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  1. What's the point of being a Superhero, Honestly. You stop crimes and save the day but at what cost. What do you do when you're too late and someone dies but the criminal is still there? You know they did it, There's blood on there hands...So what do you do? You kill them, It that simple. Superheroes never really make a difference, More then half of the animals they deal with either are crazy and escape the death penalty or escape the prison within the month of there incarceration. Superheroes have proven to be ineffective, The old ways are don't work anymore. Someone needs to show this kind of behavior is unacceptable...The Crusaders will, They shall exterminate the infestation on American society and abroad, No Villain is safe...Not Anymore.

    The Crusaders are a team of Superheroes that were push to far and cross the line and killed someone. These Heroes decided to team up and become the renegades of the hero community. They will face not just Super Villains but terror groups, Other Heroes and any other injustices.

    Important Info:

    Crusader(Ship) - A ancient ship used by the Ri'Kan and now used as a home base for the Crusaders. This ship is hidden between dimensions and can only be reached by teleportation. All Crusaders have a ring which proves membership and allows them to teleport to the Crusader.

    Recent Events: Crusaders went on a mission in the middle east where they eradicated a terrorist group only to fail in saving 24 American hostages. They are now looked at as a group of unreasonable vigilantes.

    1. All Iwaku Rules Apply
    2. No out of control Fighting in chat.
    3. Swearing and all that good old Adult stuff allowed but cut to black at sex scenes.
    4. No killing another players character without permission.
    5. 1 paragraph minimum
    6. No one liners.
    7. And of course no GMing.

    Approved Characters

    Behemoth - @Merlin

    Bloodletter - @Amai Kyuti

    Lich Queen - @UnseenShade

    The Dragoness - @WeepingLiberty

    Apex - @KAZUKI

    Reflection - @CJ Liston
  2. Not Ready for roleplaying.
  3. Somewhere in the middle east in a small village, A woman is crying and is covered in blood from her wounds. The things that have been done to her she dear not speak off to anyone, The things she seen and had done to her in the last 7 hours have scarred her. She prays to her God one last time as she knows her time is coming. She has lost everything, Her husband, Her children, Her peopleand now she is next. A man walks into the room she was locked in with a loaded pistol. He looks at her with no emotion and aims the gun at her. She tries to stay strong in the face of death but she wishes someone would save her, She wishes...Bang! She then fell dead to the ground as blood leaked from her head and the door to the room slammed close.


    "Recently a village was found by a group of Madmen, Rabid beast in human skin. They claim to be good men who only slaughter, rape and pillage villages to cleanse the world of the wicked. They believe they are the righteous ones even after burning down a defenseless village." Jordan said as the ship recorded him. He took a break from speaking to sip his coffee. He had found out about this event when he woke up. It was on the news and they were eating it up. News channels love big stories like that. "This is nothing new for us...Calling all Crusaders. Return to the Crusader(The Ship) as soon as possible. Today we are going to take action and eliminate the men who did this. They left no survivors so we shall do the same. All of them shall be punished for there crimes against humanity, I repeat no survivors, No mercy." This went out to all Active Crusaders. The Message was received threw there Crusader Rings that allow the to teleport to the Ship and proved membership.

    He then went to his Room and got dressed for the mission. He put on his yellow costume, Red cape, yellow cowl and his wormhole belt. He smiled as he knew today would be eventful. Today he was adding a new member to the team. Someone who he had his eye on for a few months. Sadly he was currently in prison but not for long. His name is Jack Hardy, but most people call him Apex. Jordan exited his room and in the moment he became Behemoth.

    "Computer, Open up a wormhole in Jack Hardy's Cell." The computer did as commanded and open up a wormhole in front of Behemoth and in Hardy's Cell. Behemoth then went into his pocket and pulled a Crusader Ring out and threw it into the wormhole. "He should be coming threw any moment now."
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  4. " Jack , please work with us" one of the scientist says as she held up a syringe . " think about the cures we could create using just one blood sample " she says holding the same fake concerned look that Jack had seen countless times from different scientist that attempted to experiment on him .
    " ok " Jack says as he holds up his shackled arms
    "If it helps others , then take as much as you need "
    The scientist rolls Jakes sleeve down and inserts the needle into his forearm only to have it snap against Jakes skin that was now mutating into a shell like armor . Jake bursts out in laughter as the scientist drops the broken syringe in to a tray filled with the other broken ones from previous attempts.
    " hah! I didn't even try to stop it this time " Jake says as he chuckles surprised at his own abilities .
    As the worm hole opens in the center of the room the scientist back away in fear .

