The C'ub House ((humans welcome))

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  1. The c'ub house is usually talked about in small circles about how much fun it is and it's the coolest hangout on earth, tucked away on a back road is the small red building with white trim looking like an old school house, but not all is as it seems...on the outside the c'ub house looks like a nice isolated place for teens to young adults to hang out but what new comers don't know is that once you enter the c'ub house you turn into a cub/child (for human characters) body form again.

    If you want to join just post about your character before starting things like: name, age before and after entering the c'ub house, gender, likes and dislikes, role, random details ect. Then post an entrance :3

    Positions needed: (( the older characters have metal locked bracelets that keep them from turning))
    Caretaker-the only adult in the c'ub house
    Assistance-teen characters there to help the caretaker

    Rules: no sexual contact, try to keep cursing down ( I don't mind a little), no god modding example: you come in and don't turn, and just have fun!
  2. Character sheet

  3. I'll start
    Name: Oliver softpad
    Nicknames: oli or olipop
    Race: furry- half otter half fox
    Hair: brownish red fur
    Age: before entering 21 after entering 5 ((but likes being one of the babies))
    Gender: male but on occasion likes to crossdress
    Role: little
    Likes: video games, chocolate milk, chicken, coloring, wearing baby and sometimes girly clothing
    Dislikes: bullies, veggies, and nap time