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  1. The Cure /Modern Roleplay/Zombie-Apocalypse Setting/Story-Planned/Drama/Action/Suspense/
    Introduction of the GM
    Hey everybody. So I've recently finished my playthrough of Walking Dead 400 and the Last of Us quite recently and both being zombie-powered games I just had to make a roleplay. But before you change the page if your bored with some of the more typical Zombie RPs out there, scroll down a bit because I've got some twists and new kinds of zombies to give it that unique flair. I also plan on being a very good GM and progressing the story with things I've planned out to keep it interesting. Its a lot of reading after this but don't be intimated its just to flesh everything out~

    Also: This RP is supposed to be centered around the Human-mind set that humans are desperately trying to grab, it's about trying to stay human in a heap of zombies. "It needs to focus on the human aspects, and not omg kill everything that moves" - LuluRS

    Plot Synopsis
    Its 2020 the world has met it's literal end. Or at least that's how the last few news shows recounted it. IT all started when a small remote island off the coasts of Japan was found. When Japanese researchers went there they were met by cannibalistic people. Forced off the island, some of the researchers were injured by deep bites.

    That's when it all started. First Japan was lost then the Philippines, then China and then eventually all of Asia and Australia. It just kept spreading like rabies. Coincidentally considering how it was basically rabies but for humans. And now each and every country has been decimated, humans taking refuge in the shadows trying to keep on living.

    Few cities have been reestablished by hard-working survivors. And there some of the remaining scientists are working on a solution, a cure. But they've hit nothing but a dead-end and the hopes of returning the world to a moderately normal state are slim. Until now. Somewhere in New-york, the whole continent across from California a younger girl has been bit. But hasn't turned. The bite itself three years old now. Her and her sister prepare for the journey across the country not knowing what will be the product. They'll meet allies, enemies and most of all zombies.

    Questions and Answers
    Where will this RP be set?; Obviously it is set in the United States. But if your not from there and you think that it'll hinder you not knowing some states/geography and stuff it won't really matter. Just city names and a couple of States and that's it~

    When is this RP be set?; It'll be set in the future there won't be anything much different. Aside from a couple gadgets made in the apocalypse days which will be mentioned in story.

    What will make this Zombie RP different then the rest?; Well for one, each character is supposed to be fucked up in someway. They need to have a substantial back-ground which will slowly be revealed to the group not to mention that I'm going to be GMing scenarios that the crew will be needing to figure their way out of. Not to mention I've been making different kinds of zombies which are located more down below under the Z-Book. And basically look back up to the introduction on that quote by my friend.

    What kind of characters are you looking for?; Aside from something they'd like to hide its pretty much an open book whether its a escaped convict or a good-hearted raider. Of course there will be some boundaries but I don't like being a stickler soo yeah.

    How far in is the apocalypse at the time of the RP?; The actual apocalypse started around 2015 so a total period of five years.

    What's the social status of the remaining humans?; Well, like I said some of the humans have set up villages and the big city in Cali. At most the population in a village ranging from 50-150 while at California around 200-300. There are some other villages but kept discreet by its people. There are definitely raiders Duh. lol.

    If you have any other questions ask and I'll put the answer and a copy of it here~

    [1.] No GMing other people's characters! I may or may not have to for some story-related things.
    [2.] You must post at least every four days! Unless you have a really good excuse/reason then your character may have been controlled/killed off.
    [2.1] If your character dies you will be able to make another one.
    [2.2] In regards to posting they need to be at least a paragraph's length. (Five Sentences)
    [2.2.1] If you have problems at making larger posts by all means PM me and I can help you out.
    [2.3] There won't be any definite posting order instead you must wait every two posts until you can post once again aside from introductory posts or I give you the clear too.
    [3.] The rating needs to be around PG16
    [4.] Romances and other strong bonds are encouraged!
    [4.1] Be realistic though, love doesn't happen over night.
    [4.2] Don't turn your side plot into the main plot! Unless I say so to progress the story forward!
    [5.] Your post doesn't need to be nit-picked clean of typos and stuff but it at least needs to be readable.
    [6.] All other basic rules apply.
    [7.] Golden Rule: Have fun~

    Your typical everyday zombies, they just slowly walk around trying to quench that hunger for you flesh and brain. They can often seem like their sleeping laying lifelessly but you might just be tricked. They populate the most of the Zombie population.

    Zombies which have still been turned recently, their body and brain not decayed enough to prevent them from running as quickly as a normal human should. Very dangerous as their speed is eerily crazy enough to keep up. Leaning more towards rare but still can be seen some times.

