The Cult of Blood

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  1. Hello and welcome! My name is Teresa and I wish to do a role play involving a cult of vampires!

    Lillith was born into royalty for vampires, she was bitten when she was sixteen years old as a celebration for finally becoming the right age for a vampire as well as completing trials to prove yourself into the cult...her mother and father were killed by a famous vampire hunter that is still hiding to this day.
    Myth's about these creatures have some truth to them as all myths do, but vampires as we proceed them are a little twisted thanks to the fairy tales that have been written down over centuries. The fact of the matter is that vampires are one big family, not everyone is related of course there are many cults of vampire throughout the United States, but they all worship Lillith, the last Nobel blood to the original family. They can die of old age they just live much longer than humans, they do not like the sun light, that part is true...they can die from it yes, that's while all homes are underground...and they can come into someone's home anytime, even if they aren't invited, I don't know where they got that silly idea...

    Vampires prefer animal blood, it's way more tasty than human blood, and they can see themselves in the mirror...but they also have super strength, super speed and have amazing senses.

    These blood suckers actually dedicate their lives to stop crime from all over the city that they are near, they had learned to fight and call the police as an anonymous tip so the cops can take care of the rest.

    That's basically it, this is a role play that you pretty much go to when your bored or have nothing else to do and don't worry, Lillith isn't bossy so you can mostly do what you want in this role play, although there are still rules.


    1. You can make up to three characters
    2. Your character cannot kill another character unless you two have discussed it
    3. If your character dies you can replace him/her with a new one but remember to only stay at three
    4. You have to be open to romance, vampires=romance
    5. You can also make a vampire hunter as one of your characters
    6. Try your best not to do one liners

    If you want to sign up for this role play then please post the following information below!

    Picture (or gif/but it has to be real people):


    Relationships (who you hate or are in love with, ect.)

    You don't have to introduce three characters right away but when you do then please give out this information beforehand!
  2. Picture (or gif/but it has to be real people): [​IMG]
    Name: Jaelyn
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: straight

    Personality: sarcastic, short tempered, quiet at first before getting to know someone
    Strengths/Talents: can play guitar and is creative
    Weaknesses: large crowds and tight spaces.

    Relationships (who you hate or are in love with, ect.) nobody at the moment.
Thread Status:
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