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  1. This was pretty interesting and accurate for me. I suggest posting your results in spoilers because it can influence other people's results.

    Iced cube hovering above the ground, wooden ladder on the ground. Saddled brown horse glazing grass, pink flowers on the side while a small thunderstorm grows in the distance.
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  2. Small cube, rubix sized, made out of steel/chrome, ON the ground, cube beneath open ladder, wooden fold-out ladder, horse is not wearing anything and is grazing, a dozen flowers in a bed box very far from cube, huge storm is coming in, also very far-- no, I am not scared of the storm.

    Accuracy: "Ish." I'm thinking about kids currently, and under lots of stress.

    EDIT: Actually, first inclination was to make the storm right on top of everything, but I liked the imagery of a distant, oncoming storm. :D
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  3. My cube was big, and made of metal, sitting on the ground, the ladder also metal was leaning on the cube so I could get on it, the horse was beside the later with no saddle, and the flowers were all around it, lots of them, the storm was far away in the distant @_@

    I think it was pretty spot on. All for the horse thing >> really. Cause man I've got control issues, also I only want two kids and no stress currently. So yes but no?
  4. Spoiler
    A rubix cube size cube made of dirt, sitting on the ground. Wooden ladder is sitting next to the cube. The horse has no reins nor saddle, it's simply standing, looking around I guess. There are many flowers surrounding the cube. The storm is brewing in the horizon. I'm nervous, but not too scared.

    It's pretty accurate aside from the ladder thing. My friends can lean on me all they want ^_^
  5. Size of the Cube: Small, palm sized.
    Material of the Cube: Gold (So like.... Not transparent)
    Location to ground: On the Sand
    Location of Cube to the ladder: A few inches in front of the Ladder
    Material of Ladder: Wood
    Equipment on Horse: None
    Horse's action: Chilling there, standing about
    Number of flowers: Small bouquet
    Distance from FLower to Cube: Like... really far
    Storm: Peaceful, dark clouds rolling in.

    Hum, I mean, it's not 100% ccurate, but it's pretty close.
  6. A 1m x 1m cube of some opaque, gray material lying on the ground, next to which lies a wooden ladder. The horse is not in saddles and just stands around doing nothing in particular. The desert is now a flower field. Although the flowers don't grow within a two meter radius around the cube. Far off on the horizon is a storm, though despite the distance, it's making me anxious.

    Well. That was surprising. Some parts I believe were inaccurate to me anyways.
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  7. I imagined a metal cube small enough that it can fit into my hand, just sitting on the ground. Instead of a ladder, a heavy duty step stool popped into my mind because I'm too scared of heights to get on full-sized ladders. It's just sitting next to the metal cube. The horse is wild without reigns, and munching on grass far away from the cube because I am also afraid of horses (lol). There is a patch of red flowers surrounding the cube. A humongous storm of winds and lightning is on its way. Am I scared? No.

    Sort of accurate? The cube and the horse are the ones that are spot on. The ladder one is mostly inaccurate; the part about it not leaning on the cube is the part that's correct. The flowers one 100% wrong, because I'm happy enough with just the 1 child I have. >__> I liked the idea of a chrome cube sitting amongst some flowers is all that was. The storm is wrong too, as I am mega stressed pretty much everyday.
  8. I was all like "hm, okay" as it was explaining until it got to the kids bit

    then I was like "LOL THIS IS BULLSHIT"

    I pictured hundreds of flowers, great big bunches of them

    concerning kids, I've been thinking more and more that me and my future are better suited to 'cool auntie'-ness than motherhood.

    /cue throngs of peer mothers and women a generation up assuring me I will change my mind =3=
  9. The cube was small enough to fit in my hand, made from sandstone and had intricate but abstract carvings all over it. It sat flat on the ground.

    I dunno, I actually think one of my flaws is my huge ego, so that's already inaccurate. But I also have some significant insecurities, so eh. Could go either way. Sandstone is pretty opaque, and I'm not very open, so that's accurate. I guess I also agree that I'm pretty well grounded. I have no fucking idea what the carvings signify though.