    A ring shoots through the portal and lands into Jakes lap . " hm?" Jake picks up the ring and examines it
    "Shiny" He says before looking up at the scientist that were standing near the exit . One of them presses a button activating an alarm causing armed guards to swarm into the room and surround Jake and the wormhole . " o come on guys , i have nothing to do with this " Jake says holding up his hands.
    " i mean come on ! Its a freaken portal ! Do i look like a wizard ?"
    " Wait!" the woman scientist says as she takes a step towards him planning to reason with Jake.
    " step away from the portal Jake " she says with a concerned look " it could be dangerous"
    " relax doc , im not going any where , 47 escape attempts is enough for me" Jake says jokingly while he stands up and walks next to the woman.
    " prepare to move him into the back up cell" The woman says turning to look at the other scientist.

    With out warning Jake raps the chain from his shackles around the woman's neck making sure not to fully choke her . " on the the other hand , this looks like it might work , and i get a cool ring too" Jake says pulling the woman back with him towards the wormhole. The Guards began to shout orders at Jake to stand down . the woman to scared to move begins to cry as she begins to shake while Jake hugs her from behind . "ple.... please don't hurt me " She says as she chokes a sob.
    " no no , don't cry , im not going to hurt you "
    He whispers into her ear trying to calm her .
    " o no , after being locked in room like an animal for years and not to mention all the experiments you put me through , just hurting you wouldn't be enough " Jake says looking around the room before biting the woman's neck " that's why im going let you suffer" Jake says letting the woman go.

    The woman holds her neck as she drops to her knees
    " wha.... What did you do to me? " she says as she begins to fight for breaths .
    The other scientist rush over to her to try and help.
    " did you know a Komodo dragons mouth builds up with so much Bacteria it ends up becoming like a toxin so lethal it could take down a full grown elephant , now add a little Apex touch in that and .... Well... lets just say there are better ways to die " Jake says as he steps back into the portal chuckling

    Once on the other side Jake turns around to see Behemoth , knowing were this was headed He takes one last look at the ring before transforming into Apex , breaking his shackles in the process. Apex looks down at Behemoth as he towers over him . " you have a cape in my size ?" the beast says before laughing.
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  5. Steam rose to her skeletal face, leaving beads of condensation along the bony visage. One more gone. Now for some us time, Queen. Queen herself responded quietly, seemingly tired from their last mission. Perfect, I needed a break. Two straight weeks of hunting haven't given us much time alone. As much as I love killing uppity villains, we still need to sit down once in a while. Rhys stirred the hot coffee for a moment, more out of habit than anything else. She could drinking it boiling hot without issue, but the act of stirring and cooling her drink was a soothing affair. Once cooled enough, she took a long drag from it, ending with a relaxed sigh. "I may not need it, but nothing beats a hot drink, comfy chair, and warm fire." Her chair sat incredibly close to her fireplace, letting the licking flames heat her cold body.

    Then, a transmission came through her ring. Queen was the first to notice as Rhys was quite busy enjoying the coffee. Rhys, we got another job to do. They have the most impeccably bad timing. Rhys nodded and downed the rest of the cup unceremoniously. "Well, we are heroes after all. Why should we get to relax when there is someone on the list?" She thumbed her ring and then activated it, stepping through the portal into the ship. There, she saw Behemoth and a newcomer. Looking up at the newcomer, she clicked her teeth. "Well, well, well, we have some new person. For the sake of introductions, you can call me Lich Queen. Be mindful of my eyes and you will do just fine." Rhys turned to Behemoth and nodded, summoning her armor and spetum with a spell. "You called?"
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  6. It had been a rather calm morning, or at least as calm as such a large city could be with so many people stuffed inside. She had been up with the sun, stalking the streets in the growing daylight. Passing by a window, Kasari slowed her pace at looked at her reflection. It was always a weird thing to see for she was so used to walking around freely in another form. Standing before her, slightly blurred by the glass, was a woman who could pass for human from afar. Those around her saw a young woman with long dark hair dressed in jeans and a hoodie. If one were to really look closer, however, they would find various flaws in her disguise. Her eyes were an unnatural color not easily masked by the bland colors known to mankind, the brown unable to fully contain the reddish hues. It wasn't the only flaw, but it certainly was one of the more noticeable ones, hence why she kept people at a distance... At least partly why she kept them at a distance. The other reasons were a little too difficult for her to explain, even to herself.

