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    Father Gormsten’s last sermon, delivered just before toppling from his pulpit and passing through the Last Door: “The world is ending, though few lend such thoughts credence. Great powers seek to sweep the board clean, I have seen it! For centuries mankind has persevered, offered its foes cold steel, held fast in its faith, and bared its teeth toward adversity. As the new moon waxes, however, shrill voices echo throughout the night and fear cloaks people’s minds, blunts their courage. They are no fools, I say. It is right to fear. Watch your neighbours and fellow men and women, for the enemy lies within. No walls shall keep it out. The world is ending, and soon this will be a charnel-town, drowning beneath the malignant shadow of evil.”

    IC information:
    Fear, anger and suspicion grip the town of Gramheim as more and more people go missing or are found gutted on street corners. There are increasing reports of the most heinous crimes committed with gleeful violence and defiled remains strung up on facades, lantern posts or strapped to statues in morbid mimicry. The burgomeister himself has vanished without a trace, his left hand bearing the city’s signet ring the last clue as to his whereabouts. The interim government has called on the Count for help, but no answer has come. So far the aldermen have proven signally impotent, unable to deal with the growing chaos. Citizens bar their homes before nightfall and stand guard in shifts, mindful of their families and belongings

    There is talk of the supernatural, of curses and witches, vampires and werewolves. Others believe one or more serial-killers are the cause of the calamity that has befallen Gramheim, whereas there are still those who maintain to be blissfully ignorant and dismiss the concerns and rumours as idle gossip. After all, what delusional mind would believe in something as ridiculous as corpses shambling through the alleys or vicious packs of beasts? Graves emptied? Surely the work of grave-robbers. Howling in the night? Mongrels and mutts fighting for scraps.

    Atrocities happen nightly. Strange markings are found on walls, claw marks on doors and shutters, archaic scripture painted in blood on signs. Concerned for mass hysteria, the City Watch has devoted more effort to silencing these vile acts rather than hunting down those responsible for the murderous tide that sweeps through Gramheim’s cobbled streets and bloodies the gutters. Things have nevertheless gotten so much out of hand that no matter what labour dedicated to hiding the bedlam is sufficient.

    However, even in the darkest of times, there are always heroes to be found – sometimes in the unlikeliest of places. As Gramheim cowers and tears itself apart, some champions are united by capricious fate. There is strength in working together, but whom can one trust in times as these? It remains to be seen whether these would-be heroes, have what it takes to survive, let alone find out what evil is behind these disappearances and killings.
    OOC information:
    Located on the south bank of the river Gram, the town serves as a regional capital and trading hub. Famous for its stockyards, where the great cattle drives end in the heat and stink of a Gramlander summer. For several days, the streets are filled with livestock being brought to market and retainers of the cattle lords eager to spend their pay. The Gramheim City Watch often hires more help during this time to keep at least some control over the "celebration". The stockyards are near the docks where the slaughterhouses and abbatoirs are located, so the cut meat can be salted, cured and loaded onto barges for easy transportation downriver. Recently, a cabal of merchants has begun experimenting with ice brought from the mountains and kept magically cool, to keep the meat fresh during transportation. The Salter's Guild of Gramheim, fearful for a loss in profits, in turn has threatened violence if the experiment continues.

    Even though the town is growing more unsafe, business must go on. It is the culling season, and the great cities down the Gram River are not going to supply themselves in terms of beef and pork. During the day charlatans and wizards make golden deals, though there is quite some risked involved in their trade. Not all luck-charms or protective wards work. Paying for a bundle of crow-bones from a street wizard is stupid and dangerous. Trying to cheat one’s customers is even more so. The people of Gramheim might be scared, but they are angry too. Knives are drawn much faster these days, and swindlers never stay in town long. These unexplained crimes form the perfect opportunity for a variety of accounts to be settled.

    More TBA
    Who/what will I play?
    That is up to you, obviously. I started this out with a mind to have all player characters collected in one place, in a tavern. It would give you the opportunity to craft a local Gramheimer, trader, weary traveller, passing hedge-wizard, mercenary, priest or what have you and instantly be able to interact with others. I would love to pitch it like this.

    Are there multiple races?
    Yes. Think the conventional/traditional archetypes (Dwarves, Halflings, Elves, etc.). Who knows, maybe there’s even a benign Goblin detective that joins the party?

    What sort of tech-level can I expect?
    Flint-lock pistols, cannons, gunpowder, some steampunk contraptions, armour is still relevant though.

    Is there magic?
    The fact I mentioned wizards and such must have given this away already. Yes, there is. It is limited though. Casting fireballs left and right will make your char have a spontaneous nosebleed or haemorrhage, resulting in passing out or… death.

    Will there be character death?
    Yes, but not forced on you. This is about people’s choices. I’ll never kill off a person’s character, but preparedness to receive injury and demise do make for great story elements. Keep in mind, the horrors out there are a plot device, it makes sense that bad stuff is going to happen.

    Character Sheet:
    Char Sheet (open)

    Appearance/Description: (No anime pics puh-lease!)
    Skills: (What does your char excel at? Does he/she fit in a certain class/trope/type?)
    OOC notes: (what do you need other people to know, what do you have in mind for the char, what inspired you? It can be left blank though)

    The alternative to a character sheet, would be to send me the introductory post of your character that includes the elements mentioned in the sheet above. I offer this choice for those who want to delve right into the setting and character.
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  2. So this is sort of a Gothic fantasy murder-mystery with a touch of Wild West flavor, or am I reading too much into Gramheim's cattle trade? All the same, color me interested.
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  3. Think (Warhammer) Fantasy meets Gothic novels meets Wild West meets Cluedo.
  4. I'm in~
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  5. I'm up for it. I love dark tales.
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  6. Interested! So very interested!
  7. Im pretty interested!!!!
  8. Wee more people!
  9. //may or may not already be working on a character outline
  10. I'll have a character sheet template up later today.
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  11. No rush here-- I've just taken to an idea and am keen to write it down. c:
  12. I second this. .-. Started last night, so any ideas.
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  13. I've put up the sheet, it's pretty basic. Feel free to send me your finished 'products' or post them in the eventual OOC thread :).
  14. I never seen "OOC Notes" before specifically for a CS. What would that include?
  15. Oh, that can be anything. What you have in mind for your char, things you find other people should definitely know, etc.

    It's optional, I'll add that remark.
  16. Thanks. Also as a recommendation, if you are allowing other races in the RP you should list it in the CS as "Race". :3 Maybe even a class. But that is 100% up to you.
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  17. Never tell me I don't listen to people! :D
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    You never listen to me! -horribly fakes crying-
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  20. Hah, shameless invitations, eh? Like I said, there's a few other things I'm hoping to go up, so I can't promise I'll have the time, but I will keep an eye on it.