. Something dreadful and filled with darkness. This pull on him made Henry weary, so he decided to lay down on the grass. The large expanse of nature began to sicken him, but he looked up into the open sky. So much freedom. He closed his eyes and imagined himself flying across the sky, wings outspread and there was someone flying with him. But the sky darkened and everything changed. He was now falling with that someone else. He outstretched his hand to grab onto theirs, but he could not quite reach. Falling and falling, the skies swirled around him. There was no longer openness of the skies. Darkness surrounded him and his partner. When he finally held onto something, he gripped with all his might, feeling if he let go, she would disappear. The darkness parted slightly and he saw what he was grasping. His fingers entrapped her throat. He did not know her yet her eyes told him everything. Of memories long forgotten. Of passions long waged. He cried as her life slowly drained from her face, yet she accepted him. Accepted the dark deed he was committing.

    Henry woke up from his nightmare. His body was tensed and drenched. His emotions were inflamed with guiilt. Tears fell from his eyes. "W-what have I done? Who... was she?" He shook in pain, but he could not feel his body hurt, only a deep ache within himself. After a few moments of deep breathing, he reached a semblance of calm. "I think I walked enough. I better head to work." He got up shakily, and proceeded to walk. His pain was not dulled, but was briefly forgotten. Henry laughed, trying to expel this horrible feeling. Only the soft footsteps sounded as he closed himself inside.
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