    Exhaling slowly, Kasai turned away from the reflective material and made her way down the sidewalk. Hood up, she slipped through the seemingly constant stream of people who didn't bother to give her a second look just as she did not let her attention linger on them. Breaking away from the crowd, Kasari entered a building where she the scent of food and alcohol reached her nose. The place was rather cozy, still a little dark due to the lack of natural light, but she didn't mind. She preferred the darkness to the harshness that was artificial light in this realm. Deciding to sit at the bar, Kasari ordered a meat heavy breakfast paired with a cinnamon laced whiskey. She enjoyed the burn of the drink, finding it be her favorite so far in this particular realm. It had a way of making her feel at home. Her eyes flicked up to the magic box on the wall as the owner of the establishment turned it on, something these people referred to as a television. She had yet to figure out how it worked, but at the moment that wasn't what she was focusing on. On the screen was a news story of incredibly disturbing proportion. The man made a move to change the channel before Kasari gestured for him to leave it be. Her eyes bore into the screen as the story was covered, money hitting the bar before the ring even went off. Draining her drink, Kasari got up from her seat, exiting out the door before finding her way into a deserted alleyway.

    Hearing the summons from the ring, Kasari took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The human fa├žade seemed to burn away, leaving behind a beautiful, but barbaric beast known as a Drakken warrior. Wings stretching out comfortably, Kasari activated the portal and stepped through, arriving on the ship after a few others. Naturally their leader was already there, but a new face was already there waiting by the time she arrived. She nodded her greeting to the woman known as Lich Queen and their leader Behemoth before allowing her eyes to rest on the newcomer.

    "Who's this?" She barked. She knew she wouldn't fully trust him until he proved himself beside them in battle, but she refrained from approaching as she would have liked to inspect him.
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  7. Green was lucky he wasn't spending every night in jail.

    No, his daily life was pretty comfortable. Loving family, two parents in a reasonably stable marriage, no siblings to bother him, a couple really close friends online for when he wanted companionship. School in the morning, hobbies in the afternoon, murder at night. All for a just cause, of course. Or at least that was what he told himself. In reality, the Crusaders were a fairly recent venture for him, and he still wasn't deadened to the cruel reality of what a superhero had to be, had to do in this day and age. Aside from the bully that started it all, he only had the blood of two men on his hands. Neither of them were innocent, not by a long shot. But it still gave him nightmares.

    "Gregory?" his mom called from downstairs. His parents were the only ones allowed to use his real name. "Greg, it's almost time for dinner. Come down and wash up."

    And he really did want to. But among all the lights coming from his music equipment, his Crusader ring was flashing, and Jordan was already starting his spiel. "Can't, mom," Green called back. The loudest he ever got was when he needed to make himself heard from the second floor; going downstairs was such a hassle. "I'm going out with friends."

    "Alright, don't stay out too long!"

    Just like that, he was free for the night. In reality, Green hated going "out" with his friends; he preferred to keep everything indoors, where it was safe and quiet. But feigning a budding extroverted nature was the perfect cover for his heroic adventures. His dad wasn't comfortable with Green missing dinner with the family so often, but if it really bothered him, he didn't say anything.

    Before leaving, Green put on his outfit -- he hated thinking of it as a "costume" -- attached his maces to the two loops on his belt, and made sure his headphones were in place. They didn't cover his entire ear, so his senses weren't impacted too badly. Besides, he almost didn't care about what the other Crusaders had to say. Probably desperate attempts at justifying what they were about to do. Chuckling dryly to himself, Green held out his ring, created the wormhole, and stepped through to board the Crusader. She was a wonderful ship, but Green couldn't help but wonder where Jordan got all the tech. Did he steal it from aliens or what?

