The "Crystal View" Apartments.

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  1. Hello --------!
    We welcome you to join us in the new apartment complex that we just completed in Oak View.
    We're called "Crystal View" and we'd love to have you as a tenant!
    Our apartments come in 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms, and we have four floors as well.
    Every apartment comes with a washer and dryer set, and access to the pool and hot tub in the
    We have a state of the art gym, and we also invite you to live with us, we offer more than this!
    One year, RENT FREE! Plus, we'll pay for your gas, and all your bills, along with groceries.
    All you have to do to receive this, is simply live in the same apartment for one year.
    If you do not complete this, you will be charged.
    So, neighbor! Come join us in Crystal View!

    You get this letter in the mail one day, and it seems too good to be true.
    But upon calling, you learn that it really is true.
    So, you and your family, if you've got one, decide to give it a try.
    What could be so bad about living somewhere, rent free, bill free, for one year?

    Just ask the girl in 106, she's been here since they opened, two months ago.
    She seems fine.


    1- Be able to post once a day, at least.
    2- If you need to leave/want to drop out, please PM me and tell me.
    3- Please respect each other, and the posting order.
    4- Use correct grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities.

    You can have up to four characters per person.
    I'm going to let up to six people join this.

    Character sheet:

    Appearance: (Image please)
    Back story: (Why are they moving here?)

    Please fill this out for each character in your household.
    I'll be playing the manager, and the girl in 106.

  2. Name: Natasha Garvey
    Age: 30
    Appearance: anime_girl.jpg
    Back story: Myself and my son have just lost our home due to a change in our landlord whom wanted to knock the block down to make way for a car park. So when the letter came through my door one week before we had to move out it sounded like the best thing to ever happen to me and my little boy Ren. What with the apartments being close to his school and my work in the local hair dressers.

    Name:Ren Garvey
    Age: 10
    Appearance: anime%20boy[1].jpg
    Back story: Because my mum said so.
  3. Name: Patsy Bowen
    Age: 23
    Back story: Patsy and her boyfriend split up after living together for 2 years, the house was his and she had move out. It was nothing but coincidence that she was to get the letter through the post. Taking the rare and almost unbelievable opportunity, she thought it fitted her well since the apartment was close to her work. So it meant that she could walk to work and save more money (she works as a hospitality team member in a casino), which meant that she could save up her money to travel the world, something she always wanted to do since she was a child.
  4. Name: Nicholas Mason
    Age: 27
    Back story: Nick and his brothers have been living with their parents forever but they have passed away in a car crash and 6 months later debt collectors took the house.With a bit of luck a week before they got kicked out a letter came for his mum and dad so Nick opened it, as he was the one sorting the paperwork. He had to try for this it gave the 3 of them a year to get sorted. His brothers agreed. Hopefully they will understand and let the 3 brothers move in while they sort themselves out.
    Nick had a job but with the loss of his mum and dad he was forced to sort out the paperwork and the funeral. He quit his job cause he couldn't be bothered anymore but thanks to his 2 brothers he's back to normal.

    Name: Wayne Mason
    Age: 29
    Back story: As above
    Wayne mourned and carried on with his activities when his mum and dad died. He had to, Nick was a mess and Haz never had a job. He was doing his best to pay the bills for his mum and dad's house but since it was only him he couldn't afford to keep up with all the bills by himself. Soon enough the eviction came in.

    Name: Harold (Haz) Mason
    Back story: As above
    Haz has not long come out of college. Since his mum and dad died his concentration at college lowered but he kept trying. Unfortunately he failed and now he will have no home. But thanks to the random letter he has a year to sort himself out.
  5. Alright then, there's six characters, so for now, I'll close the sign up.
    If anyone else decides to join, I'll have to approve them first.

    Thank you for signing up! I'll be posting the rp thread shortly, and I'll link you all here.
  6. Nice one cant wait to get started :)
  7. Alright guys, before we start, I have a few requests.

    Please post in third person, such as "James ate a piece of pizza" NOT "I am eating a piece of pizza" and also not "James is eating the piece of pizza"

    And please, if possible, use a different colored font for each character, so we can tell who's who.

    Here's the posting order, please respect it.

    1: Severusx
    2: Eve Lilith Angelson
    3: Dutchess
    4: Captain Scrubz

    Thank you!

    Here's the rp thread: