"The curse is on"

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  1. Something has happened to the world, the Witches have cursed the chosen, these people have been significant to our history or they will become important. The only ones known to be able to stop these witches are he Witch purgers, but their numbers are dwindling and few remain. Not only that but a rift in time has appeared and a person came through, who is this person? will the cursed save us?
    No one knows, but one thing is certain, this is where the story begins...
  2. jordan, wearing his suit, he screamed, his curse causing the extreme pain it always causes, he cursed the ephraim family, outloud "DAMN YOUR FAMILY TO THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF HELL!" he screamed into the night, not noticing elric neigh. he used his curse, the symbolic power of wolves, he can give up part of his strength to replicate himself for a limited time, the strength of a pack, two of him grew fangs and claws, his hair turning white. muscles growing, he broke down the tall ravaged wall of the ephraim manor, them his replica went inside through the telepathic orders of jordan. he punched the walls down, but he could feel the end of the curse, and the payment is neigh, his life force is slightly used up, the only way to extend his life is to drain an innocent, he hasn't done it but once, and he wont do it anymore.
  3. Elric was launched through the portal at an extreme speed, he came tumbling out from between a cluster of trees with the portal disappearing and vanishing behind him forever. Elric clumsily stumbled to his feet and looked around him, he didn't understand what just happened but he knew his father was dead and he was free, but free to do what... Elric sighed, he'd only just arrived and he had no idea what to do, looking around he saw someone standing onto of a hill with two wolf like figures running away from the guy. Elric stumbled towards the guy wondering if he knew anything about what had just happened, "Hey, were those wolves?" he asked figuring he should probably assess if they were in danger or not, it would be the first time he'd have to fight off a wolf but they looked different, and two wolves was a lot worse then just one.
  4. jordan became pale with strain, he told the two wolf hims to keep in there and begin their decomposition back into his body from there, it would take longer, but it would still happen. "yeah.. but dont worry, they ran off at the sight'a you.." he chuckled with fakery "who are you? superman?" (remember, jordan doesnt knw he's from the past, so he talks with normalcy about the present.)
  5. Elric laughed a little bit then shook off the last of the cobwebs on his mind from the fall, he stood up and stretched a little bit, just to make sure he didn't have any serious injuries... no, only scrapes and bruises. "nah, I'm not Superman, I'm new around here" he said figuring that Superman was someone this guy knew. "My name is Elric, sorry about scaring off your prey" he said figuring that he was hunting the wolves, "But wolves don't give up that easily, I'd be careful if you're still going after them" He added wondering if much was different in the future.
  6. this guy new his stuff, he would be a good friend... " Im jason, jason crowwe," jason chuckled at his retro reference.. (EXPECT ANOTHER RESPONSE)
  7. (SECOND PART) "Heh, get it??" anyways, wats up, you wanna play a game of fruit ninja?? i've got it on my phone"
  8. Elric looked at him a little funny then just kinda laughed, he didn't understand what he said but he found it funny how different things were, he knew it would be different and kind of just laughed as he realised there would be a lot of new things to get used to. "I haven't heard of it, what's it about?" he asked figuring he'd explain enough for Elric to piece the rest together.
  9. "wait, you've not heard of,like, the one most famous phone app in the world, so basically you drag your index, or as many fingers as you want, along the touchscreen to made the cuts along the sides of the fruit," then jordan demonstrated.
  10. Elric was amazed by the little device he was playing the game on, how far into the future had he travelled he wondered, he shook the thought away and tried not to make it too obvious, all he remember a pohone being, was a large device for communicating with people, it even used to have a circular dial you had to spin to dial another persons number, not that he ever used it... "oh alright, I don't actually have a phone, so that's probably why" he explained, hoping it wouldn't sound too out of place
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