    Some of the others were already there, but among them was a massive beast he'd never seen before. Green jumped back in surprise, hands flying to his maces to attack the intruder-- but none of the others were fighting. Was he not a threat? Confused, his hands still hovering over his weapons, Green looked from the mutant to Jordan and raised an eyebrow, silently demanding an explanation.
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  8. "Recently a village was found by a group of Madmen, Rabid beast in human skin. They claim to be..." Serafima placed her hand over the ring she kept around her neck, muffling Behemoth's message. In front of her, Alice stirred under heavy sedation and her mouth moved without sound.

    They were in one of the city's hospitals. Serafima had come to pay her oldest friend a visit after Alice underwent surgery to her lungs. They had been ravaged by the Werewolf attack four years ago, and she had constant problems breathing. According to the doctor, this surgery would replace part of her right lung and hopefully improve circulation. Alice slept on a hospital bed, cuffed and strapped down tightly. Alice suffered from severe dementia, PTSD, a pathological inability to speak, and other notations that gifted her a place in the insane asylum. Fima's heart twisted at seeing her friend like this.

    "...Return to the Crusader as soon as possible. Today we are going to take action and eliminate the men who did this...." The message slipped through Fima's fingers. She sighed and released the ring. Listening to the message more intently, while keeping a weary eye on Alice, she reached into her bag and pulled out a pack of watermelon flavored chewing gum. Also in the bag, Fima kept Reflection's heroing outfit, her baton and Glock pistol, a laptop pre-installed with mid-level hacking protocols (for when Reflection need quick access to information...or if Fima got bored), and a family size bag of M&Ms. Normally she kept a small stash of food on hand, but lately she'd forgotten to replenish it. Fima popped two strips of gum into her mouth and began chewing as the Crusader message ended, then looped back to the beginning. She realized he must be talking about the village in the Middle East. Fima had heard about it only three days prior when she'd been perusing an Al-Qaeda's serial killer's laptop. He'd been executing Christian couples on the way to their churches, spouting about their heresy and innocent blood. He'd saved a few news articles about the attacks in the Middle East. While he had died one day prior, Fima found it curious that these attacks would pop up again, so soon. What a coincidence.

    "Well, duty calls," Fima muttered as she twisted the ring, effectively ending the message.

    Getting up, she stretched, then walked over to Alice's hospital door and closed the shade over the small window. She went back to her backpack and started changing into Reflection's garb. "I'll come visit you soon, kay?" she said to Alice's sedated form. She paused and briefly touched her friend's cheek. Then Reflection picked up her stuff and thumbed her ring. It activated, opening a portal. Taking the ring off it's usual chain, she jammed it onto her finger and walked through-

    stepping onto the Crusader's deck the same moment as Squarewave. Her backpack dropped and her hand was on her pistol. She pointed it at the monster's head but only Behemoth's calm posture kept her from immediately firing. The newcomer reminded her too much of the Werewolf. "What the hell, Behemoth? What is that?" she spat.
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  9. As more members arrived one after another Apex couldn't help but chuckle as the crusaders all reacted differently to the sight of him.
    " well so much for the warm welcome " Apex's chuckle turns into laughter after examining the group .
    " what are the odds?! Its a shame I'm not the government's lapdog anymore , they would of loved to have you all together like this , stuck in a cramped up little rocketship , with me " Apex says as he snaps his neck ." if you havent figured it out yet , as of now I am either your friend .... Or your foe , but i will let you decide that"
    Apex says lifting his right arm and pointing to his chest were his heart was " i will even tell you my weakness, my heart is my weakness, take that out and you may just be lucky enough to kill me " Apex says as he grins at the others before mutating back into his human form and standing in a hero pose not really bothered that he was completely naked since his mutation abilities caused Jakes human body to become the complete opposite of Apex's form to the point it was like the gods them selves had took there time sculpting his body. This Made it easier for a predator to catch his pray.
    " well?.....what do you say guys ? ..... Are we going to dance? if not, would any one be kind enough to lend me a blanket , unless you guys like the birthday suit idea for a costume " Jake says winking at Kisari
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  10. He is a cocky son of a bitch, isn't he, darling? Queen apparently was keeping tabs on what Rhys could sense. Not a surprise really as both women liked to be involved with the other's business. To those around her, especially those that knew of her dual mind, her body did its tell that Rhys and Queen were in a focused conversation. Her head cocked to one side, her eyes dimming slightly. Queen, don't even think about it. If he turns on us, well, we will just kill him. Simple enough. I'll even let you do the honors. Until that time, we should regard him as an ally. Rhys's reply seemed satisfactory as Queen's response was a healthy chuckle. Well, at least both were in agreement on this one.

