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    "Ahh!" A girl named Ayumi cried out as a fist was slammed into her stomach. "Hah! That'll teach you!" A man that looked to be around twenty said as he threw another punch. "I-I'm sorry!" Ayumi said as he continued throwing punches. The men that held Ayumi's arms behind her back snickered as their boss continued to punch her. He rose his fist to strike again but paused when he saw a crystal tied around her neck. "Ooh, this is pretty."

    After saying this he tore it from her neck and said, "Okay, here's what's going to happen. We're going to take this, and you're not going to do anything about it. Alright?" Her eyes widened as she fell to her knees, "N-No. Please. Give it back! Plea- AHHHHHH!!!" The girl cut herself off by letting out a scream of pain. She clutched the sides of her head and as she did fangs slowly sprouted where her canines used to be. "Wh-What the hell's going on?!" One of the men exclaimed as her ears turned elf-like.

    "Give It Back." The girl spoke in a demonic voice. The man dropped the necklace onto the ground before running off with his friends. Ayumi quickly grabbed hold of the crystal and as she did a bright glow escaped from the crystal. Her teeth slowly returned to normal and so did her ears.
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    Meanwhile, a man and a boy, both dressed in dark grey, watched the strange happenings from on of the building's windows. When the girl turned to them they both sat down on the bench behind them and unfolded their newspapers. "Did ya see that Dingbat?" The taller man with a cigaret asked the young boy with a eyepatch and a crow on his head that seemed much more interested in reading then his owner. "Yup. She turned into a monsta!" Dingbat replied, almost cheerfully. "Do you think she saw us Scratch?" "Not sure, we'll find out soon enough."
  3. Slowly standing up, Ayumi tied the necklace around her neck again. As she was transforming she had heard a few voices coming from one of the nearby building but decided to ignore it. Whenever she transformed her hearing ability heightens so of course she heard voices. She began walking down the street, staggering slightly as she did as whenever she transformed it always gave her agonizing pain
  4. The two folded their newspapers and silently persued the strange girl. They keep a good distance behind her, but not so far as to lose her. They would have problely continued unnoticed if Dingbat's crow didn't suddenly let out a loud squawk. They both froze, sweat forming on both of their foreheads.
  5. Ayumi instantly spun around when hearing the crow squawk. "Wh-Who are you"? She asked the two when she spun around (I would type more then this but I have to go to bed so....yeah)
  6. Sweat trickling down his neck, Scratch franticly looked for an answer that won't get them arrested. However Dingbat, always nervous around pretty girls, came clean. "W-we're Dingbat and Scratch, paranormal investigators." Scratch furiously looked at Dingbat and smacked the back of his head. The lazy crow didn't budge from his perch.
  7. "P-Paranormal investigators?" Ayumi stuttered in fear. Did they see? Of course they saw, why else were they following her? She nervously glanced down at the blue crystal as she tried to think of a way to convince them that they didn't see what they thought they had seen
  8. Some distance away, a cloaked figure was moving in their direction. A cane tapped on the ground in front of him, he wore a trench coat, and he whistled a lively tune as he walked. Roughly twenty feet away, the figure proclaimed;

    "I heard a ruckus!"

    The voice sounded like a young man's. It could be seen that his hair was a little long, and black. Had some unknown letters painted on the cheekbones. Tinted glasses shielded his eyes. From a distance, he would have looked tall and intimidating, but from here, it could be seen he was actually a little short, and had a friendly look to him.

    He looked about, anticipating a response.
  9. Ayumi quickly turned he head to where she had heard the voice. Did he see it as well? She nervously fiddled with one of her jacket string, "Y-You did?"
  10. The cloaked man had a small smile, and he raised an eyebrow, "So, you scared him off?"
    "Such a shame how people can turn into beasts isn't it?"

    As he got closer, his appearance was now clear.
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    "...You seem like you're still shaken up... do you fear he'll come back?"
  11. "Dingbat..."
    The two began to slowly back away, then bolted down the sidewalk. A single coin fell from Scratch's pocket, landing with a loud 'ping!'
  12. "N-No." After saying this she heard a coin drop to the ground so she turned her head towards where the coin was. She nervously looked at Dingbat and Scratch before saying, "I, uhh, I've got to go." Ayumi then rushed off. Paranormal Investigators? So they saw, but what about the other guy? Did he see as well?
  13. The cloaked man's smile faded. He adjusted his glasses, and he sat down at a bench.