    Zombies often seen in hospital robes as they originate from mental homes. Their brain is decayed but its almost as if the mental illness is still in the body, this particular zombie screaming extremely sharply whenever they notice your presence. Surprisingly common in the bigger cities so careful.

    Extremely decayed zombies, their body very slow and disgustingly decomposing. The strong smell cause a horde of your normal typical Zombies to surround him as she slowly makes his way towards you. Quite rare, more common on the bigger cities.

    Named after "Disk Jockey" simply because these zombies were pass music lovers causing the earphones in their ears to slowly molding into their decomposed faces, giving them loss in hearing but eerily better eye-sight. They are often the ones to be found charging first, mostly found towards more school areas of the larger cities.

    Disgusting looking zombies which from afar seem to have no heads so no brains. But in reality, their necks are almost snapped back leaving the heads to rest against the the backside, protecting it while being able to move around its decomposed selves.

    These zombies can range from Walkers to DJs or even Screamers. A common manuever in clearing is to burn some weed, and make enough noise that the zombies would get near to the fire and eventually have dulled sense as if they were stoned.

    More will be added as the RP progresses.

    Character Sheets

    General Information
    Full Name:
    Nickname/Alias: If you have any that is.
    Current Equipment: Be reasonable.
    Appearance: Photo, Description, or both.
    Specialty: What does your character contribute to the group?

    Personality Information
    Outwards Personality: How is your character perceived often due to how they act?
    Inwards Personality: How is your character really like?
    Thoughts on the cure's possibility:

    Background Information
    History before the Apocalypse:
    History during the first years:
    How they met the "Cure":
    Deep Dark Secret:

    The Survivors
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  2. [imga=left][/imga]General Information
    Full Name: Gavin Delmonté
    Nickname/Alias: Shade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24

    Appearance: Gavin has a tall, waifish look about him, with a pale complexion sitting stark against his dark brown hair. His eyes are a deep blue, his face very angular and harsh, with a perpetual grin on his lips. The man is generally dressed in dark clothing, lined with many pockets.

    Specialty: A ruthless mindset to do what needs to be done, and an uncanny ability to search out ammo and other supplies.

    Personality Information

    Outwards Personality: Gavin gives off a cheery air, as if he's enjoying himself no matter what he's doing, whether that be attacking, killing and pillaging survivors, or gunning down infected. He's not one to get angry at others, but he won't put himself in the middle of a fight either. He'd rather watch to people fight and bicker than work to make them get along, as he finds conflict amusing. However, despite his cheery demeanour, Gavin has few morals when dealing with people outside of his group. If he came across a wounded survivor, there would be no hesitation in his choice to strip them of anything valuable, then shoot them to prevent them from changing. This gives him an edge that makes it hard for others to fully trust him, as he can and would turn on a dime and kill them all.

    Inwards Personality: What Gavin doesn't show to others is that he is terrified of how things are turning out. He is scared of turning, and covers that fear with a forced cheeriness. While he does enjoy shooting zombies to bits, if they seem to get too close, it takes a tremendous amount of willpower for him not to flee. He DESPISES runners for the soul reason that they can catch up to him.

    Thoughts on the cure's possibility: Gavin is more than excited that there is a chance for a cure, and will do whatever he can to make sure that its source stays safe.

    Likes: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Shooting, Money

    Dislikes: Runners, Hordes, Overtly Righteous People

    Background Information

    History before the Apocalypse: Gavin was a gang member, although, he apparently wasn't a very good one as he was in jail for a shooting gone horribly wrong, ending the life of a rookie police officer. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance for bail when the apocalypse hit.

    History during the first years: During the panic of the initial outbreak, the inmates of Gavin's prison escaped during the confusion. However, Gavin was the one with the gun in the end, and was one of the few inmates able to make it to a relatively safe area in the city. His first task was to rob a clothing store, trading out his orange jumpsuit for more casual clothing. With his new wardrode, Gavin found that people were more likely to trust him. He began to use that trust to move in with a group of survivors, kill or subdue them, and steal everything that could be of use to him.

    It wasn't until a year into his travels that Gavin found his current group. They stumbled onto one of Gavin's hiding places, took all of his collection, and gave him a choice. He could join up with them, share his skills, and live, or he could attempt to stop them, and end up full of bullet holes. He chose the former.

    How they met the "Cure": Hasn't met yet.