    Turning her focus back onto the group, Rhys looked at the rather hostile reactions of the others before looking at Apex. "Trust me, you aren't the first to get the weapons out treatment. I got it first. At least they didn't start shooting right away like with me." She stepped between the man and the rest of the group. "Lower your weapons. I can handle the clothing. What size are you, newcomer? Be accurate, I don't plan to summon more clothing for you. I just don't want to see you flapping your junk everywhere."
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  11. Kisari stared back at the man, her face betraying no emotion. She had met countless men like him in her short time on this plane, and plenty more from her own tribe. The talk would not bother her, but she was sure to catalogue in her mind the potential for that to change. So long as he kept his hands to himself, he would remain safe, otherwise she could make no promises for herself. Inhaling as if she were going to speak, she fell silent as she sensed another's intentions, Queen stepping forward and offering her assistance. Not wanting to argue, Kisari simply shut her mouth and remained silent, her dragon-like eyes boring into the mutant's head.

    While Queen addressed the newcomer, Kisari turned her attention back to their leader. "Behemoth, we're wasting time. Every moment we wait gives those monsters a chance to escape. We should move in... Now." She hissed, though it was more of just a sound than an actual attitude. Kisari had a habit of being impatient, an unfortunate side-effect of having grown up in a warrior dominated tribe. That paired with relatively recent events... She couldn't wait to sink her blades into someone's chest.
  12. "She's right," Fima chimed in as she chewed on her gum. She had reluctantly replaced her gun in its holster, but with the safety off. She didn't- couldn't- quite yet place faith in Apex's words. Every one of her instincts cried for her not to. But no one else seemed overly concerned with him and Fima trusted Rhys and the Lich Queen's judgement. Still, she would store that little tidbit about his weakness for future knowledge. Just for reference.

    She turned to Behemoth and Kasari. "She's right, we should get going, unless someone else is on their way?"
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  13. Jake raises an eye brow when Rhys attempts to lower the tension in the room. He looks down and examines his own body before looking back up
    " your not going to make me wear a tunic? Are you?"
    He says chuckling as he scratches his head
    " I'm only kidding " Jake says before she could protest
    " a medium sized hoodie and some shorts would be nice, Please"
    Hearing Kisari's comment Jake quickly turns his attention back to Kisari " monsters? Escape? .. really?... Isn't that like the kettle calling the tea pot black? I mean, the last time i check , the crusaders weren't really known for being saints... and your boss kinda just helped a "monster" (Jake says doing a quoting motion with his fingers) escape" He says with a slightly annoyed face . " honestly , I'm not trying to start anything with any of you, believe me, i don't mind killing a bad guy every now and again , but have you looked in the mirror before? Isn't it hypocritical to call someone a monster with a track record like yours?"

    Jake takes a deep breath as he shakes his head
    " now before you burn a hole through my me with your glare , on earth, this is what we call an opinion " Jake says thinking she was some sort of alien. "so there's no need to get worked up over what I'm telling you , which reminds me" Jake says looking back at Lich Queen " witch queen was it? , after you pull cloths from your magical hat, do you think you could pull one more thing? I've bin locked up for a while now and i need what every man needs when he gets off from doing hard time, catch my drift? " he says moving his eye brows up and down , with a smirk on his face.
    "a cold beer"
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  14. Behemoth shook his head in shame to see how many people had shown up. "Oh well, More for us I guess." He then turned to the Apex. He had expected Apex to freak out instead of joking and asking for a beer. "Welcome Apex, We are the Crusaders. I am Behemoth, the leaer of the this team and i am inviting you for a trial run on this team. Look at this as a test to see if your able to keep up with use." He then turned to his team and gave them a smile expecting them to go along with it. He didn't really care for consulting his team on adding new members, Most guys don't last for long anyway. He then return his attention back to Apex. "You are free to return to the prison if you like, I can't force you to work with us...Okay I don't want to. Do something like that and you'll probably try to kill me the first chance you get."

