The Crystal View Apartments (RP)

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    Another day in the apartments, another day terrified.
    Atropa opened her eyes, staring up straight at her ceiling,
    the white paint was pristine and new.
    She lay in bed a few minutes, just staring, before rolling over, and then sitting up.
    Sighing, she ran a hand through her hair and closed her eyes for a moment before getting up.
    The day was bright and sunny, and Atropa knew that six more tenants were moving in today.
    She was excited for the company, at least.
    Walking to her kitchen, she turned her coffee pot on and then went to her bathroom, turning the shower on.
    Slipping out of her bed clothes, she got in and pulled the shower curtain closed.
    The hot water felt good against her skin, and she closed her eyes, relaxing for a moment.
    She froze as she heard a sound though, her eyes opening wide in fear.
    Her bathroom door opening, squeaking loudly.
    She called, not daring to look out of the shower.
    No answer.
    "S-Someone here?"
    She asked, louder this time.
    The sound of footsteps, and then-
    "Hello dear!"
    A loud, enthusiastic voice.
    Atropa sighed in relief and peeked out of the curtain.
    "Hello Miss." She said, waving a bit.
    "Hello, Atropa! I came to make sure you were up for our new guests!"
    Atropa nodded.
    "Well, I'll see you in the office in thirty minutes!"
    She called, waving happily as she walked.
    Miss Jenna was a plump woman, in her early forties, wrinkles around her eyes from smiling so much.
    Her plump cheeks were always rosy with blush, and she always wore the most horrible blue eyeshadow, and bright pink lipstick.
    Her outfits usually were something gaudy and horrible, like a pantsuit that was very tight and unflattering on her plump frame.
    But, Atropa kept her mouth shut.
    She knew Miss Jenna could be horrible.
    The scars on her back proved that.
    Ten minutes later, Atropa was dressed in a pair of jeans and a black tank top,
    with some flip flops on.
    She drank a cup of coffee, brushed her teeth, and went to the office to meet the new arrivals.
    She prayed that their stay would be much nicer than hers.
  2. Natasha and Ren were standing out side the apartment block it was huge but looked like a nice enough place.
    "Mum it's strange i don't want to go in"
    "Come on Ren we need this it's closer to school and my work it's just because it's a new place you will be fine i promise."
    Ren took hold of his mothers hand, he cared for her and knew she always tried her best to make sure he was happy. With a sigh he walked with his mum into the place he would hopefully soon be calling home.
    Natasha gently squeezed Ren's hand she knew he didn't like new places or people but what was she meant to do, the letter had made her feel like this was the best thing to ever happen to them. It was perfectly situated for them both. With her son's hand in her she squared her shoulders and headed for the main door to the building.
  3. Finally, the day was coming where Patsy could move out of that god forsaken house, the move making it a whole new start for the dark haired woman as she placed the last box in the back of the removal van. Her ex had volunteered to drive the van for her, after all, it was his own damn fault that they split and she had to move, so why not make the asshole work?
    Putting on her helmet and zipping up her leather jacket, she sat on her bike and looked towards her ex.
    “Come round about an hour. I need to get the keys.”
    She turned the key in the ignition and drove away from the house she had finally left from. Patsy couldn’t believe her luck when she was told that she was accepted in to the new place. And the best news was that it was all free! Bills, utility bills and even food shopping! She couldn’t believe it, she thought at first, was that it was just a prank, but it wasn’t. Now, she had plans all set in her mind for it all. With the money she was going to save up from her job, she was going to save up as much as possible until the contract on the house runs out, and then just travel the world with her rucksack and her bike.
    Her body shook with excitement as she got close to the apartment building, parking it up and straight away taking off her helmet to look up at her new home. Sticking the keys in to her pocket, she then put the lock on her tire of her bike and made her way in to the building, unzipping the jacket as she started to walk towards the office.
    Her letter of confirmation and ID all in her pocket, ready and raring to go and start her new life, in her new home as a free and single lady!
  4. Wayne and Haz were at their mum’s and dad’s old place still moving everything into the van. Wayne wasn’t happy with Haz, he didn’t do any packing till yesterday and Wayne ended up helping. Haz wasn’t the tidiest of people but as he liked to call it “organized mess”. It definitely didn’t help when packing Haz’s room up.

    Wayne shouted “Oi you done your computer yet”

    Haz replied “Give me a freakin minute will ya, go have a smoke”
    Haz was almost done; his computer was his pride and joy and wanted to make sure it didn’t break in the move.

    Wayne went outside and lit a cigarette. He leaned against the wall waiting impatiently for Haz to hurry up.
    Eventually Haz went outside carrying one of his computer boxes he saw Wayne “Ok dude I’m done only a few boxes now and my desk”

    Frustrated Wayne answered “about time Haz you had all week and you wait till last minute to pack up”
    Haz replied casually “I don’t know what your rush is Nick is on his way to pick the keys up”

    Wayne snapped back at him “Yea and we should be with him”
    They soon cracked on and It wasn’t long before they were on the road to their new home.

    Nick was glad he didn’t have to help Haz pack his stuff. Nick was used to the paperwork so it made sense for him to go on ahead just in case they couldn’t make it in time. Nick was skateboarding down the street with his backpack and stopped outside his new home. First he looked at the motorcycle and admired it for a few minutes and decided he better get in.

    Nick picked up his skateboard and walked through the doors.