    Deep Dark Secret: Growing up, Gavin witnessed his father beat his mother regularly. When he was fourteen, he watched as the man beat her death. He went through the trial that claimed his father an innocent man, and he was silent. Always silent.
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  3. General Information
    Full Name: Kathlin Sampson
    Nickname/Alias: Kat
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 284099_HUBUF55AP5WV1RMGO7GT5YMY3CDOEM_ninjanaelle_alvein_H100308_L.jpg
    Specialty: She is a good fighter and can use most weapons, but her favorite weapon's are blades she can use gun's but she like's the silence of a blade. Also the fact that she never runs out of ammo helps.

    Personality Information
    Outwards Personality: Kathlin is seen as a quite type and can also come across as a bit of a b***h,see doesn't trust anyone, not being able to see the point in making friends with others as they could need to be shoot so why form an attachment to someone if you have to kill them.

    Inwards Personality: She's a caring happy person and before anything happened she would enjoy going out with her few close friends.

    Thoughts on the cure's possibility: Kat hope's that the cure will work, and she will do what she can to make the world as close to how it use to be as she can.
    Likes: Smoking, reading and using her skills as a kick-boxer, and Martial artist to help keep people safe

    Dislikes: Arrogant people, and ones who think they are better then everyone else.

    Background Information
    History before the Apocalypse:Before all hell broke lose Kat had just celebrated her 21st birthday and was looking forward to having a few weeks off from work to see her family whom she hadn't seen for three year's due to her job.

    History during the first years: Kat had never been more glad that she had her training for all kinds of battles and ways of killing in close range as well as from a far, having got home she realized not all was as it should be, she had never been bothered about killing before but when it came down to killing her own family it had been hard on her to look in her sister's eyes and pull the trigger. Upon leaving she wondered around on her own finding places she could stay even if only for a short while Kat had stolen and killed to get what she needed and was happy on her own, until it started to get harder.
    One day she was walking around and saw a group of humans who were having trouble with a few zombies she run over to them and helped to take the zombies down and they asked her if she wanted to join them which she did.

    How they met the "Cure": She was part of the group she helped.

    Deep Dark Secret: Her job before the zombies was an assassin.

    Sorry i forgot my pic i was to busy thinking about what to write :)
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  4. She's fine with me, but make sure in the RP that her days as a hitwoman will possibly have traumatized her psychologically in some matters but aside from that awesome~ :3
  5. Well i thought the fact she killed her whole family would have done something to screw with her head. but yep i can do that no worry's.
  6. Oh yeah that too. lol. -w-

    Do you have any questions as of yet by the way?
  7. No none well none i can think of but i'am on here alot so if I do think of anything I will pm you or ask you on here. :)
  8. Yay. Awesome well feel free to do what you want~

    I'm online quite a lot too.
  9. General Information

    Full Name: Annacybelle Carter
    Nickname/Alias: Anna, Annie by her younger sister.
    Gender: Female
    Age: Twenty-Two
    Current Equipment: Worn out Bow, Arrows (8), Rations good for a week, Bandages (3), Painkillers (1)

    Appearance: Anna stands at a very mediocre height, barely reach five foot, seven. She however has a very trained body of running and hunting since she was young. Not to mention she managed to survive the first five years of the Dark Days. She has a very athletic appearance aside from her face which is surprisingly sharp in a pretty way. She wears clothes that are easily maneuverable in.

    Specialty: Annacybelle was a hunter since she was young. Odd seeing she's from the Big Apple. Whether its a bow and arrow or just a simple hunting rifle she is a marksmen and knows how to clean and skin meat she also know show to climb trees and usually that helps with parkouring and such.

    Personality Information

    Outwards Personality: Anna seems like the more stereotypical survivor protecting one of their cherished love ones. Hard to trust, even harder to make friends with. Although she is slightly known to be a bit more colder and a tad bit vulgar. She's not afraid to speak her mind at all. Can be ruthless in some situations. Only changing when she's around her sister.

    Inwards Personality: Annacybelle has lived a hard five years, so her outward personality is more or less a reflection on her current situation as inside Anna really is still a very young optimistic girl shadowed by the realization of zombies. She really is a nice person, wanting to help out as much as she possibly can. She is known to also be quite caring, especially shown with her sister.

    Thoughts on the cure's possibility: It's the only thing Anna can hope for. I mean why not? Their home is gone but they might just have the chance of returning the world to a kind of normal.

    Likes: Hunting, High places, The wind, Good food.
    Dislikes: Zombies, Raiders, especially hates Backheads.

    Background Information

    History before the Apocalypse: Annacybelle and her sister Rosalinda were the two children of an accomplished hunting wares owners. They grew up learning to hunt on trips to some of the best hunting places across the continent. Annacybelle however really embraced the art of hunting and her usually wonderful personality garnered her a lot of friends and she was living a pretty life until she turned seventeen.