    Behemoth then addressed the others. "It seems you guys are getting impatient, I would like to wait for the others but Kirisa is right, These bastard need to pay. Computer open a portal to the terrorist hideout and leave it open for the other Crusaders who weren't on time!" A large portal open in front of everyone. It's large enough for a group of people to walk through at once. "So let start the cleansing shall we, One less moment with these monster running around the better." He said as he walked threw the portal and found himself directly in the middle of the terrorist compound and guns pointing at him. At that moment like instinct his skin harden into the durable black metal he was know for as the terrorist started firing on him. Behemoth could only laugh as the bullet bounced of of him and a few hit the men shooting at him.
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  15. Jake watches Behemoth entering the portal . Shaking his head " ya sure there the monsters" He says with sarcasm in his voice . " i Guess cloths can wait " He says following the leader of the crusaders into the giant portal . " ouch" Jake says as one of the bullets bounces off Behemoth and hits him in his head. The shell slides out from his head and falls to the floor .
    " wait! Don't shoot! Im harmless" he yells as he holds his arms out when a few terrorist aim there sights on him . One of the men moves closer to Jake as he yells in another language. Jake quickly mutates into Apex and rips off the mans head in one bite . some of the other terrorist back away in fear as Apex spits the head out " now you can shoot" He says as he laughs sinisterly . " you won't mind if i stretch my legs" Apex says to behemoth before rushing through some terrorist towards a security door that was closing.

    Apex catches the door and forces it back open before continuing down the corridors taking out any one that was in his way leaving trails of blood. At the end of the corridor a line of terrorist waited with mounted machine guns and RPGs. " come on fellas , can't we just talk this out" Apex says as he begins to walk closer while he continued to laugh. His skin began to mutate into an armored shell as the terrorist began to open fire . when they realize it there bullets were only bouncing off one of the terrorist fires his RPG hoping it would work . the missile smacks Apex's forehead before exploding . " i guess not" Apex says as he fans some of the smoke from his face . the terrorist quickly attempts to reload the RPG when they see Apex getting closer. " o no , don't let me stop you" Apex says as he stops in front of the line of men .
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  16. The RPG suddenly ripped out of the terrorist's hands, floating momentarily in mid-air. They stared with gaped mouths as the weapon was used to bludgeon its owner's head. Then it dropped to the ground. The terrorists raised their guns, two pointing at Apex and the others turning around, looking for the source that had lifted the RPG. Seconds ticked by.

    One terrorist screamed. He dropped his gun and cradled his right hand, the wrist broken. His head suddenly whipped back, blood gushing forth from his nose, and fell unconscious. His comrades opened fired randomly. Some aimed at Apex believing the monster was responsible. The rest waved their guns around as if hoping to hit a ghost. Two more dropped in an instant- one from a broken neck and the other smashed skull. Between Apex and the invisible force, the other terrorists in the hall broke formation and fled. Quick, successive bangs ensued and spurts of blood erupted from their bodies. They all fell, dead. A moment later a piece of paper materialized in front of Apex. It floated down to his feet and landed face-up with a message: Keep up and maybe you'll get two cold beers.

    Three minutes earlier:

    Fima waited a heartbeat while the other Crusader's stepped forward towards the portal. She watched as Behemoth's skin turned iron hard and he laughed, but she forced herself to look away when Apex transformed. She could feel her hands shaking, dreaded memories resurfacing. Fima reached into one of her packs and pulled out a pill bottle. She gave it a shake and popped the lid. A myriad of colorful pills rattled back at her. She pursed her lips. Rummaging with a fingertip, she selected a transparent pill and popped into her mouth. Simultaneously, she disappeared entirely and her shaking stopped. A faint smile touched her lips, mimicking the expression on her mask- or would, if she or it were visible at the moment. Stepping forward, she looked left and saw Apex prying the security doors opened. Beyond a line of terrorists blocked the hall. One had a RPG. He locked the missile into place and aimed at Apex. Reflection ran forward and then skidded to a stop. A silly stupid idea hit her. She grinned, turned to a nearby desk, grabbed pen and paper, and wrote quickly with the newbie in mind.
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  17. Kisari turned toward the portal as the rift opened, Behemoth the first one to step through. She waited for a few of the "armored" bodies stepped through ahead of her before she made her move. Stepping through the portal, Kisari glanced around quickly before sprinting off out of the room they had appeared in. While the big guys took care of the main force of that room, she ran around picking off the stragglers. She danced around their attacks with ease, moving quickly so as not to allow them time to fire their hideous weapons at her. Without so much as a second thought, Kisari slit the throat of a man who tried to ambush her through a doorway, looking around for her next victim. She caught the scent of another in the room, immediately heading for the source. As she neared, the frightened man bolted, trying to make the exit before she could reach him. Unfortunately for him she was faster, plunging her knife into his chest with a smirk.

