The Cult of the Blackened Veil

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  1. As Trivak Scanned the horizon, pride overtook him. All the land that lay before him belonged to the Blackened Veil. All that they had worked, fought, bled, and died for was now all around him. Great castles and towns passed beneath him as he rode on the back of his loyal companion, Herot. The great Horned Bat let out a screech as he soared above the land for he knew that his master was pleased. At the command of his master, Herot descended down to Trivak's own estate.
  2. Hora hated the smell of fear that entered her nose every time she walked through the town that belonged to the Blackend Veil. Her black lace hood was pulled over her face as she tried to hide her pale skin and white eyes that held a glimmer from the sun. She felt like she needed to step away from her home on the dark side of town so she walked around in this fancy town with her crow companion that resided on her shoulder. Hora had heard the loiud screetch of a horned bat as she saw it shoot through the air with a outline of a man on the bat. 'I wonder who had the nerve to tame a wild creature like a great horned bat'.
    Curiousity had taken over as she went to follow where the creature was flying and she ended up on the estate of a man she knew but didn't know all to well.
  3. Trivak dismounted off of Herot and scratched it's chin, cooing it like he would a favored pet. "Return to me now" He said quickly and the bat shrunk down and fluttered over to rest on his shoulder. Now walking through the open land, he gave his Undead elemental guards a salute and walked in. As the doors shut behind him, Trivak snapped his long fingers and torches illuminated the darkened castle. A chill soon went through his spine as he felt the presence of an unwanted one intruding on his land. Herot hissed as he too felt the presence. Walking up to the upper levels of his castle, He gazed out of the great stained glass window and noticed a figure.
  4. A devilsh smirk had played on Hora's face as she had sensed a person looking at her. She looked up to see a man looking down on her and her blood red lips curled into a mischevious smile. Hira knew the one great one who was apart of the undignified cult, but she had never really seen him in person. "Of course he would be the one to have tamed that wild beast Iris...he is a powerful man" she spoke to her crow as if it was a human as she let her long black nail pet the beautiful bird with the only compassion she had in her. Iris had flapped her wings frantically feeling uneasy from the presence that the man was giving off, Hira calmed the bird down as she let her pale white eyes feeling interact with the sun a glint coming from the combination.
  5. Trivak could sense the energy that this woman put off, and it sickened him. She was so cocksure of herself about something. He had an inkling of a suspicion that she was not here for a friendly visit. Trivak, however, was not one to scare easily. He descended his castle and walked back towards the door, having three of his guards come with him to hopefully serve as a deterrent, he didn't want to have to kill her as of right now as he was in to good of a mood, but should the need arise, he would gladly do so. The great iron doors, with their grotesque ornamentation of the skulls and body parts of slain enemies, were flung open. He meet her halfway across the field and began to speak. "What business do you have here?" Their was a vile tone to his voice that could only come from years of inhuman cruelty.
  6. "Oh don't sound so mean.....I was curious about something and I ended up here..." Her laugh was dark as she walked up to him slowly and sensually. Hira had lowered her hood the wind playing in her short white hair as she took a look back at him. "I would have never guessed that a person could tame a horned bat, but I don't know why I didn't guess the Great Trivak" her smile might have seemed nice and innocent but any normal person could see that dark and sinster things were behind that smile.
  7. His guards were at the ready, with their hands on the hilt of their swords. Herot let out another hiss at the woman. "Herot, behave yourself, it is not time to feed, not just yet anyway." He now turned his attention to her. "Surely you had more in mind than simply coming to see my prized pet. But, Herot is among the finest creatures I've laid my blackened eyes upon." Trivak now removed his hood from atop his head, revealing dark black eyes, and equally black hair that went down to his back. "Now, don't play games with me, what other business do you have here?"
  8. "Oh how you flatter me..." Her words words were light and bubbly which was the complete opposite of the stare she held with him. "You know you don't need your guards to speak with me....we're only speaking like civilized people...I intend no threat over you" her lips had curled into a smile as she stepped closer looking at the guards in their dominant stance. "Look most people want you head on a stake...I might be one of those people or I might not be" she looked down at her long sharped black nails. "But I like money...I like killing people for money and that's what I was hired to do with you...." Her eyes trailed back up to him as she tried to find a reaction.
  9. "If I believed everyone who said that, I would be a dead man many times over by now" He said in regards to her first statement. His face was void of emotion as he stared at her. With a wave of his hand, Trivak dismissed his guards. It would take more than a strumpet of an assassin to make him turn tail and run. "So you were hired to kill me huh? So were they." He pointed towards the bones that ornamented the entrance to his castle. She was confident, no doubt about that, but she appeared to be just a run of the mill assassin, but a odd one out of the bunch for being a woman. She was a woman who looked to be a stark contrast to him: Her with hair and eyes white as new fallen snow, and him, with hair and eyes black as the veil of their celebrated founder.
  10. "Do you think that the bones of men are supposed to make me quake in fear....I only told you that I was here to kill you so I could lead into my next statement..." She smiled as she finally closed the space in between them. "I do enjoy money yes....but my employer is paying me a lot to kill you...but if you could pay me with a room in you late estate..Then I could protect youyou...and offer you more company than a bat and some dead guards" she circled around him like a cat about to poumnce on her pray or like a shark circling its next mean. She analyzed him looking him up and down as she saw his dark features, with his black hair and dark eyes to match.
  11. Trivak scoffed at her statement. "You think I need someone to protect me? I have my guards, and even they prove unnecessary often times. As for company, I have no trust in you, so I have no reason to believe that you won't just kill me in my sleep." Even that would prove difficult, as he often had Herot, or one of his familiars guarding him and his room as he slept. He didn't like the way she was circling him, and it made him irritated. 'By the grace of the infernal Gods is she cocky and arrogant' he thought to himself. "As I am not a completely unreasonable man, and I have granted the occasional brave, yet harmless, soul, shelter in my estate, I will grant you a room. But, if you step out of line, I will not hesitate to kill you, and make you part of my legion."
  12. "Oh stop with the flattery brave I wouldn't be stupid enough to kill me" she smirked deviously as she stopped in front of him and pet her companion on her shoulder with one finger. "But I will choose my own room...and you don't have to worry about me killing you, if I wanted to kill you, you would have been dead by now" she laughed darkly as she walked away from him with her seductive walk turning back to look at him clearly. "Oh yeah and you little bone decorations.... Wouldn't scare anyone love" she took a gutsy move by calling him love as she walked into the large house looking around and feeling the eerie aura of the main hall.
  13. 'Pestilent two bit whore' he thought maliciously to himself. Herot reciprocated his feelings and screeched quietly in return. He waited until she was out of earshot, then addressed his pet. "Should she start to show signs of steeping out of line, you are to gradually drain her of her essential fluid, the currency of her soul. You will feast, my pet, and you will enjoy the sweet liqueur of her blood." The bat jumped on his shoulder in excitement and obedience. She was getting on his nerves, and decided to entertain himself with her. He saw that she was just passing the great doors, so he conjured the blood curdling howls and growls of the Infernal Hounds to get the party started. A dark aura was accumulating in his mind, and he was determined to break this woman down.
  14. "Dammit..." She covered her ears from the howls of the creatures of the night,since she wasn't human her ears were way more sensitive to noises as she saw her crow reacting the same way as her. "Calm down Iris...I don't like that asshole either, but we need a residence until I can make enough money to buy us one." She tried to calm her companion down as she stroked the birds head with her one finger. 'If he thinks that he can play with me...he better watch out, cause he's only met my nice sideside' she smirked at her own thought as she passed through the whole coming up on the dining room with a large maple oak table in the middle. 'Even though his home is a beautiful one at that matter' she thought as she crossed her arms over her chest.
  15. Trivak soon walked into the home and silenced the Hounds. It was nearing time for his and Herot's meal, and so he made his way towards the dining area, Signalling his chefs to prepare the meals. He walked in and saw that the woman was in there as well. "Would you care to join us for a meal?" he asked from behind her. "On tonight's menu is a delightful course of roast hog and various other meats." Herot was dancing around on his shoulder, as he was anxious for his own meal which happened to be a live bull that had been purchased earlier that day. One of his servants, who went by Mairkon came up to Trivak and told him of the bull being ready for Herot. "Thank you, my fair sir." who then departed. "Now my pet, go, have your meal, enjoy, dear Herot."
  16. "I'm not hungry...I had a meal earlier" Hira could help but let her pale white eyes dart around this man's house in wonderment and awe. It was a beautiful dining room and a large house at the matter but what made her curious is why he lived in this large home alone. "Why are you here alone, no maiden's or mistresses that live with you...?" Her devious smile played on her lips again as she looked at him in curiousity with her voice holding a teasing tone. "I would have thought a man of your tase would have women crawling at his feet and clawing to get attention..." She couldn't stop teasing him as she looked fully at him turning her body to face his direction.
  17. He had a plain tone to his voice as he spoke, and tried to maintain his gaze to her face. "My home is so large simply because it can be. I prefer to have a large dwelling, mainly so that I can just wander around and think." He didn't need more of a reason than that. "As for women, You are the only one, as of now. I tend not to get myself mixed up in such things, as they interfere with my work with the Infernal Powers." He knew that she was trying to toy with him, but he didn't really care. Now, amidst their conversation, the pained bellowing of a bull could be heard echoing throughout the home as Herot began to feed. Trivak let out a laugh. "That ought to keep him fed for the next few days."
  18. "Wow...such a colorful man" she looked at him and rolled her eyes looking away. "I guess I'll go and explore...Come on Iris" she said simply before she just walked off looking around his home. She had looked in most of the rooms and found the one that she was going to call her own, and then she found a huge library fwith overly large book caes filled with as many books as each one could hold. "A man like that actually reads, I guess not every brute is an incompetent person..." She said mainly to herself as she started looking around at the book collection he had. Since she couldn't see to the top cause she was so short she grabbed a ladder that she had found near by and climbed to see what books were at the top of the wooden book case.
  19. He watched her walk away for a little bit, then was alerted that his meal was ready. He sat down in a great, high backed chair, and began to eat, alone, as he always did. He didn't ever really get lonely, mainly because he didn't really care for social interaction. All he cared about as of this moment was his meal, and then retiring for the evening to the library, with Herot on his shoulder. He ate in silence, and once finished, made his way to the library, which was filled with old and ancient books on various forms of magic and worldly manipulation. But the top shelf, that's where the good stuff was. Hundreds upon hundreds of books filled with enigmatic, esoteric, and downright strange information concerning the various aspects of magic. However, they were all written in a language which only those of the Blackened Veil had been able to decipher and read.
    Trivak entered the library through a secret entrance, of which his home was full of. He pulled up a comfortable chair and had Herot pick out a book of his choosing.
  20. Mika had looke around and found a book that had caught her eye quickly pulling her attention away front the other books. She was quickly caught off guard as she had seen her crow flying around with the horned bat. "Iris come here and s-" she was playing with him not chasing him around. "Okay go back to yupu're playing..." She smiled compassionately as she saw her lovely companion happy with someone other than her. Holding the book under he arm she jumped down from the top of the ladder lading on her feet gracefully. Pulling the book from under her arm she figured that she would read in her room, well the room she claimed But her peaceful thoughts were ruined as she fund herself jumping as she screamed stopping the playing between the two companions Iris flying to her aid quickly.
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