    History during the first years: Anna and her sister was at their home in New York their parents on a business trip towards the East. An unlucky appointment seeing that after about half a year from their last call the zombies came. Anna took young Rosalinda towards a refuge center on the very edge of New York. They lived there until its eventual fall at the hands of the zombies. After that Anna and Rosalinda for the next couple of the years survived as nomads, exploring around New York and its neighborhood states. After the third year Anna and Rosalinda joined the "New New York." a settlement which goal was to restore New York like northern California. It was only recently since their home was destroyed and Rosalinda was bit.

    How they met the "Cure": They are sisters.

    Deep Dark Secret: Annacybelle caused all the death at the refuge center. She hasn't even told Rosalinda how it happened.
  10. General Information

    Name: Devin Jameson
    Nickname/Alias: DJ by most his friends and close people
    Gender: Male
    Age: Twenty-two
    Current Equipment: A worn out baseball bat, a medium sized backpack, 1911 pistol ( 5 bullets), med kit (small), gauze wrappings, and a flashlight

    Appearance:[​IMG]Devin stands at 6'0 with broad shoulders and muscles from working out in the gym and boxing. He keeps his hair short but not so short. He had a few tattoo's on his right arm and then his left shoulder, as well as his chest. Usually he will wear cargo pants and a long sleeve shirt on hoodie with a backwards baseball hat.

    Personality Information

    Outwards Personality: Most of the times Devin seems cold hearted and blunt. He has a short fuse from constantly killing zombies and people on the brink of turning. Mostly he will talk to others but then at time he keeps to himself, mostly in thought. People often judge him right off the back saying he's an asshole who his heartless just like the "things" that roam the cities and streets now. Devin brushing off most things and is good at keeping a poker face and not showing anyone his true emotions/feelings. You have to prove to him that your worth of his trust and in doing so he will help you in the long run.

    Inwards Personality: Devin is truly a caring person. Since the outbreak started, having to constantly loose people he loved and were close to him had hardened his heart somewhat. He feels that being tough and hiding his feelings are best so that he wont get attached to anyone and be devastated if something were to happen to him. He wants to be that protector but not a hero. All he wants is to make sure the people around him stay safe and when something goes wrong he feels genuinely responsible.

    Thoughts on cure's possibility: It something that Devin thinks about often. A cure means saving lives and stopping outbreaks which ultimately means that there's hope.

    Likes: Killing zombies, keeping people safe, food, sleep, smoking ( pot)
    Dislike: People who cant hold their own weight, dumb people, zombies (all of them), jerks/rude people

    Background Information

    History before the Apocalypse: Devin and his older brother Cal used to be like glue. They were always together getting into trouble from, fighting, stealing (money/cars), and selling weed. Over the years since they were teens, Devin and his brother hung around the wrong crowd. They carried guns and robbed people but his older brother wanted more money, more everything. Eventually they went their separate ways as Devin went to college and his brother turned to a life of crime and joined a gang.

    History During the first years: Devin was busy gathering items and things that he needed while heading into Brooklyn where he used to live and his brother Cal stayed at. It wasn't long until they were arguing. Devin was trying to convince his brother to leave with him before the apartment was over run by those "things". It turned out that Cal was infected and wasn't planning on leaving the apartment. It was the hardest thing to do when you brother is asking you to kill him. After putting a bullet though his brother's skull, Devin left in search or survivors and any chance on surviving.

    How they met the cure: They haven't met yet.

    Deep Dark Secret: Was arrested and on his way to jail for killing a police officer

    Specialty: Devin took some hard blows and learned how to defend himself from a young age. His father being an ex military man taught him and his brother all about survival and how to use hand to hand combat, guns, and especially melee weapons of any kind. Devin was crafty and is able to build things as well and enhance items that he has and has a keen sense of eye and spotting potential danger.
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  11. It's lovely. -w-

    Since a small group would be favored, I think that (Not including me or my chars) five would be a nice amount for the beginning. Soo two more people then we are set.
  12. Awesome I cant wait :D
  13. I have to ask will you be bring the weed with you?? hehehe (sorry just couldn't help myself)
  14. Weed is totally eligible if he still has some from his stash. But don't expect Anna to be happy with it. :P
  15. I just thought we could burn it in a fire killing stoned zombies would be a lot easier :)
  16. Haha that should totally be a new zed.

  17. That would be good only issue they would really really have the munchies lol
  18. Hahaha, true I guess.

    Still tossing it around my mind to add it to the Z.Book though. xD
  19. If it was me i think i would just because it would be amusing :)
  20. hehe never know just might have some stashed on him