The Curse of Alina

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  1. MY Characters
    Some of my other characters just pictures they help decode some of the myths

    Alex , A libarian - [​IMG]

    Lady Luna (Former Maid of the princess ) [​IMG]

    Prince Jasper (would have married her but she died and sent a curse on him, hasn't died ...Yet)






    The Town of the famous Curse of Alina was forever cursed by her name. The amount of deaths in that town was shocking. People where mauled, necks snapped by falling tree's , trampled by that of horses, and only few left alive to tell the tale but even they had the curse and soon would meet an end to their lives in some grosome way. Alina was once a fair princess who was killed in the forest near her home, every since then what was written on her body forever cursed the land with her wrath and hate. There on a hill many said they have seen their princess spirit on a stallion so black that even its fur was darker then the night. A orange wolf hound sat beside them and howled to the moon , an echo that forever haunted the town. On the city her curse was laid

    Curse the town for the death of a princess, who's love was smothered by those of man.
  2. Chane sat at the table. A well prepared meal, as always, had been served to him by the royal kitchen. He did net eat, he wasnt hungry. All he could think about was the countless deaths. He had to stop this. He did not want to lose more people so close to him. Unsure where to start, and irritated by the lack of effort done by other knights he stood up and slammed his fist on the table, causing complete silence. "Why are we still sitting here? How can you all be stuffing your faces while people are dying by the dozen out there. How can you swallow your food knowing people close to you could die at any moment?" He shoved his plate across the table "I for one will not have it. We should be working on this. We should be looking for a solution. King, how will you govern a kingdom without people to rule over? How can you sit still while even you may die to this. this CURSE?!"
  3. The king eyes narrowed gently "For I wish not for my people to be pleagued with a curse that whoever ushers her name in this court shall die. I shall not have it if you want to do this curse then go to the town and find out for yourself. But be warned , this curse effects all those who step into the town, some die slowly some die instantly. Your chose young knight, be a pitty to loose you though" he said sadly watching him eyes narrowed slightly.
  4. Chane's face turned grim "I apologize Sire, but all i hear are a cowards words. I will go down to the town and i will attempt to find out why this is happening. I believe you should make more of an effort to lift this curse. Instead of hiding in this palace. If nothing is done this Castle will turn into a prison"
  5. "no one has been able to lift that curse, many mages have tried and have failed and died doing so" said grimly looking at him sharply and sighed "but your funeral"
  6. Chane made himself angry. and shouted "King i will tell you this. I will lift the curse. I will make this happen for anyone but you unless you offer some support. And even if i cannot i will come for you. with my cursed last dying breath i will make you, a cowardous king, pay for his disloyalty to his own people"
  7. The king scowled and then rolled his eyes "alright fine , i will let you have a ghost fighter knight go with you. Speicalizes in curses and angry spirits" said and ushered someone to fect the knight.

    (You can play the knight or I can doesn't matter to me)
  8. I think it should be you, i have no clue what a ghost fighter knight is >.> What a nasty ass king you play man xD )
  9. (heheheheh My king never much for that of niceness XD Its a knight that is a mage of ghosts and spirits)

    A young male walked in he had no armor but he had a sword that was pure white and a small necklace around his neck "I am summoned here ?"
  10. Chane nodded "Yeah, you're with me now." He said and left the room.

    (yeah but i may have to kill him later and blame it on the curse.)
  11. (hheeheh thats totally fine XD)

    The other knight was confused but fallowed "may i ask why?" asked as he whistled as his chestnut horse that snorted deeply.
  12. Chane turned around ""We're lifting the curse." He said with a certain tone in his voice "First we're gonna go get my armor though"
  13. The mage eyes widened slightly but nodded slowly fallowing after him.
  14. "You're a specialist when it comes to curses right? I have an idea where to start. But it may be tricky. Do you know the princess' name?"
  15. The mage sighed gently "Alina is her name" he said slowly as he looked around and pets the horses head gently .
  16. "Right, now, we know she lived a long time ago. BUT. Where is she buried?"
  17. "no one knows that the royal family refused to give this information" said slowly
  18. Chane nodded "Alright, you wait here ill be back in a bit" Chane left and came back in his armor. including his cape decorated with his knights crest. "We're headed to the royal library my friend"
  19. The male nodded slowly and went off to the library with his new partner. He blinked and dismounted the horse and blinked gently as he looked around. Night was going to fall soon. Alex was a libraian there busy putting books away as the library was closing up in a few minutes.
  20. Chane walked at a quick pace with an intimidating look and approached the young librarian "Good evening. I was wondering if you'd help me with a rather peculiar case?"
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