    The ladder was tiny and wooden and leaning on top of the cube.

    I'm close with my friends and do often find myself being support for them, and I suppose wood is fairly sturdy. So far so good. Again, not sure what it's supposed to mean that the ladder is miniature.

    The horse was wearing a saddle, but no reins and was grazing.

    I do like to be in control, if you know what I mean. ;] This makes it sound like I want my relationships tame though, which... nahhh. Not accurate in the slightest.

    There was a field of countless flowers ending in a semicircle about fifteen feet in diameter away from the cube, extending up the side of a hill.

    Hahaha no fuck that I do not want a FIELD OF COUNTLESS KIDS. At ANY point. I'm not even sure I want kids at all.

    The storm was beginning to flash up on top of the hill, over the flower-filled horizon but far away from the cube, ladder, and horse. I wasn't scared in the slightest.

    Actually I'm pretty stressed a lot of the time, so this isn't very accurate either.

    I'm kinda in the "this test is bullshit" camp right now.
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  10. Show Spoiler
    Very small cude made from some opaque plastic material hovering above the ground. The ladder was made out of wood and is just lying on the ground. The horse had nothing equipped on it and was just standing and doing nothing special. There were about 2-3 flowers about a metre or so away from the cube. The storm was brewing pretty intensely and was essentially right on top of me

    Honestly's actually pretty damn accurate, especially the storm and ladder part.

    Well...the flowers part wasn't that accurate since I don't want children at all buuuuuut, it asked me to imagine some flowers and I did

     ̄\_ツ_/ ̄
  11. I dunno?

    My cube fit into my cupped hands, made of stone. It was partially buried in the sand, so?
    I had a weird wooden sky ladder leaning on nothing maybe fifteen feet from me? My friends are fifteen feet away? I dunno.
    My horse didn't have any saddle or anything and was just sort of there, shaking its mane and doing horse things.

    I don't think the thing about the flowers holds true... It was off near my ladder and I pictured one of those plants with lots of little flowers and... no...

    The storm was overhead, but it's the desert, so in my head we were stoked about the rain (and also I love storms). Stress or nah?

  12. Description
    A hip-height iron cube planted firmly in the sand with a traditional wooden ladder leaning against it. The horse was saddled, but not tied up, and stood beside the cube with a single daisy resting on its left ear.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of the visual was the storm. I wasn't worried about it at all, because it was contained within the cube, despite being extremely violent.
    The size and make of the cube seem to imply a moderate ego and a mostly closed personality, as well as being very grounded. However, the fact that the storm could be 'seen' through the cube despite it being made of metal may imply that the subject is capable of being very open, if only one already knows what's inside. Perhaps, then, that the subject has become closed over time, and only those who saw the cube when it was originally transparent can see through it now.

    The ladder implies decently sturdy bonds, with very close friends that can seek support from the subject. The horse implies a general desire for control in relationships, though that it is not tied up may hint at this control being limited. Few, if any, children are desired; perhaps the flower having been already picked and placed with the horse shows that the subject is most interested in a relationship with a pre-developed child thrown in.

    The storm was both extremely close and violent, which shows a great deal of stress; however, its containment in the box implies an unusual amount of control over and detachment from the stress.
    I feel like my analsis was fairly accurate, but therein lying the strength of the test. While it may point in a few clear directions, it only really works because we interpret it in whichever way most closely aligns with our own situation.

    At least, whenever possible. Some results may be too wack to analyze away.
  13. Show Spoiler
    Size: About 6 ft tall, wide and deep.
    Material: Young bamboo.
    Distance for the ground: Resting on the ground.
    Where is the ladder: Resting on the cube, leading to the top.
    What is the ladder made of: Stained maple.
    Is the horse wearing anything: No.
    What is the horse doing: Standing as if it were taking a break from grazing, and looking in my general direction, but not directly at me.
    How many flowers are there: The landscape is spattered with clusters of red tulips. Each cluster has about 20-50 flowers in it, and they are spaced about 50-100 feet apart, bringing a few clusters within striking distance of the cube.
    Where is the storm: the storm is raging on the western horizon and quickly charging toward me and the cube, but clouds are also gathering above me and it is starting to sprinkle rain.
    Are you scared of it: I feel I can somehow shelter myself with the help of the flowers, horse, ladder and cube.