    "You scum aren't even worth my scythe." She hissed to the corpse, momentarily distracted as she pulled her weapon from his body. From behind, another enemy had snuck up and attempted to knock her out by ramming the butt of his gun into the back of her head. The surprise caused her to falter a few steps, her knives dropping to the floor with a melodic clang. Raising her right hand behind her head, she felt the lump that was already forming before glancing at the blood on her fingertips. Slowly she turned to face the menace, her eyes burning more intensely than they had up until that point. Somewhere deep in her throat erupted a low growling sound, the kind a large animal would make when pissed off. The room around the pair increased in temperature at an alarming rate.

    Upon realizing that his attack failed, the man turned and ran towards the room where the rest of her comrades were still fighting. Blood boiling, Kisari ran after him, her wings beginning to increase in size. She willed them to grow enough to carry her weight without running into issues with the restricted space. Hopping once into the air, Kisari glided down the hall after the screaming man, catching up to him just as he reached the entrance back to the room she had first entered. Landing behind him, Kisari thrust her fist through his back, grabbing hold of his heart before thrusting it further forward out through his chest. Ripping her arm back through the wound, she watched with satisfaction as the body hit the floor, the man's heart still beating in her hand. Turning to the rest of the room, she ignited the organ in her hand.

    "Who wants to go next?"
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  18. Apex watches as the terrorist began to drop one by one from some unseen force. He chuckles when some begin to fire at him thinking he was the cause. Seeing the paper on the floor Apex grins realizing it was the work of another crusader member.
    " im gonna hold you to that" Apex says as he walks up to the next security door. " allow me " He says as he rips the door open before continuing to reek havoc through terrorist base leaving a path of destruction behind him. Eventually he finds his self looking in to a giant room full of military vehicles and terrorist infantry scattered through the room.

    Not wanting to be seen right away , Apex mutates back into his human form before ducking behind some crates." i always wanted a tank " Jake says with a grin as he spots a line of parked tanks "screw it im taking one home"
    Jake says as sneaks his way towards one of the tank and climbs inside . " lets see" Jake says as he picks up a booklet that was hanging next to the radio . "wha, .....dammit ...ahh fuck it... how hard could it be " he says tossing the book on the side since it was in another language. Jake begins to press random buttons and peddles trying to figure out how to control it causing the tank to reverse into another one . " oops , sorry" Jake says as he accidentally close lines one of the terrorist with the cannon, this causes a few other terrorist to approach the tank and investigate.

    Some terrorist manage to get onto the tank and opens the hatch to find Jake still trying to work the tank.
    "Give me a few seconds guys, i almost got this " Jake says ignoring there screaming. " so that's how it works" Jake says to his self as he figures out how to move the cannon. He signs when he feels something tap his shoulder and hearing the tank hatch close .
    " o come on! ..i just" the grenade that was dropped into the tank detonates causing the tank to explode from the inside. After a few minutes loud bangs could be herd before the tanks head pops off releasing the smoke that built up inside. Apex appears from the smoke with a very annoyed look on his face as he makes his way up to the militia that gathered around with there guns trained on Apex. He takes one last look at the destroyed tank before looking at the terrorist " some one has to pay" Apex says as he rolls his shoulders before rushing a the group.
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  19. Behemoth watched as his team proceeded with the merciless slaughter of the enemy. Apex proved that in combat that he was a the top predator by snacking on the head of a terrorist. "I wonder, Does that count as cannibalism?" He asked followed by a laugh. Apex then went on a rampage of his own down a corridor after ripping it open with Reflection following him. She at the moment was utilizing Telekinetic abilities Behemoth reasoned as he saw a invisible force acting on the enemy. Bones breaking, Weapons being pulled from there hand and them bursting like balloons full of bloods all with Reflection not breaking sweat. Kisari had already left and went to do her own thing but Behemoth knew how it would play out so he didn't even have to worry, She is a well trained warrior after all.

