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  1. (Who was he talking about would die if she killed him?)
  2. {Mr Aeron just scaled the building, and was looking into the room through the window, I'm pretty sure he is referring to Mr. Aeron.}
  3. [yup, sorry if that was unclear]
  4. ((So Aeron is going to die, if she tries to kill the evil dude, But if he escapes then they get to live happily ever after? And then the bad guy is going to realize Scratch and/or Dingbat are still alive and try to kill them???))
  5. Howdy!

    It looks like you guys have a lot of OOC posts in your roleplay, so I've gone ahead and moved them over here! For future reference, posts in IC threads without IC content are considered spam and should be kept in PMs or in an OOC thread like this one; it's all right to include OOC comments in your IC thread posts as long as there's IC content, too! :3

    Happy roleplaying!
  6. {Mr. Aeron could turn into smoke, but is running low on medicine, so he won't be dead, but when he materializes, it won't exactly be good for him, his powers, for lack of a better term, deteriorate him, the progression is slowed by his medicine, but he needs to consume more medicine the more he uses his abilities.}
  7. Purge has... Issues. He thinks that Akuma will murder everyone in the city if he escapes with the crystal. But now the plan needs to change a bit...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.