    According to this, I have the largest ego here... by far.

  14. Aside from the size of the cube, the number of flowers, and the location of the storm, our answers are scarily similar.
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  15. I've seen a similar test about walking through the forest.

    I think my problem with this is that my brain tries to think realistically, rather than in ways that I feel reflect my state of my mind. Additionally, I feel like some of my answers were influenced by the way the questions were worded.

    Here are my answers:
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    Cube: Small, palm-sized. Made of wood. On the ground.
    Ladder: Directly next to the cube. Made of steel.
    Horse: Wild, no equipment. Grazing.
    Flowers: A few, but not many - sort of dotting the far landscape.
    Storm: Far away but slowly rolling in. Not scared.

    Considering I most certainly am thinking about kids and considering between work, school and preparing for parenthood I am under immense levels of stress, I'd say that at least for me this is not particularly accurate.
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    A small wooden cube next to (not touching) a metal ladder. A horse with no reins or saddle. I imagined a whole bush of flowers, the first very off thing 'cause I don't want any kids. And the storm was on the horizon.
  17. I didn't find this as nearly as accurate. Considering this is the dumbness of my brain:

    -A cube that looks like a castle
    -The ladder is made from stone carved in the side
    -The horse was armored not reigned or anything it has armor
    -The flowers were small, because I thought the environment deserted
    -The storm was behind me, coming my way, not afraid of it annoyed with it because I know it's my always certain future
  18. Show Spoiler

    The cube was large, very large and was also on the ground made of a crystal-like material, though not see through. I actually imagined two bamboo ladders, one leaning on the side of the cube, and one inside the cube going down since the cube also had a 'doorway' of sorts inside it and thus hollow. The horse had no saddle or reins, though it was rather tamed overall. I imagined two gardens of flowers that were in front of the cube and in colors of blues, purples, reds and greens. The storm was in the horizon and coming closer though I wasn't afraid despite how bad it looked.

    Also the desert was full of mounds of golden sand, though as I walked through it it became hard and cracked.

    So from what this test is saying, I have a large but hallow ego, rather open to people and grounded. I guess friends can lean on me for support though I'm not sure what the ladder inside my crystal ego-cube from underground would mean. I partly blame the music for my choice in material, though I suppose my bonds are only strong enough to hold, and are flexible and weak overall. I guess I also like tame but with absolutely no control in my relationships, I want kids, many, many, many kids and am thinking about them. I am also apparently very, very stressed though not afraid of it despite it being far and coming my way....

    I'd give the test's accuracy overall a 6/10 score, some things here and there are right, some are not and I partly was just thinking of "house" as soon as the cube thing came up along with how hot of a day it was and how good rain would be right now.... so some of my imagination is definitely influenced.
  19. Spoiler

    Cube: Small, fits in my hand made of aluminum floating several feet above the ground.
    Ladder: Hanging off the cube, also not touching the ground made of wood.
    Horse: Wild, no equipment, glowering at me from behind the cube.
    Flowers: Two daisies growing in the shadow of the cube directly under it.
    Storm: Rolling clouds and flashing lightning directly above the cube. I like storms so I was enjoying it.

    Relatively accurate.

  20. Kind of accurate, kind of not?

    I have a small ego (I hope so anyway) and I suppose I'm not particularly grounded but...

    Closeness to friends is kind of eh. It's getting more distant. Not sure if my friends can lean on me or not, but it apparently they can't lol.

    Totally inaccurate is the children and stress thing. I pictured a giant field of flowers--I do not want children lol. And the storm cloud was very distant and I wasn't really scared (I like storms). But I'm stressed as hell lol.

    So not really accurate for me I suppose.
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