    He coughed a few times violently, as a shadowy mist gathered at his feet, he then removed from his jacket a vial of some sort, and drank it's contents... immediately the coughing ceased, and the mist dissipated.

    He pulled up the hood from his cloak, and abruptly got up... he was looking around, and started to move in the direction the Paranormal investigators were going, passing he mumbled to himself.
    "I should make sure they don't write down or post anywhere what I look like... wouldn't want a certain someone to find me..."

    He moved past the girl from earlier, and quickly said;
    "Have a nice day, Miss."

    He noticed them a distance away.
    "Oh, Gentlemen! I believe I know why you are in a hurry... but could I have a moment of your time?"
  14. Scratch was running madly ahead of Dingbat who was trailing behind by a few feet. It seemed they would lose the man who was fallowing them. However Scratch crashed into some sulky guy and they both fell back. "Oi you loaf! Watch where ye goin'!" Scratch yelled angrily at the man as he got back up and grabbed his bowler cap. "Um Scratch..." Said Dingbat as he pointed at the man who was now gaining on them.
  15. Scratch smacked the handkerchief out of the weirdo's hand. "He means me you moron! My name's Scratch!" "Scratch." Dingbat said as he pulled on his sleeve. "What is it Dingbat?!" Dingbat pointed at the man who was now two feet away from them. Scratch quickly smacked a manhole cover with his foot, sending it twirling in the air for a while. They both jumped into the manhole before it the cover landed back in place, Dingbat's crow shooting the weirdo a cold glance before disappearing.
  16. The cloaked man froze for a moment.
    "...I suddenly have the feeling those two have been at their job for a while..."

    He turned his head to the man beside him.
    "Excuse me sir, please tell nobody what you are about to see, my safety... as well as yours... might depend on it."

    A puff of black mist appeared, and the man was gone, the mist flowed down through the small openings of the manhole.

    It would take the keenest eyes to notice the slight fog near the floor of the sewers, it spread out in all directions, with the intent of watching the two investigators for a while.

    It was a strange power the cloaked man had, but he knew he couldn't hold it for long, as it brought a special kind of suffering to whoever used it.
  17. The two slowly walked though the sewers as if it was a more common way of transportation for them then the sidewalk. "Did you get a tracker on that girl?" "Of course I did, and it wouda been a whole lot easier if you could keep that damn bird under control!" "But-" "Shut it!" He pulled a odd little doohickey with five curved arrows that spun for a bit then pointed at a particular direction that they followed.
  18. The cloaked man decided to materialize close to, but out of sight of the investigators. He decided the best course of action was to make his presence known before hand.

    When he did, his eyes burnt, one of his arms would not move, and one of his legs felt broken... common side effects, and without his... medicine, his own powers would have much more gruesome effects on him.

    He said, from a hiding spot;
    "Gentlemen, I do believe I made it quite clear I mean no harm... It is important that you do not mention anything about me."

    His voice sounded as if he was exhausted, and a cough echoes through the sewers.
  19. Scratch ,hearing the noise, spun around and pulled out a silver revolver. His expression softened when he saw that it was only the man who was following them but he didn't lower his gun. "Is that why you were following us all creepy like? Good grief man, why the hell would we? We're not stalkers you know." He seemed to be ready to holster his weapon when something occurred to him. "Wait a sec... How the hell did you get in here without movin the manhole?!"
  20. The cloaked man raised an eyebrow as he emerged. He muttered.
    "You planted a tracking device on a person... you must be what stalkers aspire to be..."

    He said more loudly and clearly.
    "Well, I'm surprised you would ask... If I recall, you yourself managed to kick up the manhole high enough that both of you could enter the sewers, before it fell... perhaps I simply moved it silently... but I guess the answer ultimately depends on what will get me shot and what will not."

    It could be seen that one of his arms was limp... and he was walking with a limp.
    "But I think I should once again emphasize, I mean no harm to you two... also, excellent choice of firearm good sir!"
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