    Behemoth didn't want the others to have all the fun but he needed to hunt down the leader of these madmen. Unfortunately he didn't know where the leader would be but he was positive he was underground somewhere escaping threw one of the tunnels they probably have. Behemoth cupped his hands together and raised them high above his head. Then tighten his grip and with one mighty swing he struck the ground destroying the floor around him and leaving a hole in it. Doing this cause Behemoth to fall with the rubble from the floor into the basement. Displeased with it not being what he was looking for he decided he needed to repeat the process. "Looks like i need to repeat..." Before he could finish his sentence he was hit in the back with a rocket. The explosion knocked him off his feat and onto the ground causing him to roll. He then stopped him self from rolling and turn around to see a terrorist loading a rocket launcher and 4 other men with guns trained on him. Behemoth gritted his and yelled like he was on a football field as he charged them and they started firing. The man with the rocket launcher was ready to fire again but this time Behemoth was ready also.

    He fired the rocket and Behemoth guarded his self and continued to charge them. The rocket hit Behemoth but shock it of and sped up. He rammed the man who assaulted him with the rocket and killed him instantly with the force alone sending him flying to a wall. He the punch one off the terrorist in the head splattering it, blood, bone fragment and brain now covered his knuckles. He then turned around and grabbed a man and covered his face with his large hand and crushed his skull like a grapefruit blood oozing from between his fingers. The other two men fled after realizing what they were dealing with but it was too late. Behemoth picked up the guns of the 2 dead men beside him and fired at the fleeing terrorist and emptying the gun clips on them. He then bent the guns so no one else could pick them up and use them. Behemoth then proceeded to return to breaking the floor in search of a tunnel out of the hideout hopping to catch the Leader.
  20. Reflection cocked her head at the destruction wrought by Apex. Even if he did look like a cannibalistic monster, she liked his attitude. Walking through the hall, she put extra bullets into the fallen terrorist's heads just for good measure, and checked adjacent rooms. Most appeared like storage or personal rooms used by higher personnel. She stopped when opened one door to an expensively furnished room. The door itself, she noticed, was heavier and layered with bullet proof metal. Checking her corners, Reflection went to investigate.

    I wonder where are all their money comes from? Reflection mused as she looked around. A rich, gigantic wooden desk compromised the majority of the room along with a high-back leather chair. On the desk sat a laptop, completely unattended. Don't mind if I do, she thought. The high-back seat rolled itself closer to the desk and then the laptop opened itself up. A thumb drive materialized from thin air. Reflection calculated how long she had left before her invisibility wore off. She estimated ten minutes. Giving a small shrug, Reflection booted up the laptop and inserted the drive. As she suspected, firewalls started popping up on screen. They were quickly dismantled by the various Trojan programs pre-installed to the thumb drive. Once they were down the drive started pulling, copying, then deleting all files saved to the hard drive. It meant any information the terrorist had on this, or their network, would now be in Crusaders' hands while they would loose it all.

    Reflection made a mental note to give the thumb drive's creator a bonus next time she saw him.

    Sabotage nearly completed, she heard Behemoth's bellow down the hall and crashing. She felt the floor shake beneath her feet. Reflection frowned. The computer blinked, the drive's process done, and a command box popped up. TERMINATE? Reflection smiled and entered the code: /WATCH THE WORLD BURN. I'll hand this over to Behemoth, she thought as she pocketed the drive and quickly left the office room. A moment later, the laptop sizzled and sparked as its hard drive overloaded.

    Out in the hallway again, Reflection hesitated. Should she go towards Apex, or double back to Behemoth? No other threats existed in her immediate vicinity and she was unsure where Kisari, Rhys, or Green went. The building shook again, announcing Behemoth at work. Reflection raised her gun and headed back. When she came to the room they'd all first entered, she found a hole smashed in the floor. She peered down and saw continuous holes through several floors, along with strewn bodies. He must be after the leader-

    A gunshot rang in her ears and she felt a sting in her arm. She looked down and discovered blood welling in thin air. Damn. That'll stain. She looked up just in time to see a brute of a terrorist charge at her and knocked them both down Behemoth's pit.
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